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Found 20 results

  1. 1979 C 8 speed tranny model with 14 hp Kohler engine and plow attachment, Runs good but ignition switch doesn't work and have to jump start over solenoid. Right rear wheel hub lock bolt won't hold and hub slides in on axle. Not sure why, out of round hub axle hole? Still use it regularly though with hack fix. Plow blade is badly worn out along the knife edge.
  2. nylyon

    1987 414-8 a bit of a legend

    I think I am selling my 1987 414-8 with plow, weights and chains. Now here’s the story on this one. A long long time ago, I was searching for a snow plow for my 416H. In that search I stumbled onto a forum which was one day old. There was no name of the forum, just whtractor.15.forumer.com. Trying to learn more about snow plows I started conversations with one of the active members on the site, let’s call him Mike. Mike convinced me I didn’t need a plow, but an entirely new tractor. About a week or so later, I found this 414–8 for sale, and bought it. I now had my plow and could plow the driveway. So what happened with Mike @Sparky and this forum I spoke of? It grew a little bit, and we now call it RedSquare, and for sale is one of if not THE reason RedSquare exists today, so you can own a piece of RedSquare history! About the tractor: 1987 414-8. Kohler M14, runs well does not burn oil. Everything on the tractor works as it should, but it is a worker. The plow is a 48” with a custom made scraper blade, made from heavier stock than original. For the past several years, this has been a dedicated plow tractor, so it hasn’t seen a lot of work, but has also sat outside (under a tractor cover) so lots of let’s say, patina going on. I a, selling because I just picked up a 416-8, and that will become my winter plow / blower tractor. I am looking for $550, but like I said this tractor is a bit of a legend! I have cleaned it up since the pictures were taken.
  3. F. Marra 17


    Gets the job done

    © FM 2021

  4. F. Marra 17

    20 inches.

    No problem cutting through

    © FM 2021

  5. I have a late 80's 414-8. my transmission has a slow oil leak. it leaks slow so its hard to see where it is coming from. i get a small puddle/stain on the floor center under the trans after a few days of non-use. is there a usual problem area that leaks? or is there anyone in the NJ area that can be recommended to repair the trans? I am sure due to its age that gaskets or seals may be shot. the tractor sat for 10+ years at my office on a shelf. It has ran well the past 3 years for me. I would like to fix this leak if possible. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU, Frank
  6. F. Marra 17

    Snow ready

    © Fmarra17

  7. F. Marra 17


    © Fmarra17

  8. F. Marra 17

    414-8 USA

    © Fmarra17

  9. 12 hp Kohler

    953 and 414-8

    Got a 953 and 414-8 from Big Red Fred the other day. Got a great deal on both of them. Both run great and I am very pleased with them. Got the 414 for my grandpa and the 953 was just to good of a deal to pass up, so now I got another tractor in my collection
  10. Hi All, I have a 414-8, 80's model (no Toro stickers, not sure of the exact year). When I bought it about a year ago, it had been sitting for quite a while, and went into and out of low range no problem to get it into the truck. However, since I got it home, I have been unable to get it into low range. This is a bit of a pain when using it to snowblow, so I'd like to fix that issue this summer. The mower deck is currently at the welder getting rot repaired, so I decided now is the time. Since the gear oil looks rough anyway I figure the first step is a flush (or two) and some new fluid. Also a new shift boot (mine is split). With the backstory out of the way, on to my questions: 1) What is the correct weight and quantity of gear oil? I plan to flush with 2 quarts of diesel. I have seen 80/90 gear oil and 90/140 gear oil suggested. It's been mid 90's the past few days, but I snowblow with it also. I can swap for winter if I need to. 2 Any easy way to verify my year by serial number? A search found some links to serial number lookups, but the links I found were dead. Hopefully once I have a year I can find parts diagrams and breakdowns. 3) Anyone know the part number for the shifter boot? I'd like to get that on order ASAP. Thanks! Dan
  11. Goldann520

    Today's haul

    Hey guys, @wheelhorseman, @WVHillbilly520H, brought this stuff home today. Big question did wh make a gooseneck trailer like this? Really hope so, paint looks right and came out of the same lot as the rest of this. Owner swears he had blade and blower on the 414-8 Which means it'll fit my 312-8. He talked me (or bribed) me into taking tractor with me. Got the weights and chains too. $440 for all of it. Tractor runs but has fuel delivery problems.
  12. Hi, i have a couple questions if anyone would mind helping me out! I have a 414-8 (i think its an 87) that I would like to swap a few things on to make it work and look a little better to me. The first thing is the front axle... will a 520 swept front axle bolt right in? Is the center pivot bolt the same diameter? I know the outer knuckles are larger 1" on those machine but are they the same height? I figured I could just sleeve the knuckle to keep my stock 3/4" 414 spindles if so Also any info on this john deer 200 series swept front axle swap? anyone know if the pivot and knuckles are all the same diameters on that one? and how much wider is it? This one is actually looking to be an easier swap if the bushings are all the same size Also whats differences on the 520 frames? Are they longer or the exact same frame? Brace for the transmission mount? and mainly just the front axle?
  13. Hello all, My dad has run across a wheel horse 414-8 in a field. The guy has a tiller attachment and a 79361 snow attachment. It has all been sitting for while but I hear these are quality machines. Is it worth trying to pick up, restore, and possibly resell? I just bought up my first Toro wheel horse (520xi) from my church. Seems to be a quality machine. Does anyone have recommendation on a price in its current condition?
  14. Well I finally have enough done on my 414-8 to show you all my progress. I built a front 2" receiver hitch that will allow the use of a mule drive and snow blower, The weight bracket is a 4x4x14" steel tube filled with lead (85lbs total not counting the suitcase weights.) The sleeve hitch works with a 2" receiver hitch, I have a 500 lb linear actuator controlling the height of the sleeve hitch. I plan on removing the actuator and adding full hydraulics to this tractor some day. On a side note...i'm really loving the new tires. 414-8 414-8
  15. Porkchop87

    48" SD deck issues

    As some of you know, I bought a 414-8 tractor and now I'm having deck issues, it's a 48" side discharge. I hooked up the front into the locking mechanism, I put the lift lever lock thing in with a cotter pin, but when I put the deck on I noticed this bar with this 90° pin, with a hole for a cotter pin to go into just laying there off the back of the deck, on the rack thing on the top of the deck. Couldn't see where this goes under the tractor, it kind lines up with a flat piece of steel with two holes on it, this is attached to the rod that sets the deck height. I don't have any pictures as I had to go to work. Hoping someone know's what I'm talking about. Maybe there's a manual or procedure to ensure I put thi's on correctly. Thanks guys!
  16. Looking to buy a new deck for my 414-8, somebody said there is an aftermarket one out there, would prefer nice old oem, mine has been patched and patched again. Used POR 15 on a deck for my 314-8 a few years ago when I bought it and it has really held up well, anybody that has a 48" to sell or knows where I can find one would be appreciated. Thanks, Brad
  17. So i recently fabricated weight rack that slides onto the factory hitch and functions as you see in the pictures here. I've got 120lbs on it right now but its probably more like 200lbs on the hitch with the leverage. It seems solid. I also shimmed the factory hitch so it wont bounce and added 2 more welds for strength. I just want to make sure this isn't too much. I'm not so much worried about the hitch itself as i am the hitch pressing up against the bottom of the transmission... is there any chance this could crack the trans case? Or am I good? Obviously I can reduce the weight pretty easily with this setup if need be. Thanks!
  18. JoeliusZ28

    New member from michigan

    Hey All, Figured I'd sign up here because information I've found on this forum led me to buying a tractor today. I bought a house a year ago and it came with a pretty large paved driveway so i needed something that could handle moving a good volume of snow. My dad had this '89 414-8 that he was the original owner of, but wasn't really using anymore since purchasing a zero turn this year. 1200 well maintained hours on it and i believe the 48" deck as well (I didnt measure). I remembered as a kid looking through the sales brochure of all the attachments you could get for these so that got me thinking this would be the perfect tractor for the job. Took me a couple months but I managed to track down a 79360 tall chute on craigslist that appears to barely have been used. We put it all together today and brought it over to my house. Going to make a weight rack for the rear hitch next. I havent gotten to use it yet, but so far im very happy with it and can tell its going to last me a long time. I've never had much interest in lawn tractors but I'll probably be making a few more changes down the road with all the information that seems to be available for these. Joel
  19. Sea-Duck51

    Wheel Horse Honey Hole

    I was looking for a small tractor with FEL and came across this honey hole,only interested in the D-160 but offered to buy them all to help out the owners son,father is not well,only thing I know is the D-160 (350 hrs on tractor)was re-powered a year ago with Wisconsin engine,no specs on that,supposedly they all run,414-8 has a belly mower so gents judging by the pics what's a decent price for all three tractors. D-160 W/FEL 416-8 414-8
  20. https://youtu.be/0_zX7Ur6quI What do ya think guys!? Once it starts it seems to misfire or something. I provided the video to help you hear what I'm dealing with!
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