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Found 21 results

  1. Crick

    Wanted Original wheel Horse Dump Cart

    Original Wheel Horse dump cart wanted, no offense but not another brand with WH decals. thank you Crick
  2. Hi All, It's time for me to sell the D-250 I've had for the last 8 years. It’s useable as is, or would be a great project bundle for further restoration. I am selling a large package: the running tractor, a refurbished snowblower (48”), parts snowblower, mower deck (60”), tiller (40”), front plow blade (60”), Cat 0 3-Point Hitch with adjustable top link, WH 3-Point tool bar, wheel weights and tire chains. Also included is an extensive part collection, nearly a second tractor worth. I will include the original manuals, an original 1976 sales brochure, and repair manuals for the tractor and the engine. I made electronic copes of all of the above, and stored the paper copies to prevent further wear. This is one of the most complete D-250 tractor/attachment bundles I’ve seen. Some highlights from the available parts: Frame rails, extra engine, water pump, extra transaxle, extra gears, including worm gears (stored in oil bath), Front wheel set, carburetor, carb rebuild kit, rebuildable original radiator, extra radiator overflow bottle, rebuilt alternator, new voltage regulator (I was planning to change over to an alternator setup from the generator), new in package Renault engine seals, new PTO seals, ignition maintenance parts. There are also many panels, frame pieces, cables, levers, tubes (lines) and hardware in the collection. The tractor engine runs smooth. There are around 1050 original hours on it; It’s a 1976 edition. Everything works, except the dash lights and the rear lights (disconnected b/c of fender). I just haven't sorted out the wiring, but it is all there. Headlights are good and working, as are all of the gears and levers. The four tires are nearly new Carlisle Multi Trac, with nubs still on them. The rear tires have been filled (ballasted) with Rim Guard for extra traction. The hydraulic pump, front PTO clutch and brakes operate but could use a tune up. I’ve used it for mowing and snowblowing on hills, driveway and around my land. I don’t have an original WH seat. The snowblower was rebuilt a few years back, and assembled with all new hardware and bearings. The mower deck gearbox was professionally serviced recently, and has a new set of blades with only a half dozen mows. The rear fender needs a repair, but all pieces are available. The plow and tiller are due for restoration. The Points, Condenser and rotor have all been replaced and tuned in. The battery is good. I've rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel pump and changed out the plugs within the last 30 hours. The replacement radiator is from a Kawasaki engine; it was installed with new hoses. There are also new custom hydraulic hoses and a new hydraulic lift cylinder. Here's a video of me mowing, this past summer. Transporting this haul in one trip will require a pickup truck and a large trailer.
  3. I mostly retreated a picture from the 1961 dealer sales flyer I have that shows a lineup of optional accessories. the accessories are the suburban fender and tool box option, tombstone weight, stepped foot rests, and seat hinge. I have not seen another seat hinge like this besides the one I own. The sign I show in my pic is also the hard to find circa 1961 plastic sales and service sign that is also pictured in the same paperwork.
  4. So just picked up a 701, obviously the engine isn't right. I have a 7hp Kohler to put on and will put B&S on my Speedex. Anyone ever seen a post come out on the right from the rock shaft? It rotates with the lift handle and has no holes in it. It was done up well, almost looking factory.
  5. So after I purchased my C-195 at the end of last year, and got it up and running smooth, I have decided it's time to start putting it to work. I've had a handful of projects, including another thread on here where I have received a lot of help in figuring out what I need to convert one of my trailers into a hydraulic dump that will be powered off of the tractor. I am still waiting for my hydraulic cylinder to be deliver, so in the meantime I've been working on some other projects for the tractor I have affectionately nicknamed "Sloth". One of my main goals with the C-195 is to get more landscaping done around the property. When I bought my house it was in foreclosure and the previous owner hadn't done much in the way of yard maintenance outside of basic mowing for a few years. Areas under trees were getting overrun by saplings, especially where the previous homeowner had planted sassafras trees as a sort of privacy fence. The problem was they had now propagated uncontested and had begun taking over the woods line, and the older trees that had originally been planted for privacy were now so big that all the yearly growth was now at a height of 5+ feet, thereby no longer performing the task they were originally planted for. Knowing cleaning this up was going to be my first task, I needed a way to get these saplings out of the ground with relative ease, and getting roots and all. So my first purchase was a new 3,000 lb winch that I could mount up to the 3 point to pluck the saplings out of the ground. The picture on the left is of the initial setup after I first got the winch. After running it a few times, it did the job fantastically, but I found that I hated the original metal cable. My main issue was I would pluck out one sapling, go to the next one, but by the time I had the spool of remaining cable had loosened itself up and created a birds nest. That and walking back and forth to the tractor between each pull gave it more opportunity to do so, so I decided on a few upgrades (right picture). First I switched over to a synthetic rope which doesn't have the "memory" a metal cable has, so it doesn't unspool itself. While I was doing that I also ordered a wireless remote system for the winch, so now plucking out all the damn sassafras trees I have will be a lot quicker. Got it all set up where none of the electronics are bolted to the tractor, they are all a part of the hitch setup to keep things cleaner, and the tractor unmolested. Got a quick disconnect cable running back from the battery, so now it's just a matter of hook up the power, and start pulling! While I was working on the winch, I found two CAT 0 attachments on Facebook Marketplace, having had trouble finding much of anything that is CAT 0 so far for this machine I jumped on them, so now I have a good old plow and disc harrow. They are real nice, heavy duty steel with a good patina, so now the question is, do I clean them up and throw some red and black paint on them, or do I keep them as they are? Either way, they look real nice on the back of the beast, and I'm sure they will work really well. So now I've got these items, and I've got the proper equipment to mount my mower decks and snowblower onto the C-195, I guess it's time to get to work. But while I am doing that it's also a good time to think of what my next targets are going to be. I'd love to find a D Series 56" plow, and maybe a grader blade, or....too many options to choose from
  6. Shea Worden

    Clevis Hitch

    Hey guys. I was wondering about buying a clevis hitch from the wheelhorseman1000's website wheel horse parts and more, and i wanted to know if i need the rockshaft between the gas tanks. I thought that the cable went right to the hitch with a trunnion to attach. If you didn't know from my other threads, I have a c81 with an 8-speed uni-drive transmission. My tractor already has the tube for the cable so thats what inspired me to get a clevis.
  7. Julian holland

    Deck pulleys

    Hi have a challenger 12 with a 36 inch deck. All pulleys are shot. Any help would be appreciated if you know anyone breaking a deck. Thanks. Keep well.
  8. I was in need of a front thatcher and came up with this hybrid snapper/john deere setup. Will this create to much pressure on the mule drive?
  9. Hi guys new member here and looking to buy a bronco 14 but cant find much on them. The tractor has no attachments and would like to know what models use the same attachments. Looking to know more about the model as i cant really find mutch other than what i found on tractor data. Alo mostly interested in what snow blowers fit it and what i need to run one and possibly a mower deck. Doesn't matter what size.
  10. I'm looking to see what's available for a 1054 and learn about the machine. This is my very first Wheel Horse.
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to the site and new to wheel horse. We just moved into a house with a large yard and I found a Wheel Horse B-165 with mower deck for the cost of renting a trailer and hauling it home. It had been sitting in t garage for many years and the fuel system had not been cleaned out. I have it running on propane with a high pressure regulator and a copper pipe running into the carb. (nothing that cannot be easily reversed). I have been looking for a snow blower for this tractor to use this winter , but I haven't seen anything anywhere near Jericho VT, Has anyone else adapted any other blowers from other manufacturers to work on the B-165? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
  12. tristan watson

    1973 charger 10 automatic

    does anyone on this site no which attachments will fit on my mower besides the deck ?
  13. Good morning Wheel Horse experts! I have a gentleman that is interested in purchasing my 312-8 because the hydro rear end went in his 70's vintage charger 12. He'd like to be able to use the existing attachments he has with the 312 and asked me if I knew if they were compatible. I did a little searching and couldn't find a clear answer so I thought I'd defer to you guys. Will he be able to use his charger 12 attachments with a 3 series tractor(mower deck, plow blade, etc.)? Or are they not compatible. I know c series attachments are compatible but not so sure about the charger tractors. Thanks!
  14. Good evening, I have an LT-1100, 3 speed on to which I'd like to add a snow/dirt blade. From what I've read it would seem I need a 42" blade. But there seem to be 2 different variants. One appears to have an A frame that goes all the way to the back axle and the other appears to attach just to the front end. Can any one give me some advice as to what model I should use? Thanks
  15. buffaloman

    is this wheel horse ?

    My father in law gave this to me with a bunch of other misc. wheel horse parts. he said this was off of a wheel horse too.is it ? and what is it ?
  16. DennisThornton

    Tiller mule drive? Or what?

    I bought this for the snow plow welded to it. PO said the snow blade was attached and used as is but it's still a mystery to me... Hoping someone could explain it to me! Thanks Dennis Thornton
  17. Hello Red Square Community! My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  18. Greetings from Canton, OH Surprisingly, the mower deck on my Commando 800 decided to separate from the frame while mowing. Absolutely no warning......when I looked down to make a turn, there it was, wobbling back and forth and finally the belt jumping off the mule drive. I ran out of daylight and haven't had time to give it a thorough inspection, so is there a wear item I should be looking at or maybe a pin that broke ? I bought the WH about 2 years ago and never had any reason to remove the deck, so can somebody advise in what to look for when I get back at it this weekend ? thanx for any help, as I have no literature to know if something is missing.
  19. mtd49

    fast attach

    Having trouble getting front fast attach on. Took mower off and have only used snow blade. Darn thing won't latch tight.on a 1973 18 automatic
  20. I noticed my new snowthrower shoes are wearing rapidly. I read some posts about using hyfax on the shoes. Where would I purchase hyfax. A snowmobile shop? Any pics would be appreciated. I'm also going to put the lift spring on. This should help right?
  21. I have a snowthrower model # 79360. Is the correct roller chain size 40? Also how many links total?
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