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Found 9 results

  1. Hi First post looking for a cutting deck for an early 90's 312-8 Serial number 3112K801 11877 How big of a deck can I use ? The original deck was a side discharge ? (42 I think ) In addition to the deck I need the assembly for the pulley assembly for the front of the tractor. Does anyone have a picture they can post of the correct deck ? Are these parts available new ? Thank You for your help Joe Denver NC
  2. Bexter207

    Electrical issue

    So I was using my tractor 312 WH and it just all of a sudden died out. I first thought it ran out of fuel going to check that fuel was fine. So I made sure the line was clear and that fuel was able to get to the filter. I checked the spark plug change that out and check the oil which also looks fine. It acts like it wants to start but it won't stay running. When I check the fuses one of them was destroyed and actually melted into the fuse block. This is what it looked like below. I got a new fuse and a different fuse holder just to try to see if. Still nothing. I know it has to be something that was before that fuse that either overloaded it or that that fuse was messed up in that fuse holder somehow and it kept grounding out. when I got the tractor they told me it had a new battery in it but it was dying every now and then on me and I thought that was kind of weird so I assumed there was a loose ground somewhere. I don't know if it was in that fuse or not but it kind of makes sense due to the way that the fuse looks. I thought I'd try here first to see what any of you had for me to try. I mean I'm not scared of Chase and wires and try and things out I just thought of someone knew of something that I could check write-off and I would try. The wire color going to that fuse was purple or Violet which ever. Anyway any help is appreciated.
  3. Bill D

    Seat Support Repair

    Hi, I have a cracked seat support on my tractor. Does anyone have pictures of how they have repaired or beefed up this area? I did see a thread regarding repairs but I am trying to figure out how to beef up this area without causing problems for myself when reinstalling the belt gard and other covers. Thanks. Bill
  4. Bill D

    My friends new 312-8

    A friend of mine picked up his first Wheel Horse. It is a 1998 312-8, Model 73428, S/N 8900145. It has about 650 hours and came with a 37 inch deck and bagger. It will need some minor work, including replacemnt of the front axle. I have couple of questions about this model as it is different from my 80's vintage machines. First what length belt does the deck take? Second are there any known problems with the Kohler Command engine that I should be aware of? Is the drive belt the same as other machines with the K and Magnum engines? The gas spring for the clutch was shot so we went back to tho old style clutch spring. Anything else specific to this model and year that I should be aware of as I help him fix it up? Thanks.
  5. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    So I have a 312 Wheel Horse. I have the Snow Blower attached and it was working great. I was using it last night when all of a sudden I heard a bang up near the the blower. I quickly disengaged the PTO lifter the blower and backed up to see if I had hit something. After inspecting i found that i did not hit anything. So I started clearing out any snow I realized nothing was stuck and the shear pins were still good. The augers had the normal amount of play. So I fired it back up and tried to engage the pto again it kind of bogged down and stalled out the engine almost. So I drove it to where i had better light. I could not see anything wrong still so I decided to try to engage it one more time to see if I could see anything. Well it started throwing so I decided to test it out and it worked fine. Then as I was going along it just stopped throwing again. So I don't know what it is. I plan on taking a look at the gearbox when I get home to make sure that's all set. Just thought I would check to see if any of you have suggestions of what I could check.
  6. Hoffertot

    312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    Hello fellow Wheel Horse fans, I have owned a 312-8 for a few years now, and it has been very good to me. The unit was obviously purchased used, and at the time of purchase I didn't notice that the 42" deck that came with it was much older than the mower. The deck I have has always been pretty junkie, but now started to have some actual issues. The center double "D" pulley has rounded out, and a spindle has broken. I have been looking into getting repair parts, or just buying a different deck all together since i can't find very reasonably priced ones. So here is where the question comes in. I have found a reasonably priced unit in the area for sale that is a 516-H model. So a little larger engine, year or 2 newer, a 48" working deck, and hydrostatic would be a nice upgrade for me, but it sounds like this model was considered undesirable. Is this just because of the technology that was starting to exist at the time of it's release, or was it considered to not be that great of a machine? My 312 has about 1800 hours, and the mower itself runs great. The 516 apparently does not have working gauges at the moment, and burns some oil. Any opinions on what you guys would do in this situation? Any opinions between the 12HP Koehler and the 16HP Onan engines? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  7. Hey Fellas. Got a great deal on an almost complete front end off of 520h to go my 312-8. Everything is in really good condition. A tiny bit of play but not really bad at all. Nothing like my 90' 520h had on it before I replaced the spindles. I fabricated myself a plow extension kit last week before installing the front end today. I was sold the axle, spindles, good tie rods, lower steering shaft, lower steering support on both ends (front and steering tower areas) as well as the set of 8" rims with all working order hardware. I slap a new set of 16" x 7.5 -8" rubber on the rims, repacked the bearings and spindle thrust bearings and lubed everything after each piece was installed and still on the jack stands. Just have to pick up the tied rod washers and adjust the tie rod lengths and she'll be in fully operational order. Only thing left will be to build a new angle adjust handle for the plow and I'll be done. Figured I'd offer up some progress photos. Enjoy! Pre install... (excuse the clutter still working on that. Summer time will get er done!) New (used) axle, spindles and rims with all hardware. Pre tire removal. Was letting the soapy water sit on the beads for a few before replacement. Makes a world of difference. Really lets the tires slide right off the rims and the bead breaks with ease after only a couple of minutes of sitting with this solution on it. Dawn dish soap! Gotta Love it! New Rubber on... Will refinish the rims this summer. And I will be breaking the bead and using paper to cover the tires. No more painting rims with the tires off. ha ha. Pulled the old 312-8 tie rods with a 1/2" OE wrench at the top of tie rod end and 9/16" wrench on the bottom. Pulled the 1/2" Retaining bolt for the axle pin and plate assy. as well as the C-clip for it form the front. Dropped the whole front end out of the tractor at this point. Didn't even take the rims off. Trying to keep time down. Pulled the battery and steering column pin and lifted the steering wheel shaft out of the way to get the lower column support. Removed the two 9/16" bolts/nuts for the steering wheel shaft and lower steering shaft support and pulled that out. Interesting that WH moved to a threaded cotter pin locked nut later in years on the lower steering shaft from just the cotter pin and washers on the 520h that I have. Pulled the two 9/16" bolts and nuts from the front lower steering shaft support. At this point the lower steering shaft assy. was completely free but I also had to take and extra step and remove one side of the mid tach-matic support assy. which allowed me to slip the lock and pin mechanism out so that the lower steering assy could pass by it. Also had to lift the tractor up a bit more for clearance of that stuff as I had to pull it down and to the rear to remove and install it. Didn't photograph that. But you can see the parts that need to be removed in the picture below. I just loosened the three 9/16" bolts on the top, right hand side of the photo. Old 312-8 Lower Steering Shaft assy with shorter tie rod mount plate next the swept axle's lower shaft assy. and the beefier tie rods. Big difference in placement. Could weld a plate I guess to the bottom of the old style with the right measurements and angle. For anyone that wants to take this route, let me know and I'll get the right dimensions with a sketch up of it all.
  8. Red144runner

    312 coming along

    Slowly making some progress on the tractor. I put the new fuel pump on Sunday, today I turned it over. After a couple cyles it popped and fired. It runs great. Revs and idles down real smooth. I need a battery, I started it today using my 160amp fleet charger on quick start. I took it for a test drive and what a difference between this and any other gt I've operated. This feels like a smaller version of a big tractor. At work we have a jd 460 and the clutch, brake, trans feel very similar. I started using a rubbing compound on the hood and fenders I have a few other tricks to make the decals pop too. At work I found a set of wheels and Firestone terra grips with hub caps too. I cleaned up the chrome and the tubed tires hold air. I like the look and tread on the old tires much better than what's on the wheels now. Next up scraping, painting the deck sharpen the blades and grease the bearings
  9. lodestonefarm

    312-8 vs C175

    Given the choice between a 312-8 and C175 Hydro which would you choose/prefer? For sake of argument, let's assume equal sale price and equal condition. I ask because I'm looking for a second WH tractor and these have come up in my area. I own a 520H with 60" deck and snow plow. I'd like to move the plow over to my next machine and get a blower for the 520. So the second machine would be a plow tractor and backup. I'm looking for ease and cost of maintenance, dependability, ability to plow snow. Mowing frankly isn't that important to me- I don't have a large yard and I already have the enormous deck for the 520, but it is thirsty so maybe the backup tractor would be the primary mower. I'm curious to hear what folks think of these two machines. Are they fairly equal or does one shine over the other. Thanks, Peter
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