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Found 20 results

  1. Thinking about selling my 1974 C-160 and hoping to get a feel for interest. It has working hydraulics, front plow, single row rear plow, 42" belly mower deck, 55lb wheel weights. Runs fantastic, no smoke. Lights work, amp meter works, has plug in cigarette lighter (doesn't work). Left rear wheel cylinder has slow leak.
  2. RJ Hamner

    Well, that was interesting

    The C-160 just wasn't running right. Started with new points, plug, filters. I had put an aftermarket carb on it but had found a good Carter N in the correct size so I rebuilt it. Got it started this afternoon and had it running at about half speed to warm it up so I could make the final adjustment to the carb. It purred along for about 4 minutes and just quit. First thought was "out of gas". Looked in the tank and sure enough it was really low so I filled it up. Tried to start it again .....NOTHING Went and rechecked everything ....NOPE Got out the can of starting fluid...NOPE Pulled the plug and noticed the gap was ZERO. Re-gapped and tried again. Same thing again no gap. Pulled the head. Looked normal. When I cycled the engine I noticed that the exhaust valve didn't fully retract. Was able to remove the exhaust valve with two fingers!!!!! Guess I am in the market for a new set of keepers and a few gaskets. The guys at McHenry's Small Engine Love Me
  3. BAM1

    slow C-160 restore

    Once again I'm returning to the well of knowledge you folks have. The Spring that returns the brake pedal on my C-160 broke some time ago, now I'm going thru and fixing all the little items this one has come up. Can any one give me a part number and a picture of this spring, and a location this spring goes, I've look and just don't see where it hooks to the pedal or an anchor point.
  4. Hi everyone, I bought a wheel-horse c-160 a while back, and did some work with it. One day the rear axle housing broke: I was thinking about changing the part or soldering the broken pieces. Does anyone know where to order this part? Or has any idea of the potential cost of a soldering job? Thank you in advance!
  5. Picked up this C-160 a couple of weeks ago from Joe out in SW PA. It had been on the Classified page for a while so I went out for a look. Got her home and got a new battery, new plug, new plug wire and some fresh gas. She purrs like a BIG kitten! Drove her around the yard a few times and put her on the lift. Got some of the parts I am going to need at the BS and some more from Jay in GA. Wife told me I have to finish the all the trim work in her "home theatre" in the basement so......... I do get a few hours in. After all, "Ya gotta let the finish dry between coats"
  6. Tried to spend most of the day yesterday finishing up the utility trailer and getting it ready for service on various tasks that need done , as in NOW as the weather here has changed drastically . Temps yesterday hit the mid-60s but it came with 40mph winds . Hard to even concentrate but I got the lift assist cables done and everything works as it should . Loaded up the little Deere lawn tractor I use at times to mow /backup as well as the engine hoist and the old push mower - those items need to go out to the storage unit asap and get out of the way and weather . Late afternoon I looked at the yard and realized that grass had gone crazy on a growth spurt the last few days of rain/warmer weather - decided to mow "real quick" . The Deere did a lousy job last time and left a lot of clumps as usual - it's discharge plugs up far too easily and it can't handle cutting any more than about 1-1/2" at a time . I wanted to knock it down to "one notch off dirt" and the 16 Auto has my "good" 48" deck that I run doubled blades on - standard hi-lift on the bottom and Gator blades above those , it mulches up the grass great and seems to discharge much better . I cut almost 4" off the top and left it pretty short for winter - same as always and the grass always comes back nicely in the spring . Went pretty well , the old Kohler rattling along and barely ever touched the governor - until I just barely caught the drainage inlet in the lower back yard - the ground has sunk this summer from some really heavy rains/flooding and the cover is sticking up more than usual . That was a bad hit and it caught both blades on the discharge side - cast iron versus hardened steel at high rpm is never a good thing .... Can't believe the blades actually cut a notch out of that 60lb cast iron cover - those things are very tough and designed to withstand heavy equipment running over them . What is even more surprising is it did not damage the spindle - it still runs dead true with zero wobble . The hit did bend the deck housing slightly just inboard of the spindle - a few choice whacks with a 4lb hand drill and a block of wood fixed that - it was trying to hit the blade tips to the center spindle . Deck still cuts nice and flat now , just as it always has - amazingly tough parts . Both blades suffered some pretty heavy damage but luckily didn't break or shatter as they sometimes do - I was glad of that . Caused a 20 minute delay swapping the blade set for some old used ones ( I always save a couple old sets) and fixing the bend in the deck shell . Finished the rest of it in the dark and it looks great - temperature dropped 38* last night and today the high is 43* with high winds , again . Glad I got it done , hauling out the load to the storage unit later today . Here's the crazy property I mow where we rent - lot of hills and holes and places where no Kohler K series should ever go except up/down , never side hill it when mowing . I'll have to grab a pic of the one blade that got the worst of it - held up amazing well against that cast iron . Sarge
  7. Hello, I have a C-160 with 16HP Kohler that had a 42" deck on it. That deck needs some work so I switched it to my 5-0721 36" deck that I put a new deck belt and new blades on, but can't get it hooked up. I can't find the transfer belt size for this combo, I think that's what it's called, the belt to the PTO. I don't know what I hit, but new kids across the ally have been throwing rocks in my yard at a ground hog (all over, they have rock pile from the garden) and whatever it was, it jammed on the spindle of the 42" deck and ripped the deck where the spindle mounts. I'm going to fix it up nice while it's not in use. Wouldn't you know, I started in the back yard and the front is starting to look bad. I've been fiddling for a few days and bought a couple of belts but haven't gotten it right. If anyone knows the belt size for a C-160 with a 5-0721 36" deck, I'd sure appreciate your assistance.
  8. New to the forum here so forgive me if this question has been already. A while ago I was given an '87 John Deere 214 from my wife's grandpa and it started an interest in restoration. Lucky for me, it had been garage kept for the last 15 years. Long story short, a friend of mine got to talking and he said he has an old Wheel Horse C-160 Automatic that he was going to scrap. He said if I can come get it, I can have it for free. Seems like the tractor is mostly complete other than the headlight assy., gas tank, and a cover in the center where the shifter would go on the 8-speed models. Not sure of the year but is has hydraulic lift 48" deck (some rusted spots) and seems to be in decent shape for being outside for the last 5 years. My main question is "does anyone have any pictures I can compare to so I can see what else is missing?" Trying to figure out if it's worth my time. Thanks for the help!
  9. Gentlemen, Just stopping by for an introduction and maybe a short story...my name is Brian, married and father to 1 son a mere 18 months old. I'm a 33yo mechanic/electrician and a part time police officer of the small town I reside on the far western, corn-fielded suburbs of Chicago. (unfortunately, haha) Just got into tractors this year but I tend to go full throttle sometimes with newfound hobbies. Got a buddy who has owned a Gravely 430 restored, 2 123 Cubs and now a 125 hes almost done with but has been using. His neighbor has 3 or 4? Pre 70 wheel horses restored so that has helped propel me to my current situation. I bought a simplicity tractor from the 80's with a single stage blower for my fairly good size drive this year. Its too small and I want a 2 stage. With lots of research I narrowed down a few models from 3 brands Cub, Gravely, and Wheel Horse. Here I am, I'm a proud owner of a (not sure of the year, was told 73 but im thinking 76) C-160. I bought a package from a gentleman somewhat close to me and all of the stuff I got is in darn good shape, but I did buy the tractor with some trans issues that ill save for another thread. I already love that horse and ive only had it for a few days. This web site is great, ive only been lurking for a couple weeks but I have learned so much already. Of all the 20+ forums ive joined over the years I can honestly say this one retains the most class. So many google searches have brought me here and ive yet to see any immature nonsensical ramblings or bickering among this group, already feels like home. My goal is to get this tractor in 100% working condition, whether with the trans in it or with a donor trans, work it, restore it and pass it to my son 30-40 years from now. Much to learn, I have, but im willing and eager...its good to be here.
  10. Well after finishing the 1056 I wasn't sure how long it would take to dive into another. A C-160 followed me home from Springfield, Mo and it doesnt look much like ti did on Thursday. Got it on the lift ready to start the tear down process. This is what's left of it on the lift after 8 hours or so. Posted over to the Transmission page about some issues and have the parts coming. I cannot get the exhaust fitting out of the block. I will keep slathering PB on it and see if it will break loose. This one is for my daughter and son-in-law and he has agreed to come assist....Maybe this will go a bit quicker! Had considered restoring the 3 piece seat, but after reading on here that they are less than comfortable, I will forego that. SIL is 6'4 and around 250, so an adjustable thick seat will be best for him. Once finished, I may restore the 3 piece seat anyway.....The logo in the center of the backrest is still in good shape and could be stitched into another pad. The engine is strong. I am hoping I don't have to crack open the trans, but as you can see an oil seal on the input shaft is a must, as is replacing the woodruff key on the pulley. A solid 10 ounces of water came out of the trans before the oil did. New shifter boot ordered... I don't think I am going to attempt pulling the steering wheel. It looks to be more rusted up than the 1056 did and I broke a gear puller trying to get it off. I will mask the wheel and repaint the shaft and upper console that way.... More to follow as this build progresses.
  11. Hacksawhero123

    It runs!!!!

    My fuel tank came in the mail today. I rigged up a temporary fuel pump and the old beast came to life. That 16hp Koehler single lung has the sweetest slow idle. For something that sat in the weeds for years I'm impressed. The hydraulics, PTO, and hydrostatic axle all worked great. Unbelievable. Damn headlights don't work. That breaks my heart. LOL. I found a company making Koehler fuel pump rebuild kits for aluminum body pumps. I'll post how that works out. The old blades on the deck are sharp as bowling ball, but it cut well and the torque and speed of the old machine is impressive to me. I'm hooked on this old beast. Thanks for reading my ramblings and thanks for the guidance. Mark
  12. Hacksawhero123

    Greetings from Houston

    Greetings all. I recently picked up a 1975 C-160 Auto. I managed to fire it up the other day. Probably the first time in at least ten years. It's such a neat old machine. My plans are to get it in serviceable shape, use it for a while, then blow it apart for a complete resto. I'm glad I found your site. Lots of great info here.
  13. what plows/blades fit the c-160, ive been told that almost all plows are interchangeable?
  14. Have any of you guys done this or would even recommend it?
  15. Thisguyisnew

    Mowing with 1977 C-160

    Still amazing to think this tractor had been sitting as long as it had before I got it. Been mowing ever since, of course had to put work into it but nothing major. The grass it's able to cut enables me to mow on my schedule with one pass. Saving me so much time. It came with a plow and tiller but don't think I want to be using those. For a couple of reasons... One don't have that much of a need right now, and two don't want to put to much wear on a thirty-something year old trans. Mows like a champ want to keep it that way. Am I wrong?
  16. Hi all, looking for some help in identifying if mower decks from a 1977 C-160 and 1984 C-165 would fit on my 312-8 early 90's model. Thanks for any input. Brandon
  17. I finally got a couple hours of shop time to try to assemble one working tractor from the C-160 (broken tranny) and B-80 (broken engine), both 1974's. The short-term goal is to move the 4-speed from the B-80 into the C-160 in time to use it for snow-blowing this winter. Then over the winter I can work on rebuilding both the 8-speed from the C-160 and the K181 on the B-80. So I got both transmissions detached from their respective tractors and it looks like everything should bolt right up - even the input pulleys are the same size!. However I encountered two problems with the 4-speed so far: 1. The right hub is turning on the axle, so something is obviously wrong with the key/keyway. I don't currently have a hub puller to see what's up. 2. The left wheel is stuck/rusted to its hub. I tried some PB blaster and pounding a cold chisel into the gaps between the wheel and hub but it didn't budge. I wanted to just switch the wheels, since the C-160 has larger diameter tires (though the wheels are the same size), and the B-80's tires aren't looking so great. But maybe the C-160 will just have to have a low rear end for the winter.
  18. KC9KAS

    Re-Wiring my C-160

    After checking out my C-160 and rebuilding the carb, I am now working on the wiring. I did a search on re-wiring and found a lot of really good information on members re-doing their tractors. So here are some photos and comments.... Special crimpers for the female treminals that fit inot the Packard 56 connectors. Purchased items for the re-wire job Bought "Packard 56" connectors in packages of 5. Bought 5, 4, 2 and 1 position connectors. I am always needing good quality connectors for something. Various colors of wire. This is what needed replaced. Hard to see, but all wiring and connectors are complete and now I need to fasten the wire harness to the frame.
  19. I have been reserching terminals, connectors, crimpers and the like and found the following thread with additional threads along the way. Due to the information provided and from everything I found online, I have ordered the crimpers that SOI suggested, and have also ordered a lot of "Packard 56" connectors, terminals, and adhesive heat shrink tubing (3:1 ratio). I will try to keep you all posted with the ever requested photos!
  20. KC9KAS

    Herd Increasing

    Bought a couple of horses several days ago and picked them up today and brought them home. Neither one runs right now and I'm not sure what is wrong with each one, but I got them reasonable and if I have to part one or the other out, I will get my money back and then some! Here are the requested pictures! 1981 C-125 (with a 14 HP Kohler Magnum transplant) 1976 C-160
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