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Found 9 results

  1. Joe Warren

    NOS spindle housing 106063

    one new old stock spindle housing part number 106063 $79 includes shipping within US lower 48.
  2. Joe Warren

    NOS Spindle Shaft 108849

    New Old Stock Wheel Horse Spindle Shaft Wheel Horse part # 108849 length: 7” diameter: 3/4" Used On: 42 and 48” Mowers VIN/Models: 75-42MR02, 75-42MS02, 85-42MR01, 85-42MS01, 85-42XR01, 95-42MR01, 95-42MR02, 95-42MS00, 95-42MS01, 95-42XR01, 95-42XR02, 05-42MR01, 05-42MR02, 05-42MS01, 05-42MS02, 05-42MS03, 05-42XR01, 05-42XR02, 05-42XR03, 05-42SB01, 05-42SB02, 75-48MS02, 75-48XS02, 85-48MS01, 85-48XS01, 95-48MS00, 95-48MS01, 95-48XS00, 05-48MS01, 05-48MS02, 05-48MS03, 05-48XS01, 05-48XS02, 05-48SY01, $69 which includes shipping within US lower 48 Limited number of other NOS mower parts available (blades, belts, spindle components). Please private message me if you are interested in purchasing. Thank you Joeww121@gmail.com
  3. Robert Paine

    Complete center spindle assy. with center pulley.

    In need of center pulley #6692 and complete spindle assembly #104891. These are for a 42" rear discharge deck. 75-42MR01.
  4. Hi guys need you help have a 42" side Discharge Deck (Triple Blade) mower deck, mounted on a C-81, that is in bad need of an outside Spindle (Mandrel) the pulley on top is # 5877. The bottom bearing is toast. so I poise the following questions. Note pics attached. 1. Does any on have one of these for less then a Kings ransome? 2. Is it possible to disassemble and install an new bearing from like NAPA? 3. All three spindles have NO Zerk grease fittings can I drill and add some...... if yes where on the housing is the best place to do this. Thanks feel free to add any other options......
  5. I have a 42 SD Deck to repair. Two of the pulleys released one did not. The center two pulley drive spindle was cut off and removed with great force. Cutting the spindle as well. I never made a pulley before so it was a good project. The critical spacing for the pulley was the lower one ( smaller) with the deck belt so it would line up with the other two pulleys. The top side was less critical as it just just to the PTO side alone. Dimensions were copied from the existing spindles and the original mangled pulley. The double small same size pulley on right is for the bagger unit. Curious to see how the now heavier Steel pulley runs on the deck, Comments and Questions Always Welcome.
  6. jerryme

    drive spindle housing

    Hi everyone I'm looking for the center/drive spindle assembly with double pulley for my 1985 36" rear discharge wh mower deck. The only #'s I have are off the mower deck. 85-6MR01-08150 8038. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I recently had some issues with the middle blade cutting grass while I was mowing. I decided to take the mower deck off. I believe I have found the problem, and that would be a missing bushing or spacer, but I can't seem to find it on any of the assembly documents I have. Could anyone help me verify if my assumptions are correct, or assist me if you see something else that is wrong? Here are some pictures to hopefully better show what I am referring to. The mower model I own is a 86 Wheel Horse 312-8 manual mower. The first image is the mower deck itself, presumably a 0542ms04 ( this is the 42" deck). No identifiers on the actual deck. The second image shows the pulley being referenced and the mount in which is suppose to attach to. The third image is hard to see, but the actual spindle shaft sticks up higher that the pulley so tightening down the top bolt does not actually secure the pulley in place. This causes the pulley to spin with the belt, but the pulley is loose with respect to the spindle shaft. The fourth image is the assembly drawing I have been referencing to troubleshoot the issue. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. And this is my first post in the forums so if this has been answered before, or this post should be moved, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I am replacing with new spindle assemblies of my model 78345 mower deck. I am unable to find in the manual section what the torque needed to preload the pulley to spindle bearings under the protective covers on top of the mower deck. I found the torque required for the blades to be 80-120 lb ft in one of the manuals here. Please advise or tell me which manual it is found in. Thank you, Mike
  9. In the process of replacing the spindle bearings on my RM-367 mower deck, I got to thinking about the gears that drive 'em. As you can see in the image, the teeth are well worn, but only where they mesh with the cross-shafts teeth. I'm wondering if there's any point in turning the gears over to engage the un-worn teeth. But the cross-shaft gears have also worn in similar to the teeth on the spindle gears. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion on the advisability of turning the gears over. I'm neither a collector nor a restorer, but am the original owner of my 1967 Model 857 tractor. It just might be the best made piece of equipment that I've ever owned. Solidly built. The Kohler engine has been ultra-reliable. I've never even had the head off it. Points, plug, carb cleaned, air filter replacement - that's about all I've ever done, yet it starts at one turn of the ignition switch. In addition to mowing, I've also got a snow blower and mid-mounted grader blade, and a home-made trailer hitch for dragging my wood splitter around. Thanks all. (BTW it looks like Toro wants $116/each for these gears. Not in my budget.)
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