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Found 14 results

  1. WH1618speed

    WH 855 with 42" Blade

    1965 Wheel Horse 855 with 42" blade and chains Runs good Sheet metal is very straight, great candidate for restoration. Missing Belt guard Will sell tractor by itself for $500 without blade and chains Blade is straight and lots of cutting edge left... just a little rusty. Text, call, or email with any questions. If you call and I don't answer please leave a voicemail with your name and number. Thanks! I can also deliver to the big show in Arendtsville, PA... IF you prepay. Facebook Marketplace link with more pics: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/598023068755689?rid=229092436403311&ad_id&rt=1&refID=0&refType=0&referral_code=commerce_attachment
  2. 85 downloads

    1 page 196.25KB 1 page 82.24KB Dated February 17, 1965 232613 Kohler belt nla Use 231605 232613 - Gates 7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree 231605 - Gates 7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree or Napa 25-7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree 1964 model 854 1965 model 855 1965 model 875 Starter/generator belt Kohler 10hp, 12hp - 235262 (7345 Gates .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) (25-7345 Napa .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) Wheel Horse 1593 (3L x 34.4") - nla (Gates replacement 6735 3/8" x 35" 38 degree) 1964 model 1045 1964 model 1054 - Not in PSB - Wheel Horse # 1593 nla {3Lx34.4"} - Gates 7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree 1965 model 1054A - Not in PSB - Kohler 235262 replaces 235528 [.41"x35.09" 36 degree] - Gates 7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree or Napa 25-7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree 1965 model 1055 1965 model 1075


  3. DownHome

    855 mower belt?

    Looking for belt specs for my 855. Need to know which belt I need to attach from motor pulley to mower 36" mower deck. Thx
  4. DownHome

    Throttle change, up/down hills?

    I've noticed that while driving any sort of elevation change, whether it's up a hill or down I start losing throttle. What type of fuel delivery issues could I be having? Occasionally it will even die out almost completely. Sometime if I mess with the throttle I can get it back on track but seems like i shouldn't have to fuss with it that much? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  5. I wanted to take a minute and document this new road I've started down. First off this forum is great. Everyone has been so helpful with my recently acquired 855. As I mentioned in previous posts i was originally given my Grandfathers 1054, this is officially my first Wheel Horse. This is the tractor I remember from my childhood. It is in rough shape though. I took this on as a project for my children and I for sentimental reasons I thought it would be great to get it running again. I knew the transmission was a problem along with some fuel delivery issues. As I worked out some of the fuel problems I started to shop around for a replacement transmission. I stumbled upon a 855 for sale somewhat locally on Craigslist. Single owner! It was not running when I purchased it a few weeks ago. Overall the 855 was in much better shape then the 1054 so I switched gears and have been working to get the 855 back up and running. Well that has been accomplished. I did some small things as a part of my troubleshooting. New spark plug, condensor, points, belt, fuel lines, new carb, and added an electric fuel pump. At first I thought I would get it up and running and then repaint it but the patina has grown on me and after reading some other posts i picked up some Penetrol and Johnsons paste wax. So this is the approach I will be taking. Below is a picture from the Craigslist listing. This is my starting point.The other picture is my first spin around the yard. As you can tell I was very happy to get it moving again. I will try to add more pictures as I bring this back to life.
  6. DownHome

    unidrive newbie

    So be nice to me but I am working on my 1st WH. 855 I got everything running and I'm trying to figure out the transmission. I feel like I'm constantly grinding gears. I'm new to these tractors so I have no experience but I'm expecting this to not be very challenging. Maybe it's just getting used to the shifting? Or is this an indication that I have a bigger problem? Seems like sometimes it's not an issue but others it's grinding back at me. Any advice?
  7. DownHome

    855 WH Extension Spring

    I'm working on my 855 WH and have noticed that the spring on the right side (seated) is broken. It looks like it attaches to the frame and then to the pedal on the right side. I'm not sure what the function of the spring is? From what I found in the manual is that it's part #5714 So far I have been unable to locate a replacement. Can anyone help? Also what does this spring actually do? Thanks.
  8. DownHome


    Working on my newly acquired 855. When I pull out on choke I get the picture below. When I push it back in it stays in the same position. Do I need to replace choke cable? Thanks.
  9. So as I previously mentioned I purchased a 1965 855 this past Saturday. I've begun the tune up on the 8hp Kohler. This little tractor seems to be in good shape, came with a mower deck and a plow. The metal is in great shape, no rust and only 1 modification that I can tell. The addition of goofy plowing head lights. The transmission is a Uni-drive 3 speed and seems to be in good working order. As mentioned I have begun the tune up on the engine. I believe I can have this up and running in fairly short order. After hearing about my recent purchase my Grandfather has given me his 1964 1054 10Hp. It is a bit rougher but this has sentimental value as it was the tractor I remember from my childhood. Right now nothing is working on it. He parked it once the transmission failed. I just started on the 855 restoration and now I'm torn as to what to do with the 1054? The engine work doesn't concern me as much as the bad tranny on the 1054. I've started down this road because I have 6 young children who like to do things with their hands and I thought this would make an excellent project. Do i juggle both? Focus on the 855? Sell the 1054? What to do what to do? I've attached pictures of both.
  10. DownHome

    my 1st Wheel horse

    This morning I picked up a 855. Seller said it's been sitting for a while. I charged the battery up. Turn the key the engine seems to run. Slow though. I was actually able to get it in gear and it kinda creeps along. I have a feeling it's something with the car or fuel pump? I'm a newbie here and would love some help. Thanks in advance.
  11. My first post here on RedSquare and I thought I would post about my latest restoration. I picked this little 855 up last winter but I had too much fun playing with it so I'm just now getting around to restoring It! When I bought this thing the shift lever was sitting on the seat, but I figured for $60 I really couldn't go wrong. I brought it home, and split the transmission to look for damage, but it was actually In pretty good shape. I put new needle bearings In the axel housings, along with new seals and a new seal on the brake shaft. Turns out the only reason the shifter pulled out was because the set screw broke. Anyway I finally decided to pull it into the shop and get It restored before the big Wheel Horse show In June. So far I have it torn down to a rolling chassis except for the blasted steering wheel. I never have luck with steering wheels! Spent the last few evenings working on stripping the paint off the parts I do have torn off. Tonight I took the motor apart. It runs like a champ with no smoke or any bad sounds so I’m just going to put some new gaskets on It and rebuild the carb. More Pics to Come!
  12. Here's my first post on Red Square. Love the site, by the way. I've had this 855 Wheel Horse for a few years and it was always a good tractor. Back in 2010 I got laid off from Harley-Davidson and decided to do a full restoration while I looked for work. A friend of mine helped with the rust repair to the RM-425 deck and the some of the paint work. I've included a link to the Photobucket web site. There you can copy, then past this link into your web browser to see the slide show of its progress from unrestored to restored. I've got to add more pictures of the mower deck now that that is finished and I'll add video (next spring) when I get it out for it's first work since restoration. Check it out: http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/DKR977/slideshow/855%20Wheel%20Horse%20Restoration
  13. Hello! I'm working to piece together a new wiring harness for my Wheel Horse 855...the old one was an absolute shambles so I started from scratch...the harness looks great and matches exactly to the wiring diagram. The coil, condesner, spark plug, and points are all in good shape. When I turn the key the starter turns over vigorously in the "on" and "start" positions, but the engines has no fire, whatsoever. Here's the even STRANGER part... With the key in the "off" position, tapping the top of the voltage regulator gently causes the starter to turn the engine over...but again, no spark to the coil. I really don't know a lot about the inner adjustments of voltage regulator...is there something simple I can adjust that might be causing this? Do I need a voltage regulator? Thanks in advance for any input you can provide! ~Shawn TurnerFarmsKS
  14. 855ownerJoel

    Sickle Bar fit 855

    Will this style sickle work on an 855?
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