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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys, i have a 44” 2 stage snowblower on my 520h. I was wondering if anyone has had an issue of it feeling like it’s jumping or skipping in heavy snow? I can’t figure out if it’s the auger gear or the drive chain skipping. Obviously I’m on it when this happens so it’s tough to diagnose. Thanks Guys!
  2. snow thrower 6-2211

    Nice old snowblower with all the parts. It has been modified to fit on a tach-o-matic which is how I used it. worked great for sidewalks and tight spaces. I do have the bracket to make the snowblower original as s een in the pic
  3. Craigslist score! I've been looking for one and this showed up less than 5 miles from home. It's been used maybe a half dozen times, only twice by the previous owner. Its complete with the flag and chute handle and 2 belts. Is got nice pan no dents and good life in the shoes.
  4. I have a C-161 8 speed manual. We recently got some snow here in CT (about 8-9" for me) and because of the 2 inches of existing snow on my driveway from Christmas, I had almost zero traction. (For what it's worth, went out about half way through the storm, when the wheels did hook up to the ground she plowed like an animal.) A friend of mine gave me a snow thrower a few months back. To my recollection, he said it worked on his C-161 hydro. I mention this because I don't know if there's a difference in attachment sizes. Just looking at it, it seems as though the "arm" portion of the snow thrower is too long. Even so, how the hell do I hook this up? I'm usually decent figuring crap like this out, but this one has me stumped. Thanks for the help. All the manuals I downloaded were vague and only listed parts and part numbers. No "install" instructions, best I can find.
  5. NOS snowthrower attachment, model 06-36SL01, fits 200-series WH tractors. NOS (new-old stock) never been used or even mounted. Needs work from having been banged around and stored outside for many years, some surface rust, belt is missing, pics tell the story. First $150 takes it. Email W1HYN@yahoo.com.
  6. 2 stage snow blower

    Looking to sell my 2 stage snow blower. I have owned it for the last 5 years and it works awesome on my 520. I changed the bearings in the front, a new wear block for the chain and a new belt. I haven't used in the last two years and its taking up space in my barn. I have a new toy to plow my driveway with now. All the brackets, extensions and tubes included to make it work.
  7. 42" single stage snowblower for xi tractors. Model # 79365 Good shape, all required parts to hook up. I can deliver if needed. Auger is in nice shape...was used on asphalt driveway. Asking $300obo
  8. Ariens snowblower

    Ariens ST824LE snowblower, from about 2001. Rarely used over the last 7 years as they guy before me, and then me, preferred to plow. Condition is terrific, as shown. Has both electric start and pulls start. Pull start recoil mechanism is being replaced and will be installed and functional for any purchaser. Only thing not working is the "key", the plastic on-off pull switch. Does not affect operation at all.
  9. Wheelhorse 416-8 with electrtic dump bucket and snowblower. Machine is in great shape!!! Motor was rebuilt at 900 hours and runs perfect. The machine has served me well and will be a great addition to someone who needs a true garden tractor with plenty of power. The snowblower is amazing for clearing driveways. It clears a 42 inch wide path down to pavement. Awesome machine. If your looking to save your back from lifting and moving wheelbarrows around filled with mulch and other lawn and garden items you will be very pleased to have the bucket!! With all the snow we have gotten over the past few years the addition of the front mounted snowblower is a must!! This is not a cheap lawn mower! its basically a small farm tractor and was used as such. I purchased this machine without a deck for mowing so do not ask for a deck. They are easy to find on ebay and craigslist if you want one but this machine is better suited as a tractor not a mower! It will also come with the rear wheel weights pictured, an extra rear tire, a pair of tire chains and a small rear mounted wooden bucket to add wait. This machine has served me well my only reason for parting ways with it is the larger machine I have recently inherited so i need the space.
  10. Snow blower

    Working snowblower ran it on my 312-8 last winter a lil but decided to sell it and go a different way has everything you need to go except the chute director cable snapped and I don't feel like messing with it hooks up to the attach-o-matic front end and the mower lift lever .
  11. I have a wheelhorse snowblower attachment I want to sell for like 100.00 but idk halow to put it in the classifieds?
  12. I purchased this B100 last spring as a project tractor with the tiller. I got the tractor and tiller up and running and used it to till my gardens last fall. I rebuilt the transmission in both the tractor and tiller this summer. The tiller works great, but is too big for my small gardens. I bought the snowblower this winter and got it up and running as well. It does not do well on my gravel driveway, and have a four wheeler with a blade. The fuel tank is a used tank from another engine as the original tank has a pin hole somewhere on the bottom, I still have the original tank. The only other issue is that one of the interlock safety switches is not working and does not allow the tractor to start. I just jump the starter solenoid from the battery, its too cold to find the bad switch or wire. There is no hour meter on the tractor or engine. I do not have the time or patience to paint the tractor and my interest in the project is running out.
  13. This unit is in good condition, not used much. Model- 0637SK01 Paper Manual included $100 Please text or call me, Thanks!!
  14. I got a C-121 and was wondering if a model 06-37SK01 snow blower will fit it? Thanks for any help!!
  15. 1963 model 633

    Hi anyone no.where i could.find a.single stage snowblower to fit my tractor? And what.model would i need ty
  16. Several times I've seen posts about adding rubber "wipers" to the snowblower auger for better throw and to minimize clogging. Can someone enlighten me here? I think I know what you're referring to, but how would I know what to get, how big, how many, etc. Will this enable me to clean right down to the concrete? I'm using the blower for a D180.
  17. The snowblower is used and came with my tractor when I bought my 416-8 in 1989. I've used it every single year. Recently replaced the outboard bearing and had a new scraper bar welded to the bottom and the belt is basically new. I coat the chain with bearing grease and spray the unit down with WD-40 for storage in the summer, its ready to use. Asking $200 or OBO.
  18. Wanted. 79360 snowblower. South Bend In

    Hi all. Looking for a 79360 snowblower or a 2 stage. Please no rust buckets. Must have everything to hookup to 520H
  19. Have a running 1045 to sell, with mower deck and snowblower. 10 Hp Kohler engine. Bought new, one owner, belongs to my in-laws. Location: Indianapolis. What would be a fair price?
  20. Hello everyone, I am new to the site and new to wheel horse. We just moved into a house with a large yard and I found a Wheel Horse B-165 with mower deck for the cost of renting a trailer and hauling it home. It had been sitting in t garage for many years and the fuel system had not been cleaned out. I have it running on propane with a high pressure regulator and a copper pipe running into the carb. (nothing that cannot be easily reversed). I have been looking for a snow blower for this tractor to use this winter , but I haven't seen anything anywhere near Jericho VT, Has anyone else adapted any other blowers from other manufacturers to work on the B-165? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
  21. Wheel Horse C165 Tractor needs a tuneup (I Have All Manuals)42" Rear Discharge Mower Deck 05-42MR0242" Snow Thrower 06-42ST04Center Mount Grader BladeRear Wheel Weights2 extra transaxles
  22. Snowblower Lift

    I have a Snowblower problem, well kinda. Every time I get into snowplowing, which has been a lot today because of the storm, the lift bar to lift the blower up off the ground, breaks through the pin on the bottom of the blower, causing the blower to fall to the ground, which is an obvious problem. It's so aggravating, I finally quit just shoving pins through the connection, and am worried that if I shove stuff in there just to get through the storm, it will eventually break the connection piece, which is attached to the blower, out the bottom, as it has already started to break through. I can't fit a bolt through it, and I can't get it welded until after the storm. Any ideas and what have you guys done in the past? A cotter pin worked great up until now, and with all the heavy snow running through it and sitting on the blower housing, it gets heavier than what the pin can hold, and snaps. I know the picture is a little blurry and hard to read, but the circle is where I am having problems. I just need a quick fix, but won't wreck it completely and beyond repair! Please help!!
  23. I have a snowblower that has a bad bearing inside the auger on the chain side. Took it apart, and now I can't find a bearing like the one I need! One thing I need to know is if these parts are metric or American? If it is American, it is a 3/4" inside diameter, 1 5/8" outside diameter, 7/16" width. Anybody have a place they get them? Near Rochester, MN. It is a model 53321 snowblower I think as the model # plate is really scratched up.
  24. 2 Stage Gear Box

    Ok Fellas, 2 Stage (79361) froze, was blowing snow and then the screech! Won't move, I believe its the gear box. I haven't had a chance to tear into it yet but what should I expect/look for? Are the gears readily available? HELP!
  25. So its been awhile for me to make a formal post. Been taking on more at work and just been so busy but i still check in from time to time. I have been thinking of ways to add electric chute rotation to the blower. Seen it all been done before but not much on the tall chute blowers. So I hope this isnt boring. I wanted three things, -relability( no need to make a simple design turn into a failure , specially when your out blowing snow) -symplicity -little to no modification to the blower itself Came across a surplus supply of gmc electric seat motors on Amazon for $15.00. Read reviews. Motor is reversable, can be taken apart to switch output shaft orientation (also meant machining of the shaft possible), and had a nice 1/4" hole mounting fixture. Figured if it lifts someones fat rump then it should be up to the task of spinning my chute. So i ordered it.... Again I didnt want to damage any orignal parts so I went to my local fabricator shop and picked up some 3/8 cold rolled steel. Which is the same thing wheel horse used for the shaft the worm is on. So now I must adapt this wierd non standard worm thread shaft from the seat motor to the 3/8 rod used for the worm drive on the blower. This envovled a good friend of mine and his lathe. Took a 3" by 1" round stock stainless and but it in his 3 jaw chuck. First drilled the 3/8 hole all the way threw. Left the piece in the chuck to hold center and drilled, I believe it was, 29/64 for the seat motor shaft to a depth of 1.5 inches. So now we have an adapter with the 3/8 hole 1.5 inch depth and a 29/64 hole with a 1.5 inch depth. Added a set screw for either side and that piece was done. Now we put the seat motor shaft in the chuck and turned it to fit the hole with a slip fit of about .002 of an inch plus or minus. The joke was , we are not building a rocket ship to get to the moon but if any garden tractor could , it would be a wheel horse.... Wah WAh Took my new fancy parts home with me to finish the rest. After careful measuring I cut the 3/8 stock down to size and drilled a hole for the role pin that holds the worm to the shaft. Next I cut my seat motor shaft down to size and ground a flat on the shaft for a firm place for the set screw to grab. Remember this is a threaded shaft not smooth. Shown in pictures below. My seat motor required disasemble anyway to swap the shaft to come out the other side for chute clearance. The motor is offset from the gearbox and it caused the motor to hit the chute when chute was rotated hard right. I assembled everything and all was left was to drill a 1/4" hole for mounting. Measured where I wanted the hole , drilled hole and used 1/4" threaded rod for a fasener and a few bolts.. I think it turned out great. I added a rubber cover out of rubber roofing to protect it from the weather. It has plenty of speed lock to lock on the blower. Should be reliable. Best part of all is it can be returned to a crank in minutes incase of failure and nothing original was damage to the blower itself but a 1/4" hole! Something yet to be determined are some kind of stops so to not tear up anything incase the motor gets stuck in drive or someone else uses it and doesnt realize. I will add pictures of the setup and video if I can to show speed of the chute. Also if anyway wants measurements, amp draw of motor, or any question feel free to ask. Might even make some more adapters if anyone is interested. Next post I will show will be how i wired everything. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/3Zsim1ihip0 https://youtu.be/9sUim0PQlOo