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Found 12 results

  1. Brad Schroder

    1057 k241s carburetor

    Looking for a oem carburetor for a 1057 with a k241s. Currently running an aftermarket unit that came on tractor when purchased.
  2. msdhomeplans@gmail.com

    Carburetor Replacement

    Hi I am trying to resurrect my fathers 1966 wheel horse lawn ranger. I have gas leaking from the carburetor and I need a replacement. I can not seem to find any accurate resources for the correct one needed. Here are the specs for the tractor. I am also in need of a seat for it if you know which work for this model. Thanks in advance! Model Number L 156 Serial # 219222 Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger L-156 Tecumseh H60 gasoline 1-cylinder air-cooled Displacement: 221 cc 13.53 ci Bore/Stroke: 2.625x2.50 inches 67 x 64 mm Power: 6 hp 4.5 kW Starter volts: 12
  3. SimonC

    throttle return spring

    Hi, my throttle return spring is basically useless. 3 questions; - if I remove the throttle butterfly screw that holds the shaft in there, do I need to use loctite or similar when putting it back ? - I cannot find any reference online or anywhere to the model of carb I have; 676794 or 676704 (attached pic), are those springs normally standard (any link to a replacement would be great) the rest of the carburetor is not in that good of a shape, I see all bunch of cheap carb around on ebay but again, none that match my part number. Other than the throttle/choke/fuel line, can I safely replace mine with another model assuming it's built for the same engine size (10hp). my current block is a sbh-225 (hh100) installed on a raider 10 (69-70) thanks
  4. WHX??

    Carb Throttle Shaft Bushing

    Developed a little gas leak on a K301 carb this weekend so decided it was due for a long overdue cleaning. While I was at it had a carb off a 241 that I might as well go through for a ready spare on the shelf. Question here is the best way to bush the throttle shaft. These both had the removable linkage so hopefully no need to take the throttle plate off. Carb on the left has brass/bronze washers around the shaft so does this mean a PO had put them there? The one on the left has that recessed area where they might fit in? Is the small stepped area on the one on the right a bushing that must come out? I know Dan @Achto has recently done this on his Raider 12 resto so hopefully he'll chime in to elaborate.
  5. tntatro

    k341 carburetor and governor

    Hello, my new to me C-160 seems to surge a little when idling at half and full throttle. It also bogs if I go from low idle to full throttle quickly. I moved the governor back and forth with my hand then started it and right after it would go from low to high normally, then later it had trouble again. The surging also seemed to be less when I messed with the governor and the spring but doesn't go away. I plan to clean and maybe rebuild the carburetor and adjust everything. I've never done this on a tractor before. What rebuild kit do I need for the carburetor and is there anything else I should consider doing or get. I have a K series pdf manual that explains the maintenance so I'd like to go through and do everything. I just don't want to mess anything up because it seems to be in decent running condition aside from maybe cleaning up and making adjustments. I've changed the oil and transmission fluid and am moving on to the fuel system. Any help and suggestions are much appreciated.
  6. Seacrestbf

    Bogging Down

    Hello, I have a D 200. It has been running great, I was having a hard time starting it and I replace the filter and fuel pump. Adjusted the carb, and now under heavy load she will bog down and stall. If you are just driving seams fine, but if you tow a trailer with the mower, I boggs and stalls? Carb Issue or Fuel Pump? Thoughts? Thank you Brian
  7. DorkFish

    Amazon replacement carbs

    Has anyone ever used one of these replacement Kohler carbs from Amazon? Went ahead and ordered one for my 16 HP K341. The throttle shaft on the old one has so much play that I'm surprised the thing even runs at all. I've heard plenty of good reviews and also plenty of jeers claiming they are cheap and don't work as well. Looks like an exact copy of the Kohler carb. I guess we'll see for certain tomorrow when I get it put on...
  8. WH212-6

    87' 212-6 carburetor

    So I just purchased a nicely running WH 212-6 (32-12 K601) and I am in the process of performing some maintenance on the tractor as there were a few TLC issues. The carb is leaking some gas and I suspected it would be the main O-ring for the bowl and indeed when I opened it the gasket simply was not there. My main question is in reference to the float. The float is not level when removing the bowl rather it is tilted downward at an angle from the pin. Should the float be level once the bowl is removed? If so what is the best way to remove the pin and the relevel the float. There is a great diagram for the carburetor here: http://www.mowerpartpros.com/p/wheel-horse-parts/#/Toro_Consumer/32-12K602%2c_212-6_Tractor%2c_1988/CARBURETOR/32-12K602-2664-1988/810543R1-43R10027-00012 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. wheel753horse

    New to me 753 Carb questions

    I just got a 1963 Wheel Horse Model 753. It has a K161 with a Carter Model N carb. Its my first Wheel Horse and I was looking for some advice. It runs great, starts right up, idles good, accelerates fine... but after running for 1/2 hour or so when going full throttle the engines sputters just a little bit. Does anyone know what to do? Its not a problem just annoying to me. I have adjusted the carburetor best I can. I made it have a slower idle speed and normal fuel to air mix. Any thoughts?? Thanks
  10. oneroadkingman

    kolher carbs

    Hi guys,I was wondering if the carburetor from a 10 horsepower Kohler is the same one as a 12,14 horsepower. are they interchangeable ? when hooking up the throttle cable what's the best way to do it make the governor works properly and get full throttle out of it also Thanks
  11. I have some prolems with the throttle and the choke on my Sk-486 (which you can see ). My dad and I redid the seal on the carburetor last fall and tried to readjust it so it would start after being messed with. I have a link for the manuel in the quote. The carb seems very picky and very tempermental. I have to run with the choke up and if I put it down it dies. I also can't put the throttle down very low or up very high either or it will die. Here is some more info from my first topic about my Sk.
  12. I have a 655 Wheel Horse with a Tecumseh engine and it had sat for a couple years before I bought it. My buddy said he could clean and rebuild the carb for me. Well when he did it he didn't adjust it right and now I cant get it adjusted right either. I will run fine if I keep spraying gas into the carb but it can't run on its own. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to adjust the carburetor or give me a good reference to figure it out.
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