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Found 4 results

  1. Burnerman

    Need Help with Barn find!

    I Cannot find anywhere online besides partstree and Jacks Small engine that Snapper sold this tractor. Also that they offered a plow blade. anyone have any ideas??
  2. Hey all!! Its been quite some time since I’ve been able catch my breath, let alone get on here long enough to post anything. Ive been extremely busy at work since the holiday season. (Big Box Distribution Center). Especially with everything going on currently, we’ve been working overtime and pushing production like crazy to restock the stores we service. I have, in a matter of months, worked my self to a merit position that is essentially an assistant managers position. Personally, life has been just as hectic. My wife’s grandmother moved in with us a few weeks ago, right before the COVID 19 really hit here in the states. She’s the one that had a stroke, and there have been several other incidents that have left her unable to live alone. Today, her sister and roommate for 15 years, passed away, as she had been having health issues as well and was hospitalized herself. My grandmother had a heart attack several weeks ago that led to the discovery of four major blockages, none less than 88%. She is (thank goodness) currently home and still “Fat and sassy”. But, things have been stressful to say the least. We found out Sunday that there was another employee in the warehouse that had tested positive. I called in last night to kinda weigh my options, as I now have two elderly, susceptible people, as well as two toddlers, in my house. A coworker texted me and told me that last night (I work 6p-6a) they were told two more had been quarantined. So, today I took a 30 day unpaid leave of absence! I’m not going to be responsible for killing my father in law or my grandmother in law. In an attempt to keep things light hearted and happy around here, I’m treating it as a vacation. Might as well right!? Haha. The man cub has expressed interest in working on the tractors, so this week sometime I think we might attempt to tackle the rewiring of the Charger that I abandoned in the fall. I also started another project with the neighbor using my grandpas old Snapper. We’re going to make it into a one man Mule/Dunebuggy mobile. This is something that’s going to be long and slow, as the plan is to salvage and repurpose as much as possible. We’ve already stripped it down and gutted it for the most part, so now we HAVE to do something with it. For the next month or so, I should be around more. I’ve missed having the time to just sit and read and interact with you all, but I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys on my “vacation”. Here’s some pics of where we’re at on the Snapper (NTBD) project. we’re going to extend it out the back a bit, simply for a bit of storage. The plan is to use 40mm ammo cans as fender tool boxes. Haven’t decided how to power it yet, but was thinking about going with a chain driven set up for simplicity. We’d like to keep the handle bars and throw a twist throttle on it. Of course this could all change over the course of the build 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 @ebinmaine @pullstart
  3. LengerichKA88

    This thing is going to make me SNAP(per)

    Model:281123BV Serial: 41076273 So, my FIL picked up a pretty good looking snapper for 30 bucks.... guy said it needed carb work. Turned out it needed a new recoil start too, no big deal. Well the carbs on, got the pull start on. Got a few (3, maybe 4) starts out of it. Starting with the second start, the shroud (which the recoil housing screws to) started pulling loose. This would mean that I had to loosen, replace, then tighten it each time. This is because the bolts that keep the shroud in place do so by having a washer type head on the bolt hold down little plastic tabs. Apparently these tabs wear down over time, who’d have thunk that metal running plastic would wear it down? 🤯 Go to start it today’s making sure everything’s nice and tight. Shroud pulls loose with a metallic clang.One of the hole for the mount (that’s what I’m calling it) broke. This is part of the block, and the only way to secure the shroud. There are two on each side of the engine. As o go to pull the shroud off, I see the pawls for the recoil start fall. My recoil start that got here Tuesday, has broken. 🤬 I take usable pieces off the old one (only problem was the spring) and replace. As I’m securing the shroud, again, the other mount on the same side breaks. They were part of the aluminum block. Why you would have the recoil starts only point of contact with the machine be a piece of plastic, is beyond me. Why you would design the shroud to attach in such a poor way, is beyond me. How to fix this and make it usable, without buying a new engine, is also beyond me. Has anyone had this happen, and how did you fix it if you did?
  4. WHX??

    A Big Red Snapper!

    My dad bought this tractor about five years ago, maybe more. I think he paid 850 for it and it came with a deck, the blower and some kind of lawn vac for the back. He scrapped the lawn vac and the deck which now I wished he hadn't done. He wanted it just for a snow mover for our cabin up north. I paid no never mind to it over the years and never really had much seat time on it until lately. I was always afraid to run it as something was sure to break then I would have to fix it as he was always working it. Now that he not being of sound mind anymore the task has fallen on me to run it and of course wrench on it. Had it out blowing snow a couple of weeks ago and of course it broke! The Onan was surging bad, throttle cable broke, blower mounting bolts stripped out and worst the blower was shooting sparks out like mad. Dad did you know this I ask? Yah he say always threw sparks like that! Must be a 4th of July tractor then. So I replaced the “up north” tractor with a 520H and a single stage to bring this one back to sell. Not the best pics, will get some more when weathers turns. So after tinkering it even just a little its staring to grow on me so off to search for some manuals and more info. Turns out these were made by McDonough for Massey from 1977 to about 1982 or so and were badged as MF. After MF gave McDonough the finger and said we don't want them anymore they were rebranded as Snapper and sold for a few more years. They were also made as a 1650 and 1450. all had Onans but the early ones had Kohlers. This 1855 was advertised as 18 hp but actually had the Onan P220 engine
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