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Found 7 results

  1. I have a few basic electrical system diagrams that are helpful in understanding how the wiring system works. They are not specific to any particular tractor and do not include safety switches. All use the 5 post ignition switches 103-991 for Magneto and 103-990 for Battery Ignition. I failed to include fuses in the Starter Generator drawing, this is an over-site and I would encourage fuses be used as shown in the other two drawings. Hope this is helpful. Magneto Ignition system with electric start and solenoid. Battery powered ignition system with points, condenser, solenoid and electric start. Battery powered ignition with solenoid, points, condenser, Starter Generator and a mechanical voltage regulator. We have uncovered a shortcoming in the factory wiring diagrams for S/G battery ignition systems with a four terminal voltage regulator. The wire from the regulator "Gen" terminal to the S/G "A" terminal was omitted. This drawing should clear that up.
  2. illinibrew


    I have been into garden tractors for a few years. Wanted to learn about small engines and buying an old sear suburban was cheaper than the class at the local community college. Just got a 1980 C85 (with a johnny bucket on it).
  3. Chuck14025

    Starter just clicks

    1994 520 H. Starter just clicks. 1. Battery 12.6V, load test OK., New solenoid. Ground good. Key switch tested ok. Wiring diagram shows a 'kill' relay - I can't find it on the tractor. Checked the 3 relays under the battery box - they work. Neutral switch, PTP and seat switch work mechanically. 2. Not able to find article on this problem when searching. There must be dozens. How do I find them? 3. Can I test the starter without taking it out? 4. Is there a 'kill' relay? thank you...
  4. ToroWheelHorseRookie

    244-H Starter/Solenoid Wiring Issue

    Please Help-- I inherited this work horse from my father in-law after being passed down from his father. I recently brought my wheel horse in for repairs and the service shop said they were unable to find the part; starter/solenoid. I did not want to give up on this beast as even the repair shop said this is a well made machine and is better than anything built today. I eventually found the part but because the shop left the part uninstalled I was unable to see how the starter was wired. Yesterday, I installed the new starter/solenoid but when I connected the battery terminals the tractor wanted to start on its own. I quickly disconnected the terminals and analyzed the electrical schematic map but I am baffled on the proper wiring. I only have a positive (red) battery terminal wire, another red wire, black (ground) wire, and a blue wire with a slot connection. I included pictures of the starter and the electrical schematic map. Any help would be much appreciated!! I l would like to fix this on my own as this seems to be a simple wiring issue. I can add pictures of the tractor itself, but at the moment its under a tarp in a shed at night. Thank you in advance, Matt Electrical Guide.pdf
  5. So I started digging into a C-100 I acquired over the weekend and I have found two issues. One of which I am curious if anyone else has seen and the other I suspect the solenoid is toast. I was not getting any power to the solenoid when turning over the key. Surprising enough both the clutch and PTO safety switches work (I wonder for how long), yet I was still not getting power at the solenoid. After working from the live hot wire on the solenoid I discovered the voltage was dropping from 12.5V to 3.4V across the Ammeter. After bypassing the Ammeter I got power to the ignition switch then to the solenoid when cranking. Just curious if anyone had seen something like this and where could I find a decent quality replacement, any suggestions? Now that I got power to the solenoid, there was a loud click but the starter did not budge (I have not confirmed the starter is free not did I confirm power was passing through to the starter). However I observed that the power was continuing as if I was holding the key to the crank position. I am just curious if the solenoid is fried such that it is somehow sticking and jumping power? I checked the ignition switch and it is checking out fine as I would expect. Thanks, C
  6. RusTia

    314-8 GT starting issues

    Hi all, I stumbled across this forum while trying to diagnose an issue with a 314-8 GT my dad handed down to me when he bought a new one this past spring. He purchased it in August, 1997 and it has been used for general yard work and lawn mowing. It has had a great life so far with no major issues until late last summer when all of a sudden it would not start. The engine would turn, but not fire up. After some playing around with the carb, I determined that it was not getting fuel when trying to start. However, I would just manually add fuel to the bowl to start it, and it would start right up. Once it started, it got fuel no problem and would run great for hours while cutting grass. A week would go by and I would have to do the same manual adding of fuel to get it to start, but it would run fine again. This went on all summer as I had no time to really look at it. I just assumed it had something to do with the ignition system not activating the fuel pump, but once it turned over, the fuel pump worked as designed. Then one day toward the end of the summer, I turned the key and nothing. No crank at all. The battery is still good and the lights on the panel would light up, but the engine would not turn or even make a sound. In searching the forum, I think I have narrowed it down to ignition module, starter, or solenoid. However, I don't want to order parts that I may not need so I am hoping to get some experienced guidance. My thoughts are that the two issues described above are related. Perhaps the fuel issues in the middle of the summer were symptoms of a part going bad, but still able to limp along. The final issue of not starting was when the part finally gave out. Or, perhaps they are not related and I have multiple things to look into. I would greatly appreciate any information and/or advice. If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. I thought it would go best in the engine since I am not entirely sure what the issue is.
  7. As the title says, I have a 1988 vintage Wheel Horse 312-8 with starting problems. With the battery fully charged, it will turn the engine over briefly one time, and then I just get a click and a buzzing sound when I try the starter. I'm pretty sure it must be the solenoid, and I'm willing to undertake the replacement myself, but would like to know if there are other ideas. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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