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Found 6 results

  1. Joe Reese

    60 Inch Mower Deck

    60 Inch wheel horse mower deck with no rot. All spindles greased and spin smoothly. Comes with mule pulley guard & deck belt covers and the rare offset front mule. Has standard blades installed. Have brand new gator mulching blades for an additional $50 Great Joe Reese
  2. Just picked up a 520HC needing the 112791 flat idler pulley. This pulley is used on all later model Hydro tractors without the belt tension release lever. Thought no problem, till I saw the price( $66.70 ). Called my local dealer and he said there is another comparable pulley (93-1622) but the spacer needs to be swapped from the old pulley. This pulley which is the same size in every aspect but with a smaller spacer was $25.00. These are both toro pulleys and pricing? I guess the longer spacer justifies the $40.00 price difference, silly me. Anyway, swapping the spacers is very simple. It can be done very easily with a press and tooling. It can also be done just as easily with 1/4" rod, 2 washers, 2 nuts and a socket. My press is at work so I chose to use the second method. The most important thing to do is to support the bearing and not the pulley. Find yourself a deep well impact socket that sits evenly around the inner most spot of the pulley( the lip that contains the outer race of the bearing). Take your rod and run it through the socket and the bearing/ spacer. Tighten your nuts and washers down on either side while making sure everything is lined up and keep on tightening. Once the nut can no longer be reached inside the bearing ( due to the nut being pulled into the bearing with the spacer coming out the other side), unscrew the 1/4" rod. Find another socket smaller than the inner race of the bearing that reaches the spacer down inside inner race. Support the pulley on your deep well socket and wack the smaller socket with a hammer and out pops your spacer. To install the longer spacer, swap the deep well socket to the other side of the pulley. Tightening the nuts will now draw the spacer into the pulley. Tighten just enough to seat the new spacer. This is an easy and cheap way to do this and prevent damage to the bearing or the new pulley. I have not seen this documented before and searched for awhile till coming up with this. This is simple for anyone and hope it helps save someone some time and money. Glad my local dealer wasnt trying to up sell me and helped me out on this one. Kyle
  3. Brockport Bill

    520 HC Tractor For Sale

    520 HC Tractor For Sale: please see photos; Just 630 hours on meter. Powerful Onan 20 HP motor. Hydro transmission, Hydro lift. This HC was limited 2 year production, top of the line Wheel Horse commercial model - including swept front axle. Cleaned and serviced, new Carburetor, new plugs, new engine oil, new tranny oil, new battery, new decals, new foot treads, rebuilt hydro lift cylinder, zerk fittings all lubed, tires hold air, headlight rims. Seat adjust feature. Cash pick up as is, Hudson River Valley, Poughkeepsie, NY area. Tractor only, priced at $1,550. Also available as option: Rehabbed 48 inch side discharge mower deck, professionally sandblasted shell plus lift carriage assembly to remove rust and paint; then newly primed and painted. Plus new hardware. Blades cleaned, sharpened and balanced. Mower deck available at $ 440. Please send p.m. for questions or info?
  4. CB520HC

    starting a herd

    hello all I figured its time to show off the horses that I own and tell a little about my Frankenhorse. My first one was the C-175 auto with original series 1 kt17 bought it for $100 "running" , driving and mowing. Little did I know that it had a broken connecting rod on the front cylinder I found this out due to going over it and checking plugs found the front plug soaked in fuel, and when I removed the piston from the jug the crank had a narly nick in it that I could see. So after crawling all over this forum I found out that my best option was to go with wither a series 2 or swap to the classic k341. Later that week I found a guy not too far away from me selling one in good shape running with starter and carb that came off either a 416-8 or a c-160 and after some custom plates and stab link bushings as vibration pads tractor was operational again and the 42" SD deck that it wears got me hooked instantly on having a horse addiction. I used this tractor to cut 6 acres of land (4 separate properties) and it did it flawlessly could not get that motor to bog at all even in the heaviest grass i could get it into, in the pictures that are attached you'll find the tractor after the swap and right after a bath but other than that i haven't changed anything other than belts and fluids about a month after this project was completed I was looking to upgrade once again to the larger 500 series and i found a 520HC with only 648 hours on the clock it also had the 60" deck that was in fantastic shape stole the tractor for $800 then right before Christmas I found a 56" snow blade chains and blower with custom rear weight bracket all for $500. So to wrap this up I have the fever and I'm hoping to add a few more in the years to come gonna be cruising marketplace this spring. Looking to add to the herd.

    Charging Issues

    Good morning, I have been a long time reader, but a first time poster. I have a 1988 Wheel Horse 520HC Tractor. Does not charge, and I have to assume that it is due to the fuse at the front of the engine being blown. However if I replace the fuse that is located at the front of the engine, the wire at the voltage regulator will get hot, start to smoke as it melts the wires insulation. I have not started testing anything yet, as I just have stumbled upon this issue and was wondering if anyone else has had the same style of problem and what kind of repair did you have to perform. Thanks.
  6. My 1988 520-HC (I did get lots of snow that's an old picture) starts up great at first but after running it awhile it will not start back up. It cranks over fine it just does not start. I sprayed starting fluid in the carburetor and that does not help. When I let it sit for a few hours and come back to it, it starts up fine. Today I was cleaning up some snow and it worked great while it was running. I ran it out of gas earlier today and when I filled it up it did not start until a few hours later. I put it back in the shed when I was finished with it and when I shut it off I tried starting it back up in a couple minutes and it did not even attempt to fire up. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with it?
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