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Found 23 results

  1. Pullstart

    5 big wheels

    5 big wheels, in various forms or stages. One with melted wiring, one runner, one in need of an engine, one full project and one in the middle of nap time. @953 nut thanks again for turning on my big wheel switch!
  2. DownHome

    1054 gas tank is Nasty!

    Now that I have my 855 operational I am shifting gears back to my 1054. Troubleshooting my fuel delivery issues I have removed the gas tank (don't ask how-you won't want to know) It appears to be pretty nasty inside, what is the best approach to trying to save the tank or hunt down a replacement? I'm not going for original necessarily. This tractor has had plenty of modifications from the previous owner. So I'm open to being creative. Thoughts???
  3. Pullstart

    Oops, it Happened Again!

    So, this kind of was destined to show up, I guess. My wife found it a while back and was trying to buy it for me for our anniversary, but I was already in the middle of helping @Bow_Extreme get a deal on it! Well, come to find out, he called looking to possible unload it. SOLD SOLD SOLD! The color is odd, but it adds character. I think it’ll stay. I’m thinking this might show up to Uncle Jim’s Plow day, snowblower engine and all to work the field!
  4. wh315-8

    1054 steering issue

    Have a 1964 WH 1054. The tractor will steer tight to the left but only half the angle to the right. Drag link will hit the stops on axle on both sides. The steering gear has more teeth to go on the right but stops on the axle stop. Linkage is all good and snug. Seems if I adjust the linkage I will put the wheels out of straight. Is this normal for this model? Haven't tried to adjust anything yet, still trying to study what I could change so that it will steer the same radius both directions. Will get up close pics to post later. The linkage from the main gear to drag link is connected from the bottom up. I notice some go from the top down, I studied mine and it seems to be correct because of the bend in the link to go under the frame. The stops may have been added later, but seems it could be factory; even w/o the stops it would steer in same way, just have more radius but still short to the right.
  5. CasualObserver

    1964 Wheel Horse sales brochure


    1964 Wheel Horse sales brochure 12 pages 651KB 12 pages 2.1MB


  6. Boys, having problems with the front wheel alignment on my 1054a. Seems as tho the tie rod is about 1/2" or so too short causing the front tires to pigeon toe. Tore everything apart can find nothing wrong or bent. According to WH parts diagrams, the 953 and 1054 tie rods are the same part number. Perhaps one of you good fellas could give me the measurements of your tie rods so I can verify mines the correct length? Maybe something else Im missing here? Thanks, Mike
  7. Ian928

    1964 1054

    Our 1054, named "Elvira". Muffler is not original, wheels should be white or off-white (I am not sure, anyone know?) and there is a air-horn installed. I am not sure if the seats are recovered either, in other pictures I have seen the covers are two-coloured red and white. That would look good! We have a snowblower and snowblade for her, but they both need restoration because the PO kept them outside for years. A lovely tractor!
  8. Crazywheelhorseman

    1054 help needed

    Hello everyone, its been a while since i've posted. I recently picked up a 1054 which was repowered with a briggs and i'm gonna repower it with a k301 i have sitting on the shelf. What i need to know is what pulley does this use? Is it the same as the 1057 and early raiders?. Any pics and specs would be greatly appreciated. -Wayne
  9. I'm looking to see what's available for a 1054 and learn about the machine. This is my very first Wheel Horse.
  10. koalassquad

    1054 Hard Shifting

    My 1054 is a very strong horse, but it has an issue that i think is the downside. The issue is the transmittion, it is VERY hard to get into gear. how could i fix this and make it easier shifting, like my 314?
  11. Rob.A.700

    953 grill

    Does anyone know what the flat spot and holes are for on the sides of the grill of a 953/ 1054?
  12. So as I previously mentioned I purchased a 1965 855 this past Saturday. I've begun the tune up on the 8hp Kohler. This little tractor seems to be in good shape, came with a mower deck and a plow. The metal is in great shape, no rust and only 1 modification that I can tell. The addition of goofy plowing head lights. The transmission is a Uni-drive 3 speed and seems to be in good working order. As mentioned I have begun the tune up on the engine. I believe I can have this up and running in fairly short order. After hearing about my recent purchase my Grandfather has given me his 1964 1054 10Hp. It is a bit rougher but this has sentimental value as it was the tractor I remember from my childhood. Right now nothing is working on it. He parked it once the transmission failed. I just started on the 855 restoration and now I'm torn as to what to do with the 1054? The engine work doesn't concern me as much as the bad tranny on the 1054. I've started down this road because I have 6 young children who like to do things with their hands and I thought this would make an excellent project. Do i juggle both? Focus on the 855? Sell the 1054? What to do what to do? I've attached pictures of both.
  13. All my working WHs have 2 spd rears or are hydros Heck, my Lxi hydro even has a 2 spd rear. My NH TC35, 35 hp 4wd, has 12 speeds using a 3 spd rear end. The Sears GT/16 has a 2 spd rear end Husqvarna GT/18 has a 2 spd rear My PK has 2 trannys! (they came with a single 3 spd, 4spd or 2 tandem 3 spds) Always wanted an old Ford 8N but I'd want it to have a Sherman or the like I've just always thought that extra speed range was necessary. At times I want to creep but still have power! So when I got more and more interested in WH I wanted to limit my search to tractors with more than 3 forward gears. At least a 4 speed. Well, I gather no 4 speeds forward, just hydros, 6sp forward (the " 8 Speed"s) or 3 spd forward and I ruled out all the 3 speed forwards. But lots of guys love the big 3 speeders and work them. I know a ton of old Fords were sold without a creeper trans but there's a reason why many had the Shermans. There's a reason for so many WHs having two shifters. Why such fondness for the 953, 1054 and other big tractors with only 3 speeds forward? AND! Anything preventing a simple 4spd to 8 spd swap? I know I've seen some WHs that came with one shifter but now have two! Thanks! Dennis Thornton
  14. Where can i find a decals sett for my horse. Its a 1054.
  15. TrueRed88

    416-8 at the front of my herd

    My stable minus my 800 special. The 416-8 leads the herd.
  16. TrueRed88


    My 1965 model 1054. My grandpa bought this when it was a year old. Its my favorite one of the bunch. I just swapped a transaxle out of a 953 into it and still have the 953 rims and tires on it.
  17. rustyoldjunk

    Scrap yard save.

    I picked up a nice little 1980 Craftsman mower from a co-worker last fall for about the price of the gas to go get it on top of the gas to go get it. He had bought it new in 1980 and had taken care of it but now wanted it out of the garage. I listed it on Craigslist and a guy called and asked if I would be interested in taking some old tractors on trade. To make a long story short I traded him even for his "scrap".I ended up with a parts Bronco 14,a 65-66 short frame ( I haven't even taken the time to look at the tag yet.),and a 1054.The hood and cast grill shell for the 1054 is here but not on it. I started the 1054 tonight,it seems to run good and the hydro lift seems fine. I also got a Case 444 with sleeve hitch and hydraulic PTO out of the deal. Some has put a B48 Onan on the Case. Lots of Kohler engine parts came with the deal. I also got a Wheel Horse snow plow and a Case snow blower. Pretty good trade I thought. Here are some pictures.
  18. does anyone make a seat cover for a 1054 want the white and black like original. i have the wood and foam just need to cover it. any help would be appreciated.
  19. I've been good, trying to get down on numbers but when this showed up in front of me I had to bring it home 1054 repaint, other than the seat it's near perfect runs good no smoke hyd lift works good Still has the original key switch lights all work front and rear. deck is usable Haven't decided if it's staying yet Even blew the front tire up
  20. 855ownerJoel

    1054 Thoughts

    I am looking at a 1054. Any thoughts on this model? Needs some tlc but I would like to know if this model is a good work horse for plowing and garden type work? I thought the big wheels may be good for floatation. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also if not, what models should I be looking for?
  21. horsesaver98

    new addition to the herd

    i got this from a good freind of ours and i got this from him in trade with my 14 automatic and a little cash i got this a dozer blade deck and a bath tub cart that were bought on the same day i have to get the trailer later but hear is what is wrong with it it has a hole under the seat and the tool box pan in messed up bad and is missing the lense cover and a insalater on the wirering it still has the two prong key and every ting still has origanal tires all around i am the second owner and the rimes a stamped and it runs like a a champ
  22. So awhile back I posted a topic called " Modification Dilema" where I asked whether or not I should cut the fenders on my 1054 to accommodate some taller tires. In the end I ended up cutting the fenders, only to realize later that the tire were way to damn tall as they stood at 32" compared to the factory 26/27". About a month later the 12hp Kohler I had put on it started to smoke like a chimney and I knew it was time for a total redo of the machine. Jump to a couple weeks ago I began pulling it all apart for a fresh coat of paint, newer 16hp twin Briggs, swapping the 4 lug hubs for a pair of 5 lugs, and finally a set of 26x12x12 Ags. The engine proved to be the biggest challenge as it was way longer and wider than the original Kohler. For the width I bolted on a piece of angle to the side of the frame, but for the length I had to make brackets to extend the 50# grill 5" ahead. For extra support and to have a place to bolt on the hood I ran a piece of 1" flat stock from the grill to the tower. With all the modifications came a drastic new look. Let me know what y'all think. If I ever get decals made up for it I'm gonna call it a Wheel Horse 1054 "Low Boy"
  23. Since I'm new I'll introduce myself. My name is Bill and I've lived in Central New York my whole life, most of which was spent helping my grandfather working on tractors and going to tractor shows. And it was at a tractor shows that I saw my first WH ( well, 5 RJs in a row), and it was love at first sight. Since then when me and my grandfather pick up whatever model we can get a deal on, though the RJ model still aludes us. So heres the Problem: A month ago I picked up a 1054 in rough shape, but I mainly needed it as workhorse for my homebuilt loader. When I bought it I knew it had bad transaxle, so I used the axles in an 8 speed 8 pinion transaxle I had lying around. Next came the engine. It had a running, but very smoky, original 10hp engine. Since I planned on so much for this tractor I replaced it with a newer 12hp k301, as I wanted a more reliable starting and charging system. I bought tires for it, but there 12.5 15s and they stand 33" tall. I've already cut and widend the rims, and mounted the tires. My biggest dilema is that the tires wont fit under the fenders, so i need to either cut the fenders or make spacers that move the tire out 5-6". Personally I dont like the look of the tires sticking way out, and I dont want that much stress on the axle. On the other hand I only have the one set of fenders. Another reason I dont mind cutting the fenders is that I never plan on doing a full restore, and more modifications are sure to come(such as a 3 point hitch I'm working on). All opinions welcomed.
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