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Found 23 results

  1. mr_speegs

    953 or 1054 wanted

    Looking for a largely complete 953 or 1054 to restore. I'd like the price to be $500 or less.
  2. frankdalio

    Snow blower for 953

    This snow blower has been stored in my shed and came with my 953. Price is picked up in Flemington, NJ and all parts shown in the picture
  3. frankdalio

    Hydraulic piston or parts

    I have replaced the "O" rings in the piston but now it's leaking for the center rod that goes through the end caps. I can feel there is some slop and there is some wiggle on the rod. I can't replace the clevis or fork as it has been welded to the rod in the past. Any parts rod and new clevis or a complete good unit would be appreciated. Thanks for your time
  4. Boys, having problems with the front wheel alignment on my 1054a. Seems as tho the tie rod is about 1/2" or so too short causing the front tires to pigeon toe. Tore everything apart can find nothing wrong or bent. According to WH parts diagrams, the 953 and 1054 tie rods are the same part number. Perhaps one of you good fellas could give me the measurements of your tie rods so I can verify mines the correct length? Maybe something else Im missing here? Thanks, Mike
  5. Live4outdoors

    953 front rims and steering wheel

    I'm in search for a set of 953 front rims and a steering wheel, I have the later 953 with updated steering system. Thanks for all and any help!
  6. Version


    1 page 220.83KB Dated November 8, 1963 Belt 1592 replaced by 1592A which is made to tighter tolerances and longer 1963 model 953


  7. T-Mo

    1963 953

    Has a boat seat instead of the original, which I have - it just needs to be restored.
  8. I found it on Facebook and I bought it. I believe I over paid a little, but I wanted it. She has a leak in the hydraulics, I haven't investigate that yet but I think it's coming from the pump. Missing the plate below the gear shift that covers the pump. Needs new headlights lenses, I sent a check out this morning to Mr. Glen Pettit. It's also missing the tag that shows the shift pattern along with the serial number. Can the serial number be found someplace else on the tractor?
  9. Hammerhead

    1963 Model #953 Registry

    Hello, I recently acquired a very nice early production 1963 Wheel Horse Model #953. Serial Number is 62- 379, which makes it the 379th one built. It has the rare early production steering wheel and the Ross Aluminum steering gear box. This was owned by an old timer for many years. Probably his pride and joy for many years. There is hardly any wear and tear on it. The black rubber footrests are in great condition still. If you can, post a pic of your 953, with Serial Number that would be great. I want to see the cut off point from old style steering wheel to the new style. Thank you...KJ
  10. This past weekend Deer Season opened in Texas so I headed to the family farm near La Grange, Texas. Our county has a restriction that a bucks horns must be at least 13" wide (which they say can be judged by the horns being wider than the ears. Of course bucks always look straight at you with there ears laid flat so you can judge this. Saturday morning i watched a number of does, squirrels, etc until about 9 am when this one came out of the creek bottom and hit the ground. He's no trophy, but a good legal buck. Then as they say the work started. Skinned, quartered and packed in ice to chill out Saturday, then Sunday I de-boned 52 lbs of venison. We used to get together as a family the Friday after Thanksgiving and make our own sausage, but everyone has scattered out, and we've lost that tradition. I now have my sausage made at a small market near High Hill, Texas (a spot in the road made famous by it's ornately painted Catholic Church (google Texas Painted churches) I request a 60/40 venison/pork ratio and have link sausage and dried sausage made. . So after dropping my venison off Monday morning I headed back to the farm, but made a small detour through Hostyn Texas (another catholic church spot in the road) and stopped at a mower repair shop & graveyard. that I stop at about twice a year. He has mostly 5-10 year old big box salvage mowers for parts. But he also has a few old ones including this blue WH thats been pictured on Red Square before. The owner is a bit of a strange guy and sometimes gives outrageous prices, and sometimes reasonable prices. I found an air cleaner for a K341 i needed and inquired about the blue WH. It's been on E-bay and C-list a few times but never sold for his high price. Surprisingly he said "you've stopped here to look at it several times lets make a deal" After a little back and forth we settled on $ 150 for the air filter and the blue 953 WH. In many ways its a rough one, but its got several items like the Hy-? Hydraulics, sleeve hitch, 2 spoke steering wheel etc that I feel make it a good parts tractor.or one to pair with another parts machine to make one good restored one This serial number 34637 is close to a couple of ones I've seen on RS.I didn't take a picture, but the mower deck looked surprisingly sound. and the spindles moved. Amazingly the engine was free so I filled the crankcase and cylinder with diesel to preserve it while stored in the barn at the farm. I also drained the transmission and amazingly only had a tiny bit of water and mostly lots of good old black oil. I then filled the tranny with diesel for storage and put some small open bags of moth balls under the dash, engine and tranny to keep the mice out. Should I try to drain the Hy? hydraulics and fill it with diesel for storage? Also, I need some help identifying this engine? @953 nut , and what;s with it mounded on some 1x6 wood slats across the tractor frame and is the down draft carburetor and air cleaner correct or is something missing.. I've got some other project, so for now this has a good dry spot in the barn.and we'll see if another parts tractor joins it some day!
  11. M i k e

    Wanted: 1054/953/GT-14 Steering Hardware

    Hello, Looking for a few parts to complete my 1054A restoration I got going on. From what I can tell, these parts are compatible with 953, 1054, and GT-14 models despite having different part numbers. Here's a list of what I'm looking for: R.H. steering arm: #2733 (GT# 8515) Steering shaft: #4885 (GT# 9647) Steering wheel: #4875 (GT# 7420) Steering cap: #2897 (GT# 7469) Thanks, Mike
  12. Rob.A.700

    953 grill

    Does anyone know what the flat spot and holes are for on the sides of the grill of a 953/ 1054?
  13. Rob.A.700

    953 hydraulic issues...

    Long story short I ended up buying my buddys 953. The reason for him selling was the hydraulic pump witch he thought he had finally worked the kinks out stopped working. I have sense halfheartedly looked things over checked the fluid (added alittle), checked the pulley set screw (still tight). To say that it stopped working is not entirely true it will raise and sort of lower the slot hitch with no weight i.e. the 54'' plow that was on the front. Has anyone had this issue before? It is not the original pump it is off a bolens but i do still have the original pump. The ram was also rebuilt and the lines are new.
  14. lucasmel89

    my first wheel horse

    just picked this beauty up tonight. been searching for a 953 or a 1054 for a while. sorry in advance for all the questions ill be asking about it!
  15. All my working WHs have 2 spd rears or are hydros Heck, my Lxi hydro even has a 2 spd rear. My NH TC35, 35 hp 4wd, has 12 speeds using a 3 spd rear end. The Sears GT/16 has a 2 spd rear end Husqvarna GT/18 has a 2 spd rear My PK has 2 trannys! (they came with a single 3 spd, 4spd or 2 tandem 3 spds) Always wanted an old Ford 8N but I'd want it to have a Sherman or the like I've just always thought that extra speed range was necessary. At times I want to creep but still have power! So when I got more and more interested in WH I wanted to limit my search to tractors with more than 3 forward gears. At least a 4 speed. Well, I gather no 4 speeds forward, just hydros, 6sp forward (the " 8 Speed"s) or 3 spd forward and I ruled out all the 3 speed forwards. But lots of guys love the big 3 speeders and work them. I know a ton of old Fords were sold without a creeper trans but there's a reason why many had the Shermans. There's a reason for so many WHs having two shifters. Why such fondness for the 953, 1054 and other big tractors with only 3 speeds forward? AND! Anything preventing a simple 4spd to 8 spd swap? I know I've seen some WHs that came with one shifter but now have two! Thanks! Dennis Thornton
  16. Ironman

    953 Number 1

    1st of 2 953's bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!!
  17. Ironman

    953 Number 1

    1st of 2 953's bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!!
  18. Ironman

    953 Number 1

    1st of 2 953's bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!!
  19. Ironman

    953 Number 1

    1st of 2 953's bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!!
  20. Ironman

    953 Number 2

    2nd 953 bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!!
  21. Ironman

    953 Number 2

    2nd 953 bought on the same day an hours drive from each other! When it rains, it pours!!! :)
  22. Hey guys. I need help finding a steering gear and shaft for my 753. I need it stat! There are a few on eBay that look like they might work but when I ask the seller they don't know can anyone help?? Thanks, Zane
  23. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there familiar with the 9.5 horse Kohler engine that came in the Wheel Horse 953 could tell me what the ignition points gap should be set at? Thank you.