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Found 14 results

  1. Jayzauto

    FE Loader Bracket

    GMorning Gang, Last year I had purchased an old C175 with blown engine and all the attachments the owner had with it, including the FEL. He gave me everything he had, or thought he had. It was quite a pile, requiring 2 trips. Of course, in the heat of the moment, it appeared everything was there, except belts for the most part. He even had most of the original documentation. Now I know what your thinking, and you'd be correct...... everything was Not there. And as we all know, it's the little things that hold up the project AND seem to cost the most money.... mot to mention the heartache. But, I did find an engine, got the tiller installed and working, the plow mounted, the deck running. Now for the Big hit..... The FEL. I do seem to have most of it.... The bucket and arms assembly, lower frame, weight box. weights, chains and even the pump , with brackets that was still mounted to the blown engine. The show stopper here is what is called the "Front Mount Assembly". It mounts to the front of the frame, and the stabilizer arms to the posts attach to it. It also has a couple of hose brackets that hold the hydraulic hoses from flopping around. I did look around, and none appear to be available...Big Giant Surprise. I can't imagine anyone parting it out, even IF they knew what it was. But I pretend to be a welder and have Fab skills, (Sorry, that should have read Fab Equipment), So I'm sure I could Hack one together if I had measurements. The grainy B&W photo in the manuals make it look very simple (Hahahahahaahahahah).....Anyways, is there anyone that would be willing to take a couple color shots And Measurements of their "Front Mount Assembly"? Or rough estimates, then I can Make up something clos, and tweak it after its installed. It appears to be the Ark style Loader, with the catalog number of 97-40FL-01. The actual part number of the bracket is: WheelHorse 260932 (part #36 in the pix) Again, it looks like it attaches to the front of both Frame rails and loops around the front. It attaches with 4) 3/8" bolts and would have the hoses attached to it. It looks like it loops close to the front of the frame, meaning the mule drive would have to be removed, maybe even the Attach-A-Matic front bracket too. And its job is to give the Brace Arms a place to attach to. Wish I had more info to give, Can anybody help me out? Thanx in advance, Have a Great weekend Jay I'll accept any form of communication, Calls, Texts, Emails 781.630.0338
  2. tristan watson

    mid mount grader

    I'm looking for some help I'm wanting to fab a mid mount grader for my '73 10 automatic but I'm looking for someone who has one to measure it i have been looking online for the last few days and can't seem to find anything so if anyone know what the measurements might be or a webste where i might find anything i would really appreciate any help i can get on this thanks.
  3. Ok folks first of for those who have helped me "THANK YOU", But here we go again. I inherited my father's C-145A and I have apiece of equipment I need to Identify. It does have a Wheel Horse sticker on the rear left side while facing the rear. Looking for what it is, model, what it's used for, how it's used and any manual someone might have for it. Don't think I would ever use it, might restore it back to the Wheel Horse red( provided it was red originally) which is a good question, what was it originally. Please see the photos. Does this piece look complete? I think it is a disc but I'm not sure. Thanks again!!!!!!!!
  4. 608KEB

    12HP Case.

    I gave my 12 up case hydrostatic to a friend. He bought a case 48" snowthrower. I was wondering where I could find a manual for the snowthrower and the tractor. He needs to know what kind and how long of belt he needs for the snowthrower.
  5. Paps518h

    Inherited 518h

    Hey I've got my grandads old 518h I want to do a full restore but I need a deck and someone that knows how to put it on lol,......first post,first horse
  6. Good morning Wheel Horse experts! I have a gentleman that is interested in purchasing my 312-8 because the hydro rear end went in his 70's vintage charger 12. He'd like to be able to use the existing attachments he has with the 312 and asked me if I knew if they were compatible. I did a little searching and couldn't find a clear answer so I thought I'd defer to you guys. Will he be able to use his charger 12 attachments with a 3 series tractor(mower deck, plow blade, etc.)? Or are they not compatible. I know c series attachments are compatible but not so sure about the charger tractors. Thanks!
  7. What's out there that should have been made by Wheel Horse but wasn't?
  8. db fan


    I have a chance to buy a 312-8.will it pull a 10" Brinley plow and can you get a sleeve hitch for the 312?
  9. Found another huge Wheel Horse auction in Ohio of a deceased collector, ART PEOPLES . Sale bill states : "45 WHEEL HORSE LAWN TRACTORS IN ALL SIZES INCLUDING TWIN CYLINDER MODERN ONES, SEVERAL CUB CADETS & JOHN DEERE, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES, ROTO TILLERS, SNOW BLOWERS, WHEEL HORSE PARTS, ENGINES, OLD REPAIR MANUALS, GENERATORS, LOTS OF SCRAP METAL, TIRES & RIMS, LAWN CARTS, LAWN TOOLS, SPRAYERS, YOU NAME IT." Location is about half way between Dayton and Springfield. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=219%20W%2E%20MAIN%20ST%2E%20MEDWAY%2C%20OH Listing: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2713039&kwd=Wheel%20Horse&zip=&category=0&utm_source=azemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alerts Pics: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=2713039&category=0&zip=&kwd=Wheel%20Horse This one looks to be of about same size as the other OH Wheel Horse auction I posted about one months ago. Can't believe this one is scheduled the same day as Portland.
  10. Found a large WH auction on AuctionZip ( http://www.auctionzip.com/ ) in Ohio on May 21. Auctioneer: Farnsworth Auctions LLC Looks pretty impressive to me. Look it up yourself, or PM me for details.
  11. IthacaJeff

    Gravel on the grassy bank

    Hi WH'ers; This may not belong in this section, but here goes. I've got tons of road gravel sitting on the bank of my roadside ditch due to snow plows. More than you can imagine, because last fall the town spread gravel (regular crushed limestone) on my road. The problem is, my road is asphalt (actually, tar and chip), but in such bad shape it was repaired with gravel. Of course, the gravel never packed down over the asphalt that was still intact, enabling the first plow pass to entirely push the gravel onto the bank of the roadside ditch. The ditch is too steep to drive my tractor, so I cannot scrape it out with the dozer blade on my 310-8 (did this on some parts not so steep). Nearly 300 feet of the ditch and lots of rock, so too much to rake by hand. Any ideas?
  12. I need a PTO for operating the underbelly mower deck of a 1966 Wheel Horse 856. Anybody got a part number or ideas? Also, anybody got any idea how you could take the welded on sprocket on the end of the auger off and replace it? mine is worn out and don't turn the auger anymore. Thanks in advance, Alex
  13. Hello Red Square Community! My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  14. Ran across a fellow that had these implements and made a deal. The disc is probably the only item I will use. I think these are for a SEARS garden tractor.
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