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Found 4 results

  1. shellystoy

    Looking for Info for Wheel Horse 420

    I have a Wheel horse 420-LSE Hydrostatic Drive with not even an hours worth of time on it. I have not been able to get a manual for it. I am looking for a manual or if someone has one and is willing to copy it I would gladly pay you for it. Also, I want to add oil to it but I'm not sure what to add and I don't want to add the wrong kind. Any help would be appreciated! Michele
  2. dj1096

    CG8 parts

    I just bought my first couple of Wheel Horses, both running but in need of some TLC. Taking one on at a time, the one that is in the best condition is a CG8 1-0200 1 serial number 853213. I am looking for the deck belt or at least the correct size. the deck is a model 5-0701 6 serial no. 806358. any help would go a long way. LOL my wife is not to happy I bought mowers that II could not just jump on to and mow!!
  3. First want to say, not a newbie to this site. Have lurked here for many years, so I wanted to give all you extremely knowledgeable and helpful users first chance to purchase and take care of the red baron, hopefully restoring her. She served us so well!! Extremely hard for me to part with my B-80 but life's changing, and I need to get rid of things. So here's the info. on it: Model # 1-0140-9, has 8 hp Kohler engine, 4 speed, garage kept, never used for snow, just grass cutting & hauling small wagon, hosed off after each mowing, yearly oil changes, trans. oil checked annually, and have tendency to overgrease. Snap ring needs to be replaced (may as well replace both while it's torn apart) and she's good to go. Paint job wouldn't hurt either. Purchased this used from a neighbor around '76/'77. Manual shows 1975 but internet research with actual model no. resulted in it being a '74 model. Assuming salesperson had only the '75 manual on hand and since not much changed from one year to another, handed this one out. Includes the following Manuals/Brochures: 1. Original Parts List & Instructions for 36" mower deck 2. Original Kohler Engine Owner's Manual 3. Original Kohler Engine Sales & Service Directory 4. Original 1975 B Series Owners Manual 5. Original Sales Catalog (44 pages) 6. Original Accessory Catalog (34 pages) 7. Original 1976 Series Brochure (6 pages) - compares all the series Downloaded Information: 1. 1974 Transmission Parts Lists/Diagrams (10 pages, some dup.) 2. 1975 Parts Manual (21 pages) Extra Parts: 1. Extra set(3) of used blades 2. New - 3 mower deck spindle bearings 3. New - 3 spindle cups (1 barely used) 4. New - 1 Hub with woodruff key (1 new wheel hub installed on mower in Fall, 2016) 5. Old fuel pump kit (original) - to be rebuilt? 6. Extra mower deck belt (new) 7. Broken wheel hub (original), if you want it 8. Old Tierods May also stumble upon some other things. Other photos available upon request PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. Prefer local pickup but willing to work with your prearranged shipper.
  4. WheelHorse_of_course

    Bound Reproduction Manuals

    Moderators, please contact me if this is too "commercial" for the classified section. The PDF Print Shack Wheel Horse Manuals 05/04/2016 Dear Red Square friends, Listed below are some of the Wheel Horse manuals I have available for purchase. Of course I can print other Wheel Horse manuals as well. Most of these manuals are printed from the Toro PDF files, or files from Red Square or other places on the web. Anyone can print those out, punch holes and put in a binder. The service I offer is double-sided printing and binding. If you value that service these are for you. I sell these on ebay, but am offering them at a reduced price to user's of Red Square. I am not trying to rip-off anyone, just trying to make a few bucks to help pay the bills! I can also make custom bound books from your PDF file. You can contact me at Rolf.TayloratYahoodotcom for additional information. Wheel Horse Manuals Wheel Horse Electrical Service Manual - A and B Series 1980 - 1983; C Series 1978 - 1983 P/N 810291R2 Information for Wheel Horse A, B and C series built from 1980 through 1983 ( A & B ) or 1978 through 1983 (C). 48 pages. $ 9.99 + shipping Wheel Horse 1956 - 1999 Lubrication Recommendations, Drive Belt, & Mower Blade Usage Charts - Form 492-0392 11/98 Information by year and model number: Mower Spindle Cup Identification; Lubrication Recommendations; Tractor Drive Belt Chart; Mower Blade Kit Chart; Mower Spindle & Drive Belt Chart; Drive Belt Chart by P/N Section – Length; Drive Belt Chart by Section-Length-P/N; Drive Belt Chart by Type-Section-Dimension 77 pages. $10.99 + shipping. Wheel Horse Automatic Transmission Repair Manual - Sundstrand Hydrostatic Systems; Hydrogear & Piston-Piston, 1965-1982 Form A-1391, no. 803402, P/N 492-4206l Shop manual includes Descriptions, Exploded Views, Parts Lists, Theory, Disassembly, Cleaning & Inspection, Assembly, and Service Notes Information for the following Sundstrand hydrostatic transmissions: Sundstrand Piston to Piston; Sundstrand Hydrogear. 68 pages. $10.99 + shipping Wheel Horse Eaton 11 Automatic Transmission Manual (part# 492-4205 810243R) For models using the Eaton Model11 Hydrostatic Transmissions made from 1980 through 1987. Shop manual includes Specifications; General Information; Principles of Operation; Troubleshooting; Adjustments; Testing; Repair Operations; Transmission; Transaxle; Transmission System; Parts Drawings & Parts Lists. 40 pages. $8.99 + shipping Wheel Horse Eaton 7; Automatic Transmission Repair Manual; Peerless Model 1320 Transaxle with Eaton Model 7 Hydrostatic Transmission - 492-4003 Part #810283R2 1088 Useful information for repairing or restoring Wheel Horse models using the Peerless Model 1320 Transaxle Eaton Model 7 Hydrostatic Transmissions made from 1980 through 1987. Complete shop manual includes Specifications; General Information; Principles of Operation; Troubleshooting; Adjustments; Testing; Repair Operations; Transmission; Transaxle; Transmission System; Parts Drawings & Parts Lists. 38 pages. $8.49 + shipping Wheel Horse Foote Transmission Repair Manual (part # 803743R2) For repairing or restoring Wheel Horse models using the Foote 3 speed and 6 speed mechanical (manual) transmissions. Shop manual includes Specifications, Descriptions, Lubrication, Tolerances, Torque values, Troubleshooting Guide, Interlock Switches, Overhaul Disassembly, Overhaul Assembly,Exploded Views, and, Parts Lists for Foote manual transmissions used by Wheel Horse. For tractors using part number 225287, 225608, 107972, or 108282 transmission. Has19 pages. $7.99 + shipping Wheel Horse Mechanical Transmission Repair Manual - 1958-1982 Form A-1392 Rev 0482, P/N 492- 4004 For repairing or restoring Wheel Horse models using mechanical (manual) transmissions built from 1958 through 1982. Manual includes Descriptions, Exploded Views, Parts Lists, Removal, Disassembly, Cleaning & Inspection, Bearing & Seal replacement, and Assembly for manual transmissions built by Wheel Horse. 55 pages. 9.99 + shipping. Wheel Horse Master Manual: Transmissions This manual is a compilation of the 5 transmission manuals listed above. It includes those manuals in a single reference book at a reduced price. 222 pages. 26.99 Wheel Horse 1985-2001 Riding Products Demystification Guide Electrical Circuits Troubleshooting Guide Abridged Version Does Not Cover Garden Tractors and Zero-Turn Models. Covers: Rear Engine Riding Mowers; Lawn Tractors; Yard & Garden Tractors only. This manual includes all models except garden tractors and zero-turns mowers (for those manuals see below for the companion version). This complete electrical manual includes information about small engine charging systems. It includes a glossary and wiring diagrams for these tractors as well as troubleshooting information and examples. For each model and year it then has several schematics such as; Wiring Diagram; Starter Motor Circuit; Spark Circuit; and Charging Circuit. Details of interlock switches and systems is included. Has a whopping 331 pages. This is an abridged version, see description. 331 pages. $34.99 Wheel Horse 1985-2001 Riding Products Demystification Guide Electrical Circuits Troubleshooting Guide Abridged Version Covers Garden Tractors and Zero-Turn Models Only. See above for other models and description of content. Has 275 pages. $28.99 NOTES: • $5.99 Priority Mail shipping total for 1 or 2 books. Free shipping on 3 or more books • I accept Pay Pal or personal checks. • The binding color of books may vary. • The back cover of our manuals may vary (may be clear plastic or may be card stock). • Books are printed at 600 DPI on 20 LB white paper unless otherwise stated • Books are roughly 8-1/2 x 11” (US ‘Letter’) in size unless otherwise stated • Book contents (e.g. everything other than the cover) are printed black and white on 20 Lb white paper unless otherwise stated. • Books are bound using a thermal process similar to the “perfect binding” used on commercial paperback books. PDF Book Binding Service I can make a bound book from your PDF file! The PDF Print Shack is your answer for professionally soft-bound books and proposals from any PDF file. It works like this. RATES (from 1 to 20 copies) 5 to 24 pages $0.12/page + $6.00 + extras 25 to 99 pages $.10/page + $5.00 + extras 100 to 200 pages $.10/page + $3.00 + extras The above prices include the following: Two pages per sheet of 8.5 x 11" 20 lb. white paper. Clear front cover (allowing your first page to show through). Binding color varies. Rear cover varies. 600 DPI grayscale laser printing with perfect binding. See “Notes” above. I can do page sizes less than 8.5 x 11”, please ask for a quote. EXTRAS Cover - $1.50 - this gives a heavy weight paper cover under the usual clear cover. Artwork is the same as the first page of the PDF. The inside of the cover is blank. Colors generally available are sky blue, bright red, and white. Inquire if another color is desired. Color printed pages - $1.00/double-sided sheet. Minimum of 2 pages (back to back). SHIPPING I prefer USPS Priority Mail. Shipping for one book is $5.99. This covers as many books as will fit in the Priority Mail flat rate envelope (depending on the number of pages this could typically be from 2-5 books). No free shipping on custom-made books.