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Found 5 results

  1. So after I purchased my C-195 at the end of last year, and got it up and running smooth, I have decided it's time to start putting it to work. I've had a handful of projects, including another thread on here where I have received a lot of help in figuring out what I need to convert one of my trailers into a hydraulic dump that will be powered off of the tractor. I am still waiting for my hydraulic cylinder to be deliver, so in the meantime I've been working on some other projects for the tractor I have affectionately nicknamed "Sloth". One of my main goals with the C-195 is to get more landscaping done around the property. When I bought my house it was in foreclosure and the previous owner hadn't done much in the way of yard maintenance outside of basic mowing for a few years. Areas under trees were getting overrun by saplings, especially where the previous homeowner had planted sassafras trees as a sort of privacy fence. The problem was they had now propagated uncontested and had begun taking over the woods line, and the older trees that had originally been planted for privacy were now so big that all the yearly growth was now at a height of 5+ feet, thereby no longer performing the task they were originally planted for. Knowing cleaning this up was going to be my first task, I needed a way to get these saplings out of the ground with relative ease, and getting roots and all. So my first purchase was a new 3,000 lb winch that I could mount up to the 3 point to pluck the saplings out of the ground. The picture on the left is of the initial setup after I first got the winch. After running it a few times, it did the job fantastically, but I found that I hated the original metal cable. My main issue was I would pluck out one sapling, go to the next one, but by the time I had the spool of remaining cable had loosened itself up and created a birds nest. That and walking back and forth to the tractor between each pull gave it more opportunity to do so, so I decided on a few upgrades (right picture). First I switched over to a synthetic rope which doesn't have the "memory" a metal cable has, so it doesn't unspool itself. While I was doing that I also ordered a wireless remote system for the winch, so now plucking out all the damn sassafras trees I have will be a lot quicker. Got it all set up where none of the electronics are bolted to the tractor, they are all a part of the hitch setup to keep things cleaner, and the tractor unmolested. Got a quick disconnect cable running back from the battery, so now it's just a matter of hook up the power, and start pulling! While I was working on the winch, I found two CAT 0 attachments on Facebook Marketplace, having had trouble finding much of anything that is CAT 0 so far for this machine I jumped on them, so now I have a good old plow and disc harrow. They are real nice, heavy duty steel with a good patina, so now the question is, do I clean them up and throw some red and black paint on them, or do I keep them as they are? Either way, they look real nice on the back of the beast, and I'm sure they will work really well. So now I've got these items, and I've got the proper equipment to mount my mower decks and snowblower onto the C-195, I guess it's time to get to work. But while I am doing that it's also a good time to think of what my next targets are going to be. I'd love to find a D Series 56" plow, and maybe a grader blade, or....too many options to choose from
  2. Have had my tractor die on me a few times while mowing this year. Once my son-in-law wiggled wire from battery to 25 amp fuse to ammeter and then it started. Tractor died again a month later and noticed 25 amp fuse blew. Replaced fuse and has worked fine many hours until today. Fuse was blown. Turned ignition off to relace fuse but there was still significant power going through the wire and arced when inserting the fuse (which immediately blew). I read in this forum that corrosion around the ammeter backing strap caused his fuse to blow. I removed ammeter and inspection of the wires, connections and strap found no smoking gun. Anybody have an idea what I can check / troubleshoot to find cause of high amps running through the fuse and blowing it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Been wanting to figure out a better way to move dead tractors around - some, just isn't cooperative at being towed - the AC 916H is a great example around here. Since the rear axle is a hydro, it does not disengage fully for some reason and the tires are really shot badly. The 16Auto dug some big holes the last time I tried to move it around, so the idea here is to use the D's 3pt lift and it's size/weight advantage to move other dead tractors. I also wanted a toolbar that could have adapters added for various tasks - such as cultivators, tines, rear blade, ect. I've wanted to build a wrecker for years, just never had the time to do it - this year, I decided I've had enough of my aching back and legs - this needs to get done before I end up in the hospital. Always seems there is no help available when I need it, so now is the time - here is where I'm at as of now... All built from 1/4" thick iron, except the hub mounting plate which 1/2" thick A50 steel. Trailer hub/stub shaft is a 1750lb rated unit. In hindsight, if I ever did it again I'd use a heavier DOM tubing and just turn it to accept bearing races, make the shaft on the lathe and be done with it. Not to mention, I could control the thickness of the assembly a lot better. There are "rear tire carrier builder" parts available out there to do just that with pre-built tubing, the correct bearings and shaft - you just weld it into the square tubing of choice. Still a lot to do - need to make a set of centering springs, locking pins (for toolbar use), tire carrier arms w/tie-down rings, rear blade adapters, ect.... Just thought I'd share a bit - need to some lift testing today, hopefully. Sarge
  4. Hi all! Just signed on to the forum for the first time, but I've been a fan for many years - shamelessly using your posts as valuable resources when fixing and maintaining the family WH. The site and your posts are truly an asset to anyone using and caring for these wonderful tractors. I've been running (and maintaining) a C-195 tractor since dad bought it new in 1983. It's a great old tractor and it is still faithfully cutting grass to this day. But, like most things of that era, it needs its share of TLC to keep it going. Mind you I'm not shy of a considerable amount of wrenching on most things mechanical, but it seems like I've got more than my share of these sorts of challenges wrangling for my time these days. Not to mention, I've still got grass to cut. I plan to list the tractor here on the site and on my local internet swap site, but what's one of these worth? The (original) motor smokes just a little at startup, but the tractor runs great and looks almost that good too. If any of you familiar with these have advice on selling, I would certainly appreciate your insight. Here's what I have: Wheel Horse 1982/83 C-195 Tractor w/Hydrostatic Transmission (2810 Hrs) Wheel Horse 3-point hitch and rear PTO installed Wheel Horse 60" Mower Deck Wheel Horse 50" Tiller Attachment PeCo ProTwin "14" Gas Powered Bagger/Vacuum Front Wheel Weights help to counter balance the bagger when full All Owners Manuals and a couple Glossy Color Brochures even All in good working order I know you folks like to see a few photos from new members, so here's a couple quick shots. Thanks for any insight you may have on this one. jc
  5. Had a rodent chew thru some wires on my Wheelhorse C-195.( use it to pick up leaves) My yard guys friend somehow showed me a picture on his phone on www.wheelhorseforum.com I thought I could come to this site to make it bigger since it is a tad blurry when you try to enlarge on a phone. Neither of them use computers and I am not too computer savy but joined here to see if I could find it. It was titled WIRING DIAGRAM-1978-81 C -SERIES It was a black and white drawing diagram it has the HEAD LIGHTS on upper left . TAIL LIGHT lower left IGNITION in the middle Etc.... I have the picture here. thank you for any help you can send my way. (Susan from Indiana Housewife and caregiver for my 91 yr old dad)
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