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Found 158 results

  1. 48" deck

    Very good condition 48" Wheel Horse mower deck. Freshly serviced, repaired & renovated ready for use. Underside of the deck was cleaned to bright metal then coated with 2 coats of "Easy Slide" graphite paint to protect the metal and reduce grass sticking. Blades are sharpened, all gauge wheel axles greased, spindles greased. One patch was needed near the discharge chute (see photos of top-side patch and bottom-side patch. Top side was painted to cover bare spots where paint was missing and to Match the patch to the rest of the deck. This paint job is not a show paint job, but one to preserve the metal after all rust was removed. Overall this deck is very solid and should give many more years of service if cared for properly! The price will go up in the spring, so don't wait, these decks are getting harder to find as time goes by! Mule drive is included. If interested, PM me for complete album of photos.
  2. Wheel horse c-160 aoutomatick

    my wheel horse c-160 aoutomatick folow me on Instagram @swedish_wheelhorseclub
  3. C195 with attachments

    I hate to do it, but I'm afraid the time has come to sell my 1984 C-195. My Grandfather bought the tractor new in '84. After he died, my father had it for a bit, but really didn't care for it the way he should have. He eventually gave it to me and I did some minor repairs so it runs pretty well. I used it to plow and mow for a number of years. What's included: 1984 Wheel Horse C-195 black hood edition 19.5 hp twin Kohler engine 3 point hitch (NO rear PTO) 60" heavy plow 51" mower deck (That's without the guide chute attached; not sure if that's considered 60". ) 36" Snow thrower 60x30" wheel horse wagon original owners manual Wheel weights (Tires are also filled, gel I think) Chains on front tires and parts for chains on the rear (rear chains in picture are not available) An assortment of other part, including heavy bar for the snow thrower, a pull chair, spare oil filter, etc. The good: The tractor starts and runs well. It has some cosmetic issues but not what I would call damage. It's big, powerful, and a lot of fun. The bad: It starts, but the current battery is undersized, so while it starts fine in the summer, I've been using my truck to jump it in the winter. The easy solution is battery with more cold cranking Amps. The mower deck has been redone with some welding (heavy duty steel) where it rusted through. The center guide wheel it missing. The snow thrower works, but is currently missing a link on the chain, and the sprockets are worn. I moved a few years ago and now have less than an acre to mow. The house I bought came with a very new Cub Cadet and a Toro snow blower, so I haven't had much of a need for the Horse. I've been debating what to do with it for some time. It's a great machine, but needs some TLC, and it needs to come from someone who has more time to put it into it, more experience, more resources, and a better shop than I have. I think this is an ideal restoration project and that's what I would love to see happen to it. I really prefer to sell everything as a set. Please email me if you're interested with "C-195" in the subject line. I live in Upstate NY along the PA line.
  4. Hello, Just joined the forum and it seems this placeis a wealth of knowledge.... Anyway, I am currently in the middle of a small restoration job on a C 125. The tractor was given to me by my grandpa and he was the only owner. The tractor was in pretty good condition to start with, just a few small problems. Sorry that I dont have any starting pictures but ill try to find some. I'll try to post updates as I progress through this project. Hopefully this post will spark some good discussion. Thanks for reading!
  5. C-161 With New Tires

    Selling my 79' C-161. She runs great. The tires are new and alone cost over $500. Wheel weights are included too along with the plow. No mowing deck.
  6. My C81

    I cant find any stacks with mufflers that fit on my c81, can anyone tell me where to find some good ones?
  7. Newbie here, I have a C-165 and am looking for information on exactly what I have as well as any other information available. There is an "ID Number" located on tag under the dash. It reads 1116K801 with a space and then Z8603. The engine is Kohler model K341, Spec 71179, serial 2229505963. Have no history as it came with a place I purchased. Mower deck is pretty rotted out & will need to be replaced at some point. It runs well & my thoughts are to just use it but part of me wants to fix it up and then use it some more.
  8. C195 Sell or part it out

    I have a c195 the motor just went bad. I'm trying to decide if I should just sell it whole or part it out.I have the room to part it out just don't want to spend months parting it out,what does everyone think?
  9. 1981 or 1982--(not sure of year) WH C105-8 speed lawn tractor for sale. Runs & drives-BUT-it came to me with a bad paint job, a governor issue, & a broken plastic fender. Please look at the pictures, you'll see it's not all bad. I don't have time for her-she needs a new home. Has homemade rear wheel weights, rear tires have tubes & are filled with antifreeze. NO DECK. Can deliver to the "Big Show"-BUT- only on Friday. $300 or B.O.
  10. New to the forum here so forgive me if this question has been already. A while ago I was given an '87 John Deere 214 from my wife's grandpa and it started an interest in restoration. Lucky for me, it had been garage kept for the last 15 years. Long story short, a friend of mine got to talking and he said he has an old Wheel Horse C-160 Automatic that he was going to scrap. He said if I can come get it, I can have it for free. Seems like the tractor is mostly complete other than the headlight assy., gas tank, and a cover in the center where the shifter would go on the 8-speed models. Not sure of the year but is has hydraulic lift 48" deck (some rusted spots) and seems to be in decent shape for being outside for the last 5 years. My main question is "does anyone have any pictures I can compare to so I can see what else is missing?" Trying to figure out if it's worth my time. Thanks for the help!
  11. Recently purchased a 1973 14hp Automatic airhorse like the one in the pic here. Model is 1-0435. Need it as tug for my airplane. It won't go in reverse or forward anymore. Everything looks fine. The local Toro shop says the transmission has gone and no parts available anymore. I see it uses a Sundstrand 90-1136. Any ideas on repairs. I am not in a position to repair myself. Just. Looking to get replacement or substitute parts/sub assemblies for the local toro shop to effect a repair. Thank Paul .
  12. So it's been a week and not much interest in the total package so I'm selling individual pieces, some at lower prices. I can't take everything with when I move so I'll consider reasonable offers. Selling off part of my collection, some projects and attachments. I'm anticipating a move in the next year and need to thin the heard down to a manageable number due to storage issues. I know I'll never have the time to get to all my projects so I decided the following tractors and attachments can go. Let me know if you would like additional pictures. So here we go. Work Horse GT 1848, $475 No attachments. Runs great and has hydro transmission and hydro lift. Strong running non smoking B&S 18 hp engine. Forward/reverse lever needs adjustment. Previous owner rebuilt the carb, installed new tie-rod ends and gave it a so-so rattle can paint job to keep it from rusting. No fluid leaks. Tires hold air and have good rubber. I installed a new drive belt and changed the transmission filter and fluid. Excellent candidate for a restoration or use it as is. C-160, 1975, $5-$? Another project/parts tractor from my collection. No engine, transmission or hubs, front rims or tires. Previous owner bent the hood, steering wheel and fender. Rear Wheels, frame, belt guard, hood stand, and floorboards good. St he tractor is now stripped down will sell and ship individual parts. Let me know what you need. See new pics in comments. Deck #1, 36" RD for C-series, $125 Good condition, bearings quiet and deck straight. No holes. Used this for the past three years. Mule drive included. Deck #2, 36" RD from a 67 or 68 short frame, $40 Good condition no holes. Deck is mostly straight. Deck only. Other items in picture not included Deck #3, 32" from a 67 Lawn Ranger, $40 Good condition. I have not used this deck. Restored Wheel Horse Clevis Hitch, $100 Restored Brinly Slot to Clevis Hitch, $80
  13. wheelhorse

    c-145 new ag tires on back plow on it right now like new , tractor in very good shape,no hr. meter runs like atop. pictures talk for them selfs
  14. wheelhorse

    this tractor is in very good shape no hr meter pictures tell the story. very nice My name Rick. Phone # 315-562-2008 Edwards NY.
  15. Wheel Horse D180

    Wheel Horse D180 automatic Starts and runs greats. This tractor has been barn kept it's entire life and used very lightly. The rear tires are brand new (worth $200 each) with rubber injection marks still on them Paint job is all original and in excellent shape. This tractor can be driven around but needs linkage to be perfect. If you would like to take a look at it or have any questions give me a call. Make offer. wheel horse, farmall, allis chalmers, lawn tractor,
  16. Wheel Horse C-175

    Hello, I am looking for a Wheel Horse C-175, 8-speed. It does not need to run or have any attachments. I am located in Virginia but am willing to travel. Thank you for looking.
  17. 1x 48 decks Decent Shape $50 each or $75 both (225 lbs) 32 rear discharge missing blades (very good shell) $40 C165 hydro w cylinder $100 (125lbs) Kohler 12hp engine $40 (60lbs) Raider 10 w/ K321 engine (low hour on rebuild) $150 (600 lbs) Suburban (have hood and misc parts/no engine) $50 WH 1276 $75 No engine. (300lbs) Techumseh HH 10? Came off Raider (was running) $50 (75lbs) Briggs & Stratton ZZ engine $40 (100lbs) I prefer email or text, please feel free to call. FASTENALL SHIPPING: KYRIC - Richmond 404756013 Atwood Dr.Richmond, KY 40475Phone: (859)624-2136Email: KYRIC@stores.fastenal.com Jeff Rainey 609 Hunter Lane Richmond Ky 40475
  18. Wheel horse c81

    Hi, I have a wheel horse c81 1978 and I was woundeding if any one could give ma an idea on the value, and yes it runs and it's an 8 speed 6 forward 2 reverse
  19. Engine power loss

    I have a C-161 twin auto with a 16hp Briggs. It's losses power when put under a load and sounds like it miss fires and shoots a flame out the exhaust at high idle. I flashed the gas tank cleaned the fuel filter, cleaned the carb & rebuilt the fuel pump still the same problem. Any suggestions on where to look next ? Thanks for any help I can get.
  20. bob

  21. Hi folks, The big Happy Birthday came! So did the Wheel Horse. Thanks everyone for your advice while I was looking for a tractor. It was appreciated. Now here you go - share the joy of a sons 11 year old birthday. His first tractor! C-81 Wheel Horse. Darn proud of it! I'm going to need your guys advice going forward as it's been a long time since I did any rebuild. BTW - I havn't run it - It had old fuel in the tank and hasn't run in some years - but all the systems are looking great. He's getting to work.
  22. C-120 Auto 1975

    1975 C-120 Auto. Model # 5-1211 48" SD mower deck. Model # 06-42ST04 snowthrower, lift flag and tire chains included. Tractor runs excellent. uses no oil, no leaks, new muffler, fuel pump, fuel filter, new front wheel bearings, all tires hold air, fluids all changed. PTO is cleaned and greased. Manuals are included. No dings or dents. Everything works as it should. I'm the 2nd owner. Original paint. I've owned it for 4 years. I put 40-50 hours on it. I've repaired or replaced anything that was a issue with the tractor. I don't want to sell it, but I have to many and have to let some tractors go!
  23. wheel horse bushing

    I have a wheel horse c-161 automatic hydro, And I was plowing with it, there is a small bar under the seat that swings back and forth with the hydraulics and it is attached to a circular piece with 2 bushings that have a small flange on the end of them, they are both pretty much shot and the one flange broke off so I could no longer raise my plow because the piece holding the bar with the bushings popped out because the one bushing is completely shot, Anybody Know where I can get these small bushings?
  24. C Series snow blade

    Hi all... I am restoring a GT14 and having a hard time sourcing a snow plow for it. I was recently informed that a C-series plow fits the GT14. I understand the GT14 requires a long frame set up. But I feel like I read somewhere that there are 2 versions of long frame plows. An early version and a later version. So... I'm confused and just not certain exactly what I can use for it. I do have a snow plow that will fit most tractors. Has anyone modified a plow like this to fit a GT14 or another long frame tractor? here are a few pics of the plow I have. It's a 42" snow plow.