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Found 102 results

  1. For Sale - 520H with 48" mower deck, Front pusher blade, Belly grader blade, rear tiller. Runs great. Sold as a package. Additional pictures upon request.
  2. Air filter

    Were doses this hose go
  3. Oil sensor switch

    Where is the oil sensor switch
  4. Will not charge battery
  5. PTO clutch plate blew apart

    I was mowing tonight. I engaged the mower deck and the PTO clutch fell apart. Part # 114881. Can I still get this through Toro? I bought what I thought was the right clutch pad. But, it's too small. Part#4365. Looking for options to get this part.
  6. 60 in Mule Drive.

    I just found out, after destroying a new belt that I need a special mule drive for my 60 inch deck. I bought a 520H with a 60 in deck this year. I just taught myself how to weld and fixed the height selector. At least I have that going for me. After a little research I found that I need the special mule drive.... Does anyone have one?
  7. Cyclone rake

    I am looking at a 1995 520H 60” cut but have a question before I buy. I have a Cyclone Rake Commercial vacuum and am wondering if anyone knows if they will fit the discharge on the WH? I really want a WH but this is a requirement. Looking forward to being able to add a tiller and other implements to it as well if the Cyclone rake will work with it.
  8. ....but she runs and drives and has got potential. The good... 2k & some odd hours but engine sounds real strong and starts easily, no smoke and we all know how bullet proof the 1100 is. Sheet metal all strait and rust free. The bad.... none of gauges work, no lights, steering turns tight one direction but wide to the right. The PTO hoop and linkage as well as the pto center trunnion are all missing. Who in their right mind would take it off and lose it? The hoop you gave me Dan is too short but can be modded to work. The tractor came with a nice 48 incher!?! Somebody correct if wrong but was the coil relocated? Not to worry about Mr 9 pin...already been cut out! The ugly... the seat could have easily won my ungly seat contest. The fronts ...no extra charge for the racing slicks seller says! If all goes as planned with the sale of the attachments, a nice deck and a almost NOS plow, this might be a free tractor.
  9. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    My 520H blow out a valve seat. Any suggestions on a new motor or should I have the seat repaired?
  10. Is this the correct setting to test the battery or voltage output? I tested four different batteries. The reading is saying about 17.0-17.5 on all 4 batteries.
  11. New to me 520h

    Hello new to the forum I just bought a 1997 520h with 387 hrs has a snowblower single stage and mower deck its in real good shape i think it just needs a little maintaince. Engine surges hopefully just needs a carb and tank cleaning. Headlights don t work and need to replace a idler sprocket on blower and possible have to replace the lift seal because the snowblower won't stay up it slowly lowers not sure if that's normal because if weight or needs to be fixed. Overall very happy I bought it I grew up using my father's 520h
  12. Thinking about 520H Repower

    Hi Guys, The Onan in my 520H was running poorly so last month I took the heads off, decarboned, cleaned/reseated the valves, checked valve seats and reassembled with new gasket set. When installing intake manifold, I realized last year (carb cleaning) I forgot to hook up vacuum line from manifold to gauge. Hooked it up correctly this time and ran great. First blizzard yesterday and started snow blowing. After about 15 minutes the became noticeably louder with less power. I was wondering firstly if anyone has any idea what went wrong? Also, I was thinking about repowering with a Honda or Vanguard and would love opinions on which way to go? Also, should I go with an engine or kit and which company? I’m good at fabrication, etc. Thanks in advance! Happy NewYear
  13. Wanted: Original Cab roof Part# 8795

    I'm looking for a Fiberglass or ABS roof made by Original Cab. Cab #P650CC01. (Part number 8795 Plastic top, long.) I'm also looking for the glass windshield with electric wiper blade. Part number 5975. Madison, WI.
  14. I recently purchased a Original Cab model P6500CC01. Minus the roof.I was told by Original Cab that the glass windshield and ABS roof that they sell would not work on my cab. Has anyone modified a new roof and glass windshield to work on this cab? Or does someone know where I might find a used roof and glass windshield for this cab.
  15. NOS, Original Tractor Co snow cab Original Tractor Cab P650CC01 *NOTE: as far as I can tell, the plastic white top is all that is missing Otherwise, the pieces are in good shape, never used - just dirty from sitting. The instructions and unopened original hardware also included. Per the instructions this model is for 1990 and up 500 series tractors, although likely will fit / adapt to others somewhat easily. I bought this with my 520h from the original owner who advised it was never used and from the condition and packaging that appears to be the case. I will not use it so I am looking to give a good home. As a side note - the tractor only has 256 hours on it and also has a powered leaf / grass bagger unit (which is not something I see often as far as attachments). But up for sale here is the NOS snow cab and hardware only .
  16. Changing oil

    I changed the oil/filter on my 520H last fall. I only put 4 hours in the tractor last winter. The oil is still golden-brown in color. It's looks new Should I change the oil and filter again?
  17. Should I pull the trigger

    Been watching Craigslist and found this listing: Anyone see any red flags? things to ask? thanks!
  18. FEL on 520

    Cleaned up another old Simpsom loader laying around and mounted it on a 520H . I think it came out looking good. I have had at least 6 of these Simpson loader and I think they are great. all new fittings and hoses and stripped to bare metal, and painted, 125 lbs. of rear wts on each wheel, need to clean up bucket yet. It lift at least 7 ft. Love the 520's for loader tractors, easy steering and plenty of power.
  19. I'm looking for a rear axle for my 520h. Anybody have one? I have a loader on the tractor and this is the second time I broke the axle. I would consider a complete rear end.
  20. 520H dead

    520H is dead. Things I've tested so far. I've jumped a wire from + battery to blue wire on starter. It cranks over good. I cleaned safety switches, starter, ignition connections. I notice if I jiggle or slowly turn key the lighted board will come on. A couple of times the tachometer reset itself. the lights will not turn on. Is it possibly the ignition switch?
  21. 48" SD mower deck 78361

    48" side discharge mower deck, used only 1 summer. This deck is in fantastic shape. Little bit of rust, very straight and spins like new. I can ship Fastenal at cost, or pick up. 300.00 OBO. https://flic.kr/p/X6JGCv https://flic.kr/p/W2Kf91 https://flic.kr/p/XeMMYG
  22. I have a 1994 520H that was running good and lost spark. Comes with a snow cab but no other attachments. I would like to find someone that want to get it back running and use it. Willing to give to a good home not looking to get anything for it. Alex
  23. 520H electrical woes

    Hi All, here's hoping some of you learned folk will offer your thoughts and opinions. Bought a 93 520H that has had several neglectful owners. At various times, changes have been made to the electrical wiring. All bad as far as I can see. The original ignition switch was changed for a universal switch, so the original plug and wires were cut off and crimp terminals added. A hole was drilled in the dash and a push button starting switch added. Plus other nonsense. So, I am basically going through the loom wire by wire using the wiring diagram to tell me what's what. The white wire from the B+ terminal has almost melted. The red wire from the starter motor to the fuse box has melted the contact in the 9 pin plug and come adrift. Several safety switches were broken so I assume that's the reason for bypassing everything with the push button starter switch (quick, cheap and nasty fix). My questions are these: Is it a wise move to remove the 9 pin connector completely and replace it with solid wiring? ( I have new identical 9 pin plugs sourced from ebay but don't feel obliged to use it ) Instead of sourcing power for the fuse box which is 30 inches of wiring away on the starter motor terminal, is it better to have a wire going directly to the battery which is only 6 inches from the fuse box? It doesn't seem logical to pick up battery power from the starter motor end of the cable when the battery end is only 6 inches away from the fuse box. The gray tachometer wire has also been cut and joined into another (stator wire), can somebody reply with a pic of what the terminals should look like at the regulator? I have included some pics of the catastrophe for everyone's amusement. Look forward to your thoughts Steve.
  24. My mule drive fell apart when I was plowing this winter and I grabbed all the parts I saw, but I'm not sure I got everything. Seems like there should be some spacers or washers to separate the pulleys. When it goes back together, I'll put a cotter pin through the nut.
  25. I would like to buy pretty much any spare parts or implements for a 520h I also need the blade positioning handle for a 48" dozer blade.