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953 nut

Wiring diagrams to help you understand how it is done.

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Thats exactly what I was looking for     FANTASTIC    Thank you          Dielectric grease on the splices???? or not

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2 hours ago, johnnymag3 said:

Dielectric grease on the splices

That would be a very good idea.

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You da man, Richard :text-bravo:

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Posted (edited)

Title typo aside this thread should be pinned Dick. :thanks: The only one I see missing is the one for the 70 amp solenoidless three term switch. Also if you have the cigar lighter that can be wired off the lighting point. 

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10 hours ago, WHX19 said:


Fixed it, thanks.

These tend to be some of the frequently asked questions that can't be answered by referring folks to the wiring diagram in the manuals.

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thank you 953, that is what I wanted, now its easy to swap for over for an electronic ignition. had a number of contacts and options since asking for this answer, looking at what ever is going to benefit me the most . thank you  pete

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We should point out that gen terminal is located on the underside of the regulator just to the left of the resistor. Green wire in the first pic. This particular tractor was converted to a late style 5 post switch and solenoid  but the gen wire is still required.

Make sure SG posts are clean and use star washers here. This one came loose and gen light did come on. The third  wire on the armature post is going to the light.

MAKE SURE the reg mounting bracket is securely grounded, scrape paint and/or star washers as required. Some regs are mounted on rubber vibration  mounts but had a small ground strap, pay attention to that, fourth pic. Pics were off an old crusty one on the shelf so please excuse. The three side terminals should be mounted towards the gas tank on most models. This was off a 1055 where the three terminals were mounted on a bracket exclusive to short frame big blocks toward the engine.. Things got a little tight. Correct me if I'm wrong Richard.





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