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  1. gwest_ca

    1975 C-160 PTO Safety Switch/Issue!

    I will bet a piece of that blue steel strapping for binding products to pallets would work for #18 if you can drill a hole in it. Will keep looking to see if there are older parts for your 1975 vintage as they may be different than these 1980-1982 parts but sounds like the concept is the same. #51 is likely just a piece of flat stock. The 1980-82 models used a wider hoodstand so that alone tells me the 1975 parts will be different. I have drilled stainless steel hose clamp straps so that may also replace #18. Garry
  2. gwest_ca

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    In case you have a 1975 or newer model they have a spool on the crank for the cable. This manual has the cable wrapping description. Garry
  3. gwest_ca

    Blower chute cable

    Does you cable wrap around the crank rod as in the instuctions above or is there a spool on the rod for the cable? I think the instructions will be different for each. Garry
  4. gwest_ca

    Blower chute cable

    Click on the picture Garry
  5. gwest_ca

    C-161 Twin. Engine runs after key is off

    That should be the one. Garry
  6. gwest_ca

    1975 C-160 PTO Safety Switch/Issue!

    Would this arrangement match what you have? The pto switch #16 mounts with the terminals facing up. On the bracket that mounts the switch there is also a piece of spring steel #18. When the pto handle is pulled to the off position the outer tab on the pto lever/shaft contacts the spring steel and pushes it up which pushes the button on the switch above the spring. The second tab on the pto lever is farther inboard and it is a stop to prevent the pto lever from going too far. Here is the page I'm looking at https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/mowers-lawn-garden-tractor/01-16kh01-sk-486-toro-sk-486-8-speed-garden-tractor-1982/electrical-system-sk-486/ Garry
  7. gwest_ca

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    You most likely have one of these provided the housing width is about 37". The wings added to these make it 42" wide. Reason being you have a bushing in the rear of the frame bracket (4th & 5th photos) where it attaches to the tractor. A long bolt goes through the tractor frame. They started to use the front quick hitch instead of the bolt in 1973. 1966-67 model ST-376 1968 model 6-1211 1969 6-6211 plus 6-9111 1970-72 model 6-6212 plus 6-9112 - All without front quick hitch so not a direct fit for 1973 and later tractors. Garry Adding I don't see the wings. The first used were a plain flat plate. They then added a bend to the front of the wing that matches the bend on the end plate of the housing. When mounted the front 2" of the wing was parallel with the housing end so it would not suck you into a snowbank. See you have some new rollers for the chute. They have not been available for years. The wheels were originally solid cast iron and much smaller.
  8. gwest_ca

    C-161 Twin. Engine runs after key is off

    Need to be real careful checking this out. The B&S engine ignition is self powered so the ignition just needs to be grounded to shut it off. Do not allow any battery voltage into the engine ignition wire. If will go up in smoke. These are wired a little different than most. They used a battery type of ignition switch to control a kill relay that grounds the ignition wire to shut it off. This ignition switch will have an I (eye) terminal. Click on the fuzzy pictures. Garry
  9. gwest_ca

    Wheel horse 603

    Click on the picture Garry
  10. gwest_ca

    Tiller spring?

    Click on the picture This manual may help with the installation. Garry
  11. gwest_ca

    Help please with trailer vacuum

    In case you did not find this. We do not have a manual for the 07-42VC01 it but it is likely identical to the 7-2611. They changed the model number format between the two and probably the only difference. Garry
  12. gwest_ca

    1975 C-160 PTO Safety Switch/Issue!

    It appears 1975 was the year they started to use the multi-wire switch and likely late in the model year. The ball switch 101845 is also in the parts list and will guess this is how the PO ended up with one.
  13. gwest_ca


    I think it is a #53 which is 1 candle power or #57 which is 2 candle power. Just can't remember which. Garry
  14. gwest_ca

    Switch Pto Safety 1972-1975.pdf

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Power Take Off switch from 1975 C-160 Automatic operator manual 101845 Ball switch NO=Normally open Used on 1975 early C-160-Series (Late models use 104680 push button switch)


  15. gwest_ca


    Tractor drive belt - click on picture Looks like the Sundstrand and Eaton hydros use different belts. Sundstrand have the filter on the right side and the Eaton on the rear. Garry