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    2 - "65 1055 project tractors
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    '94 520H with 36" tiller, 42" short chute blower, 44" deuce blower, cab, 48 " deck & front generator.
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  1. WHX21


    Jeepers Cats the way you guys are jumpin on the band wagon I'm gonna get a bunch and offer them as door prizes at my plow day next year...maybe that will get some of you turkeys out yer recliners and in the field!
  2. WHX21

    Traded a Horse for a Monkey

    The tires say monkey wards on them? That's somethin I would have never figured! Will have to hop on GT site to see what they have to say about it, ther are some hardcore & knowledgeable tractor guys ther.
  3. WHX21

    Traded a Horse for a Monkey

    interesting piece, looks like a Kohler so shouldn't be too difficult to get running. Steering wheel looks like a large diameter two spoke common to our horses of the era. Front tires look to be RJ/Burb style. I like it! Try GTtalk for more info/manual on it Mike.
  4. WHX21

    Tiller spring?

    @wheelhorseman has them and they should be used. Tiller can be some what of a brute to be lifted without it. Same with blowers especially a deuce. Pretty stiff spring and I have looked local without much luck.
  5. WHX21

    I Just Had to Have One

    No matter the issues, those are all fixable, looks like a nice survivor, orginal and inside kept. Just something about that hood ornament.
  6. WHX21


    Maybe I should withhold this pic as ransome for said ! Garry nailed it this is what I use ....
  7. WHX21


    I best win it Ritchie or I am gonna force feed you some tire nubbies.... don't worry ...heard they go down easier than they come out! Seriously yer the best dude!
  8. WHX21


    I thought it was a 55 but I could be wrong. I know it was a fifty something so Garry is on track. I'll run out to the garage after the Brewers get their butt kicked and look. How do we know if you are indeed restoing a 953 if ther are no ?
  9. Gonna snow up here fellas... maybe I should just come get it....
  10. WHX21

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I will miss them for sure. Like Richard I remember the wish book and was a huge thing and that came out. We would dog ear the favorite pages in hopes. My dad's tools were always Craftsmans and mine too till they got silly. All the tools that I bought Jabel they replaced no question asked. Yup tho pee poor management and failure to keep up with the times finally did them in. I think? Whats gonna happen with ACE carrying the brand name? Great thread fellas.
  11. WHX21

    New around here!

    ZXT and be herby advised we do like our here!
  12. Always has been a weak point, the f frame to transaxle point, specially when hauling around a heavy 60 incher and even on early tractors with light attachments. Many posts here on how to reinforce it. Check the frame where the the 3/4 floorboard attaches.Another known weak point when toting a 60 around.
  13. Got that right! ...Not sure if I like the way you are going on the finnished tractor but if it works for you ..works for me!
  14. Lookin nice Dells but I still want you to come over and help organize @Achto's garage!
  15. WHX21


    Interesting Ed ...I'm hoping I'll be dead by the time someone has to cut down my white spruce plantation!