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  1. Looking forward to Lane... will have my entire herd ther!
  2. WHX21


    Holy cripes Richard now I'm a mechanic! Nice score Terry get her in good shape and use her! Yes the dipstick is on the end, or should be, of the plug. Just rest the plug on top of the block to check level per manual.
  3. All I use is the cheapies too.. figure in get a year or three done good. Picked up a "pro grade" pair from a tire shop once cause I was in a bind and they were no better than fleabay cheapies. Paid twice as much too. I think they seen me coming!
  4. WHX21

    Wheel Horse wrench

    Cool shop art and can even still use it. No matter what they're not made any more and the WH alone is worth the price of admission. Nice pick up!
  5. WHX21

    Barn find 1047

    Yes you can get most of them (bearings & seals) locally, go to Steve's pinned thread in transmissions and you will find part numbers that NAPA can cross. Also another member here has complete kits if you want to go that route. Those gears are pretty common to other trannies so let us know if you need help in locating. By meaning the two large ones are you meaning the 1533s? Check out wheelhorse parts and more. He might be able to help you. Will post links when I can. We would love to help you save this girl.
  6. WHX21

    1978 Speedex 1130

    Tranny looking pretty knarly Chris but we have faith in you ...need any help use your shout out!
  7. WHX21

    Hello from North Carolina!

    John Any problems with your ask we will be happy to help!
  8. WHX21

    Latest pick rj35 55 cable steer

    Really is a diamond in the rough and yes this kid has a way of finding them. Thanks Jason, @rj35hunter has already been a big help with identifing this girl. We thought it was a later '56 so always nice to learn. Rest assured tho fellas this gem WILL NOT be leaving WI in the century or so! Cool your jets boys Grampa is gonna keep an eye on this one!
  9. Went to move his girl and tranny locked up ...moved it to a heated shed and pulled two quarts of ice water and a quart of mud out .... my bad!
  10. I like your attention to detail here and I may have very well missed this Jeb but what is you end use for this tractor, trailer queen or worker or in between? I wouldn't worry about the brake drum slop. Like Oliie said some loctite 600 may work just fine or some loctite red . Might mean some heat does it have to come off but the seal is an easy replace too. I'm not fond of your JB weld idea ...I have never had much luck with it in areas like this. Your paint looks choice
  11. WHX21

    What is this

    Well Crib?....
  12. WHX21

    1978 Speedex 1130

    Interesting Craig...all I know is I see one lying it the weeds it's coming home.
  13. WHX21

    What's In Your Mirror?

    His wife dang near drove him to get it Ritchie! Wonder if she's got any unmarried sisters? !?!?
  14. WHX21

    1978 Speedex 1130