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    '61 401 Suburban with Clinton & orginal deck
    "61 401 Suburban with K91 Kohler
    '62 702
    '63 753 with HY-2
    2 - '63 953s
    '64 654/604 with original Tecumseh
    2 - "65 1055 project tractors
    '67 857 with mid mount grader
    '67 1067 with original deck
    '67 1257 plow tractor with HY-2 on loan from the 753
    2 - '67 1077 with original deck & front plow
    '67 1277 with original deck
    '84 A-81
    '92 246H
    '92 520H with tall chute single stage.
    '94 520H with 36" tiller, 42" short chute blower, 44" deuce blower, cab, 48 " deck & front generator.
    '97 520H pigeon toed with an ugly seat.
    '02 16-38HXL that came with The Mrs..
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    Vintage American Machinery & artifacts.... Tractors, Harleys, Chain saws.... anything old I drag home and can talk the Lovely Cynthia Ann into letting me keep......GREEN BAY PACKERS!!

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  1. WHX21

    Happy Birthday boys

    Happy happy fellas
  2. WHX21

    Rustler alert

    Who's watching your horses whilst yer out rustling?
  3. WHX21

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    Thanks Jeff I have an extension made to have that crank right in my lap in the cab. I think it was a 12 incher but can bob it off if it gets too long. Going to get the tractor in the shop this weekend, pull the single off and start fitting up the carriage. Waiting on the gear box seals but luckily no snow in the forecast. In fact we have very little snow this season and very mild weather for this time of year. I'v also got the tall chute for back up.. but no cab! What inside the cab is that Kurt? I did't know there was one on the inside? Or are you referring to a tab on the cab frame? If I remember right I only have a tab on the right side. Will have to check. With the single short chute the crank does not even come inside the cab and I have to reach through the zippered opening and even then the blower has to be lowered to reach . A real PITA! Never did care for the short cable turns. Don't think they were meant for use with a cab.
  4. WHX21

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    No Retired Reserves...served 77-81 active duty in the submarine service. retired from reserves 2001. Get retirement pay in 7 months when I turn 60 Thank you for your service! No not yet could use just the overall length and the distance to that bend.
  5. WHX21

    K91 Score

    Not really sure Jim. I kinda thought it did too but didn't pay too much attention at the time. Some investigation is in order. Stay tuned. One thing for sure is a couple have some PO things going on.
  6. WHX21

    Beaver garden tractors!

    In the gutter as usual. There is a nice write about Beavers in the latest issue of LAGT for those interested.
  7. WHX21

    K91 Score

    I'm gonna be thinkin about that all night Apples.. I suppose could have ran to a ATM or asked him if he would take some rubber. Maybe even did a quick PayPal thing. I'm sure that's how he gets paid for his buckets. Told me the 16 came off a Grasshopper and had PTO off both ends of the crank. Perfect for running a HY I thought. It was buried behind a bunch of Briggs and other crap 8 ft. up on industrial shelving and would have taken hours to extract. I take it a Benny is a good price for a 341 you can't hear run? Looked like ther was some head bolt issues and missing the head sheet metal.
  8. WHX21

    K91 Score

    Agreed Jabel.... the front end is a bit funky but what's not to like about the rounded fenders. One would have thought those grilles were pricey to manufacture compared to what was making in '62. Yah you would have like the shop Dan greasy, grimy, not well lit. Had to walk in backwards... sound familiar? But the metal fab machines & steel stock in ther was to die for not to mention a powder coating oven! My kinda place where you ain't gotta worry about bein a bull in a china shop. Johnny was a real nice guy. Had a white goatee like @dells68 but about a foot longer. King Tut got nothing on this guy! Someday I hope to man enough to grow one like that. Showed me around a little and has got only one employee that could put down beads like no tommorow. Takes me next door to a bro's shop where the thumper motor is. Bro builds custom golf carts and you couldn't even walk in this shop backwards! Had a couple of 40k+ Screaming Eagles I left some drool on in ther too! All in all yes ... had a good score and met some cool dudes to boot.
  9. WHX21

    K91 Score

    So @Achto turns me on to this CL listing of a nice little harem of K91's. Too good of a deal to pass on even tho almost 4 hr round trip. I have no idea what to do with them but parts is parts I guess. Might be to get one and possibly two working engines out of the mess. Here where it gets weird tho. This is where I had to go pick them up. http://johnnyproducts.com/ Nope no Johnny Bucket for this kid today Dan. Did have this pair there for sale tho if you is a Bolens freak! 1962's I was told. $750.00 Buyers choice and bet he woulda come down a Grant. Also had this hidden with a bunch of crap. I says I'd go 75 on it but he was stuck on a Franklin. Didn't matter I was cashed out anyway but I know where it's at for future. Would love to stuff it in a late 60's long frame for a custom plow tractor!
  10. WHX21

    Emory at hospital

    Is a motley looking crew! Don't mean to steal your thread Dells but I'm telling Mom Richard started it!
  11. WHX21

    Emory at hospital

    No tractors were harmed in the taking of that pic right @Achto?!?!? Saddle up boys lets ride!
  12. No offence farmer Ohio and farmer 608... when I worked on farms I've seen a guy trying to weld with a rosebud on the cutting torch and a coat hanger! Had to patch things up quick ... crops to get off!
  13. WHX21

    No room left

    That ain't too far off the truth Ollie... or at least WHX22 + another brand!! !
  14. WHX21

    Emory at hospital

    Good deal Dells .... let me know if we need to make him an honorable GT Mafia member...