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  1. Hello,

     I have made a purchase back in dec 2017 from a red square member , Paid $200 fully up front  via Paypal and still haven't received my items. I have been in contact with the seller. What is my next steps to take to notify you guys for this person that does not complete  and honor his transactions. He was selling his items on your website.

    Thank You 

    Tim Harper 

    Ahead of the Curve


  2. I tried to find out how to get removed from this forum and couldn't find anything. I no longer have a wheel horse and would like to be removed. Thanks,

  3. I am interested in becoming a Lifetime supporter, but cannot find the details on making that happen.  Please educate me on this.

  4. When I go to this link:


    it shows an icon and then asks to enable 3rd party hosting  and something about photobucket.com - what does this mean and how do I do it?

  5. Hi there,

    I want to change my location - it is wrong (yep I must have mucked it up when I first joined!) - I live in Crossover (suburb), Victoria (state), Australia (country).  Somehow I managed to get the wrong state when I joined as it shows I live in Queensland (state) - if you can help that would be super.




  6. how do I delete my account on here

  7. I used to have member name norman and I could not login in.. I opened another under GregO. Can they be combined.

  8. Howdy, I've been trying to use the search function, but it's been returninga  500 error, are you aware of any issues with the search function on the site? I'm an IT guy, and have tried several browsers, and several other machines, still getting the same results.


    I can help troubleshoot remotely if it helps at all,




  9. Any way you can update the 857 serial numbers? I have the lowest and would love for it to be on here.


  10. Hi,  Can you give me a step by step way to place an ad in the classified section?  Thanks, Bob in Rochester

  11. Wondering why my classified is limited to Mb of files? I see others with 6 nice pictures.

  12. I had a senior moment and put a post on LED lights in Implements and attachments.  It belongs in WH tractors,  Can you move it?



  13. Become a RedSquare Supporter, use the link at the top off the page "Store (Support RS)"

  14. Version


    Operator manual #361 IPL Wiring 15 pages 4.84MB - 361-1 16 pages 3.87MB - 361-2 Dated 7/1/67 Late production using Kohler K301S-47147B with Bendix starter, 10 amp alternator and magneto ignition with points and condenser The "Details" page is for early production - the tractor model number was the same (Early production used Kohler K301S-4712B with starter/generator and battery ignition) Wiring and ignition switch is completely different on the two 5955 hydro pump gasket nla - 102759 gasket should work Tractor drive belt # 7478 replaces # 4535 - (HB/5L x 84.22" or 5/8" x 84.22") Lube chart SS Details & Attachments - Engine listed is wrong 3 pages 116.46KB 1968 Charger 12 model 1-7231 - Late production 1968 serial numbers that have shown up for the late production 1-7231 420782 - Located in Australia with Kohler K301S-47147b Serial 46986 Bendix starter and magneto ignition 420900 - Bendix starter and magneto ignition 420945 452151 466039 466085 472015 472072 472079 474683


  15. Version


    1 page 81.73KB Dated April 1988 1988 520-HC model C1-20OE01 Serial 10001-10205 (Serials above 10205 have been changed in production) Used with Mower Rotary 1988 60in SD model C5-60SC01 Mower Rotary 1989 60in SD model C5-60SC01