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  1. 953 nut

    I encountered a Deere fan at my house...

    Is the fork lift staying? Now that would be handy, there is enough height to do three stories of shelves!
  2. 953 nut

    310-8 hiccup

    If you are using gas that has ethanol in it, STOP! You can locate ethanol free gas on this site. https://www.pure-gas.org/ When you cleaned the carburetor did you soak it in a quality carburetor cleaner and use compressed air to blow out all the tiny passages?
  3. 953 nut


  4. 953 nut

    Decal removal?

    The residual adhesive that stays on the paint can be removed with Goo Gone without doing damage to your paint or leaving residue.
  5. 953 nut

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    You are correct, it is a much newer eight pinion differential. No harm there, they are good reliable pieces.
  6. That is a very will documented piece of work ans needs to be placed in our "Tutorial" section.
  7. Nat, you will need a "Rear Axle Bracket" to attach the snow plow to your C-100, but it will fit just fine.
  8. Happy Birthday Josh, we are all glad you were born!
  9. Happy Birthday @SPINJIM, we are all glad you were born.
  10. The axles from the GT-14 could have been transplanted into any number of transaxles.
  11. Today was a perfect day for a tractor outing, mild temperatures and nice sunny skies..... Unfortunately this year's turnout was down from prior years. I took my 418-C for a little Kruisin in the sunshine. I enjoyed some time and conversation with member @turnnleft and his grandson. They always have a great display and my is the metal-flaked Suburban 400. The rest of his herd is outstanding too including his grandson's peddle RJ. This Cushman Auto Glide was one of many things that caught my eye. Wish they would have taken this early bike off the trailer so I could get a good shot of it. I know we have some chain saw collectors here, this is for you. here are some other garden tractors and other interesting stuff, enjoy.
  12. 953 nut

    C-161 Twin. Engine runs after key is off

    Couple of quick things to check. remove the plate the ignition switch is on and clean and tighten the mounting area to insure a good ground. Also, remove the relay and clean the contacts for it. Once this is done in a quiet area you can turn the key from run to off and back to run to hear if the relay is operating. If you can't hear it closing and opening let us know and we can tell you the steps to determine what part may be the problem.
  13. That is correct. The drive gear ratio from the transmission into the differential is different on the GT-14, but the output gear from the GT-14 can be transplanted to the Electro/Charger. You may only need to refresh the pump itself and @daveoman1966 can provide a wealth of information on the pumps. Worthwhile to take a look at the acceleration springs and valves before you go much further. This manual will come in handy.
  14. 953 nut

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Take a look at this thread by @Shynon, it will be helpful to you.