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  1. 953 nut

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    That is not too unusual for an Eaton 1100. My 418-C has the same thing, takes about thirty seconds in the summer and over a minute in the winter.
  2. 953 nut

    Allis D-14 value?

    I would be skeptical of anything I can't drive unless it is nearly free. The 8N is a great light weight tractor but like any other tractor the maintenance (or lack thereof) is key. Most of them were gas engines and parts are easy to come by. You could take a battery and starter fluid with you to see if it will at least try to run. If it is a diesel the fuel system could cost a small fortune to get right. Lots of hydraulic hoses that may become a problem when pressure is applied. Don't know about this. You are a good enough mechanic to figure it out. “Ran fine when parked” They always say that! Is that why it hasn't been used in two years?
  3. 953 nut

    battery cca

    In a warm climate like Florida a 200 CCA battery will be fine. Smart man!
  4. 953 nut


    I owned a bone stock '53 Henry J for about an hour back in the early '70s. (not near as nice as this one) I bought it from a fellow at a Street Rod Run and before I could load it on the trailer a guy came along and offered twice what I had paid. That paid for the whole weekend.
  5. 953 nut


    The cast of total unknowns in American Graffiti became a literal "Who's who" of Hollywood Stars. Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson Ron Howard as Steve Bolander Paul Le Mat as John Milner Charles Martin Smith as Terry "The Toad" Fields Cindy Williams as Laurie Henderson Candy Clark as Debbie Dunham Mackenzie Phillips as Carol Morrison Wolfman Jack as himself Bo Hopkins as Joe Young Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Carlos Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa Lynne Marie Stewart as Bobbie Tucker Terry McGovern as Mr. Wolfe Kathleen Quinlan as Peg Scott Beach as Mr. Gordon Susan Richardson as Judy Kay Lenz as Jane Joe Spano as Vic Debralee Scott as Falfa's Girl Suzanne Somers as "The Blonde" in the T-Bird Kevin Thank you so much for reminding me of my advanced age!
  6. 953 nut

    Fitting big wheels to a C series

    The GT-14 is a beast! The Sundstrand on the GT-14 is a fantastic transmission IF it has been maintained and not abused. The three point has great down pressure and the tractor with extra rear wheel weights is unstoppable. To test the transmission you will want to drive it around until it is warmed up and then chain it to a tree and see if the tires will dig in well. Do this in forward and reverse.
  7. 953 nut

    Steering wheel removal

    These three results are from page #1 if a 154 page result of a search of "steering wheel". It is out there, you just need to reduce the number of words in your search request.
  8. 953 nut

    Steering wheel removal

    The tools needed to remove most steering wheels are a punch to remove the pin that holds it on the shaft A bearing slitter and a bunch of PB Blaster! Most of the time the roll pin that holds the steering wheel to the steering shaft will be rusted tight and the steering wheel will be firmly rusted to the shaft. There are a lot of threads on here about removing steering wheels.
  9. We all learn from each other and there is a lot of information on this site for you. Looks like a good solid and well worth restoring. I would suggest you pull the sheet metal covers of the engine to check for mouse nests. Feel free to ask questions if there are things you don't figure out on your own. As you begin to take the tractor apart be sure to take pictures of everything, they will come in handy as it goes back together. The C-81 was built from '78 to '81, not sure what year yours is but have attached the '79 "C Series" manual.
  10. 953 nut

    Finally Some Snow!

    We had a dusting of the white stuff but as soon as the sun came up it was gone. I haven't even finished gathering up the leaves and putting them in the compost yet, sure don't need snow.
  11. 953 nut


    Are you referring to the BLACK '55 Chevy in American Graffiti that raced John Milner's yellow Duse Coupe?
  12. 953 nut


    If tightening the packing nut doesn't do the trick you can buy a new one on under the heading of fuel shut off 1/8 NPT.
  13. 953 nut


    God is good, all the time! Glad you were able to meet one of his messengers.
  14. 953 nut


    What is your favorite street rod model of all time Richard? I guess it would have to be a '48 Ford pick up since I have driven one for more than thirty years. Thanks for finding a true classic for me, it was even the right color!
  15. 953 nut

    Ever See an RJ Deck Like This?

    Did you keep the small block Chevy V8 heads as front weights?