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  1. 953 nut

    Wiring switch

    You need to be a little more specific, The K 301 was used in a lot of different models and had a variety of ignition types over the years.
  2. 953 nut

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    Pompey, NY, just south of Manlius. Do they still have the Antique show and sales in Bouckville? My wife and I went there a few times years back.
  3. Dico tires tend to be a little on the small side compared to others. If you buy the spacers like Jeff @WVHillbilly520H suggested you should be OK.
  4. Happy Birthday @JC 1965, @slantram and @stuppy62, we are glad you were born!
  5. 953 nut

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    Yes, I remember those days. I grew up east of Syracuse and there were times that we had to dump milk because the milk truck couldn't make it to the farm to pick it up.
  6. 953 nut

    Front end loader

    Can't remember what brand it is, but have seen ones like it. Very cool feature is that the bucket will continue to be at the same angle as it is lifted.
  7. 953 nut

    Omco rebuild

    I have to agree with Paul, any good hydraulic shop could talk care of that. Chances are they have some used "Parts" valves in the shop that will donate parts to get yours going.
  8. 953 nut

    My name is Rod and I have a problem...

    Always, always always BACK UP A RAMP. @rmaynard can tell you why! The fuel pump should be checked out too. The pump is higher than the tank and if the check valves are leaking by it can be hard for it to pull a good prime. Nice buy!
  9. 953 nut

    What are your other hobbies?

    You weren't having an outing, you were having a Physics class! Newton's laws of motion First law: In an inertial frame of reference, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force. Second law: In an inertial frame of reference, the vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration a of the object: F = ma. Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
  10. 953 nut

    Rustler alert

    A good running 8 HP Kohler and a working three speed, you bet it was a god deal.
  11. 953 nut

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    The first time my wife saw snow (she was born and raised in Miami FL) she told her sister that we had a foot of snow because it was deep enough to cover her foot!
  12. 953 nut

    New Rescuing Old

    Wonder if he could have put a big "For Sale" sign on it and tell the city he was absolutely sure it would sell any day now! He seems like a real cool dude.
  13. We are blessed with some great moderators and if you post something that needs to be moved to another section it isn't a big deal. We have a lot of great members who love to try to identify "Mystery Parts",have at it! To post a picture just open the next page to respond, click on the choose files... at the lower left and it will take you to your photos on your computer. Select the one you want to share with us and open it. The photo will appear in the lower left, click on the "+" that is on the photo and it will be a part of your post. For other stuff, check out finding your way. https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/56-finding-your-way-around-in-redsquare/