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  1. ebinmaine

    Ready for snow in the North East

    Looking good! We're ready here in Maine...
  2. ebinmaine

    Ready for the storm

    We're all set here in Maine for a 14" predicted snowfall. Tractor and both snowblowers are gassed up and ready. I have a bit of a weather watching obsession. I look at the websites of the local channels to see what they say but I actually follow NWS. Because I work outside I like to have an idea what the weather is actually going to be. When we're hiking in the White Mountains we NEED to know. The Mt Washington area has some of the most aggressive and rapidly changing conditions possible. I've found NWS to be the most accurate and most often updated.
  3. ebinmaine

    B Series Wheels

    Craig I saw the one on the down pressure bar. Thanks for posting that. I'm new to plowing with a tractor this season and I didn't know what it was.
  4. ebinmaine

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    Cribbage and Wheel Horse cups @19richie66 Yepp
  5. As many of you already know my Honey and I will do almost anything to get out from underneath a roof. We want to try cross-country skiing here on the acreage. My Honey bought skis for both of us at Goodwill and began hunting online for boots, new and used. We found that the price, for what you got, was a bit higher than we wanted to put into it for something neither one of us had tried in three decades or so. Also, Cross Country boots are not known for being very warm and our Mountain terrain here is variable enough that we would need to remove the skis at times and we wanted to be able to walk short distances then reattach and continue. During her online searching she discovered that someone in the distant past had disassembled snowshoes and used the bindings from them along with a gate hinge to build their own Cross Country Skis into which they could attach a warm comfortable winter boot. It was surprisingly easy to do involving hand tools and a drill. This short video shows the first trial of the skis she built for herself. The surface she is on has a very light dusting of fresh snow you can see falling on top of slick glare ice which is not ideal conditions but they should work quite well on regular snow. I've tried to put the pictures below into the basic order of how we did this. It's very simple and if you'd like to try it please feel free to comment and ask questions.
  6. ebinmaine

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

  7. ebinmaine

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I've already advised my photographer of the request for snow plowing action tomorrow.
  8. ebinmaine

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I went and took a few minutes to find a correct size bolt and reattach the stack to the muffler on the 1267. Let it run for a good 15 or 20 minutes to help charge the battery a bit. Got it and both snowblowers all gassed up and ready for the snow.
  9. ebinmaine

    Mrs. Pullstart

    That light work?
  10. I'll still get enough I think.
  11. Nws downgraded us to a mere 14 or 15". Still could be fun......
  12. ebinmaine

    Wheel horse b-81

    @Bumper1990 Welcome to Redsquare. Find a Wheelhorse with a HORIZONTAL shaft engine. The B81 is a vertical shaft engine rig. Generally speaking the horizontal shaft horses are Heavier Duty.
  13. ebinmaine

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Yeah I'm with Craig. Adds character. Nice work Kev
  14. ebinmaine

    Electric lift for dozer blade

    Quite true. Trina works in a hospital. She says the newer hospital beds use a type of electric motor that's so fast the CNAs have to be aware to not raise the bed Too fast. Some of those are rated with a VERY high weight capacity. I wonder how that setup works....