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  1. Trina and I spent some time this evening putting the snow/dozer blade on the Patriot B80. The first Wheelhorse Implement we've used. I've Never plowed with a tractor and I'm really looking forward to it. We had to find and install all the brackets and levers and located pins and bolts and such around the workshops. Aannddd... I was looking for all the above listed stuff and found a Wheelhorse down pressure bar !!! So of course I had to try it out on the leaves at the edge of the driveway. Here's a few pics.
  2. ebinmaine

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    Love this picture....
  3. ebinmaine

    Chains vs Brains

    I've been that/this way for as long as I can remember.... Except I can't remember when I started... Oh well.
  4. ebinmaine

    got another horse coming to the stable

    That's a good idea right there. That way if you want to open it in a few seconds you can.
  5. ebinmaine

    My 856 Project

    I only have one set of tires that is filled. I don't have any particular opposition of doing it myself but here in Maine the price for Rimguard is right around the same price per gallon as RV antifreeze or 20 below washer fluid. As much as we like to try to do everything for ourselves and by ourselves it just doesn't make any sense or dollars and cents to liquid fill my own tires. IMHO, the few dollars more that I pay them for the labor to fill the tires is far outweighed, watch for that pun, because the Rimguard weighs nearly 4 pounds per gallon more than comparable washer fluid. I'll take all the extra weight I can. In a large rear tire that's 28 lb difference on each side. As to the information that you got on the tubes. They are not wrong. The only thing is, they are also not necessarily correct. They're just covering their own butt. I would highly recommend that you buy your tubes directly from the company that is going to fill your tires for you. Keep the receipt. That puts it on their shoulders, not your own.
  6. ebinmaine

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    Been hunting season here in Maine for a month or so already. Maybe bow. Maybe shotgun. I don't know. I'm not a hunter. Been known to fish in the past. Too busy doing too many other things... Good luck and be safe everybody.
  7. I probably won't get to it tonight but I will throw mine on as well. My driveway/yard is very rough and that will help keep things lined up.
  8. ebinmaine

    got another horse coming to the stable

    I have a similar problem with a couple of mine. One piece of advice I can give you because I found out the hard way is to make very very sure that the seat latch bar is in fantastic condition. I went to move one of my tractor's backwards a bit and I grabbed the seat pan to do it and it came flying up because that seat latch bar was cracked and I finished it off. I narrowly missed having an interesting interaction with my mouth. @JimmyJam might be able to help you out by telling you how he reinforced and bolted one down for his seven-foot-tall uncle.
  9. ebinmaine

    got another horse coming to the stable

    Super cool !!
  10. By challenger you may mean charger? I like how you write that a near 50 year old tractor is a "later model". I can't actually answer the question but if someone could tell me the length of the rod you need I'll check in the workshop and see if I can help you out.
  11. ebinmaine

    Mrs. Pullstart

    How's this held on the front of the tractor? I like the looks of it allot.
  12. 'round here they use a 9 or 10 foot front plow with a right side wing. A day or two after the storm they go by again with the wing plow held high and push the snowbanks back and over themselves to make space for the next storm.
  13. ebinmaine

    Anyone for squash

    Trina and I are both curious to know what that looks like. Any chance of getting a picture?
  14. Love that pile o weights Ed. I think you have a little more room right near the top of the stack.