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  1. stevasaurus


    It should not be that much to ship to Europe...I would chip in also. Regular post is (guessing) about $??? not that much. You are not going to win anyway Chris.
  2. stevasaurus


    hey Dells...when you say awesome cups..........??
  3. stevasaurus


    Question of the day...are all BLUE GUYS supporters???
  4. stevasaurus


    Cool deal Rich...please add my name to this list.
  5. stevasaurus

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    It might be worth $800 with the deck, but I think that is the absolute top end. I think it would sell at $600 to $700. It does look nice.
  6. stevasaurus

    Another Tractor Probably a 1057

    And here I thought the Bandit was dead.!!! That is one heck of a deal.
  7. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Just a little history on those shift rails. Wheel Horse's first transmission was the #5003 and then the #5010 (3 piece) uses most of the same parts as the two piece #5007 and #5025. The 3 piece transmissions had side plates, so the suction problem was not there...the shift rails were not sitting in blind holes. When the 2 piece transmissions came along, those rails ended up in a blind hole...on both ends. If you shifted to fast from 2nd or 3rd into 1st or reverse (or vise versa) the suction could suck the vacated shift rail back into gear while the shifter ball was in the other shift rail fork. Thus your trans ended up in 2 gears at the same time. The only fix was to pull the shifter and move both forks back into neutral. The first fix Wheel Horse tried was to use a lighter oil then the 90wt. When that did not solve the problem, they ground a flat on the shift rails and lengthened the stop...plus grinding the neutral groove a little deeper to manage the new stop. With the new stop and new rails, you cannot shift the other rail while in gear. I would feel very comfortable just grinding a flat on the rails as shown in the pictures. This would eliminate the suction. Piece of cake...and no money.
  8. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Having either the roll pin or the "C" clip makes no difference. They both work and the different axles would interchange...the length of the axle is what is important.
  9. The differential contains two different sizes of roll pins. If you look at the parts list, it will list the size of those roll pins. I think one is 1/4" and the other is either 1/8" or 3/16". ACE carries a set of roll pin punches for about $12. A good set is about $25.
  10. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Reading what you say happened, I am positive you are missing at least 1 detente ball. The trans shifted OK at first, with just the spring reaching into the groove of a shift rail. Then the spring, either got bent or snapped off enough to have nothing reach into a groove. Without that resistance, the shift rail could move around just from vibration and lock up your trans. That one detente ball is also still in your trans someplace. I would guess it is in the hole underneath one of the shift rails...which would keep the shift rail from being fully engaged in gear. You are going to have to drop and open your trans to fix the problem. The detente balls are just 1/4" ball bearings...ACE, TSC have these. The stop should be fine. I think the spring is still available from TORO. This video shows putting the detente parts together.
  11. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Now that could very well be that the detente ball set up is not right. You might be missing one of the balls and you may now have a messed up spring. Pull the shifter first and see if that unlocks your gears...now that you would be in neutral, use a screwdriver to shift one of the shift rails into gear and then back and try the other...you should know what it should feel like if the detente balls were correct.
  12. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Your problem is most likely the shift rails and the suction they create when shifting fast or on the fly. The suction will pull back one fork while you slip into the other...thus causing you to be in 2 gears at the same time. Quick solution...pull out shifter and use a screwdriver to shift forks back into neutral...replace shifter and do not speed shift anymore. Total fix is to grind a flat on the shift rail or buy a couple of newer shift rails that already have been ground down. As far as the carriage bolts...you should be building the trans in the shallow side (input shaft side) of the case...the bolts should be up through the differential with the nuts on the top (or up)...you should be looking at the nuts.
  13. stevasaurus

    Governor help on a K90

    This is out of an old Chilton's Small Engine manual I have. It is most likely the same thing you are looking at.
  14. I can smell that transmission from here. Look for the nubie, it can be welded back on. Actually, that is not too bad. You might try tapping the shift rails with a ball peen to loosen, but be careful prying up with anything on the forks. Get the gears out and take off the other side, then you can tap those shift rails from the other side. I doubt you would have to use electrolysis with this one to loosen things up. Let's see pictures of all the gears when you get them clean.