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  1. stevasaurus

    old wheel horse trans axle and fenders

    welcome to Red Square bigbuck. All you need to do is post right here like you did above. May give us some pictures and a description of the stuff you have. Or you can do the same thing in the "Classified Section" if you are looking to sell the stuff.
  2. stevasaurus

    Prayers for Wheelhorseman & Family

    It is always hard to read about the pain of a young one. Continued prayers for you guys.
  3. stevasaurus

    Emory at hospital

    Sorry about the wabbit, but totally glad about Emory. Losing a pet is always tough. Just so you know..."Goofy" is always what Wally always called the Beaver. LOL
  4. stevasaurus

    Implement attachment

    Hi Larry, Welcome to Red Square. If you look on the main page in the Reference Section, you will see Wheel Horse Manuals. Everything you want and need is in there. Down load is free. Your 1277 manual is there in the 1967 year range. You do know we like pictures? Have fun and ask any questions.
  5. stevasaurus

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    We used to have the little breakfast place in Algonquin, Illinois. It was named Lang's and it was hard to get a seat with all the phone and ComEd guys in there. Most were there for what Lang's called Garbage Potatoes....a stir fry with potatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cut up sausage links, pieces of ham, and chopped bacon. You could order eggs on the top and with wheat toast and a bottle of soy sauce...it was to die for...and a special bonus...you would taste it all day.
  6. stevasaurus

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    My favorite breakfast has always been...bacon (not too crisp), eggs over easy, wheat toast (buttered with peanut butter and cherry jam), and orange juice. We do have one of those restaurants like was said above. Huge portions...I love the gyros and eggs. The second choice is corned beef hash and eggs. Some of the members have been to this place with me and the wife. Baker's Square.
  7. stevasaurus

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I just got done clearing about 2 1/2" here with the 857. It was a nice snow to move. That shot of the 2 of you guys tells it all.
  8. stevasaurus

    My boy pulled it off.... out with old, in with new

    Baby Moons would look good on her.
  9. stevasaurus

    Transmission re assembly

    I don't think I would pack a lot of grease in the bearings. remember the oil has to get through some of the bearings to get to the ones on the out end. Outer axle bearings and the outer input bearing. I would just soak in the 90wt for a minute or two.
  10. stevasaurus

    Paint Code?

    Check out this thread. it depends on what year your horse is...the paint did change some through the years.
  11. stevasaurus

    Issue changing Hydrogear to Piston

    @Gerry w has a parts site...if you type in a part number, it shows where that part is found.
  12. stevasaurus

    Can you help ID this wheel horse?

    I tagged Lane in my post on the 1st page...he came in, but he did not say anything about having the seals yet. I do not have any thing for the HY-2...I got all my stuff from IndyWH and he has not been on here in quite a while. He does do Face Book though..."Wheel Horse Junkies". If the lever returns...your spring is good.
  13. stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday, Scott!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT !! I sure do miss the Meet & Greets...just so you know. Hope you have a great day.
  14. stevasaurus

    Rj58 restoration

    That looks great...what a shine you got there on the hood.
  15. stevasaurus

    Can you help ID this wheel horse?

    Here is a thread that has everything you want to know about a HY-2 and lots of pictures. You have to read the whole thread...The pictures start on page 2. Lowell may have the re-build kits now...or @Lane Ranger