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  1. stevasaurus

    What’s your puller

    Welcome to Red Square
  2. stevasaurus


    Josh, I was out that way last Friday for a 70 birthday party. It was across River Rd. at the Hofbrauhaus...German food. ***** I am enjoying the pictures from home...thank you. I hope you can find your car when it is over...that area is just nuts.
  3. stevasaurus

    Just never know.

    I know Marv...I have tears in my eyes. Not only for the ones we were able to help, but for the ones that slipped through the cracks.
  4. stevasaurus

    Just never know.

    @Cetan08 WOW!! Not to draw attention, my son has had some friends that we have helped through the years...about your age at that time...it was nice to help and I think it made a difference. Over 60% of his grade school had divorced parents...they all liked to hang out here. They still hang out, which tells me...we did OK. Nice to know, It is not just going on here. Thank you for you service. 2Cet
  5. stevasaurus

    Just never know.

    I don't really know what to say, but I hope this is the start of something good.
  6. stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday Bob Ellison

  7. stevasaurus

    Happy birthday Koen!

  8. stevasaurus

    Anyone for squash

    Farmer...I have been doing some searching on the net. Quite honestly...squashes do have a place in what I would call "Good Eats". I would also say that squash is trying to make a healthy come back, from what I am reading. If I have a concern, it is that we may be calling a certain squash the same thing with 2 different names....from both sides of the pond. My wife did try to grow some squash this year in the garden...we just got blossoms. I have grown squash in years before...not a main crop...and have had some success. I feel like Forest Gump...that's all I have to say about that.
  9. stevasaurus

    Anyone for squash

    I'll plan a trip to the market and take pictures of all the squashes available. Spaghetti Squash https://www.foodnetwork.ca/in-season/photos/the-ultimate-squash-guide-varieties-and-their-best-uses/#!spaghetti-squash
  10. stevasaurus

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    OH OH !!! The deer hunters are in the woods. Here is what they do in Wisconsin so they know that this is not a deer.
  11. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    We are talking about where the bull gear would hit the bottom of the 11 teeth part of the mushroom gear. I think you can see in this picture where the bull gear might be hitting. Grinding off some of the bottom edge of the bull gear would solve the issue. The bull gear is wide enough to do this without sacrificing strength. You can see the bull gear in the center left of this picture...it is at least 2" wide.
  12. stevasaurus

    Anyone for squash

    Well, the wife brought home a spaghetti squash. shaped like the blue banana, but not the same color. It was excellent. Today, I am watching "Good Eats" on the cooking channel with host Alton Brown. He is doing a whole show on squashes...pretty cool. If you don;'t get the cooking channel, you can find the "Good Eats" shows on you-tube. Worth a look.
  13. stevasaurus

    C160 just went dead... quick thoughts?

    Check for loose battery cables on both ends...sometimes it is that easy. and you are right about the
  14. Don't forget both of those engines have Auto Compression Release.
  15. stevasaurus

    Happy 12th Anniversary Red Square!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED SQUARE Awesome mosaic Richard.