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23 hours ago, WHX24 said:

:WRS: @illinibrew

Yes please do tell us about yerself and yer :wh:

I have been into garden tractors for a few years.  Wanted to learn about small engines and buying an old sear suburban was cheaper than the class at the local community college.  Just got a 1980 C85 (with a johnny bucket on it).  

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953 nut
12 hours ago, illinibrew said:

Just got a 1980 C85 (with a johnny bucket on it). 

:text-welcomeconfetti:                 @illinibrew                      :wwp:

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I'm pretty excited about this one!  I hestitated to join forums/facebook groups as they always make me want to buy more of the brand.  Already loving the Wheel Horse crew.  


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:WRS:. Nice tractor, you'll find any help you may need, because this "crew" loves these tractors and want you to love them too.

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Jon D


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:text-welcomeconfetti:to :rs:from over here. :UK:


 I like the bucket. Not seen one like that before.

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jay bee

:text-welcomewave: to :rs:  

Nice tractor.  Cool bucket.


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    • Chuck14025
      By Chuck14025
      1994 520 H.   Starter just clicks.
      1. Battery 12.6V, load test OK.,    New solenoid. Ground good. Key switch tested ok. Wiring diagram shows a 'kill' relay - I can't find it on the tractor. Checked the 3 relays under the battery box - they work. Neutral switch, PTP and seat switch work mechanically. 
      2. Not able to find article on this problem when searching. There must be dozens. How do I find them?
      3. Can I test the starter without taking it out?
      4. Is there a 'kill' relay? 
      thank you...
    • richm1386
      By richm1386
      Quick story and a couple of questions concerning replacing the ignition coil on my '89 416-8 with Onan P216 engine. 
      So I got this old tractor from my Dad when he replaced it and it was running okay until a few weeks ago. Was picking up sticks and hauling them out to the wood pile when I idled down the tractor and then it stalled out (which happens all the time.) I tried starting again and it would not turn over. The starter would go and go but no ignition. I spent a lot of time on these forums and found some really good info including the service manual. I used that diagnose the problem and figured out the coil was bad. I ordered a new off brand coil and condenser from Amazon for $40 swapped them in last night and it fired almost immediately. Plus since I had taken the shroud off and disconnected the throttle cable it was idling well at very low throttle. I've still got to reassemble everything properly but it seems like the coil was the culprit.
      That said I've got a couple questions.
      1. Anybody have any luck with non-Onan coils?The one I got from Amazon seems well made but it is literally some no name part. I figured for $40 it was worth a shot.
      2. Does it matter which spark plug attaches to which plug on the coil? I forgot to take a photo before I disassembled. 
      3. Could a failing coil cause very hard starts and stalling at low idle? I'm asking because as I said above the tractor has been very hard to start for years. Almost always needed to choke it. It would also stall out if you idled down nearly every time. Just the brief testing with the new coil that I've done, both of these issues seem much better. Also I used my Dad's replacement (early '90s 416-h with same engine) for this tractor while working on mine and it started and idled very easily. It looks like it might have a replacement coil as well. Just wondering. 
      Thanks all.
    • tntatro
      By tntatro
      The stator and flywheel on this engine are different than others I have worked on so far. The stator is smaller in diameter and has a wire that runs out to a part that looks like an ignition coil but has no plug wire. I am wondering what it is and how do I wire it?
      I'm not 100% positive that I put it back in the same spot it came but I think I did. I gapped it at .020" from the bump that sticks out on the flywheel, it is magnetized.

    • ToroWheelHorseRookie
      By ToroWheelHorseRookie
      Please Help-- I inherited this work horse from my father in-law after being passed down from his father.  I recently brought my wheel horse in for repairs and the service shop said they were unable to find the part; starter/solenoid.  I did not want to give up on this beast as even the repair shop said this is a well made machine and is better than anything built today. I eventually found the part but because the shop left the part uninstalled I was unable to see how the starter was wired.  Yesterday,  I installed the new starter/solenoid but when I connected the battery terminals the tractor wanted to start on its own.  I quickly disconnected the terminals and analyzed the electrical schematic map but I am baffled on the proper wiring.  I only have a positive (red) battery terminal wire, another red wire, black (ground) wire, and a blue wire with a slot connection.  I included pictures of the starter and the electrical schematic map.  Any help would be much appreciated!! I l would like to fix this on my own as this seems to be a simple wiring issue.  I can add pictures of the tractor itself, but at the moment its under a tarp in a shed at night. Thank you in advance, Matt     

      Electrical Guide.pdf
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