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Found 29 results

  1. I have a old gt14 and the plastic plates or control panels are way past their prime, and I saw someone was remarking them with a 3d printer a little while back and I was looking to se if I could find the file but no luck. If anybody has info that would be amazing. Thanks for your time and anything helps.
  2. I figured I would go ahead and start a thread that will capture some of one of my distinct projects. The plan I started with is a GT14 as starting point, a 22hp Predator, Electric PTO, Independent Hydraulic lift and 3 point for tiller etc. At the big show I had the luxury of hanging out with @stevasaurus and we discussed transmissions at length. I have wanted to add an 8 Speed to a GT14 for a good while and I picked Steve's brain quite a bit. In addition to this, Kyle aka @fast88pu dropped by and as we discussed GT14's with loaders and Hydros and my want to do a 8 speed, he flagged me to the GT14-8 with loader in one of the buildings and off we went to visually inspect it. One shortcoming of the straight swap which was easy to note upon viewing said modified tractor is that the axles are too short and do not come flush with the end of the hub when tires are fitted to appropriate clearance. I needed the visual to understand as Kyle already knew this as he had a similarly modified GT14 he had picked up from @scotty. So my project appeared dead in its tracks until I went out to Cody's in Scranton PA area and he told me that the axles in the Hydro Transaxles could be swapped into the 8-speed directly. Kyle was riding shotgun with me just by chance. So at some point in this day trip Kyle and I agreed to a deal where I took home a 8-speed he had on hand with 1 1/8" axles. Steve helped me out with all the bearings I needed as well as mentoring me on a few of the challenges I encountered. This particular 8-speed is one of few with slightly unique main bearings,,,,,,but I managed to source all the replacement bearings and get prepared for the project, then Winter came along to seriously slow things down. It should be noted that in many of the GT14 transaxles, if not most, the axles are different from one side to the other. one side is 14 1/8" and one side is 14 3/4". One of my axles was beyond redemption. Could not get two good sets from 2 parts transaxles. On hold until @ztnoo came to my assistance here and I now had two good 14 3/4" axles. Along the way it was suggested I should make use of the Limited Slip differentials from the Hydro transaxles if I could. I spent several hours over the holidays trying different combinations but could not figure a way to make it work. It is plausible that there is a different Limited slip set up or parts that would make this easy. Or, if I had access to machine shop I could do it. But with a bench and what parts I have on hand, I am moving forward with normal diff with only real change being that I am installing longer axles. One of the pics below shows the 3 different axle lengths. In the pics below, it may be difficult to read the tape measure but the width of the modified set up is 29 1/2. Additionally I have a couple pics of the limited Slip Diff Side pieces that hold the axle to the assembly. Note they are not same and both are different from the 8-speeds. Lastly a sketch drawn to scale as much as I could determine. I am not a draftsman but it should be close. I want to end up with (29x12.5-15 ags) I have decided to use D Series Hubs. Rim wise I will need custom back spacing and I have sourced the necessary rims and inserts from Miller Tire. Thats where I am at until I can remove a very stubborn hitch pin from one tranny half after which I can start rebuild using new bearings and will post pic when I reach that point. eta a few weeks:) I dont do well in the cold.
  3. 12 hp Kohler

    My new gt14

    Saw a gt14 for a really good price on Craigslist yesterday went and looked at it last evening, ended up buying it . It’s a 68 or 69 gt14 but I’m not exactly sure which. It’s in decent condition and seems to be complete. It has a really nice complete three point hitch and a really nice three point tiller. I didn’t think the seat and muffler were original but I looked at a manual and it turns out they are. I’m gonna try to get it running for the big show but if I don’t I will still take it. The best part is I bought it from a super nice guy that knows a lot about wheel horses. Some of you might know him, his name is Less, sorry didn’t catch his last name. He has been going to the wheel horse show since the beginning and personally knew Cecil and Betty Pond. He used to have 74 tractors but he narrowed it down to his favorite three. Overall it was a really good day. I got to meet a really nice guy, get another tractor and hear some good stories. Here are a few pictures of the gt14 and tiller. I am gonna start working on it this Sunday. Tractor or serial number Tiller serial number
  4. Rob R

    Kohler 321 Engine Pan

    I am currently doing a ring, piston, hone rebuild on a K 321 off a Ford LGT 145 Tractor on this machine they actually welded the rails to the bottom pan (see pics). My intention here is to put this puppy in a red machine (312-8 or GT14). I definitely have the small pan with the expanded bottom for the long dipper. Here's my questions: > Can I carefully remove the rails from the pan, cutoff the old front axle mounting bracket(s) and then drill holes in the flanges to mount to the Wheel Horse rails. > Since the engine is side mounted will the expanded bottom fit between the standard Wheel Horse rails? > If not possible to make this old pan work what flat pan would work and do I need to get the expanded bottom one (big dipper} > any recommendations here would be appreciated don't want to go down to many blind holes here...…. Thanks much!
  5. looking for info/help re securing a front wheel bearing/race for GT14/ 1971; any info would be much appreciated..
  6. Rob R

    Tobacco Road GT14

    Sooo about three months ago I had a friend of a friend pass to me the most needy Wheel Horse GT14 Tractor I had ever seen, it was completely taken apart every single part had rust and two coats on oil paint one blue and one yellow. parts were missing and of course there was no labeling of parts or assembly there-of. All wiring, gauges, rectifiers were removed and non existent….. still the machine was calling to me to try and do the almost impossible...… My thanks to Aldon for parts and support and Kyle for Technical help and shoulder to cry on. …. The only saving grace of the entire project is that the engine and tranny were indeed still good...… in fact the only remaining issue I have on the machine is that I cannot free-up the relief valve so that I can move the machine w/o power..... I think this might be stuck forever … but not the end of the world.
  7. Jonesy0418


    1970 GT-14
  8. ChaplainManny

    Gt14 decals

    Hi. I'm Chaplain Manny. I was wondering if you supply the decals for the gt14, the kohler k321 engine? If you do, could you give me a quote, and tell me how long is the turn around? Thank you.
  9. swisstrac


    Would someone know if it is possible to remove the gas tank without taking off the grille in order to to work on fuel pump and carb on the GT14 1970 model with full grille thanks for your hep//Ray
  10. Well, most of the regulars here are aware I will be relocating this Spring/Summer. I had hoped to take the remaining collection of tractors with me. However more and more it is becoming obvious that this plan wont work out for numerous reasons. As such, once I make up my mind as to which one to keep, I will be posting the remainder as well as most parts etc up for sale in the Forum Classifieds and CL. As I hope shows in poll info, I have 2 Stage Blower, Restored 48 & 60 inch(195) decks, 54 inch blade, GT14 style Tiller and a project Sickle Bar. The Sickle BAr can likely be made to work on the GT14 style tractors and the C160. I enjoy working on them but as I get older I may not have time or ability to do so. As such, maintenance and parts and ease of use of a single tractor are part of the equation. A couple of these I have poured a lot of time into but I am not emotionally tied to them and I believe if I relocate back east where Grass and tractor need becomes more necessary, I can re-create them. So help me out with my decision. A couple pics of the beasts in question:
  11. Hi all.... I have recently gotten into the Wheel Horse scene. It started when I was talking with a friend in York, PA about his 417-8. It sparked an interest in me so I began learning. I passed down the JD D100 I had to my sister and purchased a 1986 308-8. Love this thing. I have been mowing my lawn and it does a wonderful job. I recently came across this GT14 for sale on Craigslist and decided I wanted to give a full restoration a go. I have been doing 3 wheelers for a couple years so I figured I could handle this. This past week I have managed to complete the disassembly, degrease, and power wash stage. I've hit the most common snags that seems most of us do. The major ones are pulling the steering wheel and the hubs. My next steps are sand blasting and paint.
  12. FatJackDurham

    1972 GT14 Carb cleaning and build

    I just got a GT-14, and its clear it needs a bit of maintence and repair. I am thinking the first thing I should do is get the engine running smoothly. It bogs down and stalls if I open the throttle too far. So, I want to drain the tank, change the air filter, change the fuel filter and clean the carb this weekend. However, I am concerned about the availability of replacement parts and gaskets. I read the K321 manual about servicing the carbs and the only items it mentioned replacing were float nut gasket, the bowl ring gasket, the needles and seats, and the bowl baffle gasket. I was curious why there were no o-rings mentioned for the adjustment needles. Are there none? And where do you guys get replacement gaskets? I remember someone said that the float nut gasket can be gotten from a hardware store, but what about the bowl ring and baffle gaskets? My intention was to disassemble and soak the whole carb in aqua seal, but I don't want to dissolve any important rubber parts.
  13. Got a chance to buy a 1970 GT14. Appears complete but no 3 point linkage at all, which does concern me. Also needs the rear axle bearings replaced. I really need yet another project that I can't possibly get to! How long to replace those bearings on a GT14? And am I right in thinking that since I hardly ever see a GT14 for sale around here that I'll NEVER see the 3 point parts either? I really don't need a GT14, but what the heck does that have to do with anything? My only small 3 point tractor is my PK. Then again I don't have any small 3 point implements either! Only big ones for the TC-35. Why would I even want another tractor for implements I don't have or need. Insidious disease! Oh well, please tell me that the GT14 axle bearings are impossible to replace or that it's just not worth it. Thanks!
  14. Put my Harbor Freight Generator Head onto my GT 14 using the front Tach-o-matic I installed a few years back (so I can attach the single stage Snow blower from my C81) onto the GT14. Used Heavy Duty 2" inch square trailer hitch tubing which Fits over each other and slides so that I can adjust the b belt (welded nut and bolt) on the bottom of the unit. Use a 3" pulley on the gen set and the outer pulley on the Tractor. Works like a charm easy to take on and off, ran the Tractor at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle and it had no problem powering the drop light and heater I plugged-in to check the operation. Ran it for over an hour with no issues, then it started pouring so I quit. Belt is 5/8" X 71" long
  15. Good afternoon brethren. I have a delemma. I have three GT14 hydro pumps, with rearend. I know the mechanical status of only one, the one I replaced on my running GT14. Although it moved forward and backwards, and had trouble going up a hill. The other two pumps and rearends are on parts gt14s I bought. I have people asking if they're for sale. I don't want to sell them junk. Is there any kind of test, or a way to check these for "good working condition"? Thank you. Chaplain R.J. Manny Higgins
  16. BenTheWheelHorseMan

    Gt 14 help needed

    I was looking around on my local craigslist today and I came across a good looking gt-14. I called the guy up and he told me that while it is really nice, it has no spark. He says that it is about a $100 fix. What do you guys think? Would an ignition system conversion be that easy and cost effective? All advice and opinions are much appreciated.
  17. ztnoo

    K341 With No Fire In The Hole

    Went to start up my GT 14 equipped with a 16 hp K341 yesterday afternoon. The starter spins like there's no tomorrow, but I've got no spark to the spark plug, so the engine's not firing. Tractor lights are working fine. I have been doing random work on the tractor and may have bumped or dislodged an electrical connection. The engine started fine last fall and has always started without problems. I'm the likely culprit here, but I'm not quite sure where to begin tracing the problem. Any suggestions as to the most likely place to first look to locate the reason I have no spark???
  18. Chris88

    Blower tube size

    Would any body have a idea of how long a gt14 snower blower lift tube an bar would be
  19. Chris88


    Restoring my gt14s an trying to figure out an find a 3 point hitch for at least one of them any help? On parts location to get measurements to make my own or just but one if any are still around
  20. Can anyone tell me how to find the guy that sells the black dash parts for a GT14? Thanks for your help
  21. I'm kicking around the idea of swapping my kohler 321 k 14 horse power motor for a diesel engine. Haven't figured out why my motor won't fire up. My thinking is if I have to drop a few hundred bucks on my old kohler engine, it might just be better to get a new one without spark problems. I was wondering if anyone else has done that swap in a gt14 and open to any thoughts on the subject. It is a working tractor. Or it use to be.
  22. ericampagna

    GT14 Hydro Lift not working

    I can not get the Hydro lift to work on my GT-14. I drained and replaced the Hydro Oil but no luck. I am pretty new to working on these so I'm not even sure where to begin trouble shooting. Thanks guys.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm a proud new wheel horse owner having just purchased an oldie but a goodie, I'm already impressed and amazed at the ruggedness of these tractors and can't wait to put it to work........I'm Looking for a few accessories for a 1971 GT14 1-0500-6...specifically, i'm looking for a mower deck, dump cart and a snow blower....does anyone have any idea what part numbers I would need...also need an owners manual/maintenance manual for the 1-0500 but can't seem to find any for a 1971 GT14 in the downloads .... Does anyone know the differences between the 69 through 72 GT14's thanks for any info you could give!
  24. A year and a half ago my gt 14 started to run bad, low power output. Then it quit running as a pulled a load of wood and I couldn't start it again. When I trouble shot the tractor the electronic box was pretty corroded. Then a wire came off. So I replaced the box. I've drained the gas rebuilt the carb and It fired off maybe three or four sparks. Now, I get nothing. I haven't been able to find the coil that is triangular. This kohler doesn't have any points. My question is could it be something else? Any ideas welcomed.
  25. I saved it from a trip to the scrap yard. The 3 point is a plus.
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