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Found 76 results

  1. 15 + W-H tractors

    I am cleaning out a estate and there is at least 15 W-H tractors and lots of decks and parts. I have at least 2 center blades. All the tractors will need TLC but most are in good shape but have bee sitting at least 10 years. I will try and make a list and take pics. I should have them all home by Saturday July 15 . I will sell all or parts . If you are looking for anything CALL OR TEXT ME. at 570-550-7911 MIke
  2. Toro plow #79364 brand new

    Selling my brand new, never used, Toro model #79364 48" plow. Looks like the day I took it out of the box. The only thing I did was assemble it and lubricate moving parts. Grease still looks like new. Local pickup only.
  3. RAINES AUCTIONS 300+ TRACTORS IN TROY, VA 22974 **LIVE AUCTION SEPT 16TH @ 10:00 AM GATE OPENS @ 8:00 AM** **PREVIEW FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH FROM 9:00-5:00** BIGGEST selection ever of Farm Tractors, Garden & Yard Tractors, Riding & Push Mowers, Implements, Bush Hogs, Finish Mowers, Chain Saws, Weed Eaters, Generators, Snow Blowers, Chippers, Tillers and tons MORE all SOLD ABSOLUTE RAIN OR SHINE!!!! Including 80+ Wheel Horse Tractors, Wheel Horse Raider Models 10, 12, 211-4, 656, 416-8, C-160, Wheel Horse Charger Models 12, GT-14, A100, C160, D160, D200 w/blade, 310 B, 856, 317, 332, 854, 212-6, 211-5, 520-8, 211-3, C-120, Lawn Ranger, Antique & Rare Tractors including David Bradley Suburbans, Panzer T707 & Chain Driven Bolens, John Deere Models 650, 110, 112 L, 70, 420, 214, 316, 317, 318, 160, 111, 116, 212, 216, 332, Massey Ferguson 135 Diesel, Economy Power Kings & Jim Dandy models 1614, 2414, 2418 & others, Ford, 2 Yanmar 1500 & 2000, Simplicity Models 725 w/blade, 9020, 6216, Baron 7014, 7114, 2210, 3414, 637, 3012, 3410, 728, 3415, 3314, 7116, 7117, 5116 Special, 6211, 9020, Early Speedex Chain Driven Tractor, Scarce Very Clean Pennsylvania Meteor Model 1010, Gravely, Allis Chalmers, Case, Turf Trac, Toro, Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt, Honda, Craftsman and many many others. ***CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW VIDEO #1*** ***PREVIEW VIDEO #2*** ****PREVIEW VIDEO #3*** ##LOAD OUT TERMS ARE AS FOLLOWS## THERE WILL BE AN INDEPENDENT PERSON LOADING OUT LARGE MOWERS & TRACTORS FOR $10 PER UNIT IF YOU NEED THAT SERVICE. DUE TO THE LACK OF ROOM, THERE WILL BE *NO* LOADING USING LARGE EQUIPMENT UNTIL AFTER 2:00 PM. WE WILL SELL THE TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT IN THE FRONT AREA FIRST SO LOAD OUT CAN START ONCE WE ARE DONE WITH THAT AREA, ABOUT 2:00 PM. YOU WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO LOAD OUT ALL DAY SUNDAY, MONDAY AND TUESDAY THE 19TH UNTIL 5:00 PM. AT THAT POINT, ANY ITEMS LEFT BEHIND WILL BE SALVAGED UNLESS YOU HAVE PRIOR PERMISSION FROM THE AUCTIONEERS, RAY RAINES OR CLAY DODSON. ^^SPECIAL RATES AT THE ZION CROSSROADS BEST WESTERN (WHICH IS ONLY 3 MILES FROM THE SALE) IF YOU MENTION RAINES AUCTIONS^^ CALL THEM @ 540 832 1700 AND REMEMBER TO MENTION RAINES AUCTIONS TO SAVE$$$~ **CLICK HERE FOR HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS SUGGESTIONS** Mark your calendar now for this Colossal auction that is not to be missed~ **CALL 540 775 3880 FOR MORE INFORMATION** Ray Raines Auctions VA License #3395
  4. Toro 212-5 no electrical power

    Hello everyone. The other day I picked up a 92 Toro 212-5 lawn tractor with no deck non-running for $30 (MN: 32-12O503). The guy I bought it from said the ignition was left on with the headlights on and killed the battery so it should just need a new one. I made attempts to jump start the tractor, it would get power (the headlights would turn on and clutch would click) but wouldn't crank. I tried jumping the solenoid terminals to see if the starter was good (and it does work, tho I couldn't attempt to start the tractor due to the position of the solenoid terminals I couldn't maintain a good connection). But since doing that I've lost all electrical power on the tractor; absolutely nothing turns on, even with a new battery. Did I short something out? Also when I got the tractor I noticed one of the fuses had melted into the fuse block, so I spliced in some new connectors and fuse (as well as replacing the 2 other fuses). I tested the key switch and thats working fine. All my connections are good. I'm really stumped, I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm really not the best at figuring out electrical issues. If it was a mechanical issue I'd have had it running the same day I got it.
  5. 604

    Wheel Horse 604 with Dozer Blade plus Brinly Plow. Tractor is solid overall and it ran when I bought it last year. $425 for everything. I also have a new set of decals for the 604
  6. Hello everyone! I recently inherited my grandpa's Wheel Horse 753. I remember it running before his health declined about 15 years ago. My intentions are just to get it running and do a mild restoration, it'll stay in the family. Without further ado, here it is! Having a hard time with pictures due to no phone service at my shop. I'll be sure to update soon.
  7. Brussels

    Looking for some collectors here in Belgium.. I am from Pennsylvania but have been living here in Brussels for 3 years.. I have my Collection back in Pa. but I am looking to ad to it with things from here.
  8. Wheel horse charger 12

    Does not run needs work sitting for a long time just pulled out of the shed would like to get rid of it ASAP willing to trade for RJ parts
  9. Hello, Anybody have a manual forsale or a download that matches my 1995 520H ?
  10. My husband was a long time member of the forum, some of you might have known him. I am looking to sell his wheel horse. I believe it is a 1990 Toro/WH 312-8 Series with a 42" Deck. It has minimal wear and tear. Was running recently, but not now, however I don't know the reason. Otherwise in good shape. Beloved by my husband around our property. Asking for $500 or Best Offer.
  11. Hello everyone, I recently had some issues with the middle blade cutting grass while I was mowing. I decided to take the mower deck off. I believe I have found the problem, and that would be a missing bushing or spacer, but I can't seem to find it on any of the assembly documents I have. Could anyone help me verify if my assumptions are correct, or assist me if you see something else that is wrong? Here are some pictures to hopefully better show what I am referring to. The mower model I own is a 86 Wheel Horse 312-8 manual mower. The first image is the mower deck itself, presumably a 0542ms04 ( this is the 42" deck). No identifiers on the actual deck. The second image shows the pulley being referenced and the mount in which is suppose to attach to. The third image is hard to see, but the actual spindle shaft sticks up higher that the pulley so tightening down the top bolt does not actually secure the pulley in place. This causes the pulley to spin with the belt, but the pulley is loose with respect to the spindle shaft. The fourth image is the assembly drawing I have been referencing to troubleshoot the issue. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. And this is my first post in the forums so if this has been answered before, or this post should be moved, please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Wheel Horse C-101

    I have restored a C-101. 10 HP Kohler - 8 speed - cast iron transmission with 36" deck. Any ideas what I could sell it for. Thanks. Located in Imperial, MO.
  13. Have a wheel horse 314 8 speed. Ran then would quit, but had gas and spark. Ran good when it ran.seems like an electrical issue. Can i disconnnect some stuff to manually start it, and bypass any cutoffs? Or switchs that may be bad?.
  14. 67 wheel horse

    hi, I must have the wheel horse bug now, but see a wheel horse 67 not sure what it is. Need output bearing the external one anyway. Are the parts for the older models still available? The asking is 225 for it. It did run when parked 5 years ago. extra parts for other WH As a side note the one I just bought got home, so far so good. Wife was away seeing family she didn't know I bought it. Anyway she came and I showed her how to run it and she was out there just going to town cutting the grass with a big smile. Also the 314 h people here use the ethanol gas at all? Just use the premium without ethanol? the 67 model would a person have to use lead added supplement to the gas for the engine or does the engine have hardened valve seats. Thanks Tim O
  15. 1974 B-100 front tires

    Nice set of like-new front tires off a '74 B-100 Auto I used to own. There is not a single crack in them. Figure someone would want them for a restoration, etc. Size is 16x6.50x8.
  16. Hi everyone I have a 312-8 wheel horse over here in the UK. and I have just repaired the mower deck I beleve it is Model: A5-42MS02, as it had become rether ventilated. hole were there should not be holes. On putting back to gether I can ont find if there is a proper way to align the blades. has anyone got an idea how they align or does it not matter? can i just bolt them back on any old how? heres a photo of my wheel horse.
  17. Wheel Horse C-175

    Hello, I am looking for a Wheel Horse C-175, 8-speed. It does not need to run or have any attachments. I am located in Virginia but am willing to travel. Thank you for looking.
  18. Youtube video of my 1979 Wheel Horse C-161 throwing some snow!
  19. Well it was a nice day. And the sun shining through the snow. Makes for a nicer video and whole lot more fun than blowin through a blizzard! I hope you'll agree. Video of clearing out snow after the storm with my Wheel Horse C-161 manual 8 speed with Snow Thrower Attachment
  20. K91 Tins

    WANTED Tins for my k91 that is on my 401. See the picture below for the specific pieces. PM me if you have some you would like to sell. Thanks!
  21. Crank leaking 1965 # T 875

    What size kohler do I have just cant fine it its leaking seal need to replace it just not sure the size I have thanks John T-875 serial# 132215
  22. Hi all, I recently purchased a 1964 Wheel Horse 1054 and have been fixing it up. The tractor was working great but then crapped out while plowing snow. Runs in neutral but when I shift into gear the motor is stressed and kills; it will go in reverse. When up on a jack and drive belt off the wheels move freely and I can shift and wheels and flywheel move easily in unison. Once I put drive belt on and run tractor while on jack the tractor will not shift, just grinds gears and then motor cuts out. The gears look to be in pretty good shape. Any ideas?
  23. Afternoon gentlemen had some free time today, so I fabricated a new muffler for my C-81 using a propane tank, and a variety of pipe fittings 3/4" and 1" from Home Depot. I used the existing mounting bracket off the old (shot) muffler as well as the end Tip otherwise everything is new.... The 3/4" pipe inlet and outlet were "brazed" on with an oxygen and acetylene torch. I also drilled several rows of holes all around the part of the 3/4" pipe that went into the top of the tank and closed the far end (welded a nut across the opening). End result is that it sounds almost exactly like the stock muffler now we will see how long it holds up.......NOTE: The tanks have two (2) spring valves (like the one's in a tire tube)..... they are a bit deeper then the one's in a tire tube so I took a piece of steel rod (same size as the hole) took my small cut-off tool cut a fork in the top of the rod inserted it into the tank valves screwed the valves out and then blew-out the tank with my air compressor. Note: you can also depress the valve with a small screw driver and get like 98% of any gas out. Like anything else you do have to take pre-cautions and be very careful. You could also fill it with water after the valves are out and then drain.
  24. Wanted - Broom Attachment

    I would like to purchase a power broom for the front of my Wheel Horse 520-H. It can be the Berco / Bercomac, Allied or Wheel Horse (if they ever made one) brand. As long as it attaches to the front of and can be powered by a 520-H. Thank you, Michael.
  25. Garden Plow

    How can I convert the brinly plow to fit in my 876 slot hitch without buying a Clevis hitch. I do not have a welder nor do I know of anyone that does. Also how to make a coulter wheel so as to help guide the plow. I have it hooked up this way before now it does so so.