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Found 11 results

  1. I hope to make "It's my thing" my archival record. My first, It's my thing, "I do what I wanna do" is about my wheel standing Wheel Horse, this is about my C-81. Stock machines are just NOT my thing, I have to modify them to my pleasing, to be the apple of my eye, eye candy, or beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, please take no offense in what I choose to do to my property. When I submit more "It's my thing" you know what to expect. First photo is when it came home in stock condition. 2nd photo I removed the wrap around gas tank and added the underseat box and flip seat pan. 3rd photo atv 25x10-12 tires and raised seat pan. 4th is working mode. 5th added a 3/8 thick rubber scrapper between blade and cutting edge. Photos 6&7 light bar and back rest, a rear hanger to carry 60 pounds and the front of the hood is chopped 2 inches for a much improved profile. Somewhere between photos I sold the complete engine, PTO and wiring, removed PTO lever and dropped in a Predator
  2. This is going to be a slow project probably but I figured I'd start a build thread. I bought a pulling horse and it came with this c-81 for extra parts. Also a kid's puller for my little girl. Homely looking thing missing front tires, and engine. Steering was rusted seized along with pedals and linkages. Extra hood(I don't know what it fits) and back fenders came from the grass next to where it had began to rot into guys yard. Who knows what else its missing but rear end oil is clean and it rolls. This is the wife's tractor. She originally wanted any tractor I could modify and turn into a mini Ford 8N. She has since fell in love with the horse and wants it built as is.
  3. Pullstart

    Needs a name...

    I picked this C-81 up a while back when I grabbed the C-145 for Jim. It was apparently a runner, but had been sitting a while and his mechanic told him it smokes and needs overhauling. The fuel smells worse than varnish. I shot a bit of starting fluid in after cleaning the points and away we go! It drives great in all gears, high and low. It sure smokes, but I’d like to see what some sea foam and fresh fuel will do for the old girl! I notice the fuel line is cracked, so I’ll plan a fresh fuel system before anything else.
  4. mhlmeader

    1980 c-81

    Hi folks, I been on a quest lately to find a wheelhorse or two that I would actually use for mowing/work, instead of just putting around on. I mow about 1.5 acres and have been using a husqvarna with 36 inch deck. This past week I picked up two horses that I think will finally fit the bill. Last week I got the 312-8. And the other day, I found this c-81. It was owned for the last 25 years by the same family, hes a retired mechanic and took great care of it. When I arrived to pick it up, he was actually greasing the deck for me:). New paint, tires, battery, belts. He didn't refinish the deck, but maintained it very well. I only had one picture to go on, when i agreed to buy it, but was VERY impressed when I saw it in person. Runs like a kitten too!!!
  5. Ritter

    Hello All - New to Site

    Greetings All, Really nice site, and I am a new member. As I kick back and eat my lunch, I could not have imagined that Wheel Horse Tractor owners would have such a cool and well-organized place to ‘meet’ despite being out of production for so long. My name is Ron and I have a 1979 C-81. It has a WH pull-behind cart as well as a snow plow with chains, weights, etc.. The tractor belonged to my grandfather, who purchased it new in 1979 for just over $1,100.00. Some of my best memories are learning to drive it (barely reaching the pedals) and trying to understand the difference between the clutch and brake. I believe at one point it had a lawn sweeper, which eventually just dragged and made skid marks across the lawn until it was retired. My grandfather drove this tractor year-round for 7 years until he passed away. In the winter it was plowing and hauling logs to the house, in the spring it aerated, fall it mulched, summer it mowed. The C-81 always remained at his house and in my family. The most interesting part (or at least interesting to me) is that for the last 39 years, this mower has been in-service without missing one season. It has never been out of commission. To this day, we have it picked up for service every year and it is still running on its original 8hp Kohler Engine and cuts just over an acre of lawn. The only major replacements were pulley bearings for the blade deck and a starter motor. It is ultra-quiet and never strains while performing its tasks. So, when you look at the picture, you probably see a beat up old machine, but I can assure you that is a tried-and-true Wheel Horse used year-round for nearly 4 decades and maintained as best we thought possible. It’s a testament to a reliable and powerful brand. That said, I have decided to lessen the workload on this machine and perhaps get another Wheel Horse as a tribute to my Pop. The main issue is that the cutting deck on this machine is between 32-34” (I believe) and it takes a long time to cut the lawn. (although I enjoy the peaceful feeling of doing it, it’s not conducive with my day job). The secondary issue is that this is a rear-discharge deck. I’d like to somehow bag the clippings for most of my cuts in order to feed my mulch/compost pile. I’m open for suggestions as to what model would be best. I do have some hills (a few steep). One final note… I’d love to crown this C-81 with a new (or comparable) seat. My goal is to get one as close to original as possible, with the same bolt patterns. I can provide photos if needed. Any help would be appreciated. Again, glad to be a part of this community, and please bear with me as I get used to navigating this site. Thanks for reading.
  6. Have a C-81 with a 48" Snow Plow, the current Steel Bottom Scrapper Blade is on it's last season..... I have noticed as of late that quite a few folks are installing the POLY blades..... I plow a 100' macadam driveway and my concern and/or question is how well and how DURABLE are these blade. I did install feet on my existing steel blade plow (see pics) to limit the normal wear. Thanks for you input
  7. Afternoon gentlemen had some free time today, so I fabricated a new muffler for my C-81 using a propane tank, and a variety of pipe fittings 3/4" and 1" from Home Depot. I used the existing mounting bracket off the old (shot) muffler as well as the end Tip otherwise everything is new.... The 3/4" pipe inlet and outlet were "brazed" on with an oxygen and acetylene torch. I also drilled several rows of holes all around the part of the 3/4" pipe that went into the top of the tank and closed the far end (welded a nut across the opening). End result is that it sounds almost exactly like the stock muffler now we will see how long it holds up.......NOTE: The tanks have two (2) spring valves (like the one's in a tire tube)..... they are a bit deeper then the one's in a tire tube so I took a piece of steel rod (same size as the hole) took my small cut-off tool cut a fork in the top of the rod inserted it into the tank valves screwed the valves out and then blew-out the tank with my air compressor. Note: you can also depress the valve with a small screw driver and get like 98% of any gas out. Like anything else you do have to take pre-cautions and be very careful. You could also fill it with water after the valves are out and then drain.
  8. Hi everyone. I want to use paint for my tractor which is the authentic color. Does anyone have input on what would be the right paint to use.? I would like to at least know what is the right color so that I can match it. Also, I have the ability to use powder coat paint. Would that be recommended or is there another paint that is better? Thank you for your input as time goes on, Rustyred
  9. Rob R

    C-81 Lite-up

    Hi guys my newly added C-81 came sans lights (first pic below) .... so I thought it would be easy to find a used light bracket WRONG .... so next best thing engineered one from a front set off an OLD Craftsman mower I had in my stash.... was surprised on how well it adapted some cutting, pop riveting and voila....... of course added all the lines and a 20 Amp fuse to onto the Accessory starter switch block..... Thought I would share this with you all..... Merry Christmas let there be light! P.S. also added a Cigarette lighting outlet (so I can easily add a rotating yellow danger light when pushing snow. Cheers
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking at buying a c-161 (pictured below) and am of course just learning about Wheel Horses. I have another guy selling the pictured C-105 (I think that's what it is) and he would let it go for $100. It runs but leaks oil from a seal in the tranny. My question is - Do these two machines share same parts? Are they of the same era? If the motor in the C-161 doesn't work would the motor from the C-105 work in it? Your help would be much appreciated and depended on! Additionally, the other option is the C-81. Would you settle rather for that.? C-105 $100 C-161 $250 (not running right now) C-81 with plow, wheel weights and chains $500 (not running right now) I'm hitting the road today! My son's birthday present wheel horse is due in 2 days.! Thanks!
  11. Lordoftheflies

    Newbie - C-81

    One of my neighbors is trying to offload a C-81....for free. He just wants me to get rid of it. I don't have a big property and most of it is rocks.....but I could see using this to plow my rather large driveway although I'd need to buiild a shed to store it. As a newbie I'd like to ask for some help. Currently the tractor doesn't start. Previous owner says he can see the fuel filter isn't showing any activity so my guess was that it's the fuel pump that needs to be replace. Engine tries to crank but it's most likely not getting any fuel. Any help is greatly appreciated. He added weights to the rear wheels, filled the wheels with windshield washer fluid, and it has chains. Also has the mower attachment. 8HP. I haven't taken possession of it yet because it's at the bottom of a steep driveway so it will be a royal pain to push it up to get it out! Hm not letting me upload even one picture. Pics.
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