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Found 15 results

  1. Waytofast


    Nice wheel horse 702 if you have any questions ask I would like to get 500 or trade for suburban or RJ I have cash to put in for the right one
  2. Waytofast

    Wheel horse 702

    Nice 702 asking $500 or I may be willing to trade for an RJ or suburban Let me know if you have any questions thanks
  3. WHX21

    I broke my 702..tie rod connector

    So off to search for someone who may have one of these.....donn't ask how it happened
  4. For Sale; Blade Dozer 42in HD-42, Fits early WH tractors, includes OEM Wheel Horse adapter to install on RJ-58.
  5. I have a 702 with a blade and Mower thay has been sitting for a couple years so I thought if I was going to get it going I may as well do it right. I don't have a lot of time and was hoping someone could refer me to someone that does restorations. I'd like to get the tractor back in good running condition so just a mechanical restoration and some clear coat to preserve the patina. I'm in northern Illinois if anyone knows of someone to refer me to. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  6. Hi to everybody! I'm Sergi from Pradell de la Teixeta, Catalonia. Finally, after so many weekends of work I post my Wheel Horse 702 restoration. Although it's not completely finished, I'll post several photos of the progress and completion. To get started I will show you how It was a few months ago in my garage... My great grandfather was adapted the stirrups with an old iron piece to better position of his feet. The pieces were very rusty and the seat had been repaired in any way. Just because it hold.
  7. Brought this one home last night. Pretty solid tractor minus the correct engine, seat, belt guard. Actually bought this one as a home to a Kohler I have sitting on a shelf in my garage. It will be a "802" with electric G/S. Will go back to original push button ignition as well. Deestone Tri Ribs on the front and maybe a stack? That's a Tecumseh overhead valve 5 horse in there now. I will be needing a correct belt guard and square pan seat if anyone has one. Also-is the no name amp gauge correct for this? I've always seen SW gauges in WH. And-Is the seat spring wrong for this tractor? I know the "riser" is an add on, but it looks like the seat spring should have been as tall as the fenders. I think they have the wrong seat spring.
  8. Hey guys. I'm planning on putting duals on the 702 for my son this winter and wanted to get a jump on the project. I have been reading the past couple of days and have a few questions. Might as well ask the experts..... 1) Are there aftermarket wheels available? I have looked through several websites and cannot find any that seem to match stock. 2) Steel tube with flanges or spacer ring with bolts? I am pretty comfortable tackling any welding project, so the first is not a problem. The simplicity of the ring and bolts is very attractive though. Are there pros and cons to each? 3) What am I going to tear up? I have read a few posts on broken axles, but it does not seem too common. This little tractor is mainly a toy for my 8 yr old son. He rides it around the farm, through the woods, etc., monitored or course. There's uneven terrain, ruts, small gullies a creek, etc. He may pull a two wheel cart on occasion. During the summer, I cut 1/2 acre with it on occasion just to enjoy it. But it is not a real worker like some of yours. The duals are mainly for the cool look. Thanks for your help! Brian
  9. Duke's Horse

    702 Steering Gear

    New member, been watching for a long time. Recently purchased a 702. The little tractor is in great shape considering its age. The tractor is going to be a project for me and the kids to work on and play with. One problem that I have noticed so far is with the steering gear on the end of the steering shaft, part# 3917 bevel pinion. There is a missing, broken tooth. It is rotated such that it would rarely make contact, except for a full left turn. I weld, so I initially though I would weld it up and grind it back into shape. After pulling the gear off of the shaft, I noticed how thin the wall was and am concerned that welding on it may further weaken the gear. Any advice. Been looking for a replacement part for several hours with no luck. Thanks! 20150605_131536[1]
  10. Can someone tell me the length of the front height adjustment bolt on the mower deck? The one on my deck seems to be a little too short. It is the bolt inbetween the two large rods for side to side leveling, pictured vertical in the attached, running between the white and red cross arms. http:// Thanks
  11. Hi everyone! Mi name is Fito from Valencia, Spain. Last week I found this old wheel horse 702 in a town close to me and I couldn´t keep me away from buying it. After 20 year without use, I plugged a new battery, revised oil level, filled the gas tank and it started in two minutes! It is in very good conditions with all the original parts and no modifications, all users manuals very well conserved. Originally bought in 1966 here in Spain. I am in love with it, also with the girl driving it! Nice to find other proud owners in Europe!
  12. Hey guys. I need help finding a steering gear and shaft for my 753. I need it stat! There are a few on eBay that look like they might work but when I ask the seller they don't know can anyone help?? Thanks, Zane
  13. CasualObserver

    1962 Wheel Horse sales mini brochure



    1962 Wheel Horse sales mini brochure. Original is only 1/4 size of regular paper sheet.


  14. 1054josh

    Round hood help please

    Hi all, im in a bit of a pickle here. My problem is that i have a 702 and the hood i have needs some repair on the front bottom edge where it mounts to the frame. I want this restore to be as close to original as possible and would like some input on what i should do. Is the mount that i have original or has someone replaced it? does anyone have a good pick of an original mount? Am i taking hood to far and should i just leave how is? Here are some pics of the problem area. Thanks in advance this is such a vast information place i love it,u all are awesome. O and here is how its coming so far rest is being painted hopefully next week
  15. Redbirdman

    701 value vs 702

    There was a post where a question was asked about the value of a 701 and a photo was shown.........there was a great gnashing of teeth and people jumping up and down on their hats about the value and the quality of the machine in question. But as far as I'm concerned, that is completely subjective! To me, the value is entirely fleeting. If it's over priced it ain't gonna sell! If it sells, it ain't overpriced! no matter what the price But what is more important (other than the price) is for us to identfy what is correct and to share our knowledge of each machine that we are familiar with. In the above example, the question was asked about a 701. I noticed the photo was not at all like my 701, but rather like a 702. Here is a photo of the rear end of 701 in question.... (() ..... ........And here is my rear end ( ( ) In my OP I believe the first photo is a 702 frame with 701 sheet metal... But let's ask da boyz, WHAT"S THE DIFFERENCE guys? Am I right? Nothing against 702's but I always understood the 701 was a revolution of the RJ58. The 702 was just a stylized version of the 701.... which I am sorry to say means 'cheaper built'..... ED