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Found 10 results

  1. TractorEd

    ‘79 C-161 - Parts?

    I’ve decided to start this thread to keep this info together. It’s about this C-161 I have. It showed up at my house one day around mid-2021 as a “parts” tractor. I had no idea this was going to be left at my door, abandoned, tired, unwanted. I can’t remember a lot of what I was being told about it as I was staring at it wondering why I was chosen, apparently, as the one who was to strip it of it’s organs and transplant them into some other “being”. By the time those who brought it left, even though I never said it until just now, I knew I was going to attempt to resuscitate her. No longer an “it” she was certainly worthy of a shot at another life. 16 HP Kohler, Sunstrand Hydro and hydraulic lift! I had already fallen in love with the C-100 I grew up with that I later inherited, but this girl had something extra, something different about her that I thought was … appealing. Parts tractor? Not if I can $@%# help it! She was glistening. Maybe it had something to do with the rain that day on the ride over. But she IS glistening!
  2. Well fellas since I had to sell off my Wheel Horses I felt like I didnt belong anymore. The Lambert and the Speedanza are cool but THIS IS a Wheel Horse Fourm. Well guess what....... Im back in ! Picked this up a little while ago. Saw it on CL and jumped right on it. Not a model I know anything about but it does say Wheel Horse on the side of it ! I am so excited to have it and the best part is that it runs and drives!!! It does need some work... I think the hydro is leaking as a saw a puddle of oil on top of the deck. Checked the dip stick and was hardly any in there. When you raise the deck it seems to come up higher on one side then the other. Seat is horrible, someone glued vinyl on it. Front head light lens busted, rear one is busted and no lights work. came with wheel weights for the rear but nothing else. Still trying to figure it out. I just got it home and off the truck. As usual any info I would love to hear about it. I dont know the year, I believe thats a 16 hp Kohler, not sure but it runs really good. Not a fan of driving it by a stick, seems like something you have to get used to then maybe like. Right now it just seems funny but I only did a little lap in my yard. I think I got a smoking good deal on it that makes me even happier.
  3. Youtube video of my 1979 Wheel Horse C-161 throwing some snow!
  4. Well it was a nice day. And the sun shining through the snow. Makes for a nicer video and whole lot more fun than blowin through a blizzard! I hope you'll agree. Video of clearing out snow after the storm with my Wheel Horse C-161 manual 8 speed with Snow Thrower Attachment
  5. Hey guys. I'm looking at buying a c-161 (pictured below) and am of course just learning about Wheel Horses. I have another guy selling the pictured C-105 (I think that's what it is) and he would let it go for $100. It runs but leaks oil from a seal in the tranny. My question is - Do these two machines share same parts? Are they of the same era? If the motor in the C-161 doesn't work would the motor from the C-105 work in it? Your help would be much appreciated and depended on! Additionally, the other option is the C-81. Would you settle rather for that.? C-105 $100 C-161 $250 (not running right now) C-81 with plow, wheel weights and chains $500 (not running right now) I'm hitting the road today! My son's birthday present wheel horse is due in 2 days.! Thanks!
  6. cschannuth

    Oddball C-161

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind the black hoods like my C-161 shown below? I like it because it was my dad's and looks a bit sinister but from the hood to the headlight bezel to the twin Briggs, I just wonder why they built it. It's been a great machine. Dad bought it when it was a couple years old from a neighbor and it has had nothing done to it but regular maintenance, a little touch up to the paint, and a fresh set of decals. Even the tires are still in good shape with only a few cracks.
  7. Last weekend I drug home a C-125 parts tractor to molest for parts for my C-161 that I got going a while back. It had all the things that the old 161 was needing: good seat, good clutch plate, better tires, and most importantly, GOOD ORIGINAL NELSON MUFFLER! Someone long ago put one of those stupid pepper pot pieces of crap on it and I nearly went deaf when I mowed with it for the first time last weekend. Just got the muffler swapped over, and HOLY CRAP you never realize how loud something is until it's not loud anymore. What an insane difference that thing makes! I'd say at least a 40% reduction in noise. That muffler alone was worth the $100 I paid for the parts tractor.
  8. My 1979 C-161 has the Sundstrand pump 90-1173 transaxle. The transaxle needs work. the Sundstrand pump works but I wonder what shape its really in as the tractor appears to have had a lot of use. since the Eaton 1100 is the better hydro, what would be required to do a complete pump & transaxle swap from a Sundstrand to a Eaton 1100. Has anyone actually done a Sundstrand to Eaton swap?
  9. oliver2-44

    Found a C-161 Automatic

    I took some work parts to the local machine shop, and while turning around in the back lot I spotted this wheelhorse C-161 in the tall grass with lots of other old stuff.. After some negotiation I went back after work today and picked it up along with an antique boat motor. The C161 has decent tires, so they may go on my 312-8. will the 8" from rims fit in place of the 6" rims on the 312.. I've got to finish my 312-8 project. For now, it's going to get stored in a barn at the farm,. Then again I could be interested in doing some trading for a round hood! If I'm reading these ID tags right, is this a 1978 C-161 with a 1979 Kohler motor ? This is the antique boat motor. there is no name or ID tag. Anybody have an idea what it is? I would like to clean the motor up, paint it the right colors and mount it on the :Wal Boatl" I built for my game room several years ago!
  10. I bought a C-161 last year which I knew would need body off restoration. I did not get the priority job of remodeling the wifes kitchen done in time to tackle before we got to grass season. It runs well now that I have replaced starter...and flywheel (don't ask why on the flywheel ) and I had hoped to use it to mow this summer and resto it over winter. But It has a gas leak. I fixed one leak which I had hoped was the only leak by replacing the grommet. This bigger leak is on bottom. There are two indentations. Might have been slightly threaded a long time ago to hold it in place. Question is....Do any of you know what type of plastic are these made of? Will the epoxy glues at auto parts box stores adhere to it? Suggestions? Thanks in advance. Aldon
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