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Found 16 results

  1. I needed to disassemble the brake/cluch linkage on my 857. Am I missing something or do 2593 Clutch Rod, 5544 Parking Brake Lever and 3935 Brake Rod all need to be in place on 4899 Clutch Rod Pivot Arm before I can struggle to align the holes with that of the 3950 Idler Arm Shaft to insert the roll pin? I'm using up all my naughty words trying to get this back in place. I'm hope someone can suggest a better way. Or all you can do is extend your sympathies?
  2. WHX??

    A sad sad day....

    Sadly Dan @Achto informed me the the other day of a 857 and a C-120 that was deposited at his local county dump. Dump rules are such that once it hits the ground it stays due to junkyard dogs going to fisticuffs over scrap steel. Understandable Despite some hastily made plans of bribery, chicanery and/or hook or crook to rescue them we failed miserably. We may get drummed out of the Mafia for that one. I'll let Dan fill you in on the details if he has the stomach. I would like to believe that that our beloved ones would be smelted down to produce more tractors but then I wake up from that dream. Sorry no bone yard pics not that we would want to see them. Dan asked me if he had a problem over grieving over these lost gems. You decide... So in memoriam I feel it is quite nescessary to post pics of our lost loved ones. Since I don't have a C-120 here's what I have of a 857. Please post your pics of either models. True story, I wouldn't hose you guys and not just fishin for
  3. slammer302

    1967 857

    The black on the hood and fenders is not correct.
  4. Pullstart

    Happiest kids on the block

    Pics say it all... videos coming soon! 987BCC53-60D9-472D-A184-61A23BEEF43E.MOV
  5. Sold all three to one guy today.. Sad to see them go, but... One of the reasons I’m selling is because I’m thinning my personal collection down to custom, modified only. So, I’m selling all my “stock” tractors. Ilk still have a few “flip tractors”, but hope to get down to about 4 I’m my personal collection. We’ve been up around a dozen for a year now.. too much to keep up with.. I think these are going to a good home.
  6. So it's about 7 PM Sunday and I get a text from Tom @Shynon about a real local tractor that appears to be a good deal. I quick call the seller within minutes and he says sorry a guy's on his way to get it. Already sold ...dang it story of my CL scores. So I have my main man @Rp.wh call the guy to see if the seller on the up & up and even offer a little more than asking. I know I know kind of dirty trick but the answer the seller gives can give you an idea about the seller's sincerity. So the seller says sorry I already promised it to another guy and I'm a man of my word. Good Man, By the way this was on CL for just 7 hrs and sold. So In my remorse and to console myself I commenced to playin pawn stars with Tom for a mid mount blade he has, pawn stars got nothing on Tom when it comes to dickering by the way... I would have end up payin more than he was askin! Make a long story short here turn's out Tom knows the buyer (I should have too since he's local) and was just lookin to flip the tractor. So Tom forwards my number to the buyer who calls me almost immediately with his flip price and I says deal. Flipper, who shall remain anonymous at this point, because of the GT-14 with a FEL he has a line on , says "What's your address I'll be there in a half hour." At this point I'm crappin twinkies and gotta pinch myself.....cannot believe how fast this all happened all within a half hour, 45 tops. So I says to Tom you know this negates the sale of that blade, you'll see why in the pics, & he says oh well! So this guy pulls into my drive about 9 pm with this trailer load of red and a cool little Ford I wouldn't have mined havin! Turns out the seller is a real nice guy, and his side kick was a retired Navy man so we could shot the bull for hours! Flpper has a WW II museum in Portage, WI and flips tractors of any brand, but is partial to Case's, to fund his other hobby. Made some friends, gave him a hot tip on a nice vintage Cub and he left around 1030. So here you go enjoy Seller askin 600, I paid 650 plus an extra Jackson for the guy's veteran efforts. I have no idea how this flipper makes anything doing this with the load he was hauling and the distance he covered hence the extra Jackson. This thing is in real fine shape...ALL orginal AND best yet unmolested! Purrs like a kitten and started right up even wet and cold! How often does a guy deliver!?!? Easiest score of mine to date that's for sure! Oh yes and came with a real nice gear drive deck that is in really nice shape! TIres are all OEM with the mold and no checking at all can you believe it! Thus grows my herd of '67s all I need now is a 1077, a 1277 and a ! There is just something about looking down that long hood but this is my first short frame square hood and now I get it about all the hoopla over these short frames!
  7. As many of you know I am basically an RJ guy and do not really deviate from original, yes I like to build clones but the clones are as they would have come off the factory line. The last couple RJ projects have pushed me into building something else. As I really do not have a worker tractor in the family I thought it was time to build one. So I turned to my brother and as usual he found the perfect "must have tractor"... what did he find? A 1967 857. At first glance it was a pretty solid tractor with minimal rust, ran strong with no smoke and most of the original parts were intact. Even with that it did have one major issue... third gear was gone... I mean a real grind fest! With that it started the wheel rolling in my head. I had a lead on a "free" B-60 with an 8-Speed but a tired motor, a perfect swap in my mind... and that's exactly the direction I'm going, blending the best attributes of the 857 with the B-60... I want it to still look like a 857 at first glance but as you look closer you start to see things like the 8-Speed, wider front rims and the seat spring system. There is even the thought process of adding a set of vintage lights and upping the HP to a Kohler Magnum 10... As usual the entire build will be up step by step on my YouTube channel so please take a look and comment... suggestions are always welcome...
  8. Hello red square, I restored an 857 last year and I have been having a blast with it but I have noticed a bit of a problem this past summer and and winter with the transmission. There seems to be a bit of a hesitation in the machine when it is running in 3rd gear while going up hill. The best way i can describe the problem is that it is like the tractor has oval wheels, it seems to pull then let off, pull then let off, pull then let off. I cannot for the life of me figure out the problem with it. It seems to really only happen in 3rd gear.... The other issue is that occasionally i am getting a bit of a knock on something that sounds hollow, like if i were to knock on a metal door or a hollow oil drum. Has anyone had this issure before? Is this something that is fixable? When I did this restoration I did not take the transmission apart at all, the only thing I did was take it off of the machine, strip it and paint it. I think that would eliminate any mechanic's error but that doesn't mean I didnt knock something out of place in any of the times I moved out around in the garage. The only other thing I did to it is put in new gear oil, it ran. I am frustrated and puzzled, it never had an issue like this before it was restored.... Please comment whatever you think may be the issue and thanks for the help --Eric Gell
  9. Bach-Ed

    857 and CH270 Kohler

    My 857 had a K271 that had been installed by the PO. The engine threw the rod and damaged the cylinder. I was able to get a new Kohler CH270 for a replacement. I didn't feel at all bad about this as the K271 wasn't original anyway. Here is the problem, the existing holes don't come anywhere close to matchcing up. If all else fails I will make an adapter plate but I figured I had better ask if there is an easier solution, like a premade adapter of some kind? The holes are 79.99mm (3.149") apart in the width and in the fore/aft they are 162.00mm (6.378")
  10. Eric857

    Broken line

    Hello Redsquare, I was just working on taking apart me engine when the little metal fuel line that runs from the fuel pump to the carb broke. The rubber on the end inside the bolt was old and hard and snapped off. Is it reapairable? Can I replace it? Thanks, Eric
  11. Hi Redsquare! my name is Eric. I am 17 and I am from Ct. At my high school we have to do a project called a "capstone". For the project the student must do a project on anything they want as long as they learn something from it. For my project I chose to restore a Wheel Horse 857. I chose this project because I grew up on a wheel horse 1257 and I wanted to get another one and restore it. Unfortunately I couldn't find a 1257 but I did find an 857 so I decided to buy that for restoration. I paid $400 for the tractor, an Rm367 rear discharge mower, a bucket of extra belts (new in the package), rear wheel weights,and chains. It was a wonderful find. Especially because the machine was stored inside since the day it was new. I bought the machine in deep river Connecticut (running and driving) from the original owner. She even had all of the original paperwork. As soon as mi brought it home, my mother named her. Little red riding hood is the name she picked out. It sounds silly but it is actually pretty appropriate considering the machine's characteristics.... Here she is after the initial cleaning.
  12. Hi RedSquare, I am in the process of restoring a wheel horse 857 and i have just received decals to put on the machine but in not to sure how to put them on and protect them from getting scraped off. any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Eric857

    Kohler identification help

    Hi, I am restoring a wheel horse 857 for my senior capstone project at my high school. I am having a bit of trouble getting reproduction decals for the engine because I do not know the serial number and the spec number. and i think the model number is K-181. The identification plate is long gone so is there any way to identify tose numbers on other parts of the engine? Thanks, Eric
  14. i need a pair of the red dust covers for the front wheels on my 857
  15. As u can see she is finally sitting on all 4 it has been a fun project to this point. I am just putting it back together for now. I am cleaning the grease and oil off of 46 years so when I do restore her it will be ready to paint and I am going to buff with compound then buff wax all big parts that I can to bring out some color. The hood came out ok as I earlier posted. I have all the decals for this and the 1057 that I have in a painting process. I bought a big pile of decals from Terry for both of them. I only need the shifter Plate decal for the PTO. I hope u enjoy the picks. Gary B.......................
  16. Retierd Wrencher

    It is a start for now........

    :USA: as you can see this is a beginning. I had this for at least 4 yrs. took it all apart. to restore. sat in the corner for that time and collected dust. I have a 1057 that is 1/2 done and I sold a show tractor this summer,so I said why not put this back together and use it while I am redoing the 1057. I have all the decals for this so I am all set there. the engine is fine and the tranney is fine. so I hope u enjoy the picks. Gary B.... Also does any one now where this bracket goes I check in all my manuals and can not find this any where??????
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