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Found 1 result

  1. I figured I would go ahead and start a thread that will capture some of one of my distinct projects. The plan I started with is a GT14 as starting point, a 22hp Predator, Electric PTO, Independent Hydraulic lift and 3 point for tiller etc. At the big show I had the luxury of hanging out with @stevasaurus and we discussed transmissions at length. I have wanted to add an 8 Speed to a GT14 for a good while and I picked Steve's brain quite a bit. In addition to this, Kyle aka @fast88pu dropped by and as we discussed GT14's with loaders and Hydros and my want to do a 8 speed, he flagged me to the GT14-8 with loader in one of the buildings and off we went to visually inspect it. One shortcoming of the straight swap which was easy to note upon viewing said modified tractor is that the axles are too short and do not come flush with the end of the hub when tires are fitted to appropriate clearance. I needed the visual to understand as Kyle already knew this as he had a similarly modified GT14 he had picked up from @scotty. So my project appeared dead in its tracks until I went out to Cody's in Scranton PA area and he told me that the axles in the Hydro Transaxles could be swapped into the 8-speed directly. Kyle was riding shotgun with me just by chance. So at some point in this day trip Kyle and I agreed to a deal where I took home a 8-speed he had on hand with 1 1/8" axles. Steve helped me out with all the bearings I needed as well as mentoring me on a few of the challenges I encountered. This particular 8-speed is one of few with slightly unique main bearings,,,,,,but I managed to source all the replacement bearings and get prepared for the project, then Winter came along to seriously slow things down. It should be noted that in many of the GT14 transaxles, if not most, the axles are different from one side to the other. one side is 14 1/8" and one side is 14 3/4". One of my axles was beyond redemption. Could not get two good sets from 2 parts transaxles. On hold until @ztnoo came to my assistance here and I now had two good 14 3/4" axles. Along the way it was suggested I should make use of the Limited Slip differentials from the Hydro transaxles if I could. I spent several hours over the holidays trying different combinations but could not figure a way to make it work. It is plausible that there is a different Limited slip set up or parts that would make this easy. Or, if I had access to machine shop I could do it. But with a bench and what parts I have on hand, I am moving forward with normal diff with only real change being that I am installing longer axles. One of the pics below shows the 3 different axle lengths. In the pics below, it may be difficult to read the tape measure but the width of the modified set up is 29 1/2. Additionally I have a couple pics of the limited Slip Diff Side pieces that hold the axle to the assembly. Note they are not same and both are different from the 8-speeds. Lastly a sketch drawn to scale as much as I could determine. I am not a draftsman but it should be close. I want to end up with (29x12.5-15 ags) I have decided to use D Series Hubs. Rim wise I will need custom back spacing and I have sourced the necessary rims and inserts from Miller Tire. Thats where I am at until I can remove a very stubborn hitch pin from one tranny half after which I can start rebuild using new bearings and will post pic when I reach that point. eta a few weeks:) I dont do well in the cold.
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