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Found 22 results

  1. I was thinking about putting this brush guard on my ‘69 GT-14. So much for thinking.. I don’t really care for it.. Original thought was it would look cool & help protect that exposed fuel tank. . Pretty sure I’m going to abort on this project. Back to the drawing board.. Yes, I know, wrong hood decals for ‘69.. This hood is off a ‘70 I had.
  2. Anyone have pics of the CORRECT steering wheel for a ‘71 GT-14? also, is it 14” or 15”?
  3. Looking for NICE Clean GT-14 steering wheel (3 spoke) like this one. could also use new dash plate. I like the ones Glen P. Has, but the raised white letters aren’t painted. Not sure how to go about doing that. Please text me if you have a steering wheel or clean dash plate for sale or know anyone that does. Thanks, Bear G 419-681-4249
  4. Another GT-14 in the Herd. Not perfect, but it runs & drives. Doesn’t smoke. New carb & fuel pump. New tires. I have a super nice seat for it. We’ll see what becomes of this one.
  5. Jonesy0418


    1970 GT-14
  6. First off, for a little background, I have a 1276 and a 72' GT-14 which I inheireted from my Grandpa who bought them new. Used both for a while until the hydrostat gave up on the GT and shortly thereafter, the motor on the 1276. Swapped the motor to have a good running tractor which left me with a "stripped GT-14" and somehow in the mixup, a turbo on the 1276 (which I will get into later). Anyway, I started out by buying two bad 8 speeds with intent to make one good one and swap out the old wore out hydrostat unit and then power it with a v-twin or really just anything bigger than the Kohler that it originally started with. Ran across a good deal on a Yanmar 3-cyl diesel but now I have a dilemma on my hands.. What can I use for a shaft driven transmission? I think the 8 speed idea is getting scrapped in favor of some sort of shaft driven setup (preferably with a rear pto aswell). Has anyone done this? The only thing I can find are Cub Cadet transmissions, in which I really can't "find" to purchase one. Is that like totally against the rules in the Wheel Horse world? Haha.
  7. I actually work at a lawn and garden dealership. A friend of mine is trying to restore his GT-14 and he needs a clutch. Toro's IPL are incomplete but I managed to find the pdf for the parts list elsewhere. I came up with a number of 9656 for the electric clutch which subbed to a 101473; both of which are discontinued. So here is my question... Does someone out there have the manufacturers number for that clutch. I have access to about 30 different manufacturers so i could probably find a clutch that would work but most of them don't publish shaft sizes in an intelligible format. With the manufacturer's number I could probably easily substitute it. Any help is greatly appreciated - this sight has helped me in the past, personally and professionally so I know if anybody can help it will be you guys. Thanks, Ael
  8. cafoose

    GT-14 wiring mess

    I started looking at the wiring on my newly acquired 1970 GT-14. It looks like a mess! I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and put traditional points, condenser, and coil in it No wonder it hasn't run in five years What parts would I need and how would I go about converting it if I go with points? Should I just get the wiring corrected and try it like it is first?
  9. I'm working on my GT-14 and the choke and throttle linkages are disconnected. Can someone please post some of how they are supposed to be hooked up?
  10. I just got back from a road trip and picked up a GT-14. I'm thinking of adding a 3-point and possibly an FEL down the road. When I got back I thought to myself I was on this forum for a couple years and it's about time I become a supporter so I did it! I feel it is a small price to pay for the wealth of information available here and as a bonus I can now post lots of big pictures! Okay here are the enjoy!
  11. FatJackDurham

    How loose or tight for the governor?

    As I prepare to reinstall my carb and adjust everything, I notice that my governor is a little bit stiff, even without the spring attached. I still have the clamp fully tightened to the shaft and I haven't take it it off to try to clean around it, so I don't know if it's just crud build up or not. I wanted to ask, how freely should that governor be able to move? the place where it connects to the carb, the main throttle thing, moves very freely, there are no springs that close it. I have ordered a new throttle cable that I assume will move freely since it has a twist lock. But, the governor doesn't move freely. Is this normal?
  12. FatJackDurham

    1972 GT14 Carb cleaning and build

    I just got a GT-14, and its clear it needs a bit of maintence and repair. I am thinking the first thing I should do is get the engine running smoothly. It bogs down and stalls if I open the throttle too far. So, I want to drain the tank, change the air filter, change the fuel filter and clean the carb this weekend. However, I am concerned about the availability of replacement parts and gaskets. I read the K321 manual about servicing the carbs and the only items it mentioned replacing were float nut gasket, the bowl ring gasket, the needles and seats, and the bowl baffle gasket. I was curious why there were no o-rings mentioned for the adjustment needles. Are there none? And where do you guys get replacement gaskets? I remember someone said that the float nut gasket can be gotten from a hardware store, but what about the bowl ring and baffle gaskets? My intention was to disassemble and soak the whole carb in aqua seal, but I don't want to dissolve any important rubber parts.
  13. ericampagna

    GT-14 Steering

    Recently my steering went out on my GT-14 I can't find in the manual how the steering is suppose to be attached. (I'm also sorry I don't know the correct terms.) I have attached pictures to show what I'm talking about. IMG_3113.jpg IMG_3114.jpg
  14. ericampagna

    GT14 Hydro Lift not working

    I can not get the Hydro lift to work on my GT-14. I drained and replaced the Hydro Oil but no luck. I am pretty new to working on these so I'm not even sure where to begin trouble shooting. Thanks guys.
  15. ericampagna

    GT-14 not turning over

    Please excuse me I am a newbie and my terminology my be incorrect but I hope to learn from everyone. I'm a new owner of a 1972 GT-14. This is my first wheel horse and I am loving it. However I have had a few problems with it. The current problem is when I turn the key the engine won't turn. It seem that the starter is turning but not engaging the engine. I don't think the engine is seized because I can turn it manually. I was having an issue with the battery and when I tried to start it would just click once and not do anything. I replaced the battery and it started and ran several times. I even drove it around the yard a few times included 5 minutes before the issue began happening. Now it won't start. Please help. Thanks.
  16. ericampagna

    GT-14 towing

    I have a gt-14 that is currently stuck in the field. I'd like to tow it back to the barn but I can't seem to find the tow valve. I have looked where the decal says it should be. ( see picture) but my hydrostatic doesn't look like that. The hydro says it's a sundstand 90-1136. It seems like this hydro is not original to this wheel horse. ( I could be wrong) does anyone know where the tow valve is on this transmission and if it is original to the gt-14
  17. Hodge71

    GT-14 Battery

    What battery does my 1972 GT 14 take? I think I have isolated the majority of the remaining vibration down to the crappy Walmart battery thats in it. Its jammed in between the back of the instrument panel/steering column and the solenoid. Its way to big so its constantly bouncing around. I traced my wiring troubles to this battery. Its constant bouncing wore through the accessory wires and made them melt with the electric clutch on and headlights on. I rewired everything but I need to get rid of this battery for the proper one and get it clamped in place like it should be. Anyone have a pic on how it should look? Thanks in advance...
  18. Not the Beach Boys by any means but I can say that this thing vibrates worse than an old panhead Harley with a fouled plug. Now I have never owned a 14 Kohler but I have a 12 and a 16 and this is much worse than both. I was told possibly rebuilt with no balance gears? Anyone.....Anyone?.... Also have pictures and questions on the year of this engine. It has an odd flywheel screen. Different than the 12 and 16 as well. It has a box hanging off the side of the engine that my 12 and 16 don't have. Also Im having electrical trouble. The headlights don't work, the electric clutch doesn't work and the battery only seems to be receiving 13.4 volts at full throttle. Is that enough to charge the battery or are there electrical issues I need to figure out? I know my 12 and 16 both have 13.9 or 14.1VDC respectively. The 416 Onan I built for my Dad had 17VDC but it was a bad voltage regulator and its now happy at 14.5 VDC...So whats the scoop on this thing? Any engine gurus have an idea?
  19. KC9KAS

    Snow Plowing 2/16/15

  20. Hodge71

    GT-14 Model ID tag

    Where would I find the ID tag on a GT-14? Its got the later 70-73 decals on it but Really dont know much about it. Thanks for the help hguys
  21. KC9KAS

    Is this bent??

    Attached are a few photos of my broken mid rockshaft from my 1969 GT-14. I think the broken piece is twisted, but I would like some help to confirm or deny my thought. Hope you can see what I see.
  22. KC9KAS

    Tow Valve??

    Is a 1969 GT-14 equipped with a "tow valve" like other WH automatics? Where is it located?
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