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Found 6 results

  1. Southern_Secret

    7 years & I finally got one!!

    Wooohooo!! Well after 7 long & hope drifting years iv finally done it I found me a WHEELHORSE! I'm in the south, those of you that don't know (all of you above the mason-dixon line) looking for a garden tractor, well it's like trying to find a grain of salt on the beach. I first had my interest peeked 8ish years ago when we went on vacation in northern TN. While up there, there was a guy who had 2 cub cadets parked in his yard, one with a sickle bar mower and one with a hammer knife mower on the front and I thought that was so cool. Fast forward several month's of digging and reading and I had made my mind up, my tractor had to & was going to be a WHEELHORSE no matter how long it took to find it! The days turned to weeks the weeks to month's and the month's to years......welp.... that's that it's not in my card's, I guess i'll just have to go green. My hunt slowed down to a crawl, still look but pushed to the back burner, better yet put in the far corner of the attic but still hoping that one day I will own a garden tractor (didn't matter what color at this point) although not very hopeful. Then one day I'm on market place and I see an ad for a 314H hmmm bet facebook has tricked me again, then I look at the location and its in my town.....wait just a min..... that's just a half mile up the road from me, so I click the ad. I start reading it "vintage toro mower for sale don't know much about it I think it will run just needs a carb and some wiring" but I cant tell much from the pics but what I can tell is that it has been sitting under a pine tree for a pretty long amount of time. I send the guy a message and set of a time to look at it, the next day when I got off work I make a B line to his house (on the same road I live on, I know right) and to the back yard we go. He tells me that the older guy he bought the hose from traded him so work for the mower and he didnt know much about it, but the PO had put a briggs carb on it and it was bogging down when engaging the pto is what the PO told him. (i will be posting more pics and when I do you will understand this next part better). I'm standing there looking at it as he's telling me this and I lift the hood and he points and tells me "that is the briggs carb he put on there I think if you replace that it will run" what he was pointing at was a huff-n-puff that had been put on to do away with the OEM pump. So by now I'm glowing inside, and I ask him his price he tells me $200 but if i was really interested he would do it for $125, I ask him if I can think about it over the weekend (this was on a friday) he say's thats good with him. I come home and immediately find this place and after digging on here I new right away I was going back and buying that thing monday! I head to his house monday after work money in hand, but before I hand him the money he ask me "yall own the NAPA store in the next town over with the tire shop right?" yes sir we do "can yall mount some tires for me?" yes sir we can "if you will mount & balance 4 tires for me ill just trade you out even". I shook his hand and the deal was made, that was at the begging of september and after some looking over the tractor reading on here and waiting on parts, I got it home last week (i had it at my shop at our napa store). Sorry for the long post everyone!!
  2. I was given a 314H in trade for some work. Love the tractor but I cannot tell what Sleeve hitch adapter will fit the hydro. Will one for a 314-8 fit. What do I need to attach to the deck lift? I've read hundreds of posts on here and figured this is where to find the experts. Thanks in advance.
  3. Good day WH fans, My dilemma is this, my first Wheel Horse a nice 314-h with 80 hours. Bought from the second owner with the story of the original owner. This spring I was about to service her and well I looked on the clock, it now sits at 97 hours. This WH comes from up in Maine. I have it now in southern Maryland. I hate to beat up a nice old tractor like it is sitting at under 100 hours she is just too nice to use. Or is she just another WH? Here is the question, do I park it as surviving "under 100" hour tractor? or sell it? I would only consider selling to a collector. FYI I have both a second WH, a well-used 417-8 and would consider a trade for another WH. R/ Scott
  4. Well, most of the regulars here are aware I will be relocating this Spring/Summer. I had hoped to take the remaining collection of tractors with me. However more and more it is becoming obvious that this plan wont work out for numerous reasons. As such, once I make up my mind as to which one to keep, I will be posting the remainder as well as most parts etc up for sale in the Forum Classifieds and CL. As I hope shows in poll info, I have 2 Stage Blower, Restored 48 & 60 inch(195) decks, 54 inch blade, GT14 style Tiller and a project Sickle Bar. The Sickle BAr can likely be made to work on the GT14 style tractors and the C160. I enjoy working on them but as I get older I may not have time or ability to do so. As such, maintenance and parts and ease of use of a single tractor are part of the equation. A couple of these I have poured a lot of time into but I am not emotionally tied to them and I believe if I relocate back east where Grass and tractor need becomes more necessary, I can re-create them. So help me out with my decision. A couple pics of the beasts in question:
  5. I have a leak on the elbow that screws into the front of the lift valve. Does anyone know how that is sealed? I looked at parts tree at it doesn't show an o-ring or seal? The elbow is Toro part number 108365. Part #1 on the diagram. Thanks for the help. https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/mowers-lawn-garden-tractor/73403-314-h-toro-314-h-garden-tractor-sn-6900001-6999999-1996/hydraulic-lift-system_2/
  6. I just discovered the belt tensioner is out of alignment with the PTO pulley and the hydro pulley so much so that the belt is riding up on the right side edge of the idler cutting the back side of the drive belt. The console cover plate has actually worn the width of the tensioner lever on the right side of the cover. It's as if the shaft was made too narrow. Has anyone encountered anything like this before? The idler needs to be shimmed over but the shaft is not long enough. While I am on this topic why is it these tensioners are not used with the Onan applications just the Kohler? I'm thinking maybe the added resistance to turn over the bigger piston in the cold temps I don't know Thanks
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