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Found 12 results



    Good Morning Ladies & Gents; I operate a Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair Shop From my home in Bridgeport, Ct. Yesterday I started repairs on a 1984 +- Wheel Horse C-145 Automatic Lawn & Garden Tractor. I decided this would be a good candidate for a repair video series on my new Youtube channel. Since the repairs on this tractor are not the usual carb cleaning & belt replacements. Someone suggested that the Wheel Horse enthusiasts on this site might find this information useful and I hope that's the case. Problems I'm aware of and being addressed include........... Motion Works Linkages, Hydraulic Implement Controls, Brakes & Parking Brake, Mower Blade Mounting, and whatever else I find as repairs progress. Repair Video's have been a tremendous help to me on all types of things that I don't have a service manual for, and if this helps someone then the effort will be well worth it. As I post this there are 4 video's in the series. More will be added in the coming days. If you find the video's helpful please like, comment & subscribe, so I can mold the channel into a useful resource. It takes a lot of extra time to video document repairs, so it's good to know if it's worth it. This Tractor belongs to a repair client and is Not For Sale Good Luck With Your Repair Projects..........................Mike
  2. ISO: Automatic 10 hood mounts, they are smaller than the others I have off a C-101/111. Automatic 10 drive belt shield. Automatic 10 center deck plate cover Automatic 10 brake pedal Thanks
  3. I have an issue with my mid 1970's D160 garden tractor. Plowing snow over the weekend it begain to make an awful grinding sound come from what appears to be behind the motor. Once this happened, all the hydraulic stop working and the forward reverse lever seem to be stuck in the middle position. I shut down the tractor and was able to release the value on the pump and tow the tractor back into the garage. When towing it back to the garage, I noticed the rear wheel where moving ok (with the release valve open) In the garage, the forward / reverse lever will move back and forth. I did attempt to restart the tractor again without any luck. The sound seemed to be the same. I am speculating that I have a pump issue on the hydrostatic drive. It' not the spline coupler with I know can spin out. I did have this happen about 10years ago and at that time, I removed the pump and had shop replace the shaft. This time, the shaft is definetly spinning the pump making a sound that I can only describe as a high pitch grind combine with what sounds like gravel rolling around inside of the a barrell. Does anybody out there have any advise? Is there any checks that I can do to make sure it is the pump? I friend has suggest lifting up the rear end and seeing if the wheels spin in opposite directions by hand (with our without valve closed?) Is it possible that I may have damage something in the rear end? I did notice after replacing the spline on the pump 10 years ago, the tractor would still roll backwards with the value closed and the tractor not running. I was not concerned at the time the tractor seem to move fine forward and reverse. I do use the tractor for many task. I have the rotor tiller, snowblower, deck, category 0 connection with back blade. It's a nice little tractor and I would like to keep it running. It has the Onan 16hp engine which I have only had to rebuild the carb back about 10years ago due to some lugging issues. For the most part, engine is good burns a little oil (I change it every month in the summertime), and runs best on 90 REC gas. If anybody has any recommendation for how to troubleshoot the most recent problem, veryify it's the pump, rule out any other possilbe rear-end damage, and possible recommend next steps, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks Marc (FYI, I live in Western Michigan between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo).
  4. Is there a way to lubricate the rod that holds the FRICITON COLLAR ASSEMBLY so the rod does not seize?
  5. New to the forum here so forgive me if this question has been already. A while ago I was given an '87 John Deere 214 from my wife's grandpa and it started an interest in restoration. Lucky for me, it had been garage kept for the last 15 years. Long story short, a friend of mine got to talking and he said he has an old Wheel Horse C-160 Automatic that he was going to scrap. He said if I can come get it, I can have it for free. Seems like the tractor is mostly complete other than the headlight assy., gas tank, and a cover in the center where the shifter would go on the 8-speed models. Not sure of the year but is has hydraulic lift 48" deck (some rusted spots) and seems to be in decent shape for being outside for the last 5 years. My main question is "does anyone have any pictures I can compare to so I can see what else is missing?" Trying to figure out if it's worth my time. Thanks for the help!
  6. I have a wheel horse c161 Hydro, and I want to put on a stack type exhaust as the muffler that is currently on it appears to be to large and burns the paint on one side of the hood, what will I need to do this job, such as pipe size and stuff. The picture is what I want my muffler and pipe to look like, it is not my tractor
  7. FatJackDurham

    GT-14 no brakes?

    Hello, I just got a 1972 GT-14 is pretty good shape, a little sluggish, but the transmission seems to work well forwards and back. But, when I push the brake pedal, suddenly I am in free fall. It pops the transmission lever into neutral and the tractor rolls freely until I take my foot off the pedal and grab the lever and put it in reverse. Is this the normal behavior? I know the seventies were weird, and a garden tractor with a cigar lighter is pretty tight, but stopping is kind of a thing with me, so I'd appreciate some insight. I am the third owner of this beastie, and it came with all the original brochures and manuals. The owner's guide only says the brake and parking brake work in connection with the automatic transmission. So, I am wondering if I am missing a connection or linkage, or worse, that there is something broken. I traded a Winchester 92 for this tractor and am as excited to finally own a Wheelhorse as I was to finally own a winchester... so anyway, there it is. Thoughts?
  8. lazy8's

    1976 C-120 Automatic

    1976 C-120 Automatic with 12HP Kohler engine, Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission and 42 inch, side-discharge mower deck. Also comes with a Wheel Horse dump cart (which is in rough shape); otherwise, no other attachments or implements. Owned since new by same family; currently third generation. Gently used every year for residential grass cutting only (<1 acre). I’ve had it for 9 years and kept it inside; minimal surface rust (mostly paint oxidation). Starts in less than one second, runs well and has been very reliable. Currently will need carburetor work. In addition, the lights, seat weight sensor and mower deck lift function have not been operable for some time. In the last 9 years, new parts include: PTO plate, left and right front wheel spindles, sparkplug, ignition coil, battery, starter solenoid and PTO drive belt. It weighs about 700 pounds and purchaser will be responsible for transportation.
  9. IvanW

    Need Side Tin Engine Covers For D180

    I'm looking for some side tin covers that cover the heads on the Kohler engine for my D180. If you have some let me know. Thanks!
  10. The tow valve on the C161 I picked up recently is stuck. I need to free it up so I can at least roll it around to work on it. Currently the tractor doesn't run so i'm not sure what shape the transmission is in. I drained the oil and it was a little dirty, but no water or sludge. I've only used a short 1/4" wrench as I didn't want to force it. the The tractor is quite weathered. i have the seat pan off so i have better access to the valve stem, and have been spraying some Kroil on it. Should I grab the stem with something like a vice grip (to get a steadier grip) and cautiously use a more force to wiggle it back and forth? Is there anything minor I can disassemble to get some diesel inside to soak it? Could this be a sign of something going on in the transmission,
  11. oliver2-44

    Found a C-161 Automatic

    I took some work parts to the local machine shop, and while turning around in the back lot I spotted this wheelhorse C-161 in the tall grass with lots of other old stuff.. After some negotiation I went back after work today and picked it up along with an antique boat motor. The C161 has decent tires, so they may go on my 312-8. will the 8" from rims fit in place of the 6" rims on the 312.. I've got to finish my 312-8 project. For now, it's going to get stored in a barn at the farm,. Then again I could be interested in doing some trading for a round hood! If I'm reading these ID tags right, is this a 1978 C-161 with a 1979 Kohler motor ? This is the antique boat motor. there is no name or ID tag. Anybody have an idea what it is? I would like to clean the motor up, paint it the right colors and mount it on the :Wal Boatl" I built for my game room several years ago!
  12. edwalsh18

    Wheel Horse C120

    First post here! new to red square. new to wheel horse. new to garden tractors... complete rookie here! i purchased a used non running wheel horse yesterday from an ad on craigslist mostly for the implements. i also bought another tractor yesterday, a craftsman gt6000 18hp horizontal shaft. well, i was hanging out with my best friend (google) and i think i figured out my tractor is most likely a 1974 Wheel Horse c120 automatic with a tecumseh hh120. made a quick video and posted on youtube. first time ever posting on youtube so....