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Slow C-160 restore

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This is going to be a record of my restoration of a 1977 C-160 automatic, A little history on the machine, My dad bought it to do mowing at several apartment complexes, I think the year was 1993. He used it for that work, and personal yard work too, until he passed in late 1999. That's when it come to me, I really didn't need it with my postage stamp lawn at the time. I am very glad I kept it with me for several years, until I moved to the country and an acre and half yard. I used it for four years until it became cumbersome and time consuming to cut grass, the belt would fall off regularly, it would take up to three hours to cut the lawn, so I retired it from weekly service and bought a Deere to weekly chores. The Wheel Horse was saved to do the hard work of pushing rocks and dirt, which it handled with no problem. soon it got pushed to the rear of the garage and other stuff put in front of it, it was now in storage (sadly, I will add). Fast forward fifteen years and here we are ready to sell it off and let it be someone else's project/problem. after several very low ball prices I decided to take another look at it and see just what it would take to get it running again, which wasn't much a squirt of starter fluid and away we go, kind of. Four different tires, a new fuel tank, some fuel line and it went for a ride under it's own power :-). now a new interest in getting it back to original or at least close. 





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slow C-160 restore

Once again I'm returning to the well of knowledge you folks have. The Spring that returns the brake pedal on my C-160 broke some time ago, now I'm going thru and fixing all the little items this one has come up. Can any one give me a part number and a picture of this spring, and a location this spring goes, I've look and just don't see where it hooks to the pedal or an anchor point. 



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