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    Every winter I like to crawl into my cave (garage) and work on restoring a tractor. This past winter was no different, other than the fact that this year I decided not to start a post about my build. Why?? IDK , just thought it might be fun to wait & reveal the finished product at the end. Before I show any pictures I have to thank a few people for helping me make this years resto come together. For helping me out with some odds & ends parts, I'd like to thank @WHX22 and @dclarke. Thank you both for setting me up with needed parts for this project. I'd also like to thank @wheelhorseman for providing all the parts to keep our tranny's working properly. Last but definitely not least thank you to @Vinylguy for for the awesome decals that he produces and for putting up with me on all of the alterations and custom work that I wanted on my decals. To open up my introduction to "Radpferd" (and as kind of a teaser) I'd like to show off Terry's work. A reconfigured dash. BTW his 3 piece decals are great & much easier to install. Finishing touches for the engine. I'll leave you with these teasers for a bit. Let me know if you might be interested in some more pictures.
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    I would like to show you my winter project, i call it the TUB-RAT. I was totally in love with the car and motorcycle that @wallfish made and wanted to do something myself but how could i be different? I also challenged myself to use only parts i had laying around and some steel from the scrapyard. I had an idea and layed some parts out here was the rough draft of my idea Here it is at a later stage fitting the steering wheel position still a long way to go I kept plugging away at it and this is what i came up with it has a 3speed transaxle, and standard long frame. I used a kohler k161 from a gear reduction snowblower. The only place i splurged was on front tires thanks @Achto for the white wall idea. My image i tried to use as a model was an old T bucket. Well here she is TUB-RAT
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    OK, OK enough teasing. No wait I forgot one more decal, but it does show part of the engine, For those who wonder, that cap is not JD green. It is the right green, Oliver green that is. One question, GOT DISH???? I took 4 7.5 inch rims to make these bad boys. 10" from the bolt pattern to the out side of the rim. Sure makes the 26x12x12 tires look fat! Now a step back to take it all in. I wanted to have some thing short & fat. Just like Jim says he likes his women. But I really wanted it to look like it was a forgotten factory option. Hopefully you guys think that I pulled it off. I have plenty of build pic's if you guys have any questions.
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    I'm employed as a collision repair technician and the company I work for also owns a large scrap facility. It never ceases to amaze me what some people toss: it doesn't even have a dent in it. I think it will go nicely with my 76 c120
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    37 years ago I made this crib for our first son.Then it was used for our second son, and then three grandchildren. It is out again for the fourth grandson coming in June. It is made out of Black walnut, Mansonia , and Afromosia. The acorn finials are Maple. Hopefully it will continue to serve us for a few more generations. I have fond memories of building it, never thinking then that it would continue to be used.It still has teeth marks from all of them.
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    Today I am back in the game. Not a wannabe any more I found this today, was looking for something bigger but this showed up. I do not like driving at night any more so they where there in the day time so I rented a truck and headed down the highway. It works well the dirt was about 10 minutes and done. It needs some minor TLC but that is part of the game. Saving the walking trail we walk with the dogs every day. I hope you enjoy the picks. Happy to have a tractor again and back in the Chace.
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    I planned to get the garden ready this morning so I had to move a few tractors to get to the tiller. I stopped to watch my neighbor to my left turning some more ground with 4 horses pulling the 14" single bottom trip plow. A few minutes later, I look to my right and this Deere pulled 20 row corn planter goes by the adjacent farm. What a contrast. This afternoon, Mrs. Fisher hitched 5 horses and ran the cultimulcher over the ground that was plowed this morning. I did manage to get my little garden ready to plant.
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    Well we have been super busy and I haven't been on here to see what you guys and gals are up to. Now that snow is officially gone we have been doing yard work in between rain drops. Aiden filled the roller today and rolled most of our yard and most of my parents yard right next door with my 416H. In total about 2 1/2 to 3 acres. He wanted to keep going but the rest of the yards are to wet to get him on them. Maybe in a week or so. Not gonna lie I'm actually jealous of all the seat time he gets.
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    After a day of work I like to sit in the garage put some music on and have a cold one and look at these tractors. I am always amazed how simple these are made, but engineered very well. I have seen many other brands and how they are made but they are not like Wheel Horse. I am not taking away from the other brands but just the engineering or how they where made. Enjoy the site. Just my
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    Been without a tiller for over a year now and search nearly everyday for a replacement.I drove nearly 5 hours north in New York for work and search the local CL.A nos tiller circa 2000 shows up in Vermont outside of the capitol.A quick car ferry ride across lake Champlain and up through the green mountains to an ol fellas cabin and poof-No lie-sitting in his barn is a never sent the dirt since purchased by him in 2000.I couldn't get my money out fast enough.They are out there!!!!Wheel Horse Sasquatch lol
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    Brought home a new toy this week.... this ought to be fun! 1969 Falcon, nice interior, 302 HO, headers, duals, 4-speed auto, air..... now to to give it some TLC.....
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    If you are going to get upset about people's responses to your comments or posts you may be in for a rough ride. After all many times we post something because we want to hear different opinions or suggestions. If it is only to hear someone agree with us that may not necessarily be a good thing. I too sometimes was a little taken aback by certain comments to my opinions or suggestions, however thinking about them for a while I realized that there was validity to some or much of what was said. Don't be so quick in your judgement. I have been here for a while so my next statements may sound a little biased but there is a lot of not only knowledge but more importantly life experience here. Respectfully my suggestion is to partially quote what was said to me earlier in my life "Look, Listen and....."
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    So 2 years ago while at a local show a old gentleman came over to our display. He specifically wanted to talk to me and even knew my name even tho we had never met. He had traveled a hour to talk to me. We talked tractors for a little bit and he said hey by the way I have half a dealer sign in my truck. We took a walk and I looked at it. He wanted 150 for it. Unfortunately I had already spent my limit at the show and had no free cash on me. He said he wouldn't sell it to anyone but me and I took down his number on a piece of paper. I also entered it into my phone. Well I have a problem where I smash screens on my phones quiet often. I broke my phone and lost his number. Well fast forward 10 months I was in the garage and found the piece of paper I had written his number down on. I figured there was no way he still had the sign but I gave him a call anyway. He answered and sure enough he said he still had it and that when he said he wouldnt sell to anyone else that was his word. He didnt care that 10 months later he finally heard from me. To my surprise he said he had the other half of the sign mounted to his garage and would sell both halves for 250. So we settled on a time and I drove out with my wife and kids and bought the sign. He was excited to show me his tractors while we were there. One stood out since it was a rj58. It was buried in his shed and hard to see. I knew the engine wasnt the typical Kohler but that's about all I could see. As we were getting ready to go he asked if I was interested in it. I said sure if the price is right. So he thought a few minutes and said "would 100 be to much since the transmission is stuck". My wife who had cut me off from buying anymore tractors (😂😂😂 jokes on her) gave me the look that I thought I would never see. Approval. Once I had that quick look I said I tell you what I will do 150. Which I know is still extremely low for one of these. Well he was just tickled pink. He was going to use it as lawn art in the spring. I paid him but couldnt fit the tractor without breaking the sign so I said I will come back up. Well when I went he had it sitting out side and we loaded it. It was even nicer in person than I thought originally. It's a beautiful all original tractor with the Clinton on it. I got the Clinton running after thinking it had a broken rod cause it would spin and stop. I pulled the head to see what it was doing if anything and it had so much carbon under the head that the piston couldnt come up all the way. Then once running it wouldnt drive. Turns out all the bolts on the differential were broken. I fixed those and it runs and drives like a dream. Easily one of my favorite tractors in my collection. Long story I know but hopefully you enjoy it.
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    It's a wet spring, and my yard has tons of underground springs (and above too). Because of that and my 2 dogs, the grass has grown quite intense in the short warm weather streak we've had. The 416 has sat all winter long, and with a little extra cranking fired right up. The 42" RD deck plowed through the wet foliage with ease, but in the thickest patches, the Onan really had to work, but never skipped a beat. The torque of an Onan is amazing, and nothing beats the sound, or rather roar that the beast exerts! Still love my Onan powered 416 on this it's 26th year!
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    Well this makes #7. There is 6 other Seniors at home for it to play with.
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    ...Mowing sessions that is ! Felt great to get out and have a good hour of seat time. SPECS: 1982 C-105/8 speed/42” side discharge
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    Hey, all I have to say is that it feels great to owe nobody anything. We always lived pretty thrifty, so now our goal is to not buy anything except with cash. We plan to put the mortgage payment in the bank and pay cash for our next car . [Well, maybe a 16 Hp cast iron Kohler as well]
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    C-125 got highjacked today. First by Mathew, number four grandson, enjoying his first time at tractor driving. Then his sister Ashleigh. Again driving for her first time. Being a typical girl, more interested by who's watching than looking where she's going. After a rebuke from granddad to pay attention.
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    Have a Wheel Horse senior in good condition. Was painted and engine rebuilt around 20yrs ago, but kept covered and inside. Still shines when clean. Hasn’t been run much the past 15yrs, but started and ran well last summer. Only issue is the gasket on the sediment-bowl is dried-out/leaks. So have kept the tank dry. Tires in decent condition. Includes plow and cultivator, as well the elevator to raise them. These were not painted and are stored outside. I think all the brackets are there. I can take more pictures.
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    Special thanks to Tom @Shynon .... Transmission Parts Jim @jimkemp - exhaust Bob @Racinbob steering wheel Richard @953 nut mafia tractor parts & advice Lowell @wheelhorseman transmission parts Terry @Vinylguy decals Dan @Achto advice, hardware, transmission parts, paint, Capn't Morgans & madness Other thanks to JRC Racing Motors & Machine Shop, Norm @ I save tractors. No thanks at all to Mike @squonk for not giving me dibs on a set of rims for sporting V-61's Well a little bit Mike that is one of your plug wires!
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    @Mows4three Here's the pictures you wanted of the train ride from today. Trina took her mom on a tourist train ride which leaves North Conway New Hampshire and travels eight or nine miles north, northeast to a small station in a valley of the White Mountains. At that point the engine uncouples from one end of the train and connects to the other end and the ride is reversed back to North Conway. One of our hiking buddies came with us as well. It was a fantastic trip. We toured the inside of the old station which is a museum now and also the yard which is its own museum in a way. There's also an HO scale setup that began being built in 1971 and is still being modified to this day. I don't know how long the railroad has been in Northern New Hampshire but one of the buildings at this site dates to 1872. There was some information in the station showing that the logging industry was absolutely massive in that area back in the day. We finished off the excursion with an ice cream. Very very long-standing tradition with Trina and her family.
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    We just had our Local Benefit for Scottie yesterday! Lowell and our family wanted to share with you some pictures and a video of the Medford Concert Choir singing at his benefit. Please pay close attention to the front row. Here is the link to the video of the Medford Concert Choir singing: https://www.facebook.com/karol.borwege/videos/10214295569604868/?t=17 Scottie and Joette listening to the choir. Lowell and Bryan talking to our neighbors. S Scott's best friend Jacob Andrews and Lyn playing piano for the choir. A few members of Medford Concert Choir singing at the benefit. W Wheelhorseman is talking to joebob at our local benefit. These three young men from St. Mary's Catholic School came to volunteer their time and help out at our benefit. Scottie hanging out with his friends and their mom. Checking out the silent auction items! Love to see that smile, it never gets old. Love his amazing spirit! Our local benefit was for all ages. We had plenty of little ones and adults there as well. A few of the Medford Football players in line to eat before they work. The audience watching the choir sing. Take a moment and visit this link and learn more on what you can do to help this young man out!
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    I just moved into my new house (First House) about a month ago now. I now have 3.1 acres all of my own to do as I wish with and it feels awesome. I figured it was also time to use my C-160 I picked up last year and never used. It needed a good servicing and some little things fixed on it but all in all its in great shape and runs amazing. The 36 and 42" decks I have were not gonna "cut it" so last weekend I was able to score a super clean 48" deck to put on this tractor. I gotta say I am super thrilled with how well this tractor handles the 48" deck. It has done nothing but rain here and the grass was thick and over my ankles. This thing had no problem with it and made it look easy. C-160 Running
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    I just wrapped up my C101 project. Cleaned up, block bored .01, crank ground, new piston, rings, valves. Fixed the brake pad. New spring for clutch. New seat. Flushed trans new gear oil new boot replaced leaking axle seal New Deestone tires on back and Hi-Runs front. Straightened out wiring for lights. Picked up a decent 42 deck and new belts ready. Ready to go back to work again!!
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    What do ya do on a Sunday after cruising around all Saturday??? Go for another cruise right!! Dragged the Mud Booger outa the shed and went for a trail ride. It’s been raining most of the day so the woods were a bit “damp”
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    One or two of these should do the trick!
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    I had Radpferd on roller duty. After about 1.5hrs of putting around, I think he sipped down about a cup of fuel.
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    Jada took a parade lap with dear old Daddy! That Commando 6 sure does steer easy! Probably the best 80 bucks spent in quite a while!
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    There I was this afternoon minding my own business, when out of nowhere this crazy Horse just up and jumped in the bed of my truck Was hauling some stuff to the city dump today and stopped to visit with my friend Ray (from my C141 story) and our other friend Joe. Joe was telling me about this 753 he bought at auction the other day. I told him he better keep an eye on it cause as we all know they like to multiply, I started with 1 and ended up with 5. He told me I might end up with 6 after we go look at it, and that the main reason he bought it was he knew I would want it and he could trade me something for it. Ended up giving him his $150 dollars back that he paid for it and about three hrs labor on his truck this afternoon. This tractor has been in the area it’s whole life, being originally owned by the school, then was sold to another gentleman who used it until he was no longer able to, after which it sat in his garage up until his estate sale a few weeks ago
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    Trying to finish up on my wagon this weekend. This is what I have so far and hopefully can get it put together by tomorrow night. I really need this one done to clean up my 5 acres with.
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    Just picked up a '68 Commando 8 (1-4831) , with a 36" deck (5-2362) and a front mount plow (6-2133). Needs a little TLC, but couldnt pass it up. The gentleman was even nice enough to deliver it for me as well, and was super nice. Runs well (says it puffs a little blue when it starts), shifts fine, drives nice. Has the horizontal shaft 8hp Kohler. Need to get some belts for the deck, needs to patch a hole in the deck, and need to address some little things on the tractor itself (figure out why the tires are leaking, fix the seat), but should be a pretty easy repair to get her mowing again. I'll post some better pics later, but heres a teaser for now.
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    Our family has had a rash of deaths this year... I believe between my wife and I we’ve lost 6 family members in as many months. Various ages and causes, but still each one hard in their own way. Today my wife woke me up to tell me that she had to go to the hospital, her great aunt believed that her grandma was having a stroke. She’s currently stable, but is being admitted. Apparently she shows signs of having had a stroke but their still not 100% certain. She’s 69 years old. Later this morning, my FIL will go in to have his prosthesis replaced so that he can eat and talk properly (throat cancer survivor). It’s a routine out patient procedure, but so was the biopsy he he’d years ago that ended in an emergency treachyectomy. Today would’ve also been my father’s 55th birthday. I lost him 15 years ago, and then 55 seemed old, but today when I actually thought “Dad would’ve been 55” my first thought was “That’s still so young.” Today is going to be hard. I ask that today, if you will, please keep me and mine in your thoughts. Thank you all in advance, I wouldn’t have taken the time to ask if I knew you guys wouldn’t pull through for me.
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    Can't wait for the show to start
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    I recently rescued this from heading to the big pasture in the sky...was almost scraped out at local junk yard...some kids were working on the transmission and must not have been able to get it done. I have all the parts to get back running. So it is now in my herd. Number 4 in my collection..
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    Got my newest horse home today, thanks to MoreyToo on here for letting it go to a good home. My son wasn’t impressed it was red he wanted a green one lol sorry guys he’s only 3 and he’s a John Deere lil guy (there’s still lots of time to change him to a horse guy)
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    Mr brother , Travlndave (David Ralph’s )Wheel Horse chair!
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    I’m not a fan of brite shiny white rims at all, but the factory linen beige or almond color in my opinion does look great. This is my “patina” Commando with almond rims.
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    Finally took the Deuce off of Kelli’s RED (523Dxi) and slapped the monster 60” deck on there in time to help Caleb finish cutting the lawn. He was giving JackRabbit(418-C) a workout for the third time this season. Judge (my 8 year old) helped me do the switch over and so while Caleb and I were mowing, I let him wake up Vader (Super C) and tool around the yard awhile—staying away from us. That KT-19 sure sounds tough even just cruising the yard at half throttle!
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    I stopped by the South Mountain Fair Grounds this afternoon. The fire company was in there cleaning the grounds for the Apple Blossom Festival. They said there was a nest of sqounks in the back corner they were trying to flush out.
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    As many of you know, Emory is part of Trail Life USA troop 0413. We hosted our spring camporee at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA this weekend. Both dads and sons had a blast. No offense to anyone, but if you are looking for a faith based alternative to BSA, I encourage you to check out your local chapter. The pics below speak for themselves! Really tired, but mentally recharged for the week ahead! Now of to mow at Dad’s with the C125. No cell service 👍👍👍👍. Catch you tomorrow!
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    Well, according to my search, I picked up a Commando 6 yesterday. It’s been repainted and the fender was a little buggered up, but it has potential. It’s non running but has spark, so I’ll start with the fuel system and rid that of the varnish the is within. The P.O. said it was running in the yard, then died and he couldn’t get it running ever again. There are some quirky parts, but it’s got some character! Once running and driving properly, it’ll most likely remain similar to the way I picked it up.
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    Starting out with the cinnamon horse attached to the splitter. Trina and her mom are working on splitting up a small pile of the wood we cleared from the future horse stable. After we finish up in the driveway here we will pop the grader blade off of Trina's 867 and tow a couple trailers down into the forest. One is the splitter itself and another one for hauling the firewood pieces back up out of the forest where they go to dry. More pics to follow later but here's one to whet your appetite.
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