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    I think my granddaughter likes Grandpa's old Wheel Horse tractors. She loves rides around the property. 1054 was on the ride list the other night.
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    Hello all new to this forum. I have always loved Wheel Horse tractors as I live in the town where they used to be made. I have had a few over my life but I have the honor of being a third generation care taker of my grandfathers tractor which was bought new by him used by my father and now my father is getting to the age where he can't take care of it anymore and has passed it down to me. The only thing I need to find to make it all original again is the 6 horse tech/lauson engine for it as it has been transplanted with a different make of motor. Here is a picture of it coming out of hiding and going to be heading to my garage for a little tlc
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    Today was a perfect day for a tractor outing, mild temperatures and nice sunny skies..... Unfortunately this year's turnout was down from prior years. I took my 418-C for a little Kruisin in the sunshine. I enjoyed some time and conversation with member @turnnleft and his grandson. They always have a great display and my is the metal-flaked Suburban 400. The rest of his herd is outstanding too including his grandson's peddle RJ. This Cushman Auto Glide was one of many things that caught my eye. Wish they would have taken this early bike off the trailer so I could get a good shot of it. I know we have some chain saw collectors here, this is for you. here are some other garden tractors and other interesting stuff, enjoy.
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    Hello. One year ago I came across this abused but cheap Gutbrod 2500..... but immediately saw the potential for a vonversion to a D250. Much time and money has gone in to it, and I`m still not done. But I`l get there All the eigth bolts that holds the diff together was broken , but like a miracle the brass planetery gear was in one piece and no broke gears....some ugly wear, problaby from little and gunky oil, but it works. The ignition distributor was missing. Bought one from france....mounted it and it fired up. But after running it for a while, it was oil in the water and water in the oil Off with the cylinder head. It was bent like a banana, and previous owner had used the gasket over again Had the head milled down 0,4mm Back together with new gasket. Running fine, but now the oil was raising and smelled gas......gaspump was shot too. Engine was running nice, but there was something strange. The rpm got to high (Tractor was yet to be driven). Dismantled the gouvernor.....or whats left of it. Also the steering was pretty bad... First drive this summer with new rear wheels. Stripping some old paint to get ready for new I`m keeping the Gutbrod dash-style with the turnsignal and hazzard switch. Also gonna keep the turnsignal, cause I find them a bit cool. This is how it looks today. Painted hood and new tires in the front. Rear fenders where a mess. Built them up again so I could make a plug, to make a mold so I can cast a new one in fiberglas. this is how far I got, present time. I`ll have to rebuild the front Pto from a 6 splined to a axle with a keyway?? Cause I`m missing the the pulley mounted to the 6splined axle. Also the yokes in front I`m missing. found out that these are mouch easier to get with a standard 25mm bore and a keyway. If anyone know or can measure the outer diameter of the pulley mounted on the Pto axle I`ll appreciate that!!! I`m in the forum from time to time reading and watching all the nice tractors you have, and all the good work you are doing to them. My Suburban in weekly use. Here operated by my daugther. Love this little tractor Hope you enjoyed this reading. Best regards Christer
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    Would like to thank @Shynon for the lead in this one I couldn't pass up the deal I got. Came with a 12 inch plow and weights on the rear this tractor is sweet the tire set up I wouldn't want it any other way. Just have to find a motor and put it in. I'll post more pictures tomorrow
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    @19richie66 Rich, on many levels I want to thank you. First, to put together a give away for our supporting members is a very kind and generous thing to do. In doing so, it helps RedSquare members realize that there's more than just forum support that they are giving, but receiving value in non-forum areas as well. For those who aren't aware, many vendors provide discounts to supporters of RedSquare so supporting pays for itself over and over again. Second, the items you've crafted are truly beautiful. Having seen on up close and in person, I can say that I don't own a camera good enough to properly capture the craftsmanship. They are first rate. \ Finally - I'm very grateful that my number was chosen. For the others out here, no this was not rigged, I would not allow that to happen on this forum, I was just lucky that the second number chosen was mine. Personally and on behalf of RedSquare, thank you for putting this together. It was fun, and really showcases the contributions to our community are beyond tractor talk. I have always said that I am not here for the tractors, but for the people and I am always proud when this little place on the web represents the best the world has to offer. Thank you again! Karl
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    Scott, on behalf of the staff here at RedSquare, we offer you and your family our sincerest sympathy. In honor of Adam, I have placed his account in our Member at rest group where we will forever remember him. He was a supporter of this forum, and were very grateful that he chose our forum to share his hobby with. To help you in your efforts, I have given your RedSquare account supporter status for one year at no cost to you, ignore the emails you’ve received. This will allow you to post as many pictures of Adam’s tractors which you see fit. Karl
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    My wife and I went to New England last week for our twenty-fifth anniversary. While heading up through Connecticut in the dark we came up to a stoplight and my wife looked out the window and said "oh no" I looked over and saw a Wheel Horse dealer sign. We were twenty minutes from our hotel and it was late. I then told her, guess what we are going to do first thing in the morning?!! When we got up the following morning she said "I can't believe the first thing we are doing on our vacation is going to a Wheel Horse dealer!" Upon our arrival I met the owner of the dealership who informed me that his dad first started selling Wheel Horses around 1975-6. I told him about my addiction and he said that he might have some things I might be interested in. My wife who has zero interest in this stuff just stayed in the car. When I carried out the big two sided metal sign she was just shaking her head. So I scored the two signs, both of which I already have but I can't get enough Wheel Horse memorabilia, a door mat, front weight kit and a vacuum unit !! All for a reasonable price. I must say that the owner really couldn't have been nicer. He told me they had tractors stacked two high in his little showroom back in the hay day. I asked him if he had pictures and he said yes he would have to dig them out and text me the pics. I will post them as soon as I get them. Needless to say this was a great start to our anniversary vacation (at least for me !!)
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    A friend (Allis Chalmers GT guy) gave me a heads up over the weekend that the local indoor flea market had a set of ag tires in one of the booths. I was able to go shopping there today and kept my eyes open for them. For $75, I got a pair of 23 10.50-12 USA made Carslile bars, on what look like Cub Cadet rims that are pretty close to NOS(still some nubs on them). They really "beef" up the look of the custom Horse. Mike the Aspie
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    Ok Red Square supporters. If your name is in RED (or BLUE if you are an admin ), you are eligible for this “contest”. I have had numerous members on here give me parts, advice, friendship and memories to last me a lifetime. I believe in giving back. I had made myself a cup and a couple had seen it in a picture and wanted one. So I made some. This one here was an experiment to see if I could duplicate “patina”. I think it came out ok. It’s a 20oz stainless Ozark Trail cup. These are handmade so the clear coat is not always smooth as glass but they come out nice. So here is the giveaway. The “Patina Cup”. Post in here and each supporter will be given a number in order of posting and I will compile a list and try to keep it updated daily. I will use a number generator and pick the winner. If you are not in the USA, you will be responsible for shipping. Will be picking a number Sunday afternoon, October 21. Thank you Red Square for letting me hangout and make this place a part of my life. 👊 LET’S TAKE IT UP A NOTCH 👊 I have this 40oz jug I bought but I didn’t notice it had two small dents on the bottom till I got home. Oh well...... let’s add it to the game. First number picked will have a choice of the cup or the jug. Will draw a second number for whatever is left. ***DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE DISHWASHER OR BLEACH THEM***
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    Well besides picking a up B80 recently, I also had another friend give me a 1962 Cub Cadet Original project. So far it is coming along nicely, even had it started up. Some "Before and After" pictures. Still have a ways to go yet.
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    The girls and I were accompanied by my niece on a ride to grab some walnuts. After we crush them in the driveway, we’ll bury small piles in the field and hope for some seedlings come spring time!
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    Did my annual 3/12 horror scene. Went with a big old Homelite 450 for the amputation duty this year. The kids always enjoy it.
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    Having just become the new owner of Anglo Traction’s most immaculate C120, felt it only right to rejoin the Wheelhorse forum. Thank you Richard for doing the best restoration possible on this amazing machine. Simply stunning work every time you restore anything !!! Looking forward to using the C120, mainly for mowing and some hauling. Just too perfect to use really, but that is what they were designed and made for !!! will try hard to look after her.
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    Been checking the c-120 + deck over recently, changed over to turfs ready for it's departure. Need the space and so this had to go. So a few final pics before it leaves the home it was reborn in. It departed last Thursday pm - That's 50% of my WH Stock gone !................. I might have to find another to do when I've finished all the other projects. Not much time when you're retired.
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    To all those that have replied, I’m having a difficult time seeing the keyboard, looking through tear filled eyes, reading the kind and respectful words, you all have shared about my brother. He was a good man, and I’m glad some of you got to know him, through this great club. Karl, a sincere thank you for that, because that’s what I’m going to do. Adam really got to enjoy his collection of Wheel Horse tractors, the most I believe, when he lived in Tennessee on a 9 acre piece of land. Between cutting the grass, hauling whatever he needed to, stump pulling, or even grading, he’d tell me about it every time we spoke. There is one tractor that he worked on, as the last “big project”, he finished just before being diagnosed. He dismantled the tractor 100% to the last nut and bolt. He was an excellent mechanic. He reassembled it after thorough cleaning, painting, and replacing anything that wasn’t making the grade. Right down to the last sticker and zip tie, I think the Wheel Horse factory would be very proud of what it looks like. Its a perfect looking machine. At a point in time when he had a good idea of the horrible outcome of the situation, he had asked me to take care of that tractor in particular, because he knew I had a place to store it, protect it and take care of it,.......I’m still having a hard time seeing the keyboard. When I can see more clearly, I will upload all the pictures I took while I was there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone. Scott
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    Browsing through local craigslist ads and found this in St. Louis Missouri. Looks like somebody had a creative imagination. When was the last time you saw one of these!?
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    Took a 6 hour round trip today to grab this C-160 Auto. Someone took real good care of it as its in amazing shape. Engine runs like new. I am super impressed with it. Now I can't decide if I want to use this to run the snowblower or my almost complete C-161 with the 22hp predator. I was going to use my C-120 but not super excited about only having manual lift. That snowblower takes 2 hands to lift even with the helper spring. Looks like i have too many tough decisions.
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    Trina took this picture so she's not in it. That's a couple of our best friends to either side of me. This was taken almost at the end of a 7-mile hike that we did yesterday through a place called Ice Gulch in Randolph New Hampshire. This was an absolutely incredible hike. Huge amounts of bouldering and climbing and caving. I believe this was the best hike with the most fun and most challenge we've had that was under 10 miles. The two mountain bumps that you see on the right hand side of this barn are Mount Jefferson. Here's a few more pictures from the hike
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    I can't imagine NOT paying my supporter dues to this site...with all the great people and wonderful knowledge we share here...I went a few months in the black due to budget constraints, I was happier than a kid in a candy store when I could finally be back among the red again
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    This summer I had the AC 912H over at my son's new pole barn site doing some grader work. Had the job site Boss keeping a close eye on Grandpa's grading skills.
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    Fun with the kiddos horsing around today! Claudia got to drive Big Red around with the yard cart while her and the little boys cleaned up the remaining nasty old apples... They had fun making “making baskets” with the old apples it was about 45 degrees out but the sun made it feel like a comfortable late fall Wisconsin day. Won’t be long and we will probably be seeing at least traces of the white stuff on the ground. Meanwhile... Caleb and I plowed under the old strawberry garden. It was the first time plowing with Caleb’s Comanche and he had a blast. I was afraid that he was going to start plowing under the lawn when I had my back turned... I wouldn’t trade these days with my favorite little people for anything!
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    I only have one pic of teardown and this is where I'm at today, I've had the frame and tins blasted. I'm using a 5091 8 speed tranny that has 1-1/8" axles so I'm having the ends of the axles turned down to 1" so I can use the Ranger hubs. I decided to paint the rims rather than powder them so I don't scratch them up when mounting the rear tires. Like my last Ranger this Kohler will be recoil start.
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    This will be a picture “tutorial” of what I did to “widen” an eaton 1100 for my GT14. I wanted to replace the worn out sunstrand that was in it with a newer Eaton I had from a 520-H. The problem being is the stock gt14 rear transmission is 29-1/2” wide from axle tip to axle tip. The eaton is way narrower. I finally lucked out on a fix by accident and this is the way I did it. I will continue to add content as I can. This transmission is out of a 418-A I bought for parts. It is being widened in the same way to go in a 1054 for my wife. First I got it on the rotating stand I built. I then pulled the hubs which was a chore. After I got those off I degreased the transaxle and scrubbed all the gunk off of it. While the hubs were off, I installed lug studs in them, 7/16x20-2” tap bolts. loosen and removed the pump. This will also get a new pump to case gasket (part number 108319) upon reassembly. remove brake hub and bracket Split the case. Be careful pulling the case half off. The brake shaft can come out whith the case and there is a shim under it that can come off and end up in the bottom half. So here it is. The stock Eaton 1100 differential with axles. After you split the differential , you’ll find the left axle is 10” long. The right side axle is 13”. I then cleaned out the lower case and rotated it 180*. I inserted the whole axle/diff assembly into the axle housing backwards. This should give you the longer(right) axle facing up. Remove the four bolts hold the differential together. I removed the top axle, top diff case plate leaving the pinions in the bull gear and lower plate. Now remove the longer(right side) axle from the top differential plate. I then removed the shorter(left side) axle from the bottom plate and insert the longer (right side) axle in it’s place. Now take the shorter axle and toss it. I then took a D-160 axle(16-1/2”) and insert it back into the top differential plate. Reinstall it back onto the bullgear/differential assembly and reinstall the four case bolts. The bolts/washers come through the short side and nuts end up on the long side axle(right). Torque these to 35 ft pounds. If you remove the snap rings and gears off the ends of the axles, pay attention to the snap rings. They have a “sharp”side and a rounded side. The gears are also beveled. The above excerpt from the eaton manual shows the correct installation of these parts. I couldn’t get a camera to focus on the details. Long axle pointing up now. 👍 So now you should have an axle assebly that looks like this. A little over 30” from end to end. More on that in a bit. You see the old left axle laying on the ground. May as well install all new axles seals while it’s apart. These are part number 6449. I found these on ebay for less than $10 a pair. They are aftermarket but look identical to the original seals. They are double lip seals. We’ll see how they hold up. New brake shaft seal. CR 7443. New case gasket (part number 108312). Everything back in where it’s supposed to be. all back together with added width. Should be right about 5-5/16” to 5-3/8” sticking out the left side case. If you pull on the axles they will move back and forth a little. I go by 5-3/8” With that being the case, you end up having to cut about +\- 3/8” off the right side to get it the same as the left side. You will end up using a stock smaller keyway on the left side. You will end up with a larger D-180/GT14 size keyway on the right side. Doesn’t matter what hub you run they slide right on. You can use 4 lug Gt14/953/1054 hubs, 6 lug D series hubs or the standard 5 lug hubs. They all fit 1-1/8” axle shafts. Aldon runs 6 lug hubs on his GT22-8, I have 5 lug on my GT14 with custom wheels. Your choice. The 4 and 6 lug hubs are wider with more surface area on the axle. Again, you have a smaller keyway on one side and a larger one on the other. Just depends on what you plan to do with the tractor your putting it in. People have been abusing eaton 1100’s with the smaller keyway axles. Also, all the puller preferred 8 speed transmissions have the smaller keyways too. Your choice. There you have it. A “widened” Eaton 1100 that will now work in a GT14 (of course the linkage and connecting parts will have to be modified a little). This one as said before will be going in a 1964 1054. That is what has to be cut off for the hub to sit even with the axle. This is what the cut is like. This is after the axle is cut and filed down. That’s it. I have been asked about this several times and wanted to make a video but I don’t have a camera man to help film so I guess this will have to do. Hope this answers some questions that some have had. I’ll continue on later about the linkage if anyone wants to see that. Any questions, ask away.
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