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    About 5:30 last night my father in law called, my jokingly nature was quickly distinguished when I learned that my mother in law had been hit by a truck checking the mail. I made the 6 or 7 mile trek to their house in about 4 minutes, to find her in the ambulance and police taking statements. A vehicle was stopped in the road to turn left into a private drive directly across from their driveway so she proceeded to open the mailbox. A too fast to stop truck decided it safe to pass the Tahoe on the right, clipping her. I was so relieved to see her in that van moving her legs and able to focus and speak. Those are things we brag about when babies start growing. We shouldn’t have to be excited when the rest of our family is able to perform those functions because someone wasn’t paying attention, or driving too fast. She’s got 6 broken ribs and a punctured right lung with some air in her chest cavity, but expecting 6-8 weeks of intense pain and a full recovery. Call your parents, or kids or siblings. Remind them that you love ‘em. I’m glad to still have that ability today.
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    My baby girls 1st birthday was last weekend (19th), but we pushed her party back because of the forecast (🙄). We decided on a Unicorn theme.... now isn’t this just the cutest “horse” you’ve ever seen?? Figured some baby pictures would brighten up this overcast day haha!
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    Well here in western New York we got about 16" of snow , I finally got to try out the C81 tractor I picked up in the fall , no chains just wheel weights and my fat but in the seat and it did awesome , nothing better than plowing with a small hp motor
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    When I seen Medowfied's long haul dolly axle made from WH from axles, it made me remember, I have a project out under a tarp that needs finished. I took two old frames butted together, welded, then cut a piece of pipe and connect the steering rods, made a tongue, steering linkage and viola......4 wheel, wheel horse cart. I need to paint it up an install some accessories, try to finish it this spring.
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    I had this idea years ago and started it a few years ago. Not sure if anyone has ever done the same, I found the parts and started to put it together the other day.... I might just have to finish it. thought I’d better share before I lose the pics from my phone! First adding new 3/4 axles through an old front axle Then welding end stops to bolt them to Wheel mounts like so Building the axle carriers - typical these welds won't ever be seen! reaming the holes to 3/4 to take new pins First test for articulation Now to work out the drawbar - and a hitch for the back of Bendy
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    Was 14 this morning. Ground is finally frozen hard enough to do some work. L107 hauling away the third trailer load of Ash tree. The little guy is a hard worke rand starts better in the ecol than anything else I have. This 14 inch is the first of a whole bunch of tees that have to come down...Emerald Ash Borer. Some are bigger and lean in bad ways. Will have to get the M-37 and her 4000 lbs winch to make sure the go the right way.
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    753 & 1054 were both out playing in the snow yesterday. Already for the possible Big Snow we have coming to Michigan on Monday.
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    FYI A surprise finding of New Old Stock 32 inch 5-7321 Mower Decks (maybe 5) used on 1957, 1958, 1959 (RJ's, 1960 Suburbans and 1961 - 701's has been located, Not sure what the value of these might be and was surprised to see them in original boxes with all the original parts including drive belt, deck wheels and belt guard for the deck on the tractor. I never knew that the mower decks were painted all red underneath when coming from the factory. The 5-7321 Manual say these were made in 1969 by Wheel Horse but that they wer for the early (1957 to 1961) garden tractors. So the dealers must have had requests for replacement decks at that time in 1969.
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    Design by Nathan Amyx & Barry Gundlach started as a basket of 854 parts. powered by 6.5 predator with build kit. Currently produces appx 11-12 hp. The larger wrench on left side is hand clutch. This has right foot throttle control. Yes, it’s pretty fast. I’m really happy with the way this turned out. My entire collection is Wheel Horse Custom Modified’s. This fits right in.
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    Got the 2 stage hooked up on the C160. I tried to put it on the C195 but the frame is to long. This C160 had this setup on it last winter by the previous owner. Mounted the D series plow blade on the C195 along with a wieght box. Loader has chains on it just incase I need to move snow banks.
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    Hello all, Saw this today while on a service call... wonder how well it works and the reliabilty factor... Take one late 80s GMC Jimmy, 1 Fisher head gear setup, 2 kohlers, 2 JD snow blowers and a welder... Wallah 1 snow eating contraption Tony
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    No, I didn't have one. Just wanted to get the attention of all you wood burners with indoor stoves. I took advantage of the warm temps Sat and Sun and left my stove cool down so I could get everything clean before the big freeze this morning. I could tell with the reduction in the draft that mine was due for a good cleaning. Most of my build up is in the 8" pipe between the stove and chimney. Be safe.....keep em clean. And no , I don't keep the stove doors open. They are only open to load the stove and for PHOTO OPS.
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    Shut the roads down they said. Pfft, I’m taking this to work in the morning.
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    Not the horse, but the hauler........ Got bored and made some “carbon fiber” window decals. Now the hauler is official. 👍
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    My uncle has a 1948 Farmall H. It’s the real life version of the toy I had as a kid that made me love tractors. I don’t know all the history of it, but I do know that it’s been in the family for some time. I’d asked my aunt to send me some pictures of it, and she’d found these great shots she’d taken of it, and I figured they’d be well received here. Enjoy!
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    Nicely built wheelhorse truck . Runs and drives great . Was built with a+ craftsmanship . Nice show cruiser or good to even use . (860)681-3610
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    Same story here. Been lurking on the sight. Grew up mowing camp on Lake Champlain with WH. Seems hard to locate one in Florida. Few months looking came home with this one yesterday. 1973-14hp (no name). model#10340 Looks like motor tag was K341S Serial #71106a maybe? Drive looks to be WH#5073-6 speed, low and high gear. 42" deck. Not a spot of rust on the machine is why I brought it home. Few questions... 1) What did I buy? Hard to gather some of the info on this unit-certainly not most popular one. 2) Will be mowing one acre 10 months a year very regularly with lots of leaves. Can I change deck to a side discharge to add a bagger to help pick up oak tree leaves? 3) Where is the best place to get parts? Would like to have a replacement set of belts/filter/blades on the shelf. 3) Besides cleaning carb, fluids, filters, any other tips for improving motor response to throttle? Do not seem to be able to engage blades in 3-high..the load wants to bog down motor.. Anyways, sorry to ramble. Eager to get ready for long growing season and figure out what we brought home to the garage. Thank you.
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    Some of you know my story about my introduction to the wheel horse family. But most don't know . I had a Craftsman tractor that I purchased in 1998 with a 19hp briggs and stratton engine. I used it for cutting grass and plowing snow for about 17 years, but I sold it 3 years ago and it still ran great. (Maintenance, Maintenance ) I wanted a really heavy duty tractor just for plowing and another for cutting grass. I started researching tractors online and I did look at a couple 70's cubs that I thought were built like tanks. But we're priced to high for what was there. My sister in law called and said there was an estate action and there was riding mowers. So I went . An old man had died and left 5 or 6 riders most were John deere's. The lady said $50 00 each stupid me i should have taken them all. But I saw l little red tractor and a bigger red tractor and they were in high grass over grown almost missed them. She said $50.00 for both of them. The little lawn ranger and the c160 was in bad shape. But the c160 I thought would make a good plow tractor. So I started disassembling it and was amazed at how well it was built. But I needed a source of information on how to repair or replace all the bad for new or rebuilt. I went online and typed my questions and was reading the answers. It was Redsqure where I found answers to every thing,diagrams,pictures and knowledge I needed. So I joined and started asking about how to repair my c160. I found concerned people going out of there way to help me. That really impressed me so I became a supporter. It's been about 3 years since I reconditioned it and it has served my well since. I know JD's and Club's are great tractors and I do have a cub for mowing only but only my wheel horse's do the hard work. My C160 has not failed to start and push the snow . That's why it's my WONDERFUL WHEELHORSE C160
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    I was looking on CL for a new mower, and stumbled upon Putt Putt in it’s formal glory. Then as most, found RedSquare.
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    A job came up where I thought I have just the tool for the job. Despite it not being finished, I welded a makeshift drawbar on my project trailer... the job in question: move this 20ft telegraph pole up through the fields so we ended up with bogie that was strapped to the pole. and towed 500ft up the field, job done! video here:
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    I bought this tractor around october and did quit a bit to get it up and running. I took the blade off the c141 and let the 854 have a go. Even though I didn't put the chains on yet and add some more weight to the rear it did amazing well. I realize that it's a fluffy snow and not very deep but the heavy stuff up by the road was no issue. I amazed at how well this little 8 hp did.
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    I picked up the March issue of Diesel Power magazine, and found this! It’s only taken 10 months since I submitted and about a month ago I gave up hope. This was taken long before it hauled 4 tractors or trekked to PA.
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    Does anybody else have a beaver! The garden tractor that is! I have 3 of them. They were my late dads! They are the most unique tractors. My late dads family had them when he was a kid! the last 2 photos are my grandpa henry bottjer pulling my dad around when he was a kid, then my great grandpa pulling him around. I have a rope start, electric start, and one with a hood and steering wheel! The tractors i have are from the 50's and early 60's if i remember correctly. My late adopted dad was born in 1962.
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