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    I spent the weekend at my BILs new cabin. He built the cabin on top the mountain behind the farm.
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    Not big on blowing smoke but I thought it would be good to throw out some props to the WH guys I've come across in my short 5 years or so of getting into the Reds. Pretty amazing to me.....probably crossed paths with 20+ people that are passionate about owing and restoring. One guy was the next street over from me. To a man (not found a WH gal yet but I'm sure they are out there) they are the most honest and genuine people that I have ever come across. Totally normal guys that just love the WH brand. A joy to meet these people.......just sayin
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    Finally got this tractor in my possession and home. Been trying for 4 years to buy this tractor. Fellow Junkie released it to me for reasonable price. This tractor needs a lot of TLC. Was running on starter fluid several weeks ago. Now it is snowing and everything is froze. Hopefully this weekend we will get back to the 50s and will thaw everything out. Pretty sure transmission is froze up. Really bad thing right now is it is sitting on my trailer and can't get it to move. But...it is at least at my house now and hopefully start getting it back to its glory. Last picture is of it just after being power washed at the local car wash.
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    Recently I got pretty frustrated by the price of chute retainer clips. Realized my friend has a 3D printer and we got to work. I feel like the time I've spent trying to find obscure parts mixed with the fact that they are priced absurdly once found is just not acceptable. Here is our first finished piece with a few strength updates. Any ideas for parts or pieces are welcome. Think I just added a secondary hobby to my hobby.....
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    Got it all home.... it’s still in the trailer, it’s going to get unloaded tomorrow.
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    I am hoping to pick this up Saturday 11/24/18. Will be a fun little project. Know it needs a carburetor and I'm sure a few other things. Will know more this weekend. This is all I have as of now. Know we all like pictures...LOL
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    @Machineguy, @PeacemakerJack, @WHX21, @Ed Kennell, @ebinmaine Today was opening day of firearms deer season in both WV and VA...I have not pulled the trigger in 4 years...here's what showed up 20 minutes after I sat down in my ladder stand today...I believe you will get a good laugh at the first picture if you read the sign in the camper window...I'm sorry if any of the pics offend anyone, Jeff.
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    My build tread " V drive pulley for 13 hp Predator"
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    Took scrap in today and seen this cub near office with weights on. Tires were shot. So I bought the weights. Paid 20 bucks for them lol
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    I’d like to file this under “Wheel Horses attract some pretty awesome people”..... in this case, Chris G. Here’s the story: I was reviewing posts on the site earlier this week, saw one from Chris G, and noticed that he lived in Batavia, NY. I have an 80-something-year-old aunt in Batavia, currently in a physical therapy/rehab facility there. Seeing Chris’s post made me think about sending him a message, introducing myself, telling him about my aunt, and asking him if, by chance, he happened to go by the facility, would he consider stopping in and saying “HI” to my aunt for me. He replied, and to my surprise, he told me that he lived within sight of that facility, and he would be more than happy to go see my aunt! He even offered to take her some flowers and a box of chocolates! Now, what are the chances of a complete stranger (outside of our WH interests) not only living close to another forum member’s relative, but also being SO WILLING to make a visit to someone else’s aunt!?!?! Chris and I have shared a lot of information about ourselves and about my aunt. I called the facility and spoke to her caretakers, made sure that a surprise visit by Chris was OK, and figured out a good time that fit Chris’s and my aunt’s schedules. So, Chris will be visiting my aunt Monday! I cannot WAIT to hear about the visit from Chris, and I will LOVE hearing what my aunt has to say after it is done! I don’t get to see my aunt very often, as she is in NY and we are in Arkansas, so this offer to visit by Chris really means a LOT to me! My hat is off to Chris!! I wanted all of the folks here to know that Chris is a shining example of the kind of people that Wheel Horses attract, and publicly thank him from the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU, CHRIS!!!!!! You are one FINE individual!!
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    Some may have seen my C-121 aka The Black Horse on here. I purchased the tractor off my Southern mate Chris Sutton, sight unseen and he brought it up to the Newby Hall show 5-6 years ago. It ran, drove and entered the line up in the Wheel Horse Round up. And then home hoping swmbo wouldn't notice there was an extra tractor on the trailer. Unloaded and in the workshop, the intended restoration began. This will be a condensed version. It took me a year to complete. Until a pile of bits lay on the workshop floor. One thing I did find, that neither Chris or I had noticed, was a lot of play in the left side rear axle. The needle bearing was shot. After separating chassis and trans, the box was stripped and rebuilt. That job deserves a thread of it's own. So it may get one at some future date. After the trans was back together, the tractor rebuild could continue. First the chassis got a lick of paint after the trans was rebuilt. Agricultural tractor enamel brush painted. BTW. All parts were grey primed first. Some by brush and some by rattle can. The tower was next. Getting a good prep first. To be continued. Photo's seem to have got a bit mixed up. But never mind.
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    I decided to make the auction find 1267 into our dedicated plow rig. Here's today's work... More to come tomorrow.
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    This is a 1986 K-20, 8600 GVW, 4 Wheel Drive 4 Speed, LT9 350, 4 Barrel with YE9 Silverado Trim Package that I Factory Ordered in March of 86 and took delivery in June 86. This Truck was only used in 3 New England winters since i purchased it new. The original paint had some issues and I had it redone in 2016. The Interior is original other than the installation of a GM Headliner which was replaced due to separation from the foam in 2000. It now has 104,000 miles on the original drive train, clutch included. This Pickup has been an unbelievable, reliable & fun truck, All this for $14,850.00. They sure knew how to build a truck at the Janesville, Wisconsin plant. Thank You for taking time to check this truck out. Jim
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    My Dad bought this tractor used circa 1969. It’s been in our family since then (with an partial restore in the mid ‘70s) and I fully inherited it when I retired in 2012. My brother and I spent the last year tearing her apart, repainting her parts, getting new parts when needed, and getting new decals for her. It was a labor of love and a tribute to our Dad. I won’t inundate you with the myriad pictures we took: here is the before and after photos. Thanks to this forum for the guidance. Speical thanks to Shynon for the center cap for the steering wheel. Kudos to Ken Bergren, Inc in Williamsport, PA for the help with various parts.
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    Well... I've been scrolling past these two wheel horses for a few weeks. One of the tractors is a C160, the other a C120. Both hydros. They'd been posted for 6 months, so I figured they were gone, but I inquired anyways. $600 for the C160, $500 for the C120. That was more than I figured they were worth, so I forgot about them. Checked back a few days ago, and they'd dropped the price of the C160 to $300 and the C120 for $225. After messing with my GT-14, a friend of mine became interested in WH's. He decided he wanted the C160, so I figured I'd buy the C120. Both are supposed to be good running tractors, and they have new Exide "classic" automotive batteries on them (Which are about $100 a piece). The C160 needs a starter; the shaft snapped as can be seen in the picture. The handle to engage/disengage the hydro is also broken. The C120 unfortunately has a Tecumseh, but is supposed to run good. I can always put a Kohler on it if I have issues. I believe both have 42" decks that appear to be in amazing shape. One deck has Toro on it, so I know it's newer. As an unexpected, but welcomed bonus with the tractors was an extra attach-a-matic with mule drive, which will go on my GT-14 for when I find a deck. They were about 2 hours from my house, but about 15 miles from my moms place, which I was going to anyways for thanksgiving. They're sitting outside but I won't have a chance to mess with them much until I go home on Friday. How do y'all think I did? I haven't found a mower deck, let alone a complete tractor for $200, so I don't think I got hurt too bad.
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    Used the Burb as a Christmas piece today!
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    From working in a factory to back yard builds, some of this hardware could be very useful. Which bolt would help you out the most???
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    Hi everyone just want to introduce myself. I hope this is the right place to post this. My name is Bob Demko. I'm from Honey Brook Pa. I been fooling with cars since I was about 8 years old. I was a auto mechanic for 27 years. I'm now 62. I always wanted to get involved with garden tractor restoration. And or pullers. I really think that the Wheel Horse tractor is the nicest looking and the best built garden tractor there is. I Don't know to much about these. But I am learning a lot just buy looking over this great forum. I hope that you guys wont mind to help this old bird out. Because I know that I will have a lot of questions to be asked. And I do really appreciate it. My friend at work has a 1978 -1979 C-81 with front plow. With 8 speed. And 8 horse Kohler. Its been sitting behind his shed for about a year or so. He said it ran when he parked it there. It looks like CRAP now. It hasn't been running for a while. But I would do a full restoration on it. I would want to put Carlisle Agg tires on rear and 3 rib on front. He said give him $150.00 for it. Do you think I could find a dash panel for it ? Looks like somebody drilled a hole in it. Plus I need a seat ! I think it still has the original tires on it. There flat in the back. I guess take the tank off and clean it out first. Would you guys take the exhaust and muffler off to see if there's any mice nest in there? Let me know guys what you think. And what you would do. Would it be a good one to restore ? Any help would be appreciated. He used that to plow his driveway. Until he bought a 4x4 ATV. I will try to post some pictures if I know how. I am not to good with the computer.
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    Title says it all, building up another horse - but trying to make it a little special... so bought these bad boys! 27x10.50-15 BKT skid power HD - hoping I can squeeze them onto a set of GT14 wheels. so I set about making an adapter from 5 stud to 4 stud, but the pcd is close and the holes clash- so it's a little tricky. so had the bright idea of making making my own hubs. Cue big taperlock sprocket! i think it was a lot easier than making the adapters and those taperlock bushes are going nowhere!
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    Well as some of you may seen, i had a add up in the other brands section of the classifieds. it was to help a gentlemen out. His son had passed away and left a large collection of tractors. he was a big wheel horse and speedex fan. Well i helped the gentlemen clear it all out and it was alot. At the end of it all, all i took was the stuff i purchased. Even though i drove 45 minutes one way every time something sold or someone came to look, to make sure a fair deal was made for both parties. Well to my surprise i was up there the other day and was given this book that him and his son each got a copy of at the big show a few years back. Then he tells me that the 1056 that was there is mine for helping out. I told him i would pay for the 1056 and he said nope, he only told me it was sold cause he wanted me to have it. He said the 1056 was something his son really liked and and always wanted to get going and keep original as possible, with keeping in mind that somethings would have to be changed due to condition. it has a 12 hp kohler on it, which im ok with. the rear fender pan is completly shot. it rusted all the way through unfortunatley. But i found something there that will work and will suit the need and i think will make him happy when i show him it. im gonna go kinda custom with it but preserve the patina. he said he knew i had to have it when he seen my reaction to the bug lights. he says it takes a special person to like those. but i got it home now and will start a thread on it soon.
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    Snow plowing and the harsh weather can take its toll on our (my) machines...so I always have a second plow tractor ready and waiting in the shed. Ive sold off quite a bit of my stock and only have two machines that I would want to work hard and plow with. So my C-105 gets the job of second fiddle. Two ply turfs in the rear with 50# weights on the outside and steel pipe flanges that weigh in around 18# on the inside of the rim. With 65-68 pounds I can avoid chains. Pics of course....
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    They're all best to restore and collect. I dont mean that to be smart either, I say that because I truly mean it. They're all great machines in their own way. I personally have a love of the short frame square hood tractors, for example the 855 through the commando 8. I love the 8hp kohlers, but I've had my share of rj's too. Neat little tractors. I know this probably doesn't help much but I guess I'd say the best wheel horse to collect is whichever one you like the best.
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    The wife tells you that you can buy another tractor!! 😂
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    I thought it would be too easy and for the first time ever, it WAS.! Now, where is the white stuff?
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    Getting my new to me 314 Wheel Horse tractor ready for winter duty. All new tires on the tractor. Painted up the muffler and motor tin, putting new foot rest material ( skateboard tape) and placing my 42 inch snowplow on it . Good running tractor with less than 600 hours.
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