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    So grateful to be back at the Fairgrounds for the 2022 WHCC Show! It was rainy at first but the sight of all the red tractors and people who came to enjoy the show early made the long rainy trip worth it! Sun came out later and it was great to see the early attendees everyone and riding tractors around and getting ready for the tractor parade tomorrow! A peek at the raffle tractor is also included in the pics
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    Looking at some pictures from the Fawn Grove show, reminded me of an incident that's worth relating to you guys. You see the guy in the green shirt on the right side of this picture. Just as he got to the top of the hill near me, the left front wheel fell off his electric wheel chair. He is handicapped. A quick look and I see a broken off bolt in the end of the axle. I didn't have the proper tools(drills and easy-outs) with me, but found an old wood chisel and a tubeless tire hole cleaner tool. Tapping with these, After about a half hour, I was able to get the bolt to move about a 1/4 turn, but was not having much success getting it out and was near giving up. By this time a small crowd had gathered and a young lad, maybe 12yo, said let me try. He laid down on his side and using the tire awe as a punch and by tapping with skill , he backed the broken bolt out in about 15 minutes. The bolt was a 7mm that is not common in my tool box, but we found the basket on the back of his buggy was attached with two plastic knobbed 7mm bolts. A few 5/16 washers for spacers and the wheel was securely back in place. The old gentleman looked at me and was reaching for his wallet. I pointed to the lad and he was rewarded. There is hope for this world........teach those kids to pull wrenches and be self sufficient.
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    After filling my Chevrolet 1 ton pick up and 2 gallon fuel can up with gas Wednesday then paying $147.00 to do so ..... yes I was upset. I wondered just how many people would show up this year for the Wheel Horse Show? We had left at 4:00am here in Richmond and headed north, yes it was a little misty once in a while but then the weather got worse the further, we drove. I figured the rain would stop once we got over the Catoctin Mountain well the weather still was not good. Right before we got to the South Mountain Fairground's I was nervous to look over to the right from the road to see into the parking lot and just wondered .... was anybody going to be there? Whew I saw trucks with trailers with Wheel Horses on them I thought ok there's enough to be called a show. Even standing in the rain talking with all the Wheel Horse folks was fun but I noticed the attendance was down a little .... was it the rain? Once the weather broke in the afternoon the fairgrounds started to fill up with Wheel Horses but still way below normal. Friday morning the sun came out and so did the Wheel Horses, fairground was filling up. I was flabbergasted at the amount that showed up! Never thinking the show would turn out so big. The signature white pants and shirt went on and I went to work. Before the parade I did make a commentary about Americans worked hard for their money and dang it they were going have the fun they earned too! The parade was fun and again a big Thanks to Jo and Linda for the help. Believing that people have been couped up too long and they wanted to just get out and have fun. With the RJ-58 being the featured tractor next year where else would be a good place then at the show to find a RJ-58 raffle prize tractor. Daryl Horning and I found two RJ-58's at Jason Reigner's supply of used Wheel Horses for sale in the flea market section, now we had to do some negotiating because we only wanted certain parts from both tractors but an agreement was made and we taught a few youngsters to art of negotiating. Ok so now I have a wrenching project on my hands that had to get done. Since we are at the show we are going to have fun with this, with microphone in hand I made a bet to see if anyone could guess how many minutes it would take before I would get grease on my white pants and the winner, I would buy lunch for. Well Craig tried to get grease on me by getting his hand dirty first then grab me and Jay in NC ran up to me with a squeeze bottle of gear oil and shoot me with it! Afterward the youngster taking the names and times told me that six people came up to her and said "he will not get his pants dirty, we have seen him do this before". Once the general member ship meeting was over it was time to get back to business, the ice social and the Cruise Night with the oldies music playing over the loud speckers! I love to watch the expression's on people faces who have never seen it or been in it before ..... it's like watching kids on Christmas morning all having fun. The Cruise Night somehow takes people away from all the problems of world so they can have fun on their Wheel Horses. It amazed me that when Daryl and I signaled the cruises that it was time to shut down by waving our hand across our necks that people signaled back with the thumbs up sign meaning "ok will do" and they did. Yes I was impressed by that. Saturday was the last of the buying a short parade and then the raffle prizes given away. Packing up to go home is always hard because of all the people I want to talk to, next year's show is coming, and I can't wait for the 25th Annual Wheel Horse Show! Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    I happened to see this jewel sitting out by the road...Surprise, surprise! I stopped and had a look see and chatted with the owner for a bit and doing my very best not to let him know I had only been looking for an original condition 78-79 C-161 hydro with the hydraulic lift and sleeve hitch for 10 years or more. I thanked the the gentleman for his time and said I would think it ovr, took his phone number and continued to head home. I jumped onto east 101, a 4-lane limited access highway in Manchester NH and quickly accelerated to 75+ to keep from getting mowed over by traffic and I noticed these strange lights gaining on me fast in the rear view (My other half doesn't believe me). When I looked again this little yard tractor was about 5 feet from my rear bumper with a bright blue flame shooting out of the red-hot muffler glowing in the front grill, I sped up to 85+ and it hung with me for the entire one-hour drive home. When I parked in my driveway, the beast pulled up to my side door and began revving its power plant and crackling loudly. It acted hungry, so being the humanitarian type, I fed it some high-octane food and she settled down beside the storage (hoarding) building and went to sleep. I decided to take it nder my wing and get 'er back on solid footing with some counseling, a warm bed and made a doctors appointment for the following day to have it checked over. No one believes this mysterious encounter, but it happened, and I have the a picture or two for evidence! The doctor gave it a good checkup and gave me a couple of scripts and let him know the following week on her condition. Doc said it was in great shape internally but needed a good bat and maybe some skin cream. The Machine, named "tag-a-long" runs as new and the only issue is a rear axle seal weeping and tired engine mounts. Not sure if I feel like giving it some skin cream yet, would you? Or should I leave it in its current clothes? It has been stored inside a garage since new and everything is well greased and lubed. It also came with a decent 42" RD mower that is fairly solid. So, without further convincing, here are the picture s that I entered into evidence. wh2-Edit-Edit.tif
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    I built our grandsons a Lawn Ranger a few years ago so when our granddaughters came along they needed a Ranger of their own.
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    Decided to take a few pics of my 1257, touched up a few spots and tried to clean it a little. Also added a few things since last time I posted pics of her. Ordered a few decals from "redoyourhorse." Looking forward to those. Got more to do to her.
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    Some pictures from Thursday at the Big Wheel Horse Collectors Club Sow. A little dreary and misty at startup. Light rain off and on until the afternoon but plenty of Wheel Horse enthusiasm.
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    The weather couldn't have been better and we had a great turnout.
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    I was wondering what a post topic would produce of where your Wheel Horse has perhaps traveled to? I always appreciate the Red Sq's various family photos - especially of the children and grandkids out riding the horses themselves, or with a Dad or Mom -- or in the lap of a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or older sibling! So thought you get some entertainment from a horse taking a drive to school. Here are 2 photos of my grandson's 520HC taking him to school this week -- of course perfectly parked in the school lot -- but I'm disappointed the school didn't have a designated hitching post for horses.
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    My wife taught in the same school and school room for over 35 years. This slave clock was there all of those years ticking away. In her last year they decided to change the system so it was removed . She asked for it and brought it home. It’s been here for quite a few years now A short time ago finally got a movement for it and it’s working again in the shop. It’s got a date inside of 1923. We are quite fond of it.
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    Brought this old girl home yesterday, found her for a dear family friend. She will spend a little time here until she & all her attachments have a clean bill of health, then off to her new home for work duty in the garden & yard.
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    Hi everyone. I figured it's about time I formally introduce myself. I've been a member here for a few years but just never felt I had much to add to the absolute wealth of knowledge here. Thanks to all who make this community so special. I just recently finished a project that I started over COVID . I had to stop and restart several times because life has a way of getting in the way sometimes and like a lot of my projects this one suffered from mission creep as I decided to do more than I originally planned. But I'm finally finished. It's a C120 8 speed. I started with a craiglist special that started and ran but was very smokey. I replaced the piston, rings, and valves and put a new carb on it. Not satisfied with the appearance, I tore it all apart and sanded down to bare metal, primed and painted it. I've been around Wheel Horses since I was a kid and I have a C121 that I use to mow, plow snow, and rototill but I've never done anything quite this extensive. I couldn't have done this project without this community. So a big thank you is in order. I learned a lot over the course of this project and really enjoyed it. It's actually kind of therapeutic after spending all day long staring at my computer screens doing CAD work. Here are before and after photos. Kevin
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    I've long the dreamed of having a full set of cast iron wheel horse weights for the 1973 no-name I use for plowing snow. Being a practical man of modest means, I had settled for generic cast-iron rear weights and plastic front weights. But last year, my dream partially came true when in a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story, I acquired a front set of weights for free. My dream was completed about 18 hours ago when I picked up a set of rear weights. Tuesday night, I saw a new Craigslist ad for a set of rear weights with chains. The asking price was $150. I immediately emailed the person, saying I'll take them at that price and gave my phone number. I assumed they were already gone, but about three hours later I got a call from an older gentleman. They weren't gone after all. We didn't have a mutually available time the next day, but set a time to pick them up Thursday morning. I drove back on a long driveway through the woods, to come upon a clearing of his house, detached garage, and numerous sheds. It was a place I would have loved to own. I pulled up to the garage, whose doors were open, and saw a man working inside. I introduced myself, and made a little small talk. He was 81 years old, owned the property for 53 years, and spent most of his working life at a Wheel Horse dealership. We talked Wheel Horses for a while. He said at one time he owned 12, but was starting to sell them off, and had one that he thought I might be interested in. We walked over to a shed, and inside were several Horses, but the one in front was the one he wanted to show me. It was a Lawn Ranger, in completely original (and excellent) condition, except for having an 8 hp Kohler. Another modification was the pulley sizes. He said it went really fast. I asked how much he might want for it, and and he said probably $500. I was all ready to ask where the nearest ATM was, because it would have fit in my wife's Subaru that I came in (she's in Florida this week, which gave me a little breathing room to buy stuff). But then he said, "I don't want to sell it now, I use it to go to the mailbox". Dang! Then we walked around to different sheds, with each one having one or two stashed inside. They were all in excellent original condition, original paint and no rust. I was drooling. He ended up showing me close to 12, so he either originally had more than he thought he did, or sold fewer than he thought he did. The guy knew Wheel Horses. I asked him if he was on any online forums. I got the answer when I had to explain what an online forum was. That was sad, because I thought of the wealth of knowledge that is going to die with him when he eventually passes. He wasn't ready to sell anything else today, and I didn't want to pressure him, so I'll be sure to be on the lookout for the next time he posts on Craigslist. Thank you Will, you made my day. No, you made my week..
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    Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, the last remaining Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, died Wednesday. He was 98. Men like him made it possible for us to be pursue happiness and live free. I just hope that their memories and sacrifices won’t be lost to revisionist history.
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    I just want to commend @jimkemp Jim Kemp. I bought one of his fantastic mufflers six years ago when I was putting together my little rat rod tractor. I had a nice roller with no engine at the time and my dad had a predator sitting on the shelf not being used for anything so I put that in there and I wanted a muffler. I bought one from Jim for, I think, $50 at the time which is an incredible price. I started noticing a tinging type rattle from the front of my tractor when I was driving it and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from for the longest time. One day last week I was pushing it out of the basement just to move it out of the way and I could hear it when the engine wasn't running so I did some shaking around on the machine and I finally figured out that the baffle inside the muffler was loose. I contacted Jim and he immediately asked if I could ship it back to him so he could inspect it. He said he had improved the design since my muffler was built. He cut open the muffler, repaired it for free, and shipped it back to me along with my shipping cost to reimburse me. On top of that he put a fresh coat of paint on it before he sent it back. I just wanted to say that so that everybody can hear how he treats his customers. I could not ask for a better experience. Here’s a before and after picture. Sorry for the bad angle on the after shot.
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    @Wild Bill in VA I know he’s not looking for any recognition here but let’s face it, he basically makes the show complete. Without Bill the parade would not be what it is. His knowledge of every tractor that comes past him in the parade is truly impressive. For many, including myself it’s kind of the pinnacle of being a proud Wheel Horse owner being in the parade and being interviewed by Bill. He truly makes everyone in that line of tractors feel special, regardless of what they are driving. Although I was not able to attend this year’s show I’ve only missed three since the start of it. I don’t believe anyone else can pull off wearing that pure white outfit and command ( not demand ) the respect that he and our tractors deserve. Honestly just wanted to say “Thank You Bill Pearson for making the Wheel Horse show great!” God bless you Bill !
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    Between the mower and the mowee there are 120 years of mowing experience and still learning. The mower is still going strong. Not so sure about the mowee! Gary
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    Arrived Thrus. Morning. Little damp. Bob Maynard looking for the cookie bars! HHHOOOWWWAAARRRDDD!!! (Otherwise known as "The Pope") holding court! Rhubarb pie social at the "Hospitality tent" JRBlanke as the " taster" Pullstart the Fashion Plate! Lane and Jim looking for more Horsepower "Pope Mobile" Stevebo and Brennan "Easy rider" @rjg854 Couple more shots
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    Got the entire herd out and washed for a photo. Done doing restoration work (for now at least).
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    Most of you guys know that what with the high price of diesel @Achto and I decided not to go to the Big Show but save our money for local shows. It was not an easy decision to make not to go but since Dan took some vacation, we decided to ease our pain and take a little fishing trip to my cabin in the northwoods of WI. Weather was great and despite the skunking we took on a new to us lake we had a blast and caught some fish. Terry @Vinylguy would have been proud of the bass we nailed on another lake! Got the deer and bear fed and also got the Massey running by bleeding out the injector lines and emptying a can of sniffin salts. Dan's reward was some seat time in box blading some roads around the cabin that were gettin rough. Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the fish but rest assured @Shynon @prondzy @Pullstart @ronwh we got enough for our Friday fish fry at the Portage show! Here's one that came out funky.... I think Dan was relieving himself here but the shirt says The Rodfather..... we stopped at a little store for cocktail ice and the proprietors got a hoot out of it! Great weather, good fishing, food & drink what more can a guy ask for! I think the first selfie I ever took! Dan did a fine job mowing around the cabin on the C-125!
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    Met Don @Handy Donand his Grandson Samuel today. Got him a transaxle drive pulley for his 854, a 48" snowplow, weights and chains for his sons 310-8 , and some 36" gear drive decks so he can build one to put on the 854. He plans on being at the big show... Tony
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    This year's feature tractor is the Senior and I will add a couple more pictures to Linda's pictures (along with a couple not so seniors!
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    Had a dosage of cowboy 🤠 ☕ in a mug. Set it on a Horse "desk"... A few times.
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    This was cool tho ... immaculate restoration and didn't get to talk with the owner about specifics. Dan was busy showing one of our buddy's girls the finer points of running Big Betty. The guy with the half track also had these honorable mentions. Same guy.... supposedly the paint on the cab and sleeper was 25k on the bandit special. No matter the guy has gotta have some serious coin in this rig. Wondered if he has the trailer? Ton of hit & miss stuff. Pics do not do a spark show justice.
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    Sooooooo... For the third time now, Trina and I were chosen to be honored with a tractor. This one has a great sentimental value to the PO. It's another C160... I'll get pics later today. It's rough around the edges but has great potential. I've been searching for an engine as some of you know. A Horse popped up. I contacted the guy. Sent him a bit of info on who I am and what we've done with our Herd. We talked a bit. He had a snowblower. And a mowing deck. Plastic wheel weights. And a tractor... A tractor that's special to him. His Dad had the tractor ... Then he had it. Been 20, 25+ years between the two. He's had a LOT of mixed feelings about letting it go and had decided NOT to sell... Then we talked. He decided after talking with me n Trina we'd be the right people to own it... And keep it... Fix it up and - very importantly - USE it.... We agreed to keep in touch and I'd send him progress pics. Wheelhorse folk... Are amazing.
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    I would like to thank everyone who supports RedSquare, it makes a difference and we are grateful that you help keep this place going. Now one of the fun parts of what I get to do here. When Eston announced he was modeling the C160 I knew that I needed one. I also knew these would sell out quickly and some of you would not have the opportunity to get one, so I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for you! Alright enough of the jibber jabber, who gets the Eston 1:25 C160? The winner is member # 8401 - Hobby Horses Congratulations Jim, I will ship your model soon! Again, thank you to all our supporters and to everyone who makes great!
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    The past few weekends we - replanted the raised flower beds, thatched and reseeded the lawn, swept the property, got a good tan, oh and of course gave the old girl a nice bath.
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    This’ll be a conglomeration of Mrs. P, Rylee and I taking pictures. we’re loaded up, hooked up, just waiting to start our trip!
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    I had a great time at the Big Show, but was worn out by the time I got home Friday night. By 10 AM Saturday, I was feeling good. The trailer was still connected so I drive down to the Little Show at Fawn Grove, about 8 mile from home.
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    Well I found a nice original machine from Michigan. The story goes this was bought by a guy who used it to mow his landing strip for ultra lites for many years. He obviously keep it under cover. I purchased this yesterday not because it was a desirable model or had been restored, I bought this because it is the most complete, original everything tractor down to the 36” deck I’ve ever personally come across and I couldn’t let it go. It is a B-100 Automatic with of course the Kohler 10. All I have done to it so far is blow it down with an air hose. It’s starts and drives perfect. A little smoke when quickly hitting the gas. This guy is affectionately known as Trailblazer. It sole use will be grooming my trails. I will be soaking it down with some degreaser and power washing this weekend once this damn heat lifts.
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    Senior pictures! Incredible to see them all together!
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    She’s off the truck cleaned up, fresh gas, oil good she runs like a top.
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    Thanks everyone , I do my best to make sure they are the highest quality , but if something ever goes wrong all you have to do is let me know and i will always make it right no matter what , again thank you all Jim Kemp
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    We finally got a video put together, of the cruising, parades, show, etc. enjoy!
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    Pullstart Uber Services delivered some packages from the Big Show on time and with no damage!!! Thank you Kevin!!! My thanks to @buckrancher for a beautiful condition E 141. My second!!! New York to Pennsylvania to Michigan… And thanks to @mike’shorsebarn for the beautiful yard art that now graces our yard… love it!!! It looks great! Mrs. Sylvan is happy with where it landed as am I. Denali wants to know how to drive it without opposable thumbs… Ended up using the come a long to get it in trailer - that locked up rear end made moving it a bear… I’ll do a thread on the E 141 in the electric tractor section… Thanks again Pullstart clan!!! I appreciate your detour to make the drop!!! Enjoy your Black Hood!!!
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    Don't know if this is considered mandatory, but seems like the polite thing to do. I'm in NW Ohio and have several 300's that I use for lawn work and tree farming. Was on another forum that I think is now defunct, and have been to the PA show (and others) a couple times. I've been busy, but now semi-retired and working my way back into some hobbies. Have WH experience to share and some spare parts that I might try to re-home. I'll try to get some photos up as I find time. Looking forward to interacting with y'all... - Rick
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    Hi all. In these times of ultra political correctness and diversity I miss my pin up calendar girls. You know, the kind of cheesecake thing the Snap On dealer gave out. Looks like Mrs. Whitts has responded to my plight. This is her and her buddies on their holiday to mallorca. They found this lump of plant during a cultural exchange stroll and couldn't resist a photo opportunity. She tells me they had not been drinking but I suspect I may be getting only a hint of the truth.
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    I purchased this tractor from Bob Ellison. First of all I want to thank Bob for giving me this opportunity. After picking it up on Tuesday I knew it truly was one of his kids. Just know I will take tremendously good care of it. The machine itself looks to be in very good mechanically order. A few little knick knacks, nothing major to complete it. Gas line from tank to fuel pump leaks a bit and it sometimes slips out of neutral and surges usually in reverse. Any ideas with that will be greatly appreciated. Over all I’m tickled pink. I do plan on swapping the seat out with a WH seat of that era. Also putting a proper hitch on it to pull my chipper and trailers around.
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    Didn't take a whole lot of pictures but I did get a few. Roof palomino. Nice Oliver. Our friend Pat was having fun playing in the mud. I thought that adding some extra cleats to his tires might help him out. My family's line up of little farm tractors.
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    Brought another C-81 home yesterday...
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    New seat for the E 141 from Lincoln at A to Z… fit perfectly and love the look!!!
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    I wanted to say a big thank you to our Wheel Horse family. We weren’t able to make it last year due to Dad’s health and of course it was cancelled the year before. Everyone welcomed us back, remembered us by name, and treated us so warmly! It really was like coming back home. We had a great time. Emory bought two tractors and I bought one. We got him a Commando 800 for a great deal - $100!! He wanted a project and the 800 fit the bill. We worked for about 1 1/2 hours putting new ignition, fuel tank, fuel line, and cleaning the carb. Long story short, he was riding around by Friday afternoon and enjoying his find that hadn’t ran in quite some time. Thanks to everyone who asked about Emory and how he’s doing. Several people commented on how well behaved he was and how they enjoyed seeing him riding around. Thanks for the warm welcome back we received! We can’t wait for next year!!
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    Take one old implement seat. Length of scrap pipe and piece of plate. VIOLA!
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    @Pullstart and clan dropped off my second E 141 today! Came from @buckrancher via the Big Show. Great shape. Quieter than my other one. Overall in much better condition. Looking forward to getting it all lubed up to @peter lena standards so it’s ready for train towing and lawn mowing duties… perhaps snow plowing this winter…
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    Thanks too you Bill and all the staff that make this show happen every year! I was also wondering if our current inflation/fuel prices would affect attendance…but NOPE! The place was packed! I did miss seeing a few regulars but also met a few folks that I didn’t know…so even-Steven right ! I have a “You only live once” kinda view on this and I refuse to let the state of our economy ruin something I enjoy doing only once a year. I’m also not on a fixed income so there’s that. My hotel was $142…fuel was right around $350 but @Docwheelhorse and I ride down together so that gets split in half, $35 at Texas Roadhouse, $10 at Apple Bin Grill (breakfast) and misc other food at the show and on the road at around $50 puts me just over $400. I think I dropped another $400-$500 on Wheel Horse “stuff” so I’m at $800-$900 for two days of FUN! Well worth it and I’ll do it again!
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    Wild Bill is taking guesses on how long it will take for him to get grease on his white pants- as he and the team work to start next year’s raffle tractor!
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    Adding more Senior pictures from last night to those Richard posted! Can’t wait to see them all today!
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