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    Nicely built wheelhorse truck . Runs and drives great . Was built with a+ craftsmanship . Nice show cruiser or good to even use . (860)681-3610
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    8HP Kohler engine, 8 speed manual transmission, 36" mower deck. Original owner (was my late father's). Not used for working conditions since 1986. Appearance is showroom condition. (503) 803-5443
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    I will rebuild your K181, K241, K301, K321 and K341 cast iron kohler engine for 250.00 plus parts and machine work if required. In most cases cylinder will be bored, crank will be ground, valve seats ground or reconditioned. New piston, new rings, new rod, valves new or reconditioned, all new seals and gaskets. Entire engine brought back to factory spec. I no longer do performance/pulling engines. If your old Kohler is knocking or smoking it's most likely time for a rebuild before it locks up on you. Once rebuilt, and properly maintained, it will give you another 30-40 years of service. I don't cut corners, I take my time and get it right. 40 plus years of working on and rebuilding k series engines. PM me for details or questions. I currently have a k341, k321 and k301 that are done and on the shelf ready to be installed.
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    Want to first state my price is firm and the work I put into these engine’s justifies my price. Multiple members on the forum have my engines. 1958 Wheel horse RJ35 RJ 58 Clinton Engine rebuilt by Charlie Pitcher. I have 10+ years experience of restoring Clinton engines and this particular engine has all the correct features to be a “wheel horse spec” engine. This engine has undergone a full disassembly to be bored oversize, oversize valves, ground crankshaft and resized connecting rod, Resurfaced tappets and NOS parts including but not limited to: Fairbanks Morse starter, cup and screen updraft louvered air filter gasket set oversize piston and rings oversize valves connecting rod locks oil dipstick Camshaft axle Air cleaner hardware Arrowhead decal NEW parts include: Packard “440” plug wire with proper end J8 Champion spark plug Ignition points LMG carburetor rebuild kit Self grounding single terminal toggle switch with plate The original Clinton carburetor underwent extensive rebuilding and minor internal modifications to promote a snappy throttle and smooth idle. Some other details to note: ORIGINAL WHEEL HORSE SPEC 1200-2184 ID tag! All used parts were sandblasted prior to painting Engine has a urethane epoxy primer followed by valspar IH red enamel Some minor pitting on engine tins Block is a later replacement. Has a thicker casting area below carburetor Later bearing magneto plate with some extra webbing for strength Original clinton fasteners throughout LOOK NO FURTHER FOR A PROPER REBUILD! I stand behind my workmanship on these engines and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
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    Wheel horse 854 older restoration motor and rear end rebuilt by buckrancher years ago from my understanding . Runs like new . $1000 hubcaps not included nor are for sale . (860) 681-3610
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    1960's Wheel Horse for Sale. Stored in my dry basement for the last 20+ years, $200 or Best Offer plus the muscle to extricate from cellar up bulk head stairs gets themselves a 1277. All parts and service manual included. No mowing deck. Thanks for looking
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    I am listing this for a friend. It is a 42" rear discharge mower deck for a 300, 400, or 500 series tractor. The deck was completely taken apart, stripped, sanded, primed, and painted. It has new hardware, wheels, etc. The deck is now like new. I don't think you will find another one in this condition. A lot of hours went into this. Time for it to go. Would also be interested in trading for a deck for an XI series. Let me know if you are interested. Located in RI.
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    61 551 with 4hp kohler, completely gone thru, does not include chrome hub caps or backrest but am willing to include the silver caps in last pic for 50$, also includes the original deck but has not been restored. 700$ or partial trade for an rj58 project or other early projects/parts/attachments, or a D series with 3pt. Any questions feel free to txt or msg me
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    This tractor has very close to all its original parts. Has its original Tecumseh/Lauson HT55c 3088. The hood has a minor repair at the top front seam. The engine valves have been replaced. Carburetor has been rebuilt. It ran great this spring but now acts as if the carb needs to be cleaned. The hood was painted poorly when I got it so I started to strip it and that is as far as I got. The rest of the tractor is the original paint. Transmission shaft seals have been replaced. I have a new set of decals from Terry for it also. It has the original dealer decal.
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    Willing to trade my wheel horse truck for a nice rj or round hood . (860) 681-3610
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    I need help please. Im a gear head and Wheel Horse fan, in Fredericksburg Va. My problem is I'm quadriplegic from a motorcycle accident in 2005, and cant wrench like before. I hope that there is a similar gear head out there, locally, who would like to become friends, hang out and help me work on my projects.I have a 89 wheel horse 310-8, that with my direction and many friends we cleaned up and now works great. The newest is a 92 wheel horse 416H. I don't know exactly when it ran last, he said a year ago, when it came to me. I got it last month w/o a starter so haven't got it going yet.. I got a neused onan starter, (thanks @RichmondRed) .I also have oil filter air filter fuel filter fuel lines and a new battery to put in and I'm sure it needs carb and fuel system cleaning too, just not gotten any of it put in yet then we'll see where it is from there.
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    Square pan seat and back rest. Can ship if needed.
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    I really like this tractor, I completely re did it and it runs/drives great. I think the only way I'd get rid of it would be to trade for some projects. Preferably would like an rj58 in the deal, and other projects or parts or attachments, really only interested in early stuff. The hub caps cushion and backrest would not be included, but I do have the original deck. just to put a value on it for trade purposes I think 750$ would be around what I'm looking for.
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    Interested in trading this '69 Charger 12 for an 8 speed machine, between 1967 and '69. Such as a Raider. It's an alright 10 footer though the decals by the previous owner are wrong. Runs like a champ and was rewired nicely. Doesn't smoke at all, and it drives strong. I already own an Electro and don't really need an identical machine. Would also be interested in trading it towards a front mounted 2 stage or single state tall chute snowblower, or a Sickle Mower that could fit a '68 Electro. (Electro has a front tach-a-matic) Have more pictures I could email. Wouldn't let me post any others.
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    Here are two more signs that need to find a new home. There may be more that will be available. Wheel Horse Dealer lighted sign 3 feet x 10 feet Lights up nice with a small crack in the red. $475 Elec trac clear plexiglass sign 31"x31" Never have seen this sign before. Would make a great display piece. $225 Smaller lighted Billboard lighted sign. No clue if it keeps accurate time. Just a display piece. Has a crack in the plastic. $225
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    Commando 8 with snow blower. Runs great, tractor is in nice shape. Ags on back Tri rib on front. New battery. needs nothing. Leave message if no answer or send PM
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    Switched to the newer 3/4" style spindle assembly's. Thus I have two good sets of DD blades for 42" SD . One pair of 3 blades is only 1 year old. You pay shipping. Your getting 6 blades total. Would trade for a set for 42"SD 3/4" hole also.
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    I made these from plain chrome hub caps into WH ones. Really dont wanna sell but they just sit in a box so I'd rather see them used. A few dings but overall in pretty good shape. All clips intact. Shipping available for 15$. 12in rears, 8in fronts. Last pic is just to show what they look like on a tractor
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    Snow Thrower for small WH. Round Hood, RJ (?) Seized could be used for parts or fix.
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    For 30+ years, I've accumulated a TON of used Wheelhorse parts and am now retiring (again). Hate to scrap all of this as many of you guys may have use of parts. I have 80 or so pics, but can't list all of that here. Yet, here are a few. Come one..come all. Bring truck / trailer / helper....and cash. NOTE... many have asked me for vintage parts like for a, 502, 702, etc. I don't have any parts to fill those needs... The parts I have begin from late 60s...67, 68...up thru the 520H models. Sorry... I should have been a little more specific...
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    I think its a [1975] D200 , It has an Ark loader with a wt. box and factory undercarriage. New seat, tubes in the tires, OK paint job, K- series twin runs good, need a few gauges hooked up, but the key switch works good. All new rubber lines on the loader, and a lot of new fittings, no leaks on the cylinders. Just don't us it and its taking up some need space. 2250.00 Cash only OBO and Calls only please. 573-473-6944 Elliot. Thanks for looking. PS I would sell just the loader for 1400.00.
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    856 barn find project. The engine turns over with power to the starter. I have not attempted to get it started. Price includes the gear drive deck, the sleeve hitch, and four original Wheel Horse tires. No seat. The tin is straight, but it appears the hood was repainted. It could also be delivered to the big show in June.
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    Hi All:Heres another one of mine you dont see all the time - I have a wheel Horse E-81. Comes as you see in pics. I bought it years & years ago at the Wheel Horse show out by Gettysburg, PA. It was for my young daughters to ride around on within our property. They used it as a golf cart. Used for couple of years then they got tired of it and it has been stored away in back of shed since. Its in really nice shape I think. Original paint & patina. Come get it we're in west central Jersey near Clinton. Send email to jenkatewened@yahoo.com to discuss - $200
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