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    There is a guy on craigslist who has a k301, it's a starter style but hes only asking 100$, and hes a honest guy, I bought my 1045 off him. Check craigslist Cincinnati. Hope it helps
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    Jay, first of all. Welcome to Redsquare. I see your pretty new. I have a pile of stuff in a box that does not have an engine block but has most other things. I don't know for sure if it's the size that you're looking for. I'll take some photos and see if we can get it identified and if it will work for you, I'll give you a smoking deal on it.
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    I have some $5 each plus shipping. PM me if interested
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    I really need the money. I’m trying to get enough money together to buy one with a loader. Thanks
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    No the bell housings were not Ford model A. The transmissions were Ford A but not bell.
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    Email me bmiller0457@gmail.com
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    Didn’t see them as I just ordered some headlight lenses. 🙈 oh well. Replied to your message Mark.👍
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    For more information in these take a look at this post. I think the bell housing came from a Ford Model A.
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    That's great do you have any pictures .
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    Yes Jim I have a pair of three lug hubs. I sent you pics !
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    Here is a parts list At the top of the Transmission section are some pinned posts with valuable info. Numbers for replacement seals and bearings included. Garry
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    They fit 6-12 tire, and 25$ plus shipping.... I changed my mind, I'll do 20$ cuz shipping will be 14, so 34$ total
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    What size tires do the chains fit? And the asking price? Thanks.
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    Where is this located? A bit high in price for me but maybe we can talk. Seems if great shape. I don't know the D tractors is there a hydrolic system on a D - I want to get a D with a snow thrower
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    Believe it or not you can charge the magnets back up there’s threads on it on the Internet you can buy some rare earth magnets and you will need a compass to figure out which end of the magnet to stick on your flywheel magnet the north or south just simply Google it —- how to charge up flywheel magnets
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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do, So I'm keeping my hot rod. Not to mention I had no offers
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    Thanks for the hood ornament
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