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    Go buy an 1 1/8" wrench and grind the open end down until its thin enough to fit in between the blade and the spindle.
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    Little help with your pictures:
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    @slim67 just posted wheels, but not tires…
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    I think the black hoods were made from 1980- 1984. @gwest_ca could help you to confirm with your serial number. There was something strange with the C81 and C85 designation back then.
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    I'd really like to have the whole thing if possible
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    Fully rebuilt with all Nos Kohler internals by an experienced / retired Wheel Horse dealer, located in Sunbury. Has been bench run and is bolt on ready. Private message me or call / text during normal business hours if interested.
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    I know the seat is not correct, but it's pretty comfortable & weatherproof Thanks IKEA
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    C-85 8 speed doesn't appear on the model # list until 1983...
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    FWIW- I think the jugs and pistons are cross compatible with the KT engines. Can't remember which (17 or 19), but might be worth a look.
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    Three pictures have been uploaded and I will get the fourth this evening as soon as I pop the grill back on it.
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    Great package! It might help to see a picture of the tractor as a whole, from a few steps back.
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    Pretty sure DJ Harrison recently had a set FS up on FB.
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    51424 is the serial number. The bottom box would have had the Julian build date stamped but faded away.
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    Yes it came that way....Original owner, and he wanted that due to a bad left arm injured in Vietnam...could not lift manually
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    Prompt and kind. Answered all my newby questions. Thanks!
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    I love it but it’s just to big for where i moved to now
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    ok thanks these would look/work great on my c-160
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    CT according to grinchrs’ profile
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    @Brockport Bill ,Ishtar hit up @dw753 seee if he still has any! I think they weee like $20 and he ships
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    These used to be reproduced by Glen Pettit, but Glen has since sold most of his stuff to Lowell. Contact Lowell at wheelhorsepartsandmore.com to see if he is making those
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    @Brockport Bill those 6203 bearings are primarily a ceiling fan bearing ! add some high stress and heat , you know the rest . since going to hi stress grease , bearing noise and failure is gone . detailed entire deck pto lever start area for any issues , since making the improvement to my 3 , horses , I marvel at their quiet / easy function . glad you got those hubs , to me its a glairing issue , thanks for the feed back , keep it greasy , pete
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    Be cautious going there - IF they are cast aluminum, not forged steel, they may break. I did exactly what @Bill D said - I scored a thin "spanner" wrench, forged in England, at a local indoor flea market - $6. Had to thin the open end down about 1/16" to fit. No issues...
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    might be too far
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