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    Any particular model?
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    I know what you mean. The 520-8 did not have the stainless muffler shield. I have several lying around so I put it on along with the correct muffler. It really dresses them up nicely.
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    Your best bet would be to go with an led replacement for about the same price.
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    @UncleJerm76, The original poster's email addy is in the listing header: hvac1208@aol.com You can also send a PM through the messaging system here at Red Square. The last time the poster visited this site was January 14 (almost 1 month ago).
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    If you don't find a used one there is a fellow in Vermont that makes Panzer and other garden tractor parts. I've seen a picture of a nice looking new Panzer gas tank he fabricated. You might giver him a call, his contact info is Tim, Ph: 774-289-2601 Auburn Vermont. Now that you have a great WH RJ, consider becoming a supporter of this great forum, The knowledge and friendliness is worth every penny!
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    I have one off an 854 that looks the same as that. If you want to see pictures, send me your contact info and I'll get you some. Regards, Tyson
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    Speed reduction belt guard??
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    There was a 520 tug on craigslist in the Cincinnati area not long ago
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    the original would have been 23x8.5x12, it sounds to me like someone switched out the rear end on yours with a 1971 or 72 commando 800, the cammando 800 came stock with a 4speed rear end but had an extra 1inch added to each axle which ment it had to have a different offset on the rims, which is where u get the 20x8x10 size. I know this because I just sold a commando 800 and it had the longer axles with the different hubs you are referring to. If u want yours original you need to find a early 70s 4 speed and stick to a 12inch rim or just put normal hubs on the rear end u have, if u want it how it was set up when purchased u need to find 1 hub off a commando 800... hope this helps
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    When I got the tractor it had the 4 speed transmission and the 20x10-10 tires. I put on bigger wheels and tires, then had to rebuild the transmission because of leaking seals and it always popped out of third. Now I want the smaller tires back on but I broke a hub when removing it. It has the 5 lug hubs but the center that sticks out is smaller to fit the smaller rims.
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    I also have two of Charlie's motors. One is on my restored early 55' and the other is on a 58'. His work is excellent and knows his clinton motors like the back of his hand. Very nice looking piece for sure as expected Charlie!!
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    I can with no hesitation vouch for Charlie's claims. I have two of them. Quality work and finish on them. Simply bolt it on, no headaches no worries.
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    I have one in Flushing MI. That I bought new, less than 20 hrs use. $500
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    this one just sold today
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    You should post this in the engine section rather then wanted. I think you will get more suggestions. first do you have spark in both cylinders?
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    Adam please go ahead and set this aside for me. Looks like @WHGuy413 might be able to get it for me and if not I'll stop by this summer and say hi and pick it up. Thanks!!
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    what is this for? a picture or model would narrow it down. wheel horse has a 36" / 42 " single stage blower that fits many of the models. the 36" width is the blower opening , without the " wings " which added on make it " 42 " wide. more detail on your model , will probably get you a response , pete
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    I bought the tractor. Just wanted to say that it is a nice machine for the money and he explained the little things that were wrong so there were no surprises. We had a.nice visit as he was installing the wheels that I brought with his air wrench, and he helped me load the tractor. His asking price was fair, so i did not try to bargain further. Good kid.
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    May I suggest you procure a new one. It’s alot of work to get to the module and to put a used one in that may last a hour a month or year isn’t worth it to me. When I decarb I replace them just to be sure. Just my 2 cents. i have several used ones but I can’t guarantee them. if interested pm me.
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    If you have no luck here, there are always a load of them on eBay.
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    Ugh, sorry for wasting your time. The cover I thought was correct only has one mounting hole.
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