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    Your prices are very reasonable. All the best with the sale.
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    https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/cables.html Lowell can help you with the cable.
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    Looks like a Kohler 10 hp or 12.
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    Is that for the 5/6hp tecumseh engine if so I’ve got a complete air cleaner
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    fan number is 108393
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    Mounts to the mid tach-a-matic under the engine. I had one identical.
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    Yep. Cadet used them. I should have a few. Let me check. while it’s open you may want to consider removing the balance gears to avoid any catastrophic events.
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    I have several. pm me if interested.
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    Changed Price to $200.00 or B/O
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    I have a fan here from the auction stockpile but I don't know what it fits. Can you get me a part number?
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    Ok, I can see what you are talking about...Thanks for the info drjarvisphd121
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    Click on pic and where the yellow line is you can see the holes for short frame, and where the mount bar already is, is long frame..
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    If it only has one set of holes thatll work for you too since you need a short frame but it's better to find one with both so incase u wanna put on another tractor
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    They are built the same just make sure there is 2 sets of holes at the back.. those are how you make it long or short frame. The mounting bar unpins and u can put it in farthest back or closest holes for different tractors
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    Short frame plow frame looks like a triangle and a medium or long frame plow has a parallel frame section towards the back.
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    Looked there,I can not believe that a manual would be so hard to buy or download.thanks for your help
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    bellevillerod: I drove further than that when I bought it . Your welcome to come look at it.
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    Your killing me with these old round nose tractors for sale. So close too, I'm just east of ann arbor. Trying to come up with a reason not to come get it.
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    Also fits the LT-Series Work Horse models Garry
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    I Have a Kwik-Way loader for a 520h. If you would like I get some pictures for you.
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    This is a photo of tractor with rims and tires that go with it.
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    Looks in mint shape. I don't think it ever seen dirt. What's it worth? Thanks.
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    Ok thanks for letting me know .... not that an auction is a great way to judge prices but a month ago one sold for 3500 so mines a bargain
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    I have a Tranny $150
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