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    Once upon a time this info was available on the net so recorded what I could. KH10541 replaces X-131-2 X-131-2 was described as being 10-24 x 1/2" Fillister head sems ( sems may mean Standard machine screw with lock washer. Back in the day some screws were available with an internal toothed lock washer already on it which saved time on the assembly line. Garry
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    Not much really, 4" O.D. and 3/4" I.D. Made of cast iron and has 1611 casted.
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    Sure will I poured one today turned out good but i got my new hole out of center my ole drill press not best in the world I will try to get a new thread started here is a pic of one today
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    Hey eric thanks for checking im going cast me some out of extruded aluminum using a c series for the mold see how that goes I got my tractor in pieces lol im sure the original hubs still 500 miles away i pick them up someday when go back Again thanks for looking Eric
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    Thank you for the help
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    I cannot help with either a slot or a sleeve hitch....they are often on ebay and are nearly universal fit for ALMOST all wheelhorse tractors....very few exceptions.
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    I was saving it for a c160-8 speed that I never got. Very easy installation compared to the 300,400, 500 and classic series.
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    I'm not a 100% about this but I dont believe a 8hp is strong enough for a fel... I've never seen one on anything less then a 12hp and most of them are on 14hp and above... you might wanna look into that, just trying to help
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    If you become a Red Square site Supporter, you will have no limit to post pictures for your parts or any thread post.
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    I have a brinly sleeve hitch and a snow plow.
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    Hello, What type of Wheel Horse items are you looking for? Mike
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    Search for C-160 in the Manuals forum. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?q=C-160&type=downloads_file&nodes=9&sortby=newest&search_in=titles There several files there. Should be able to find what you need there.
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    Hi, I'm interested in buying a WH 520H tractor. I saw your ad and wondered if it still for sale. Please me by email or phone. I am a member of the forum. Thanks for your time. Or I can call you, just saw number at the top of the ad. I'd like to see your diesel powered 520HC! Thanks, Gary Sparks
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    @Horse Play I’ve dealt with Eric on parts. You can bet the parts will be exactly as described and he’s very diligent with getting them shipped. Great to deal with at very fair prices!
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    Yeah... That price was crazy! How about $40 shipped (in the USA) ?
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    Oh wow - I had no idea what to expect to pay, but it would be no where near $167! I was going to order a universal pulley for around $20, but I thought I'd see if I could find an original pulley first.
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    Skipper I sent you one back.
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    Well, I do have one here. Correct cast number and all. You can see from the pictures that the measurements are correct. It looks to have basically zero wear and tear on it. It is painted red on both sides. A little bit of never cease appears to be on the back of it from whatever it was installed on, last. I really wasn't sure what this thing was worth so I searched for it online and was quite frankly, startled. I was unable to find any used ones such as I have that were less than a few years old but the new ones were selling for well in excess of $167. I have absolutely no intention of asking a price that is anywhere near that. The proper sale price of Any Given item has a billion different variances. The most important one to me is that both parties walk away happy. So in the interest of fairness, maybe you could give me a rough idea of what you were hoping to pay?
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    I have a few pulleys in the auction pile but I don't have much of a way of identifying them. Do you have measurements of the shaft or width of the pulley or anything else that I can go by size?
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    Got mine in the mail. Probably will put it on 9/22. Thanks Jim
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    Sorry I'm late, I didn't get a notification that you posted. Well I think I made it work. I unclamped the cable from the handle and bent the wire in shape and put back on handle and re clamped the cable but the ear broke off. But I smashed it pretty good and seemed to hold. I gave it to my son since he has my tractor using it to put on, and he hasn't done it yet. I really don't remember how long it was though. I will get with him and see if he has put it back on and let you know if I do need one for sure or not. I appreciate you looking for me though.
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    Just call Fastenal a couple days back said they don't do that anymore
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