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    Funny you should mention that Jeff. I stopped at the local car wash and left them about 50lbs of mud. It amazed me how much mud could be packed on one little tractor. The guy I bought it from was 14. Where he lived was pretty rundown, but I’m sure the family was doing the best they could. I saw him and two of his sisters. He had two other brothers. He was honestly one of the most polite kids I’ve met. Great manners and very neat looking. His sisters were very pretty as well. Gotta give his parents props for raising very polite, nice kids! His price was very fair, so I didn’t try to beat him up and felt he could use the money. Anyway, here are some car wash pics and one of Emory with it at the garage.
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    Here are a couple of pics, still dripping with mud! @Vinylguy, I’ll be hollering at you soon for a 633 set, d160 set, and one for this one.
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    After 5 years of abuse, my project C4 has had its first failure. whilst driving up a gravel pile it slowly sank down until I bellied and gravel got trapped in the transfer mechanism. hoping nothing is bent and it’s an easy fix! I think it was worth it for the picture I wanted though
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    Now offering to cut keyways in hubs with bad ones. Can also do pullies and other items that might be saved with a new keyway. Please inquire. Most common sizes available. $25.00 per cut including return shipping. Add $5.00 for second tapped 3/8-16 set screw in hubs including two black oxide cup points and jamb nuts. Ready for paint or install. Keys not included. PM for custom quotes or discounts on more than one hub. My bad.... discounts for supporters too!
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    Acquired in October of '18 ~ initially for the mower deck. Then I realized what I had. Far from perfect, but very unique. (suspect it's very early production) I don't think I have the heart to break it up.
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    I have been contemplating about picking up a welder for the longest time. I went to Harbor freight today and picked this up and boy am I glad I did. Now this ad's a new twist in my rebuilds . I have access at work to bigger welders but this will help me in some other thinner metals!
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    Hello, I had a downed Maple, sectioned but couldn't roll it. I get tired of waiting on a farm tractor to free up, I fired up the 312-8, grabbed a clevis pin and logging cain. (Actually this a "Classic Toro" but the hood was fragile and I got lucky at wheel horse show got original 312-8 hood!) To my surprize the sections broke apart one by one! I am very happy with the 312-8!
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    Changing of the guard here .... RJ '55 vintage Amigos.... with a front sickel bar and very vintage plow to boot...
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    I needed another tractor with a ball hitch. My 312H was tied up, so I added a front ball hitch to the 312A. Really makes it easy to push the splitter into tight places.
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    Emory and I are taking a little trip tomorrow morning. I ran across a nice looking little Horse about an hour and a half from us. Good price too, at least for my part of the country. I’ll update you tomorrow after we go. Just wish us luck!!
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    8HP Kohler engine, 8 speed manual transmission, 36" mower deck. Original owner (was my late father's). Not used for working conditions since 1986. Appearance is showroom condition. (503) 803-5443
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    I'll add my version...kinda like having a stuffed between the fenders .
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    Since it wasn’t my stuff I didn’t post on it. Only picture I got. You know, “no pictures it didn’t happen”. I helped a friend load a BUNCH of stuff that a guy had been collecting for years. He passed and the wife decided to start selling off stuff. That was the first load. Second load mostly parts. One of those “friend of a friend” things. I just enjoyed digging through all the stuff. I couldn’t begin to describe all the stuff he had gathered. And this is just the stuff she let go of. You’ll see a lot of it in June at the show I would imagine. 👍
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    The steering wheel repair turned out pretty good. Craig, your tip on using a glove and water with that epoxy sure made this job easier. Thanks!
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    Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. It is back together and running and I was able to drive it for a few feet. Ignore the gaumy looking exhaust setup. That was temporary. This tractor will end up with the stack I bought from @squonk which was originally made by @jimkemp. I just need to pick up a couple of pieces. Tonight we will finish putting on a couple of brackets and the hood and the lift lever. Hopefully within a few days I'll take the time to turn this into the plow tractor for the driveway.
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    Well, I went and worked on Dad’s driveway to try to keep all of this rain from washing it away. We keep some small ditches across it to carry water into the drainage ditches and a heavy rain just about washed all of the roadbed from on top of one of his culverts. Anyway, I took a few minutes to do a quick cleanup of the decals to reveal her true identity. Wait for it ..... Drum roll...🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 .....753! I think this ole gal will clean up pretty dog on good! I did find a coil on it that says use external resistor. I’m surprised it ran at all. I bet that was why he had to keep the choke half open and the throttle up. Might even explain some of the exhaust smoke I noticed. Already picked up a new coil😉.
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    Ok, I bought another round hood! Not sure of the year yet-all of the decals have been painted over. It does have the serial number, which I’m thinking makes it a 753. Poor thing was in terrible mud. It was begging to come home for some love. We’ve stopped to eat. I’ll try to get a couple of pics. Poor thing has to have a bath before I can unload it! Here’s a pic of the serial number.
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    I’ve had my fill of wrangling for a while. Helped drag all these from a barn.
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    After reading the topic How did you come up with your screen name I came across a very nice 1973 AMX owned by AMC RULES and I am amazed that a lot of RS members seem to enjoy a lot of the same interests.I purchased a 1970 Dodge Challenger in 1976 with a 318 and did have some fun with It,but in 1977 I decided i needed a little more power and found a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 with 17,000 miles on it,quite a bit difference under the hood,and then had to have hedders, aluminum intake,bigger carb ,cam and the list goes on. I noticed it had a very similar air cleaner with the large rubber gasket which seals the underside of the hood that Chevy called Cowl induction,not sure if AMC called it the same. Anyway I sold the car in 1999 to my brother in law so at least it is still in the family.It seems funny that we seem to have big boy toy syndrome and enjoy these little tractors so much.And last but not least the underhood of that AMC was impeccable. Jim
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    Well, just a little time has passed since all this crazy happenings started. It hasn’t seemed to stop much. I’ve put a transmission in my plow truck, now it’s in the shop for me to diagnose if it needs a transfer case. The backup plow rig needed a brake line, starter, a few odds and ends, this jet stream tells the forecasters to keep planning for snow storm after snow storm. Yesterday I brought MIL in to the walk in clinic for an updated x-ray. She has had shortness of breath, and it kept getting worse. A couple hours passed and they called her. I noticed her slouched over on the couch sobbing. Her right lung had filled with fluid and had zero air capacity. Her left lung was working to keep bodily functions working, there wasn’t much left for things like talking. We brought her to the ER, where they were expecting her and quickly admitted her for a chest tube water seal to drain the lung. So far in about 20 hours, three liters of fluid has drained. The doc said her lung had been collapsed for two or three days. They plan to be in until at least tomorrow for further draining and monitoring, but she can breathe and talk much better now. I forgot to mention previously but if you have any experience with first responder, e.m.s, firefighter, police work, military, etc, bless you. You don’t have to do what you do, risking your life for strangers, but you do anyways. You are a living angel and you’ll never truly know how much you’re appreciated.
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    Good morning to all those who enjoy wheel horse tractor and working them , but latley my mind been just laying low on these long snowy winter nights in Minnesota but the other day a truck drove by I really got my mind going again it was a lifted 93 Dodge diesel dually with a big ass plow on the front , and so I said I'm going to make my c195 a dually and extend my plow blade my question is why don't we see more Dually garden tractors plowing snow?
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    Many believe narrow is better in snow.
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