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    This is for Scottie Have you ever needed a part for your tractor that was just a little better like a tie rod, or even that very hard to find part like the pulley system for a rear mounted tiller? Who do you go to for help? When I needed a cover for a sickle bar mower, I had no luck, I tried finding it on eBay and in the RedSquare classifieds. I put out a feeler to see who may have one and within an hour Lowell PM'd me. He didn't have one so he MADE one for me, not only made it perfectly but drilled and tapped the screw holes AND sent along with it 4 stainless steel fasteners! You all know exactly what I am talking about, because I see it all the time, someone looking for something hard or maybe even impossible to find and you send them to Lowell. This is because Lowell and his wife Joette along with their son's Travis, Bryan and Scott (Scottie) have the reputation as being there when you need them and getting you fixed up and running again without hassle. Additionally, they are just a wonderful family to be around. Then a parent's worst fear happened, Scottie, their youngest son, has suffered serious injuries in an very unfortunate accident. I'm sure that most of you have been following his story right here on RedSquare and know the extent of Scott's injuries as well as his journey to recovery, if not see the flyer below. I am also sure that you all know how expensive this journey can be. Now it's our turn to help Lowell, Joette and their family as they have helped us. The Scholljegerdes family is offering special "Team Scott" t-shirt's as well as sweatshirts, hoodies and a limited number of Wheel Horse mat's. These items are for sale to benefit Scott's recovery effort and can be ordered by downloading and completing this form: Scott's Recovery Benefit Order Form There are instructions within the form where to send checks or to donate via PayPal. If using PayPal, you will need to email the completed order form to ScottsRecoveryBenefit@hotmail.com along with your PayPal donation. Please be sure to indicate the email address used in your PayPal so they can properly put your order together. Your item will be available for pickup at the Wheel Horse Collectors Club 2019 Big Show in June. Please note that due to WHCC rules, there will be NO sales of any shirts at the show You may still purchase items which Lowell and his family always bring to the show as usual however. If you absolutely can not make the show your item *can* be shipped to you, but please note that shipping costs will need to be added to the order since this is a fundraiser activity. What if I don't need or want another shirt or hoodie? Just donate, send a check along with a note to the address in the order form or a donation via PayPal donation. Or even something as simple as a get well card, or something special from your neck of the woods to cheer Scottie up would be appreciated as well. You can send cards and other gifts directly to Scott at his home address (click here) Lowell and his family deeply appreciate your prayers, kind thoughts, notes and gifts and are humbled by the generosity of the community and wish to express their sincerest gratitude for your continued support!
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    After 60 yrs, 3 surgeries (1 back) and 2 stents I finally decided to pamper myself. Almost a Qtr. million miles on the Tundra and it was time. Picked up this 2013 GMC Sierra SLT 78,000 mi. Only thing it doesn't have is a moon roof and rear defogger. Buttons everywhere. I hit one by accident and the mirrors folded in. Hit another one and the mirrors ,seat , and pedals moved. Really digging the 10 way power seat and Bose sound. Finally had a nice day for some pics. Just waiting for my Weather Tech mats to arrive. I'll be Stylin an Profilin!
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    For the last few years now, my grandfather has been wanting to start knocking down some invasive brush at his house. Usually we use an old Jari Monarch walk behind, but I picked up a 50" side sickle over this winter, and surprised him by bringing his old Electro 12 back to it's home for the job. Grandfather has owned it for many years before it finally quit and was set for pasture. It's been laid up in my shed for the last few years with a bad rear end and a clapped out engine. A C160 donor engine is in it now, and man what a thumper.. still working on the rear end but I got it going good enough to work all day. Have to say I'm impressed with the little unit. Figured you'd like to see some photos The unit is a 7-1311 50" SMS. Tractor is a 1968 Electro '16' as it was. Fits right up perfectly.
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    55 Senior made the trip from Indiana to Nebraska. Please add to registry (if not already there). Nebraska claims 1 Senior. What did I get myself into?
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    The 310-8 took the winner stand with a 1428 lb. Full pull ! 20190413_134336.mp4
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    Nice truck Mike. Only the steering wheel, throttle and brake pedals are on the wrong side.
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    Had to use some of those @pullstart loading skills to get these on yesterday.
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    Paint swatches ! You fan em out and pick the patina you want!!
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    I know just what you mean Mike. Getting old takes its toll on a man and I like getting in and go. I don't like working on my car or truck anymore. So I ordered a new 2019 Dodge Big Horn loaded truck and get it monday. This is like my new one.
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    Hello, all. Been mentioning this '83 GT-1848 a few times in the last few days. Got her home yesterday morning. It's in remarkably good shape. I'd swear it was repainted if I didn't know better, but every graphic is perfect on it. Was a one owner, then the man's son got it. Came with a somewhat shabby, but complete 48"sd, along with a bunch of spare parts for another 42", all the original paperwork, and 3 new tires. The front wheels look wrong to me.. they have big spacers on them. The color reminds of an old Craftsman. Hydro drive seems to work well. Engine makes an awful banging noise when running at low speed. (And when turned by hand. I'll make a post for that later). But all in all it's in good nick. The entire reason it was being sold was the PTO was 'bad' and slipped. Apparently, a dealer quoted $600.00 to repair it. When I got there first thing I checked was the pad .. plenty of life. Adjustment was still at half way too. Spun the deck slow and it turned with no bad noises, so I left it at poor adjustment. So then I got it home.. Tried adjusting the lever some but no good. Popped the bell off, scorched but good enough to run .. then I left it for the time, and had went to pull the plugs due to a misfire .. and the engine came with the wrench. ALL THE BOLTS WERE LOOSE. The engine could be moved about 2" every direction. Tightened it down, and everything works great Funny enough, fender bolts were loose, brackets were loose.. everything was. No idea how it happened, or why. Picture was when it was 'dirty'. Already went over it with compound and some S.C. Johnson's, and it looks awesome.
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    Fixed a leaking wheel seal on the loader. Hub was pretty loose thought I had a bad bearing. Key was loose installed a new one tried some JB weld to make up the small gap. We'll see if that works. Pulled the vavle apart to clean out and new o rings. Opened up one cylinder for rebuild. Plan to do them all plus a few new hoses. Then gonna make a quick attach for the bucket and forks.
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    Woke up the 246H from its winter slumber and pulled the deck off to clean remnants from last seasons final mowing out of it. Gotta wire brush the underside and paint it before I start mowing this year. Decided I'm gonna change out the battery cables on it as well. Also put the proper drive belt tension spring on the tractor. Previous owner had two smaller springs hooked together on it.
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    I removed the snow blade from my Dad’s old C-161 and installed the plow so I could plow my friend’s garden.
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    At this point if someone were to post the authentic original intention for these parts no one would take them seriously!
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    I did some cleaning on the rather nasty rusted Brinly 10" plow I plan on using with the WH 1054. Really pleased to find a very nice plow under the dirt and rust.
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    I decided to put the grader blade back on the 312-8. Crawled under 312 and attached the solid lift link. Pushed the grader blade under the tractor dropped the lift and the solid link was too short. I had loaned grader blade to a friend last fall and just got it back a couple of weeks ago. The 312 has 25 x 900 x 12 Alltrails II on the rear and a few mounts ago I put 16 x 400 x 8 Triribs on the front in place the little 6". I didn't want to fix the grader blade where it wouldn't fit on my other tractors. So I had to make an adapter kit. It's on there but it's not completely finished .
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    Went for another run with my 855 today ! Got a little frustrated with wiring up my 1067 build!
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    I think the front tires look darn cool on it.
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    I spent the better part of today working up the garden at Dad’s and planting potatoes with him. When I got home, I used a paint removal wheel and cleaned up the donor seat pan and gave it a coat of etching primer. Sorry, no pics. I also cut two replacement foot rest pads from some rubber matting I had ordered, since there are no replacements available. This week I managed to source new taillights, headlights, ignition switch, and ribbed tires and tubes for the front. I hope to paint the fender pan this week so I can begin reassembly. Hopefully more progress this week.
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    This is the biggest sell/buy/swap meet for wheel horse's in the world I think. Its not a problem to sell or buy here. IT A PROBLEM TO STOP BUYING.
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    You’ve got room for more, Ed! Shoot, I see an open back seat!
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    If people didn’t mind paying for them, we would. They wouldn’t be cheap but would last a looooong time. It wasn’t a direct fit but pretty darn close. A couple slight mods to the lower mount but I think the upper holding strap may work. I made my own mounts. Not as much capacity as stock but still around 4 gallons. But , it doesn’t leak and I don’t have to worry about poking a hole in it. 👍
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    Oh boy getting close to putting it back together. Got to paint the rear end and thinking about a coat on engine.
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    Got my C-175 back up and running yesterday. I had a laundry list of problems, some big and some small, so I put the tractor on the lift and got them done. Project one was to find out why my key stopped working. Turns out my PTO interlock switch had some gunk in it. Sprayed it down with electrical parts cleaner and that convinced it to start working again. Project two was to replace my front axle. Years ago before I owned the tractor part of the axle cracked and was repaired. I picked up a spare to replace it with when I had time so that went fairly smooth, just need to replace the tie rods soon now Project three was a decision made after taking half the tractor apart for projects one and two. For as long as I have owned it (5 years) and for as long as I can remember before that when it was my grandparents tractor the lights never worked. So I picked up some new lights for it, ran all new wiring, and now the old girl can see in the dark again. Now it's time to get the mower blades sharpened, the deck on it, and get my leaf vacuum that is in pieces back together because I need to clear my yard before I can mow it but at least today is supposed to be 70 and sunny!
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