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    Been working on this C195 for six months thought you guys would love to see it. What you think
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    A few weeks ago I posted asking for direction on my, (at the time) non-starting C-160 Auto. I got several great pieces of practical advice very quickly and followed through as advised. IT WORKED! Yes... it was the Ammeter ! At the same time, following up on member advice I found several wires (likely from 1974) that were ridiculously worn and subsequently repaired those along with tightening my ground (all items suggested by members). It fired up and next I realized my new ammeter was showing a negative pull when running. So, back I go to old Wheel Horse Forum posts where I found that either my rectifier was bad or poorly grounded. I followed all posted advice and now here I sit.. The 1974 C-160 is running perfectly thanks to Wheel Horse Forum Members! So a hearty, "Thank You" to all and just one more favor please... Could you guys/ladies conjur up some snow so I can go out and do my drive and several of my neighbors too?? Not to be pushy, but sooner is better than later! Thanks all.. you are much appreciated here in Indianapolis.
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    I thought for reference, I’d toss this in the electrical section. I was having issues loosing power at the coil in the run position, but it had power in the start position. I used some channel locks and pulled apart the swedge flange and this is what I found. some brake clean and a wire brush cleaned the brass parts up well! a little dielectric grease applied and using the ammeter, I was able to prove that I had power to the coil once again! ignition off ignition on, engine off. You can see a draw from the coil. After peening the flange back down, I was able to run Frank for a short while! then it would not start again... and this is where I forgot to take pictures, but I pulled it apart again and found a ton of debris from the plastic tumbler had come off and contaminated the grease. I pulled the plastic and found more springs and decent balls. I’m just going to say that after cleaning all the junk out, grease the springs, put greased detent ball bearings on the springs, and re-assemble with the aluminum casting up nd the components underneath. It keeps it all aligned much better. Then re-assemble the switch portion. Happy Frank!
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    I tell all my customers to go to the best wheel horse forum in the world. You will be glad you did.😀
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    Just picked up another horse today. The best part it was free.Runs good 890 hrs. That makes 4 in the last 3 months.This could be the start of something.
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    Winter is here and its time to go through my c81. Its got a couple issues that need attention, oil leaks, motor mount, clutch sometimes slips, fuel system and tank cleaning, sloppy steering. Some other small things and a good tune up. This is my daily driver I mow the lawn and do yard work with and I dont want to paint or "restore" it. I am however considering putting a nice patina finish on it and fixing the dents. Figured I would post some before pics and update as i go along.
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    I speak for all of us here at Red square. When I say you are quite welcome and any advice you need we can all come up with some sort of solution. Good luck with your next tractor which will be coming soon, you just don't know it yet !!
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    A quick update on Mark. He had his fourth (and final ? ) chemo treatment in Friday. The hiccups and indigestion after effects are being minimized with the meds. He has been working full time except for the 4-5 days after his treatments and is hoping to return to work tomorrow. I just want to again thank everyone for offering your prayers and well wishes. And I send my prayers to the several members that have sent me PMs relating their similar situations. It is a comfort to know we are not alone on fighting this battle.
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    We had a gathering of awesome friends and family here at the house yesterday. Some are not here often. A couple had never been here. Most know of our slight obsession with Wheelhorse. I put the three that run and drive out at the bottom of the driveway near the house on display. Trina's 657 really got a lot of attention and praise. My father was enamored with the fact that all three start with a touch of the key. One of my work friends really enjoyed seeing the differences between the 8 and 12 horse Kohler engines. He's new to the Tractor obsession and has been slowly tinkering with a Sentinel brand.
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    Well with some help, I picked up this Porter Cable I had posted about, and it arrived at the barn at the farm via Pony Express It a sight for sore eyes, but thankfully the seller didn't know what it was and had it listed as a "JD Mini Tractor" so I paid about double scrap metal price for it. It's definitely a future project in line behind some others. Being somewhat of a rare tractor I'll be on the lookout for parts, and appreciate anyone sending me a PM if they come across some, This tractor appears identical to the Massey Ferguson Executive, just a different front hood. As you can see its missing the seat, the steering support behind the dash is gone and replaced by a home fabricated bracket, a rear hub is broken, and the hood top is riveted to the hood front. Its stuck in gear, so I've got the transmission filled with diesel. It has a Briggs recoil start engine and it turn over and seems to have some compression. I would appreciate anyone good at interpreting the Briggs nameplate info 142302 502048 303313 letting me know what HP and year this engine is. The front rims appear to be the same as the RJ and Suburban. Rear fenders were an option on the Deluxe model I've read. @jabelman the nameplate with serial number is missing, so you'll just have to add it to you list with my name. The cast aluminum steering wheel is definitely got that retro 50's/60's look You can just make out "Porter Cable" on the front decal https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/77786-spotted-this-old-one-what-is-it/?tab=comments#comment-753711 I spotted this one for sale, says 10 hp John Deere?" Is it possible a Bready or Reo?
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    I find it helps alot when I talk to myself. ....after all I'm the only one who will listen to me. Most times it involves quite a bit of french like blow mf blow...or git the four letter word out of my way or when the tires don't steer till I lift the blower I'll mumble now steady big fella. My wife often asks who were you talking too? Even over the roar of the Onan she hears me.... course she's outside with a she shovel and I am in a nice warm cab. Most of the time if the talking to myself gets old I will just start singing to myself .....whatever tune is stuck in my head at the time. If that gets old I'll flick on the cab lights pull out in the road and pretend I'm helping land a jumbo jet. Hope this helps guys.
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    Good one, don't remember anyone ever asking for That kind of help. My first post was also answered promptly and made me a believer. Now six years later I continue to learn important information and have fun with friends on here every day.
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    You have to be careful, these tractors they are addictive & tend to multiply. Poor WHX5 had to change his name to @WHX21 in only a few short years.
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    Great to hear that the forum was able to help you with your problems. And for posting about it. That a very huge reason why this place is so popular with it's members. And the small price for membership is minimal compared what we receive from it.
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    One of these two have always satisfied my need...
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    “Bowe”, the girls’ Elf decorated a parts tractor tonight...
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    My need for speed is gonna be satisfied by having someone push me in my wheelchair in a few short years!
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    1+2&3=4...kinda has the theme going on as well... That's how I satisfy my need for speed.
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    I scored some “me” time tonight, so I headed out to the shop. Doing some wiring layout and I shimmed the steering fan gear and snugged up the locking collar under the dash for good steering gear mesh.
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    I finished up in the shop today and now I'm out here horse sitting. It hit 70° today but we will be seeing freezing temperatures by mid week
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    Good post! I do them all the time and always have spare cleaned switches to replace one quickly if needed, then clean up the replaced one when there's an opportunity to do it. Same thing with solenoids. Both are fairly simple to take a part and clean, Just replace the rivets with screws to reassemble the solenoid. It's a good way to have spares handy.
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