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    So as most of you are all aware my significant others actual name is Trina. Some of you probably don't even know that. That would be because I refer to her much of the time as... My Honey. She calls me... Bear.... Originally named so because I snore.... And also it just kinda fits my size and persona.. Lookie here and see the metal sign she found the other day online...
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    @formariz, @PeacemakerJack, @Machineguy, @WHX21, @520hC-120, @dells68, @elcamino/wheelhorse, and the rest of , Here's some video (about 9:00 am this morning) of the Anniversary 520H and 2stage "chucker" in action from Diego that was only supposed to leave a trace to an inch ended up 9" in my front yard, Jeff. VIDEO0123.mp4 VIDEO0124.mp4 VIDEO0125.mp4 VIDEO0127.mp4 VIDEO0128.mp4 VIDEO0126.mp4
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    Got a pleasant surprise today. My wife gave me an early Christmas pleasant that she just couldn’t wait for me to open. She surprised me some new decoration for the barn. I think she is starting to understand
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    Hey All, Just wanted to share with all of you. This deal came up last week I had jump on. Two loaders one on a 953 and one on a 1054 A bit rough but we(wheel horsemen) can bring anything back. Couple pics, one of the pick up and the other two are there new resting places until spring. Also meet a couple of nice guys, and not because they helped me load my trailer. Thanks Tony and Mike(@Sparky)
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    Here are pictures of the 312-8 I got for $200 one owner 580 hours. This was after I cleaned it today. Thanks to the guys that gave me info the last few posts. Only thing it needed was a clutch return spring. The seat has a couple cracks in it I really lucked into this find..
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    Received a call from a friend and went and picked up a few more pieces of barn art. The first two I have seen before but the clear one that has the cutaway of the electric tractor is a new one to me. These will go nicely with the rest of the collection.
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    I wanted to show off my 953 i bought last year from the original owners son. I am very proud to own this piece of great american engineering. It was bought local in kendallville indiana the building is still standing where this tractor was sold. I got the greatest deal on it. It came with a snow blade, snow blower and a mower deck. i have since sold the snow blower because it was for a much newer horse. i am an originalist. This tractor i was told has only had an axle seal fixed and his dad many years ago slapped a new coat of paint on it. that is it never been rebuilt or anything else. It is one of my prizes horses.
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    Well, Friday afternoon they were saying Diego had shifted south and we would only get 1-3” here. WRONG! I just went out and pushed between 12-14”. So far I’m only the second person to plow out today. More is coming, but I figured I had better move it while I could. That’ll make the next round easier. Only problem was it is so wet that it caked on my blade. Now, back to Emory’s Christmas tractor.
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    Our area of Pennsylvania is 27" ahead of the average annual rainfall. This has raised the water table and caused major flooding. In our town, two homes suffered collaped basement walls when the water column pressure built up on the outside concrete block wall, buckling the mortar joints inward and cascading mud and water into their homes. Behind our house, the subsoil on the sloped hillside became saturated and every time it rained this summer water would sheet down the hill and inundate our backyard. At times we had a full 3" of water streaming around our garage and running over our driveway. I took a round shovel and began ditching drain gutters in our orchard to divert water around the garage and driveway. Digging a full scale diversionary system would have meant bringing in a small rubber tracked excavator. Even the smallest excavator I could rent would have required removing at least one row of heirloom apple trees that I planted when we moved into our home 20 years ago. The solution was to come up with a scaled down trenching solution using the tools I already have - a White GT1855 tractor equipped with a 3-point hitch and a welder. The end product is a guttering tool that I can attach to my tractor and use to plow or scrape a channel behind it. I can use it between the rows of apple trees and under the existing branches. The first pass will remove between 2-3" of turf and soil. Multiple passes will remove more soil. The top layer of turf can be used replace turf in other areas of our yard where the rains this year ruined the grass. i am in the process of laying out my grade elevations with a builders level on 5' intervals so I know how deep to gutter the soil as I traverse through the orchard and around the garage. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers! Dave This is the "Silver Spade." An homage to the dragline that worked the hills of Ohio for coal years ago.
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    What she didn't get you one of Ritchies coffee cups.... oops so much for your Christmass surprise My wife is huge into Bear deco... I tell her she could always run around bear a$$ nekid... that went over like a lead balloon..
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    I just made a sign like that for my dad today LOL
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    Here is my brothers RJ25.
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    Sitting here at therapy with Emory. Before we left, I put 3 coats of paint on his hood, fender pan, and belt guard. He insisted on the darker shade of gray. I have to admit it looks pretty good and is much lighter sprayed over a whole panel than I expected. I used Krylon paint and it sprayed out much better than I expected. Lots more to go.
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    So I been watching this add on Craigslist since summer. I called and offered to buy the weights a few times and the guy said no everytime. Well two weeks ago I emailed him and tryed again. Well he said yes! So for $64 I got these delivered to the door. He had the whole tractor minus the snow blade listed for $100. So I asked what he wanted and he said $40 for the weights and $10 for pulling them off and packing them up, plus shipping. So I was all over it, now I got another set of nice front wheel weights! Just need a blasting and some fresh paint.
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    I finished up some wheel weights today with some of @Vinylguy decals.
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    I been working on the 552 doing little things here and there. Today I Modified it a little. I drilled and tapped the axles on front end. Now I don't think tires will fall off lol
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    Got the frame painted last night and it looks pretty good. Sorry, no pics. I also painted the engine red. I know, it should be black, but Emory and I like the look of the Work Horse @stratostar250 repowered with a Kohler. Plus it breaks up the see of gray and black. I just got the first coat of primer on the hood, fender pan, and belt guard. Gonna try to get them ready to paint tomorrow.
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    You mean like these? Too late bro chacho. We already own two.
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    Ya it's not all the way done yet. But there house is covered with bears. So I made him and my step mom two signs for christmas. This is the other one. It's a little out house towel rack.
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    Got a chance to work a little late tonight. I spent the day setting up Dad a generator, moving firewood near his back door, and generally getting ready for this bout of old man winter. Being the cheap arse I am, I used the fuel tank from the Briggs that was on Emory’s tractor. I made mounts and put it where the battery should be. It just clears the hood. The original was missing and I’m going to remount the battery in an older style battery tray behind the motor right on the frame. If we don’t loose power, I’m going to work on it again tomorrow. Good night fellas!
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    Just came up out of the garage. Hood and fender pan are bodyworked, primed and put bedliner on the undersides. Paint time tomorrow! Emory still wants the classic medium gray. We’ll see how it turns out!
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    Glyptal is what we used to coat all our oil filled adjustable blade hubs and servos in the hydro turbines.
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    Progress today. Got it off the bench and took some photo's outside. After a clean up in the workshop, (I still not found the elusive spring) I turned my attention to the antivibration engine plate. Cleaned it up and got it primed and top coated. Next the bonnet/hood got my attention. Borrowing SWMBO's hairdryer I removed the stickers from the sides. That was followed by a good going over with turpentine substitute, then a rub down with emery cloth. The photo' below shows how much the paint has faded over the last 36 years. That was all today as it was getting a bit nippy.
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