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    Took a 400 mile round-trip yesterday to bring this little one-owner home. Tractor has been in the previous owners family, and garage-kept since new. Has a few custom attachments (foot rests and horns under the hood). Previous owner included boxes of NOS parts collected over the years. The engine (K-181) was replaced somewhere along the line, as was the starter/generator. This is my first small hydro since I started collecting in 1993. (I'm not counting my 416-H). Since my 7 and 9 year old grandsons have some trouble with the clutch, I figured a nice little hydro would be great for them. Check out the original HL-5 light kit with original switch. This tractor pick-up was in western Pennsylvania, and my wife and I took the opportunity to side-trip to the Flight 93 Memorial. Walking down to the crash site on a beautiful day, and listening to some of the last answering machine recordings of the passengers brought tears to my eyes.
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    Found this 2004 with 172 hours 10 minutes from my house.
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    Over the last couple of days Trina and I have been spending some time freshening her 657, Pony and my 1974 C160, Cinnamon. She's been cleaning up the paint on both of them a little. We are changing the oil in Pony. We will be adding some engine stickers and a couple of Redsquare stickers and Trina added some black tape on the edges to prevent sheet metal from scuffing on other pieces. The Cinnamon Horse is our heavy load pulling tractor. All four tires are fluid filled and the fronts are quite oversized. Changing back to the stock size unweighted turf tires takes about 375 lb off the weight of the tractor. Before the tire change One of each for comparison The AG tires shown above are on Cub rims which have backspacing 2" deeper from the inside so to make up for that I use these 3" aluminum spacers. The extra inch is to ensure room for chains. One of each of the fronts to see the large size difference After all tires changed A few years ago a good friend of mine who is a fellow truck driver gave me a great gift in the form of a Flying Swan Hood Ornament that has been used on Peterbilts and Kenworths for many years. The one he gave me came off of a Kenworth W900, I believe 1979, that he used to own. A great gift with a much appreciated personal touch to add do something of my own. I've been thinking about putting this on this particular tractor since I first got it and this is perfect timing because it is going to a Truck And Tractor Show.
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    I have an old Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welding and needed to move it around so its not in the way all the time. I rarely use it as well especially since my son bought a Miller 210 multimatic machine!! ] So I used a old 2 wheel dolly and moved the wheels closer to the center and down to make it easier to move and welded up a mount for it. Put a couple of hooks on the top and threw some paint on it. It takes me awhile to get stuff done since I can't lift much anymore though. Thought I would show you guys and see what you think.
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    I believe that some of you requested a few pictures. After loading, unloading, getting every thing put away, & getting the lawn mowed, I can finally sit down & share a "few" pictures. Somebody had a new addition to their family at the show. Nice RS. Some of Barry's @Bear G custom rides. I believe that this was the best of show winner. The "Horse Barn" was a cooler place to relax and share some good conversation. A pic of the 2 cylinder hot rod, @19richie66. Even had an Air Horse at the show. An excellent lever steer @pullstart's line up A nice set up with reel mowers brought in by @joebob Lowell's @wheelhorseman's RS with electric start.
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    Move over Mafia there's a new club in town.
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    As per @RandyLittrell‘s request, I’ve started a thread on a cool little plow tractor that has been in our stable for about 5 years. As those of you who have followed my posts over the years know, I have purchased a vintage tractor for each one of my kiddos to use while they are young and then to refurbish/restore when they are about 14-15 years old. It will give them a little background in mechanics, electrical, and paint, and also how to use basic tools. I also like the aspect of the father/child time invested in the project. They also will learn how to take care of their own machine as part of the process (check and change fluids, grease the zerks, make routine adjustments, etc). I got into GT plowing in 2011 and by 2012 I really had the bug. As I looked at the various machines out there, I was really impressed with the Cub Cadet 100. They are tough little machines but still very early production yet with some good options that make them quite useful for plowing. As I looked through the pictures on my phone dating back to June of 2015 nearly every picture of this tractor has a plow attached to it. I guess that makes sense given the purpose for which it is built! The Cub 100 is widely considered one of the neatest Cubs ever made both in design but also overall durability and function. The Original cub was built from 1961 through most of 1963 and was only offered with a 7hp engine. By ‘63, many manufacturers including WH had larger engines offered and IH knew that they needed a bigger engine to compete and so the 10hp 100 was born. They had already sold over 60,000 Cubs in a three year span and so it was time to release a model that had more options and “creature comforts” that offered more attachments to handle the jobs that customers ran into daily. I bought this tractor for my third born Jonathan, whom we call Judge. The guy I bought it from had rebuilt the engine, fabricated the trailer fenders to accommodate the much larger than stock 10.5” wide rear tires and had painted the sheet metal. I saw the potential in it right away and a deal was struck. The ideal plow tractor has hydraulic lift and this tractor was equipped with strong arm manual lift. Thankfully I had a complete hydraulic unit from a different cub on my shelf. I also installed the third arm and bracket for my Brinly hitch adapter. This tractor came new with the optional rear PTO which was really a novelty because it turns backwards since that it the rotation of the engine. The center section of the rear end was directly out of the Farmall Cub tractor and that is the reason that this option was offered. On the FC the engine rotation was correct and the PTO could be used operate a variety of attachments. On the CC, there wasn’t much that could be run. I’ve heard stories of farmers that would hook them to a grain elevator to free up a tractor while harvesting grain or corn. There was also a company that offered the Hub City reverser which changed the rotation to the correct way. Those seem to be pretty rare and I’d like to find one someday for novelties sake. This tractor also has the optional creeper gear. If you notice on the diamond plate tunnel cover just ahead of the gear shift, there is the slot for the Hi/Lo range lever. This one loves to pop out of Hi range and so you will also see my 4 year old (temporary fix) of a small C-clamp! I like some variety in pain colors to my tractors and you will note that I painted the air cleaner cover (off an 18hp Kohler for extra breathing capacity) and the hydraulic pump unit Black on the Mule. This tractor also came with the factory pepper pot exhaust. To be a serious plow tractor it had to have a stack and so a Farmall Cub stack was installed. From the above picture you can also see that it has the optional cigarette lighter. It doesn’t have the factory one (I’ll get one someday for it) but it gives a place to charge your phone should you run low on battery while at Jim’s plow day! This one also came with optional headlights and Grote tail light. I added the rear plow light for night plowing at some of the big plow days. The factory seat was a metal pan with a two colored cushion. I had the old school black short back rest seat from a different tractor and installed that for now. Here is my son Judge with a bone stock fully restored 100 at Red Power a couple of years ago. I included this for reference of the correct fenders, seat, exhaust, etc. This is the first out of state plow day that I took GhostRider to before he got his dark clothes. You’ll notice that the hood on the Mule is kinda gnarly compared to the yellow on the rest of the tractor. The previous owner liked the Patina of the hood so much that he just cleared over it to preserve it. I didn’t like it at first but it has grown on me over the years. Lots of people (Uncle Roger on it here at Jim’s PD) have turned furrows with it and it is almost universally liked as a plow mule. @Rp.wh told me that plowing on that little tractor is what helped get him into the hobby. It only has 10 hp but it does a good job of putting power to the ground. The only real negative is that it has fairly low ground clearance and that can sometimes be a problem when following someone who is trying to recreate the Marianas Trench! This pic was taken in Peoria, IL at Bluniers PD. The Mule is second from the right and did a great job of plowing. @Coulter Caleb Jumped on that thing and plowed for several hours. My mom’s red 782 in the foreground (she calls Decklan) the Mule, the Five, and Grizzly in the background. As with any project machine, improvements can always be made. I would like to build a more powerful engine for it, not because it needs it but because I can😁. I also would like to upgrade the clutch (pressure plates, clutch, spring) rear end gearing. @Achto took this super cool pic last summer of Uncle Roger plowing with my youngest Zach up at Plainfield. It is a really neat little tractor and we have made a lot of memories with it over the years. Judge is turning 9 in about two weeks and I’ll be sure to post some pics on here of him driving his Mule on his birthday. Here he is turning soil in a Stertz field that his great grandpa turned, his grandpa turned, his dad turned, and now him! This land has been in the family since 1948 this little farm boy has the perfect Mule to get the job done (maybe a tad small for a 15 acre field but Uncle Roger can bring out the big guns to finish what he doesn’t!) Feel free to ask any questions that you have about the setup...hopefully the yellow didn’t hurt your eyes too much😉
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    Trina, Meeha the dog, and I took a little walk in the woods. Roughly 7 miles. We peaked Cranmore Mountain which is a ski area. Also Black Cap Mountain. Kearsarge Mountain North Moat Mountain I wish I could label this next one. Dead center is South Moat and Middle Moat. To the right of that is the Red Ridge. To the right of that and just above the pine tree is North Moat. To the left of all of these and behind them is Mount Chocorua and The Three Sisters. On the right hand side kind of tucked in between the treetops you can see what is known locally as Cathedral Ledge. We've been on top of every single one of the mountains pictured above, some multiple times. The village in the foreground is North Conway New Hampshire.
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    Left eye cataract removed and new lens installed this morning. Right eye scheduled In 4 weeks. Maybe I'll be able to drive at night again.
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    "And now page two." For those who may remember Paul Harvey. snowmobile. Lowell out for a cruise on the Farm Handy. Rodney " Biscuit " giving the camera a wave. Lane @Lane Ranger must have been camera shy. he's in the back ground heading for the hills. David @new2horses enjoying some conversation. It's always a good time siting down & talking with David. Other brands & customs. A well done scaled down IH. A very nice Sears Collection. I believe that these are National reel mowers. Another IH custom. Gotta like a nice looking Beaver. An interesting Craftsman mower.
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    I pass by this lawn in Red Lion, Pa. quite often, but have never seen the mower. Thought I'd share it.
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    A nice Patio collection. Page Tractors My friend Jason has added to the Moto Mower half of his collection. One lonely Swisher at the show. A new name brand to me, a Root mower. I can't seem to remember the name of this little crawler. A cool Statue of Liberty shift knob. Oddly this shot came up as photo 911 on my camera. @Deadguy with Henry.
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    Mrs. Pullstart’s photos from the show... in no particular order... What a fun time! We have a bunch of video clips, I’d love to know how to stick them all together! @dclarke thanks for taking the time to say hi, it was a pleasure to chat! @Lane Ranger it was good to visit with you again, it’s always fun with you and Rodney around! The little tiny narrow front Craftsman was built to run a table saw back in the day. Tan at Allic Chalmers “Mini-B” had a flat heat Ford v8 powering the hydro pump! I helped a guy (Marty?) get his new doodle bug hit and miss machine running so he asked me to take it’s first ride of the day! It was such a cool piece! Hot Wheels was able to give many smiles to some kids who pointed out the cool flame paint job. I offered for about every young and enthused person to ride it and we were able to snap a pic of a little green and yellow guy loving his ride!
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    She wanted to do her own her own way so with minimum help she’s creating this tractor on her own painting it herself following her mother and father footsteps!!! Giving it her own touch!
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    Heres the group going to breakfast at the local diner Cool shot outside of the diner Here is the barn that Wheel Horse has taken over and were given as our "Home" from this show on ! Couple shots inside the barn By the way Wheel horse beat the feature tractor record previously set by the Allis/Simplicity group of 209 with a Whopping 230 tractors so that deserves a round of applause way to go guys! A little night cruising @Lane Ranger wanted to take the TUB RAT for a ride doesnt it look his style? And here is something i never expected, im still kind of floating in a high right now The TUB RAT received an award (dash plaque) along with a lot of thumbs up! Another great year in the books, got to see a lot of old faces and many new ones, anyone thinking of going needs to go its an awesome show!
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    Hello All, I just wanted to share with all of you the seat I just received from @BOB ELLISON. @BOB ELLISON does fantastic work. Look at this thing, It looks terrific. I will be proud to show this off on my tractor. Now to finish up my GT14 Feel free to contact @BOB ELLISON directly if you would like a seat for yourself.
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    OuFinally got around to working on the 753. I drove it a while back, but the float hung and she just wouldn’t run. Well, no wonder! You wouldn’t believe all of the junk I cleaned out of the carb. The starter made a terrible roaring sound when running - bad bearings. I replaced the bearings and brushes and it starts great; but it doesn’t charge - the regulator smoked when the guy I bought it from started it, so I expected to have to order a regulator. I put on the 23x10.5-12 tires and weights I got from @sparky. I got the lift link and rod to hold the bar in travel position made and the sickle bar I got from @Lane Ranger is now mounted. I’m quitting on it now until after our summer show. I’m pleased with how she looks though!
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    Be able to fix things and you'd be amazed at what you can get. About a year and a half ago, picked up this little guy for $1500, about the price of a 312-8! Finally finished fixing everything, lots of little things, a couple of big things, but this is one nice ride! This one goes to my son, he's chosen to commute to college, not a bad commuter car. 2006 A4 Cabriolet, 3.0L Quattro even has factory navigation!
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    Picked this up this evening, it needs a little tweaking as the deck pto belt seems to be slipping, I'm not sure it's even the correct belt yet. but it seems in pretty good shape, I had to give 475$ for it, not sure if that's good or bad, but I've seen asking prices of more. I'm one step closer to selling my 6 year old husqvarna if this one works out for me, anywho, just sharing.
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    1972 Arctic Cat riding mower. 8 HP, 36" mower.
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    Had a great collection of tractors and engines. One fellow displayed several of his wheelhorses and a Murry. Enjoy.
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    Glad everyone enjoyed the Friday fish fry... Dan pulling his pork Saturday nite... did I mention we eat good?!?
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    I have more than a few pictures from the Portage, Wisconsin "Garden Daze Show and Swap Meet". Rodney Burger and I took a 24 foot trailer up with 8 tractors and lots of parts for sale. Sold two tractors and lots of parts-mostyly onNFriday and Saturday. We had a great time this was our second year at this great show Bret Esse and his volunteers put on. We had over 230 Wheel Horse tractors here as it was the Tractor of the Year and a ton of the Red Square people brought them to show! We arrived around 5 pm on Wednesday and departed about 5:30 PM on Saturday.
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    Here are some snips of me taking a dive off the water skiis too!
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    Ok here's what I or Cindy got.....sorry if I dup that were already posted but it was just that much fun! Cindy and I taking Bear's custom for tool.
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    First off I have to apologize for the few pictures I got and for not posting much lately. But this show was great, it was great weather hot but good! It was awesome meeting @pullstart and his wife and some others. Have to thank @Achto and @WHX24 for the great cooking and food all weekend long and the help the last couple weeks getting stuff ready! Was also Great getting cought up with with the mn boys @WHX24 and wife on bears 2 seater Friday night, night ride this was just half of the pack going around the track @Achto and @WHX24 just hang out bsing with @wheelhorsemanwife after dinner some of the horses resting
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    Well, well... auction finds. Nice to meet you, @Jordanhorse96 and @CasualObserver!
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    This is so fun! Thanks @prondzy for the Tub Cart hot lap, @Bear G for the Stretch hot lap and @Achto for the McLean hot lap! So much cool stuff to see and do, I’m looking forward to the trip to the diner in the morning for sausage gravy smothered breakfast!
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    My neighbors drive belt broke on his deere so i helped him tow it up to the shed 😂
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    @pullstart Emory got a great report! We’ve let him be off of his ADHD medicine for the summer and he’s gained 12+ pounds since his last dr visit. His medicine normally curbs his appetite. We go back in January. Eating at Calhoun’s on the river in Knoxville now. View from our table.
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    First of all I apologize to the Moderators for my mistake. For sale is a all original 1975 C160-8 with sickle bar. The tractor has original paint with no smoke, no knocks, and no leaks. It starts and runs like it should. The wheel weights pictured are NOT included in the sale. The tractor has a Kemp stack and the original muffler is included. It also has a Ellison seat with new armrests with the original seat also included. The original PTO bell with all hardware is included with the sale. The sickle bar operates as it should and cuts great. All the parts to the best of my knowledge are attached to the bar and are in excellent shape. Also included in the sale is a second sickle bar for parts. This included a full 50” bar with gear box and most of the mounting bracket and pedal engagement. The original 42” mowing side discharge deck with re-Enforcement bar can be included at a additional cost. Thank You 113853F6-456B-48F6-960F-B5B1A142FF64.MOV
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    Me neither Dan ... It was a heck of a show. I never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be that many there.! If one didn't know any better one would have thought he was at the BS! Special thanks to the guys that hauled their herds a great distance. Us locals know and appreciate the money you guys spent on fuel, lodging and food to make this show great. This is why we will go great lengths to show our Wisconsin hospitality and make you feel welcome. Glad to know you made it home safe & sound. The other bunch that claims to be stealing from the Mafia not withstealing. ....... If we had any decency we would have gotten the RS group banner and a pic taken. Many pics & smart @$$ comments to come ...
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    Miss Vicky & I made it home safe & sound at 8pm (est) tonight. Long trip. Fun time at show. thanks all for the hospitality, laughs, great food, and good time!!
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    I'll start you out with a video walking down the line after the parade.
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    Yesterday was a busy day here.Set this tree on the ground in the morning and picked ,processed and canned beans in the afternoon.This tree will be processed for firewood.The saw on the stump is a Stihl MS360 with a 25" bar.The saw 45' away is an MS360 with a twenty inch bar.
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    EHome safe! thanks again Brett and everyone who puts on the show, and for our WI/MN friends who invited us and for the new friends we made!
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    Fish on! Thank you so much Jim, Dan, Cindy and Ryan for the fish, slaw, beans and apple pie!
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    @ronwh @prondzy @Shynon there goes the neighborhood...
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    I’ve been made an honorary ember of the GT Mafia! Thanks @WHX24 and crew!
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    darn right they don't - nice rig!!! I’m in North Yorkshire - here’s mine.
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    Matt has been writing for us for quite some time and does an excellent job. We are very fortunate to have him on our team! Wheel Horse is in every issue of L&GT. We need to come out to the big show in PA to do some publicity. Thanks everyone for your support of the magazine. Have a nice evening!
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    Had a great time at the show today! I’ll let one of the guys who spent the whole weekend break all the exciting news about total attendance, tractor placement wins, etc... We had an uneventful trip down... The boys were excited to be part of the festivities and to hook up with old friends. It never gets old seeing Dan pull someone on skis around the grounds. There were lots of cool customs once again! Lots of time was put into these tractors to give them that special unique look. I really like the look of this muscular simplicity. Dan behind us in the parade lap. (Richie—notice the cool cup!) Following the parade lap, we lined up all the Horses that went in the parade for a picture and to see the results of the judging... I like this picture of Pullstart and Mrs Pullstart! It was so cool to see old friends and meet some new ones! I was excited to meet @dclarke and @Terry M and many more for the first time! It was a great reminder of how awesome this forum is and the special group of people that make it this way. These brothers are always a pleasure to visit with and spend some time around! Thanks Lane for recommending I purchase that tank from you. Keep an eye out because Caleb and I will be installing that sometime in the near future. Mrs Pullstart gave Caleb the opportunity to drive Frank and he really enjoyed it! Kevin did an awesome job on this machine. We had had a wonderful day but before we knew it, it was time to go home. Many thanks to Bret Esse and his awesome staff for putting on an excellent show!
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    Showers are fixed and there is a waiting line. (Background of pic 2) meanwhile, the tub rat gets a bath too.
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    This what happens when you eat to much fermented cheese!!!!
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    Here is the story. www.lagtmag.com Enjoy, friends! Kate G
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    It was me. Lola gave them to someone who was putting them in the raffle. We are busy working on orders from the show but will be listing those on our website soon. Looks awesome Lane
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