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    Decided to take a few pics of my 1257, touched up a few spots and tried to clean it a little. Also added a few things since last time I posted pics of her. Ordered a few decals from "redoyourhorse." Looking forward to those. Got more to do to her.
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    Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, the last remaining Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, died Wednesday. He was 98. Men like him made it possible for us to be pursue happiness and live free. I just hope that their memories and sacrifices won’t be lost to revisionist history.
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    I just want to commend @jimkemp Jim Kemp. I bought one of his fantastic mufflers six years ago when I was putting together my little rat rod tractor. I had a nice roller with no engine at the time and my dad had a predator sitting on the shelf not being used for anything so I put that in there and I wanted a muffler. I bought one from Jim for, I think, $50 at the time which is an incredible price. I started noticing a tinging type rattle from the front of my tractor when I was driving it and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from for the longest time. One day last week I was pushing it out of the basement just to move it out of the way and I could hear it when the engine wasn't running so I did some shaking around on the machine and I finally figured out that the baffle inside the muffler was loose. I contacted Jim and he immediately asked if I could ship it back to him so he could inspect it. He said he had improved the design since my muffler was built. He cut open the muffler, repaired it for free, and shipped it back to me along with my shipping cost to reimburse me. On top of that he put a fresh coat of paint on it before he sent it back. I just wanted to say that so that everybody can hear how he treats his customers. I could not ask for a better experience. Here’s a before and after picture. Sorry for the bad angle on the after shot.
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    Sooooooo... For the third time now, Trina and I were chosen to be honored with a tractor. This one has a great sentimental value to the PO. It's another C160... I'll get pics later today. It's rough around the edges but has great potential. I've been searching for an engine as some of you know. A Horse popped up. I contacted the guy. Sent him a bit of info on who I am and what we've done with our Herd. We talked a bit. He had a snowblower. And a mowing deck. Plastic wheel weights. And a tractor... A tractor that's special to him. His Dad had the tractor ... Then he had it. Been 20, 25+ years between the two. He's had a LOT of mixed feelings about letting it go and had decided NOT to sell... Then we talked. He decided after talking with me n Trina we'd be the right people to own it... And keep it... Fix it up and - very importantly - USE it.... We agreed to keep in touch and I'd send him progress pics. Wheelhorse folk... Are amazing.
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    She’s off the truck cleaned up, fresh gas, oil good she runs like a top.
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    Thanks everyone , I do my best to make sure they are the highest quality , but if something ever goes wrong all you have to do is let me know and i will always make it right no matter what , again thank you all Jim Kemp
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    Take one old implement seat. Length of scrap pipe and piece of plate. VIOLA!
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    So this joined the pasture today
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    Painted up some front rims for a friend @Docwheelhorse (yes, for a Wheel Horse GT-1800). Didn’t use the playing card trick, stuck to my old tried and true tape/masking method. Smoke gray was the color of choice.
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    For those of us that have dedicated spaces in our homes that are used as a work shop regardless of what kind of work we do in it, is that area just that? A work area? Comments have been made regarding that space here by people which makes me bring this up and think about it. Probably the comment that mostly makes me think about it is the one “ you have put a lot of yourself into this place”. Thinking about it it is absolutely true. Speaking only of the shop now, although it applies to the property in general the possibility or necessity of moving or having to move which has surfaced several times through the years has really stressed me out . So it’s just a place some would say. It is not. Even a bigger better, more convenient place would not substitute it. I have evolved and matured here in this 400 square foot shop space for 39 years now.Those attributes are clearly evidenced here by those who can recognize it specially those that know me. It is indeed part of me and probably cannot be duplicated elsewhere. There is a certain “ soul” to it that cannot just be started somewhere else.There would not be enough time and I would be trying to duplicate something that happened naturally as part of my life.Without it I just would not feel complete. I spend quite a lot of time in it. Even if I have nothing to do in it I find myself there and just sit and think. In there I am surrounded by generations of objects most of them personally handed down to me by family or others. There is always a voice or an image associated with most tools used. I felt that “soul” at a very young age in my grandfather’s place . Out of my control that place was lost for ever. I know my children have that same feeling about this place where they were raised from birth , grew up, and learned most of the skills they have today. The grandchildren constantly sneak into the shop and love being here. They remind me of my very same feelings and curiosity at their age in my grandfathers place. Its a place I find myself in it during times of stress or grief. It calms me down and gives me solice. To leave it I feel like I would leave a large part of me behind . I would always be thinking about it. Perhaps I am nuts. Am I alone feeling like this?
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    So as I said in a previous post my wife taught early grades in same school room for over 35 years and when we are out we constantly get stopped by former students . Again today at airport going to California someone is screaming her name. A TSA officer that recognized her and left her post running after her. It’s nice to have made a difference.
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    Added a 2" front hitch receiver to the C-100. Should add lots of versatility and function for the tow/logging rig this will be.
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    The mellow tone of Jim's mufflers is what sold me, one more happy customer.
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    Really Eric?? You can wander around in the woods and share with us a dozen snapshots of moss growing on the north side of a tree and then you make a post like this and not a single picture. …. CONGRATS on the new ride !!
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    The most odd thing I've found on a that I bought? I would have to say this guy. @WHX?? Or maybe the rear fenders/bucket holders on my D160?
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    We have been at Yosemite for a few days. Incredible sights.
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    If you like, share your celebration here. We started early with a family picnic yesterday.
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    How not to park a MinI. He was supposed to turn right but was going a little to fast. Very wet forest road. Driver and navigator both OK. A few more photo's of the rally. Nearly off. He luckily just dropped the front wheels over the drop edge. We were able to man handle him out. Another mini went right over. Had to be winched out. No damage and continued on his way. Near thing. My mate Bob with the latest anti midge head wear.
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    Thanks @Sparky now it has 4 matching rims and tires on the elusive YES They really did paint the Workhorse GT1800 Wheel Horse red from factory tractor
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    So scored at the antique store today! Wouldn't post this in this thread normally but a couple days ago I got a front receiver hitch for the c-100, today I score a 3-ball hitch for $10 AND it's red! Seemed meant to be! It's also solid 2x2" steel and not hollow. I bet the thing weighs at least 30lbs. Should also add as a nice front counter-balance weight as well.
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    At 80 years of age, we have been faced with a decision as to whether to move to a much smaller house in a 'continuing care facility'. I've told my wife that I would take one or two of my tractors with me, but I would still lose my 36' x 36' pole barn workshop. I've always been a hands-on person, and have remodeled or renovated five homes (and 30 Wheel Horses). The workshop is part of what makes me 'ME'. Giving up my workshop would be like giving up my right arm, or part of my soul. I'd be completely bored and lost. The day may come when we have to give up, but I'm fighting it 'tooth and nail'. Jim
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    This boy has three lawns that he cuts each week. He loves gardening. Video games are not that important to him. He wants to learn.
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    Rims on the 867 were going to get painted….but after a good power wash and hard scrubbing with Dawn dish soap I decided to leave em alone. Shot the rear hubs red which matches the from hub covers. Ready for “cruisin”
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    A few neighbors joined me to watch the grain harvest today.
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    Picked this up today, a rusted hunk. Freed up in 15 minutes, was not as bad as it looked. An old friend gave it to me. New they are 2K +
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    You mean you didn't check battery voltage first?
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    Husband wanted me to ask everyone for some advice! Today he took our daughter to a test and tune pull off! They both were having a great time! The tractor was doing very well from what I was told but during one of her pulls she heard a noise in the tractor and never mentioned it till after her dad hooked on! Her father went back to look through the videos that he was taking and in fact could hear some popping! However he had already hook on and went to takeoff before he watched video. There was quite a bit of noise I guess and the right side rear would no longer help turn.. they unhooked and the tractor drove of the track. He was advised to jack it up and see if axle broke! I helped my husband jack it in the air and run it. Both wheels would turn but the side in question could be stopped by hand.. also nothing in low side would happen…. Is this a pen/key that can be replaced or 😬😬😬😬 worst news? All the help from the great wheel horse gurus is much needed…. Daddy and daughter need the bonding time….. The video at 22 sec. you can hear and see the tractor buck… IMG_5675.MOV
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    Rylee helped me get a couple down from the rack tonight, before our 2 mile trip to town for fireworks… she needed a little traction aide to get me rolling on the not driving forward or backward fork truck.
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    Yesterday me and my dad and his friend wired up the Flashing lights I put on my C-145. We had to make custom brackets so we could use the old holes in the fender. My dad didn’t want to drill new holes in the fender. All the wires are hidden except the ones that come from the lights those go under the fender but the rest is hidden. We made a custom light switch panel for the two switches that control the rear lights. They’re super bright and they are only using like 4 amps to flash. These lights are Whelen ION lights. I’ll use them mostly when I’m snowblowing and backing up in the dark. (And yes i know I still have tire chains on, it gives me traction when I’m in the garden) IMG_0552.MOV IMG_0539.MOV
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    Here’s a side shot for y’all on Sunday husband took our daughter to a tractor pull her very first on her own pull…!!! You can see it from the smile she had a wonderful time kicking her dad‘s butt!!! Lol. She made sure to rub it in…. In fact it sounded like she out pull all.. however look for a thread here in a minute as they ended up having an issue!
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    Well I recommend you never park one of your rigs in my garage…you won’t like what happens.
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    It’s been a while so here are a few.
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    I've bought a few mufflers from Jim and love them. He makes a quality product and has always provided great service to me.
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    Been messing with the wheels on my 1054, they were painted by someone in the past pure white and have a bit of red overspray. Only the Workhorse series look good with white wheels, all others look terrible (my opinion). Wanted to get them closer to original but there is no rattle can paint on the shelf called “linen beige”. Started out with gloss almond and it was just to yellow and dark for me: Back to the hardware store and came back with Navaho White. This one I really like! This pic is Navajo White next to a pure white wheel off a Craftsman for color comparison.
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    Sheet metal screw and some epoxy have fixed more than one leaky gas tank.
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    Yesterday I got an immediate response on my Marketplace ad. I mean not a minute more after listing my 314-8 for sale did he insist on an immediate transaction, I only had to give my Zelle address and his woman would pick up the tractor within the hour. My ad said cash and carry so I said NO Deal. My wife said I was close to being scammed from what she had read on the "Next Door" site. Luck was with me. Another inquiry followed that I found to be evasive but I nevertheless entertained him. When he failed to show, my trigger finger began to twitch and I wanted to write him something he would find memorable. But with the current state of affairs I would be asking for a heap of trouble and so I went along my way doing my thing. 6 hours later when he pulls into my driveway, looks it over and says he will return in the morning with the cash. He arrives after 2pm with the cash and he wants me escort him as he drives the tractor on the road to his home, one mile away! To end this story he wants me to send him a friend request (he has over 4500 friends) and he will send a video of the 314-8 grooming the dirt at the Thistledown horse racing track in North Randall, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland where he is a horse trainer. Instead of being put out to pasture, my 25 year old Horse is going to help at the race track. My tractors said their goodbyes and photos captured the happy event.
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    I finished mounting the hardware from the rotted out donor deck onto a NOS shell I bought last year, with new spindles and pulleys, 2/3 new spindle cups (only two left) and stuff like the spring. This thing has no fewer than five types/colors of paint; the factory deck color, the powder coated hardware, the rattle can Regal Red ( where it didn’t wear off during installation), the dark red on the wheels, and traditional grease covered rust. I had to do a fair amount of wire brushing and sanding to get some of the powder coated pieces to fit together. In the process I found I’m not that fond of the stuff. I also took off the new seat, put the original back on for mowing duty. It’s kind of nice and relaxing to mow without random projectiles flying out of the holes in the deck. The new pulleys and spindles are much quieter, too. Not the prettiest, but it works well enough. In a few years maybe it’ll match the B-80 and be a little more presentable.
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    Trina's 867 go-to worker was moving sticks and logs for us today.
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    Well I have the belt guard in place. When the early rain drys off I will give it a test run.
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    Oh crap! I hit both of those right on the head
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    Got a phone call yesterday from my friend whos is in the scrap metal business and lets me know when he gets a WH in , this will be the 3d save from the scrap pile, I just finished up the last one 2 days ago witch is a Auto 16 ,and what do you know this one was Another Auto 16 ,he told me the guy who dropped it off used it for parts for his Sears tractor restore, So no engine , or electrics ,also no belt guard , gave it a bath today so I could give it a good look over , Did a test on the hydro and its fine other then the brake pawl is wiped out but I have a good 90-1140 trans axle already to swap, As far as engine replacement I have a bunch to choose from ,most are Briggs V twins , I decided to do a re power with a Briggs V twin ,I test ran the engine today on my bench so she is a good runner , and I began the test fit in the frame witch seems to fit very well alignment is not a issue the engine will have to live1 inch further then the stock kohler if I want to retain the fuel tank and battery location , it fits well and I do not see any hood alterations needed , I will beef up the frame if needed I will have question for the repower guys and or puller guys , I did a little research on this Briggs apparently this engine is designated for Aircraft a few ultralight company's used this engine. it is a 1 liter, 993 cc 36hp it weighs only 3 lbs more then the stock Kohler , right now my biggest issue will be finding a pully. it is a 1 1/8 just as the kohler but it is a tapered type shaft .not straig like the Kohler that was in this WH .
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    Now Mike, you need to let Pete make that comment!
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    Great topic. Thank you, gentlemen, for some thoughtful replies. Some years ago my Dad and and my stepmother decided to move to an apartment in an independent living community. Surprising to me were the two incredibly well-equipped shops supported by the management company. One for metal and one for wood. Joining cost $1 a month and an extra $10 per year got you a small locker for personal stuff. Top of the line stationary tools (I'd never seen a 12" wide x 48" long belt sander before), an array of the best hand and small power tools, as well. Among the members were some amazingly skilled furniture builders, carpenters, mechanics, and metal workers. I had to be tested if I wanted to use any power tools with my Dad present (whew! I passed). My Dad spent a big chunk of every day there fixing things for neighbors and working on smaller projects until his illnesses finally confined him to his apartment and ended his life. When we cleaned out his locker the only thing in it was his work apron with two pencils in the chest pocket which grandson has now.
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    I have a wood shop and a stable for the and both are far enough from the house that my wife isn't disturbed by the noise. Our little piece of paradise is situated on seven acres of North Carolina mountain side with a creek running through it. When we bought it sixteen years ago it had a one bedroom two story house (now a rental), a shop building that had been converted into a guest house and a small horse barn with a dirt floor. At the time we knew the house would not fit our needs as we aged but we love the location. Prior to moving from Florida I had a workshop built to house my street rods and the wife's sport car; they have since been sold making room for more . In 2011 we began construction of our new house, one level living, curb-less showers and other consideration that should allow us to live here the rest of our lives. We subcontracted the foundation, framing, insulation, drywall and roofing but did the rest ourselves. My wife had never been around a construction project before so it was quite an adventure for her. She quickly learned that lots of work had to be done from scaffolding when you build on a mountain side. Much to my amazement she even went out on a few of the scaffolds while painting the siding. Next the guest house became my wood working shop so I could cabinets for the new house. I've also done some furniture building, a lot of projects for the church and little things for my wife. It is a great retreat for just sitting and reflecting on life. I can pick up a piece of a project and do some hand sanding while I remines. The shop has an office, wife calls it my Man Cave, and some days I spend as much time solving the world's problems and planning projects as I do working. I know the day will come when I can't get much work done, but knowing I can go out to either of the shops and give my wife some peace and quiet is good for both of us.
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    My shop is more like my den. A place to escape. A place to be creative, A place to think, A place to pray. it has provided solence.....yet filled with inanimate objects that just plain support the soul. time has a way to make change, but it can't change the soul.
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    I find work shops similar to houses. It’s not the space that gives the space a feeling. (Only nature and the most special buildings can do that for me - a magnificent church or historic building for example) It’s the time spent within and around it, and more then that whom that time was spent with. And what was happening in your life at that time. I recently bought a new place. Primarily to expand my workshop and outdoor space. I owned this place for 2 years before moving in, because we wanted to update it. As a hard working pipefitter, I was fortunate enough to have just enough money combined with what I had saved to be able to maintain 2 mortgages while also paying for the remodeling as I went. When my wife and I first got married we lived in the last home during the remodel of that house. It was a trying time to say the least, and living in it made the remodeling process that much more difficult and time consuming. The first thing I did here was move into my new shop, as it was the center of action for the remodel. Built new work benches (much of which was repurposed materials from the new house) and arranged all the hardware, built lumber and pipe storage systems, etc… During that process and the subsequent remodeling and cabinet making, and so forth, I made a great deal of memories in the new place, with my young son whom would often help me with whatever the task of the day was. So by the time we moved in, I already had a connection to the shop and the property as a whole. So I guess my point is that a new shop is just a new chapter in your life. Something to enjoy, rather than endure.
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    Cas, you are a quite the romantic. I have a small basement workshop for woodworking. I’ve made a lot of stuff down there but I’ve never really developed an attachment to it. I think it will come in time. Part of that is probably because it is a landing zone for all the detritus of our household that needs to find a permanent home. It’s the quick fix for hiding things when company comes over and the most convenient storage place for surplus groceries and supplies. Having to relocate other people’s stuff each time I want to do something reduces the desire to spend time there. yet once in a while I do just sit on a stool and dream and remember that this came from grandpa, this from my father in law, this from dad… steve
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