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    Winter chores don’t get better than this. In a couple years, we’re going to get a fixer-upper and rebuild it together. He’d spend all day around the tractor if he could.
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    Please join me in welcoming Steve @stevasaurus as our newest Moderator. For the past couple of years, Steve has really helped out by organizing our technical area, and keeping our photo's in tact. He is always open to lend a hand, and we feel that he'll be even more helpful as a moderator! Welcome Steve
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    Regardless of how much I try and say, I really have not the words to describe how I actually feel about this, nor do I still understand why I deserve this honor. John @wallfish gave me the RJ model he has been working on for so long, and has so fascinated all of us with its craftsmanship, vision,and dedication. Besides what it means as part of a hobby which is dear to me, as a woodworker for someone to dedicate so much of themselves into such an accomplishment and to then just give it to me, is not only an honor but also a testament to John's character, generosity and unselfishness.It is people like him that restores my faith in humankind. I say this not just because I am the lucky recipient of his generosity, but because those qualities are also evident to everyone that knows him by watching how generous and willing he is always in insisting that everyone uses his creations we know so well, his constant helping of everyone who needs it, and by giving tools to someone who need them such as in the case of Eric @ebinmaine and I am sure many others. Even though I followed closely the thread about the building of it , and I recognized what kind of talent and vision was at work, it is now that I have it in front of me that I realize that all my previous opinions of it were greatly underestimated. The scale, and sheer delicacy of this object defines what is possible by human hands. If one looks at John's hands they do not exactly look like the hands of a surgeon but they can certainly do equal work. I have steady hands but they shake and freeze when just trying to handle this little gem. I have promised John that it will never leave me or my family, and that we will take it back to the show every year that I or my family goes, so it can be displayed on John's table for everyone to enjoy, for something like this is meant to be shared by all and not just tucked away as someone's treasure. Also the first thing next year will be to take a photo of it inside John's hand so that can be displayed here at home with it. So again John from the inner parts of my soul I thank you and I will never forget the kindness and generosity from you, which is right up there with your talent.
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    Teaching my oldest daughter how to stack firewood is 'funner' when she gets to drive the 520H!
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    I’m a huge fan of the Magnum series for motor swaps. My GT1600 (originally a Briggs 16 twin) has a Magnum 10 under the hood and it’s my favorite machine. I had a C-105 with a Magnum 12 that I regret selling a few years ago. So when I saw @Chris T had a machine with a Magnum I casually mentioned that if it was ever up for sale give me a heads up...we’ll he decided to sell and it’s now in my garage! Smooooth and quiet and starts in a pull or two. Motor fits in it real nice and the hood isn’t chopped. It’ll be a perfect cruiser for shows. If you ever have the chance to buy off Chris go for it! Straight shooter, honest and no BS. He even surprised me and delivered it
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    So the other day I posted about loosing seat time to my oldest son Aiden who is 9. He plowed a bunch of my parents yard with my 753. Well after seeing that post @ebinmaine generously gave him a plow that I was picking up in New York for him along with a rolling chasis and a snow thrower for myself from @Herder. Well when Aiden got home this afternoon from ice fishing he wanted me to install the plow so he could use it. For the time being it is on my Bronco 14 but once I fix the engine on his 1277 it will be mounted to that. I have wheel weights I am gonna install on it this week since he is so light (I don't have that problem) This summer I hope we can work together cleaning it up and painting it. As of right now tho he is one happy kid. He would still be out plowing in the yard if we didn't have a super bowl party to go to. @ebinmaine thanks so much from Aiden and I since I can now get seat time again! I threw a picture of his 1277 in for good measure.
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    After coming across a post on page 118 titled My daughters first tractor it gave me an idea to post My daughters first WH ride in the summer of 1990 at 4 months old on my new 1989 312-8. She seemed to enjoy that very much that I thought I would try to find her a tractor of her own.In 2001 at 11 years old she was able to drive the 1993 520-H alone and had a lot of fun doing it .Enjoy the pics.
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    Grabbed these 2 little gems yesterday
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    A picture is worth a thousand words... @Wildhorse check it out!!!
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    Just got out of the hospital. Overall Emory’s EEG didn’t show anything unusual, but enough activity was there to show that he had a seizure and the possibility of a future seizure. They are keeping him on his medicine for the near future. Weaning him off or stopping the medicine will be a discussion later on down the road as he grows. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Redsquare is the best! Thanks so much to our Wheel Horse family!! Back to his goofy self!
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    I've been on hiatus for a while. Finishing the new place and moving and getting my new shop lined out. Finally had time for a little project and thought I would share. Every time I went to mow down by the road and in the less groomed areas of my place, I would find logs, rocks and trash from those who don't cotton to "Don't mess with Texas." I would pick it up and try to hold on to it until the load got bigger than I could handle and then I would make a pile with the intention of picking up when I headed back to the shop. I usually forgot but got a "friendly" reminder from the war department. I looked around for a way to carry the debris and couldn't find anything I liked, nor wanted to pay for. I am planning a carry all for my JD2305. So I set out to design a Carry-Some for the C-121. The goal was to use only what I had on hand. So i gathered what 3/4 plywood I had and drew it out on my workbench. (Nice to have a melamine top that I can draw on and just wash it off) I cut three strips of 3/4 plywood for the receiver hitch tongue and glued them together. I then cut my first side piece. I then took another inventory and realized I needed to cut it down a little to have enough large pieces. Then time for a bunch of pocket holes. All joints glued with Titebond II. Dado'd a cross brace into the tongue to give lateral support Primer And finally paint. viola! Didn't have any Regal Red but had a quart of IH Red which looks just fine (Better then the C-121 for sure) Had a partial can of truck bed spray so I painted the inside with it (after the coat of red) Probably would have made it 8" on the bottom instead of 12" if I could have visualized it. A little worried about going down hills and bottoming out at the bottom. Oh well, just have to be careful! I am hoping this will be a handy tool for picking up debris and keeping the war department happy.
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    With all lthe talk about mid-graders, PERFECT TIMING!!! Got 4 yrds. of crusher run for the driveway. Skonk and HHHOOOWWWAAARRRDDD!!! got to play in the dirt today. The 6 spd in Skonk is pretty handy for close quarters grading. Elivs came out for a bit but the little guys said " Get out of our sand box"!
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    A few weeks ago I posted asking for direction on my, (at the time) non-starting C-160 Auto. I got several great pieces of practical advice very quickly and followed through as advised. IT WORKED! Yes... it was the Ammeter ! At the same time, following up on member advice I found several wires (likely from 1974) that were ridiculously worn and subsequently repaired those along with tightening my ground (all items suggested by members). It fired up and next I realized my new ammeter was showing a negative pull when running. So, back I go to old Wheel Horse Forum posts where I found that either my rectifier was bad or poorly grounded. I followed all posted advice and now here I sit.. The 1974 C-160 is running perfectly thanks to Wheel Horse Forum Members! So a hearty, "Thank You" to all and just one more favor please... Could you guys/ladies conjur up some snow so I can go out and do my drive and several of my neighbors too?? Not to be pushy, but sooner is better than later! Thanks all.. you are much appreciated here in Indianapolis.
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    Found this 2004 with 172 hours 10 minutes from my house.
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    I told my wife 6 years ago that I would build her a Gazebo.It doesn't have 8 sides and we renamed it the cannery,since we do all our canning in it.
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    We showed up at AJ's enjoying the nice sunny 60+ weather, perfect day for a show. By the time we were done plowing and playin with the stone boat a thunder storm rolls in. This kinda stopped me from strolling around to get more pic's. I was quite happy sitting under a canopy shooting the breeze with @stevasaurus. Fact is the only pic's that I came home with are the ones that Cindy took with my camera. So I'll share some of those with you. Radpferd turning a little dirt. After burying the plow as deep as i could get it, I couldn't seem to make the engine work. Couldn't even get any smoke out of the pipe. No added weight, 2nd gear at about 1/2 throttle & I was running other guys down. This Horse is kind of a Clydesdale. Jim getting the rings seated on his 1055. With out added weight his tractor had no problem pulling a plow. Some other brands struggled a bit to do the job. Next we had a chance to play with a stone boat. A Cub Cadet with duels on was up before Radpferd, They had to drop down to one added weight in order for him to move it. I hooked up with the single weight on the sled. Mover about a foot & said too easy guys. So they threw another one on. Another foot or so & I said a little more please. Keep 'em coming boy's!! At this point the belt started to chirp a bit so I decided to call it good. Still no smoke out of the stack. It was like we were just cruising in a parade. Towards the end of the track I stopped to up shift but lost traction. Jim hooked hooked up. He had some traction trouble getting going. After he was rolling I added my weight to the equation. His 1055 purred right along with no issues. All in all it was a good show even if the rain chased some people off. It was good to talk with people that I hadn't seen since last year.
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    It's a good thing I have ww-93 weights. My lift is a 2000 pound winch with a snack block.. and to charge battery, a 10si 63 amp one wire alternator. Never a dead battery.
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    @formariz, @PeacemakerJack, @Machineguy, @WHX21, @520hC-120, @dells68, @elcamino/wheelhorse, and the rest of , Here's some video (about 9:00 am this morning) of the Anniversary 520H and 2stage "chucker" in action from Diego that was only supposed to leave a trace to an inch ended up 9" in my front yard, Jeff. VIDEO0123.mp4 VIDEO0124.mp4 VIDEO0125.mp4 VIDEO0127.mp4 VIDEO0128.mp4 VIDEO0126.mp4
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    Got it all home.... it’s still in the trailer, it’s going to get unloaded tomorrow.
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    I picked up these Kohler parts today from a friend who brought them to me at work. I originally asked him to bring me a bearing plate. Well he did bring me three of those plus two 301 blocks one 321 block several sets of rings 4 new connecting rods , two sets of crank seals two new valves. A piston and connecting rod with rings what I believe is a K 91 set . And a whole lot of gaskets.
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    Got home today after a long day at work, found this in my driveway, knew right away who it was from, a friend of mine original owner, says all it needs is a carb cleaning, and a battery and she will run, nice original condition. Think im going to clean her up, some fresh decals and use her as a general yard tractor.
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    Today I went and got a truck and trailer load from an old dealer today. One thing I was excited about (among many others) was a new truck decal set from 1969
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    I found an ad on CL for Garden tractor rims with 23 x 10.5 x 12 tires on them. I went to the guy’s house and bought the rims. I was telling him I collect wheel horses and I’m going to use these wheels on one. He takes me to his garage and asks me if I want to buy another horse. I said sure and I’ll be right back with my trailer. Now I own a 310-8 . It runs great and the blades work too.
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    It seems that in this new modern era there is a chance that maybe someday December 7th, PEARL HARBOR just might be erased and forgotton by future generations. Dam shame that is. To all the men and women that were there on that fatefull day rest easy, most are gone now, old age and time has taken its toll. I am here to beat the drum of rememberence. Thank you for your service and I shall never forget your sacrifice. I guess only because my father was there serving aboard the USS PENNSYLVANIA. I hope this day does not become extinct in the minds of future generations.
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    I'm very grateful to everyone who has ever posted any response to anything I've ever said. I appreciate the dead on correct answers and also the ones that might not be exactly right. I do learn from both. I also do enjoy when we ask a question about subject ABC and pretty soon we are off on a tangent talking about XYZ. Trina and I are pretty far off the edge of the beaten path so to speak for most of the people on this site. I've met a few of you in person and I consider myself very lucky to have made great friends all around. In person or online. I really do appreciate all the help and information we have gotten about tractors and every single other subject, over the last two or three years since joining. Red Square. All members. Happy anniversary and thank you. Eric and Trina.
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    Jump on my Gt1600 to do some snow plowing, stab the clutch pedal and snap! My clutch return spring is busted and the pedal just lays flat . Bummer....except at the last couple Wheel Horse shows I have been buying a few brand new maintenance items and it just so happens I had bought 3 brandy new clutch return springs! Ive bought new shifter boots, a few fuel shut offs and filters, stuff like that, just to have in stock and handy. Paid off today.
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    FYI A surprise finding of New Old Stock 32 inch 5-7321 Mower Decks (maybe 5) used on 1957, 1958, 1959 (RJ's, 1960 Suburbans and 1961 - 701's has been located, Not sure what the value of these might be and was surprised to see them in original boxes with all the original parts including drive belt, deck wheels and belt guard for the deck on the tractor. I never knew that the mower decks were painted all red underneath when coming from the factory. The 5-7321 Manual say these were made in 1969 by Wheel Horse but that they wer for the early (1957 to 1961) garden tractors. So the dealers must have had requests for replacement decks at that time in 1969.
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    Several months ago I ordered this Sunex service cart for work. It served me well, but it did have some downfalls, one major one was the top tray wasn’t big enough or deep enough to hold all my sockets. Finally broke down today and upgraded to the US General. So much more room and much better quality. Had to settle for the black one as they were out of red and blue, which were my first two choices
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    Wanted to show off my project from last winter. I enjoyed working on the 68 Lawn Ranger which was stored dismantled in a small shed for the last 10 years. I still have the mower deck to finish but it’s been a great learning experience. I bored and rebuilt the engine and rebuilt the rear axle assembly myself and even tried my hand at upholstery work. The seat didn’t turn out too bad for my first try. Thanks goes to members of Red Square for all the information.
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    Im keeping the 520 , a RJ and possibly one other. You guys aren’t going to get rid me that easy . Is family ......
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    He are a few pictures from the Lebanon tractor expo from this weekend enjoy.
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    Just spoke to our Buddy. He's in great spirits. Still working. Hasn't started the shots yet. Had to get his diabetes down to normal. Dr just told him he's ready. They told him he won't feel the shots. One per month for a year. Prognosis is good. He's anxious to get started. Said to tell everyone hey and sorry he hasn't been around. Already making plans for next summer shows...
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    Found this little guy in the yard today. He’s about 6 or 7 weeks old. The picture is perfect.
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    Today I finally got around to finishing up my generator mount for the 7200 watt generator head I got from HF years ago. With the pulley and belt I had on hand, the tractor runs at 2500 RPM to spin the generator up to the speed to achieve 125-ish volts. I ran 25 amps of load off of it and noticed a slight dip in engine speed and voltage drop to 120. I know that I'll need to get a larger pulley on the generator and a slightly longer belt to accommodate that so I can increase the engine speed a bit, but I am pleased with the results.
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    Found a few vintage sales ads from the 60s from UK distributor GD Mountfield
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    This is exactly why RS continues to attract new members and therefore keeps the hobby going strong and growing. No one is ever born with the knowledge so we have to learn it somewhere. Even the "experts" were green at some point! Offending new members which are looking for help only pushes them away and actually hurts the hobby as a whole. Keeping it a "family site" and very well managed by all of the moderators is certainly a big part of what make this work.
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    Some may have seen my C-121 aka The Black Horse on here. I purchased the tractor off my Southern mate Chris Sutton, sight unseen and he brought it up to the Newby Hall show 5-6 years ago. It ran, drove and entered the line up in the Wheel Horse Round up. And then home hoping swmbo wouldn't notice there was an extra tractor on the trailer. Unloaded and in the workshop, the intended restoration began. This will be a condensed version. It took me a year to complete. Until a pile of bits lay on the workshop floor. One thing I did find, that neither Chris or I had noticed, was a lot of play in the left side rear axle. The needle bearing was shot. After separating chassis and trans, the box was stripped and rebuilt. That job deserves a thread of it's own. So it may get one at some future date. After the trans was back together, the tractor rebuild could continue. First the chassis got a lick of paint after the trans was rebuilt. Agricultural tractor enamel brush painted. BTW. All parts were grey primed first. Some by brush and some by rattle can. The tower was next. Getting a good prep first. To be continued. Photo's seem to have got a bit mixed up. But never mind.
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    go to a funeral with the sole purpose to rustle horses from the widow
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    what's red and smells good? your smokey old kohler in your wheel horse. today I took 35 pounds of nj plum tomatoes and ran them through the crusher. lots of basil and garlic a little oregano.... I make enough sauce to last us a year.
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    One or two of these should do the trick!
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    My son wanted a Dodge (any Dodge) when he got his license. Found him a 1997 Stratus and he was pleased as punch. Said "someday I want a Charger". Well he's 18 1/2 works his ass off at Georgina's banquet hall and goes to colllege full time--and earns good grades. So.... with Mikes ( @sparky ) help we picked up my sons new to him 2009 Charger SXT. Congrats to him he deserves it and thanks Mike!
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    On Wednesday last I laid my Mother to rest after her bringing joy to many lives for 88 years. The Thursday before my wife's Dr. at Cleveland clinic told her that she may be in stage four of her auto-imune disease that is destroying her liver. We go back to Cleveland tomorrow, Thursday, for a biopsy to confirm her condition. If it is confirmed, she will need a liver or will have roughly six months. Right now I am just staying in prayer along with many others. Yesterday I received an unexpected package in the mail that contained a Wheel horse tee shirt. A member on here sent it as a thank you but it is more than that. It lifted our spirits and turned our thoughts to planning for shows and outtings together. A small gift with a huge impact. To that member I say from our hearts, Bless You. In one of the posts on here members write about what gets them excited. I think that we all can say that finding that one piece that completes a project or finally gets it running tops that list. I make it a point to go to the wanted section and see if there is something that I have or can direct a member to in order to reach that point. Not a lot of effort but it can make a huge impact. I have seen this many times on this site and that speaks for the caliber of the people that's on here. Bless You All.
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    Well, I am pumped. The very dependable Raider10 went down late this summer and has a small hole in the edge of the piston. I think that all three piston rings lined up on a scratch in the piston bore and melted the pioston i looked around on CL and a wheel Horse described as a 12 Horsepower 1967 wheel horse for $250 that "runs well and mows" made me go on a road trip.. When it did not run or even spark, i expressed my disgust with travelling over a hundred miles for a 12 HP kohler that was actually a 10HP and being ready to cut my losses. The seller cut the price to $150 and stated that he would also furnish and install a coil so the 1257 [which was actually a 1056] would run. I took a chance just because the engine had decent compression and I could trade parts around. Once I went back with the truck to pick it up, we had to air up the tires, but he did actually keep his word and furnish a coil. I got the 1056 home and made the following repairs and adjustments. i returned the coil to Auto Zone because the receipt was in the box. Now my net cost for this tractor was $107.00. The battery was charged with a .75 amp charger and actually came back to life. It was hooked up wrong by the PO, so I corrected that. After swapping out the coil and condenser from the raider10, it started and ran very well. It starts instantly even in very cold weather. The tie rods were horrible . The mower deck was not installed correctly and needed some TLC on the drive belt idler linkage. The blade towers are cast iron and nice and quiet and the pulleys are in good shape, so there is that as a positive. Still lots of stuff to work on, but the big stuff is done. i am counting my blessings on this one
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    I got visits from my grandkids -- this pretty little thing used to LOVE to come to granddads and ride his tractors and cut grass when she was about 10yrs old --- Hah! come to find out now that shes all grown up, she STILL likes tor ride my tractors
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    Very nice Lane... almost forgot, I just picked up this double sided one too! Like you...I've got no available wall space to display it though.
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    So my Gt1600 plow machine was needed for a project at my sons house today. If you saw my post yesterday about mouse damage...well my electrical tape repair worked without issue! The previous owner was dumping all their yard waste and who knows what else right in the middle of the yard up against a nice stone retaining wall. It was a major eyesore! Used the plow to bust up the pile, move it closer to my trailer to load it and eventually haul it to the dump. Then graded it all and finished up with grass seed and hay. Huge improvement!
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    Brought home my third Wheel Horse yesterday. Last week I sold an old Honda ATC 3 Wheeler that I had kicking around. When the guy picked it up he noticed a spare plow I had laying around and mentioned he had his father's old Wheel Horse sitting around and he should probably sell it. Well it didn't take long for me to give him his money back. It's not the original motor, and they cut the hood to make the new motor fit, but other than that it's a good looking machine.
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