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    Winter chores don’t get better than this. In a couple years, we’re going to get a fixer-upper and rebuild it together. He’d spend all day around the tractor if he could.
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    About 5:30 last night my father in law called, my jokingly nature was quickly distinguished when I learned that my mother in law had been hit by a truck checking the mail. I made the 6 or 7 mile trek to their house in about 4 minutes, to find her in the ambulance and police taking statements. A vehicle was stopped in the road to turn left into a private drive directly across from their driveway so she proceeded to open the mailbox. A too fast to stop truck decided it safe to pass the Tahoe on the right, clipping her. I was so relieved to see her in that van moving her legs and able to focus and speak. Those are things we brag about when babies start growing. We shouldn’t have to be excited when the rest of our family is able to perform those functions because someone wasn’t paying attention, or driving too fast. She’s got 6 broken ribs and a punctured right lung with some air in her chest cavity, but expecting 6-8 weeks of intense pain and a full recovery. Call your parents, or kids or siblings. Remind them that you love ‘em. I’m glad to still have that ability today.
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    I have always thought a 953 would look good with a narrow front end and finally decided to take the plunge. The tractor is more maneuverable than with the wide front end and steers great. This 953, which I bought from @Mike'sHorseBarn, has the Ross Steering box but the same thing could be done with the later models with a Fan Gear 953/1054 or GT-14. The entire steering system bolts in place with holes that were already in the frame and the entire process is reversible if I were to decide to go back to stock. I started with a foot long piece of 3/4" round stock (an old steering shaft) and bent it at the center to fifteen degrees so the tires would be canted in like they are on an old farm tractor. Then I made a fixture to hold the axle in place while welding it to a piece of one inch round stock (an old one inch axle). I mounted the tires (Deestone 3.50-6) and wheels and they looked great! Shaft collars were added inside and holes for cotter keys were drilled on the outer edges of the wheels. The excess 3/4" axles were cut off. Once the axle and pivot were welded together it was on to the bearings and attachment fabrication. I used 3/16" X 4" flat bar and driller and tapped them to secure it to the frame. Having a 963 frame hanging around made the job easier. A four lug one inch trailer hub is used as the pivot point. With the bearings in place I could determine the location for the snap ring groove to hold everything in place and cut off the rest of the axle. Next a steering arm was fabricated and welded in place. It was a tight fit between the frame and tire. Now it was time to fabricate a drag link between the steering box and the steering arm. I bought the ball joints from Lowell https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html#!/3-8-x-7-16-Ball-Joint-2-Tie-Rod-MTD-Cub-Cadet-Toro/p/84788581/category=23548038 and fabricated the drag link from 5/8" round stock. I drilled and tapped the ends and used 7/16-20 threaded rod to join the ball joints to the link. This was a fun project and I am pleased with the way it came out. Looks a lot like the image on my tractor crossing sign.
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    Been working on this C195 for six months thought you guys would love to see it. What you think
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    I bought this tractor a little while back for $50 from my neighbor that was moving out of state. It had been stored for over 15 years and had 211 hours on it when I bought it from him. The machine came with a nice snow plow, mower deck and wheel weights, but the engine wad bad. It took some time to gather all the parts I needed to get it back up and running, but i'm satisfied with the results. I had to replace the 2 front tires, repair the engine, it was ran out of oil by his son. I had to replace pistons, rods, new rings and a crankshaft and now it runs like new. It still needs a little more work to be complete, the pulley covers on the mower deck need replaced and I plan to change oil in the tranny come spring. I also did some touch up paint work on a few places that needed it. This is my 3rd horse and it hopefully will last a few years.because there is nothing today that comes close to what these machines are. Just thought I would share my last project with the members here.
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    As this is now a completed project I thought I’d post a picture up in this section. (More pics in Restoration’s under ‘Something different’).
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    Every winter I like to crawl into my cave (garage) and work on restoring a tractor. This past winter was no different, other than the fact that this year I decided not to start a post about my build. Why?? IDK , just thought it might be fun to wait & reveal the finished product at the end. Before I show any pictures I have to thank a few people for helping me make this years resto come together. For helping me out with some odds & ends parts, I'd like to thank @WHX22 and @dclarke. Thank you both for setting me up with needed parts for this project. I'd also like to thank @wheelhorseman for providing all the parts to keep our tranny's working properly. Last but definitely not least thank you to @Vinylguy for for the awesome decals that he produces and for putting up with me on all of the alterations and custom work that I wanted on my decals. To open up my introduction to "Radpferd" (and as kind of a teaser) I'd like to show off Terry's work. A reconfigured dash. BTW his 3 piece decals are great & much easier to install. Finishing touches for the engine. I'll leave you with these teasers for a bit. Let me know if you might be interested in some more pictures.
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    I just noticed that I passed the 11,000 post mark. I don't usually hold much stock in post count, but I am also pushing 10 years on Red Square. The ten year thing makes me proud to be a part of this great family on this excellent site. I just want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome and a big part of this community. When I think back on things, the "Steve on a Stick" at last years show was the height of all this site has to offer for me. All you guys made me feel like I was there. That was very special.to me. We all do so many special things on this site...the top one is all the selfless help everyone gives so freely, and the other one is how we treat people like how we all want to be treated. I just wanted to say Thank You for letting me be a part of it.
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    Please join me in welcoming Steve @stevasaurus as our newest Moderator. For the past couple of years, Steve has really helped out by organizing our technical area, and keeping our photo's in tact. He is always open to lend a hand, and we feel that he'll be even more helpful as a moderator! Welcome Steve
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    Thought I’d post this up There is a chap that has just made this model RJ58 and is possibly going into production . Early days yet I think he has captured the detail excellently and is a brilliant likeness hopefully one day will get to own a couple .
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    My baby girls 1st birthday was last weekend (19th), but we pushed her party back because of the forecast (🙄). We decided on a Unicorn theme.... now isn’t this just the cutest “horse” you’ve ever seen?? Figured some baby pictures would brighten up this overcast day haha!
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    So as most of you are all aware my significant others actual name is Trina. Some of you probably don't even know that. That would be because I refer to her much of the time as... My Honey. She calls me... Bear.... Originally named so because I snore.... And also it just kinda fits my size and persona.. Lookie here and see the metal sign she found the other day online...
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    I had a brief e-mail from Glen today. He said that he will post a message with pictures to the community soon. He was in the hospital for a long time and is still recovering, and is eager to get outside. I don't have anything more, I'm just really glad to hear from him! Looking forward to his note to us with how he's doing.
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    Never thought I’d own a full detailed wheel horse toy to this caliber . I’d have to thank Eston Hoffman for the build . His attention to detail is out of this world. This is serial #2 out of 10 made . Case is all led lights .
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    I finally got the 701 put together and out for some pictures today!
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    Update on Scottie...he no longer has the NG tube (they removed it this morning), his diet was changed from clear liquids to as tolerated, he started physical therapy, played a game, rested and he had many visitors. Here is a picture of Scottie sitting up in the medi-chair for the first time since the accident. When a person starts therapy they only sit up for a total of 60 minutes. But as many of you know Scottie had to prove the nurses wrong and he sat up today for a total of 80 minutes. Tomorrow he will start sitting up on the edge of the bed and learning how to transfer. Please pray that he continues to have the strength and determination to push through PT/OT. We are looking at Wednesday or Thursday for possible discharge.
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    I would like to show you my winter project, i call it the TUB-RAT. I was totally in love with the car and motorcycle that @wallfish made and wanted to do something myself but how could i be different? I also challenged myself to use only parts i had laying around and some steel from the scrapyard. I had an idea and layed some parts out here was the rough draft of my idea Here it is at a later stage fitting the steering wheel position still a long way to go I kept plugging away at it and this is what i came up with it has a 3speed transaxle, and standard long frame. I used a kohler k161 from a gear reduction snowblower. The only place i splurged was on front tires thanks @Achto for the white wall idea. My image i tried to use as a model was an old T bucket. Well here she is TUB-RAT
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    If you can't find what you want, then you have to make it. This was my reason for building this baffle press. I wanted to quiet down the exhaust on my latest build yet maintain a look that I wanted. After a long search I haven't been able to find just the right part to fit the bill. To help make my vision a reality I made this tool. After doing the math to figure out where I wanted my louvers, I marked the pipe out & cut slits in it. Then I put the pipe in my press and formed the louvers. A look down the inside of the pipe. This pipe will get end caps welded on it & will be slid inside of my stack.
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    Since it was a nice 55 degree day yesterday, my oldest son Max and I broke out the lawn ranger and picked up sticks in the yard. Here he is when we got started, he was so happy tractor riding season was finally here!
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    I have been searching for an original 754 for a few years now as it is a rare bird that I have wanted for some time. Finding a 754 is difficult enough but when this one came up for sale locally from another member here I had to get it. Motor was bad in it and will need a rebuild. I found a replacement 8 that was recently rebuilt from another local member. After swapping parts and some paint here she is.... I do plan on rebuilding the original motor at some point but it needs machine work etc. That will be a future project.
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    Ok Red Square supporters. If your name is in RED (or BLUE if you are an admin ), you are eligible for this “contest”. I have had numerous members on here give me parts, advice, friendship and memories to last me a lifetime. I believe in giving back. I had made myself a cup and a couple had seen it in a picture and wanted one. So I made some. This one here was an experiment to see if I could duplicate “patina”. I think it came out ok. It’s a 20oz stainless Ozark Trail cup. These are handmade so the clear coat is not always smooth as glass but they come out nice. So here is the giveaway. The “Patina Cup”. Post in here and each supporter will be given a number in order of posting and I will compile a list and try to keep it updated daily. I will use a number generator and pick the winner. If you are not in the USA, you will be responsible for shipping. Will be picking a number Sunday afternoon, October 21. Thank you Red Square for letting me hangout and make this place a part of my life. 👊 LET’S TAKE IT UP A NOTCH 👊 I have this 40oz jug I bought but I didn’t notice it had two small dents on the bottom till I got home. Oh well...... let’s add it to the game. First number picked will have a choice of the cup or the jug. Will draw a second number for whatever is left. ***DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE DISHWASHER OR BLEACH THEM***
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    OK, OK enough teasing. No wait I forgot one more decal, but it does show part of the engine, For those who wonder, that cap is not JD green. It is the right green, Oliver green that is. One question, GOT DISH???? I took 4 7.5 inch rims to make these bad boys. 10" from the bolt pattern to the out side of the rim. Sure makes the 26x12x12 tires look fat! Now a step back to take it all in. I wanted to have some thing short & fat. Just like Jim says he likes his women. But I really wanted it to look like it was a forgotten factory option. Hopefully you guys think that I pulled it off. I have plenty of build pic's if you guys have any questions.
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    Went to menards for light bulbs and picked up this cheap denver model menards plastic semi. Sorry Menards it's now a Wheel horse Hauler.
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    Got my new find home today. Well not home home but home to my buddies shop for the winter. I try to get up to the shop a couple days a week to BS over a cup of coffee or three. This little 657 looked better than the pictures so I am very happy with my purchase. Gary and I are both kind of busy for a few weeks but we will try to get the Kohler running before Thanksgiving and see what I have. Here is the good news as this appears to be a good news bad news kind of thing. So here's what was in my mirror this morning. Brake was pretty good rolling of the trailer and it seems to shift in and out of all gears as expected. Here's a little better picture of it once I got her in the shop. The paint is very nice but once you look it over the seat pan and frame are a slightly different shade of red. but all in all it will make a very good looking worker. IT looks to have been a tire on rim paint job but up close it was a good one. The deck is really nice. no rot anywhere. Can not be the original deck. If the tractor had enough hours on it to burn up the Techy then you would think the deck would have some dings and dents? The shifter boot looks to be original but still in pretty good condition Not sure where he got this seat but it is a beauty. Nice to sit on also!! Found the rope when I opened the hood. There is a slot on the front of the frame that appears to be a hood stop but the tab appears a bit bent and does not go in the slot? As usual its not all good news so here is a bit of bad news. Hopefully not too bad. Took a picture under the kohler and found this ugly mess. Sure looks like a big problem to me but I am no mechanic. The wiring is suspect also. the back of the switch looks like it was hot at one time Maybe the wires were hooked up wrong? Also there is no dip stick? Once I know the wiring is right and I get the new battery in we will find out if I have a $400 roller or a very nice 857 ready for work. If the engine is bad I will take it out and get it to Holden's Machine shop and hope he can get it healthy in time for spring. Bill does incredible work but you don't want to tell him your in no hurry. He always has 10 things going at once it seems. So let me know what you think guys. Good and Bad. Will download the manual for an 857. Your input and advice is as always very appreciated.
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    I belong to several online forums, and I've always said that RedSquare is and will always be the best. We have hands down the friendliest and most helpful member base of any site on the web. I just happened to look and realize this is post #1,000 for me. I know I've got a long way to go to catch up with some of you fellas, but 1,000 posts on an internet forum is quite the accomplishment for me, some of these other forums I've belonged to for years and lucky to have posted 100 times, much less 1,000. Most places are pretty topic specific, here we share the common Wheel Horse thread, but we also seem to share more than that, like one big extended family. This is the only forum I belong to where we all pull together for each other through the ups and downs life throws at us, and one I am very proud to be a member of. Thanks to each and every one of you who contribute in your own special way to make this the great place that it is
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    My old cottage/shed had seen better days and was leaking pretty bad, black mold was getting on everything. Once my bride saw the inside of it she said it’s time for a new one! So I borrowed a small excavator and squeezed the old one into a twenty yard dumpster. I then ordered a new one which took about 6 weeks to get. It’s 12’x24’ I’m sorry about the green but we wanted to have it match the house! Needless to say I’m pretty happy and Some of my horses will be too!
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    Lowell Scholljegerdes and I would like to take this time and wish all of our friends and family a Merry Christmas. We send this Christmas card to share with you our Christmas Miracle. God bless you and your family!
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    I spent the weekend at my BILs new cabin. He built the cabin on top the mountain behind the farm.
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    Finally got to go back to Maryland and pick up my grandfathers C-175 wheel horse. He left it and few other tractors after he passed away 2 years ago. Its a 1983 he bought it new in 1984 remember the day it was dropped off. Was one of the first tractors I mowed with. My grandfather made wood blocks so I could hit the clutch pedal. I was 6 years old when he got it no way I could let anyone else have it. Mira been taken care off well but I want to freshen it up some. He replaced the deck a few years ago. I want to replace the drive belts and deck belts along with blades. And tune it up some and replace all fluids.
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    I'm not really sure why I feel compelled to post this, and my daughter might kill me, but she finally got on the horse. It is a rule in the family that you cannot get your learner's permit for driving until you get significant seat time mowing. My 3 older boys had no hesitation, my younger 14 year old twin daughters have been getting some time, but 16 year old daughter has been reluctant to say the least. This has not been one of the forced chores, but a lesson in "If I want to do X, I'll need to suffer with Y". Well, the other day I asked if she wanted to mow, same question as all summer, and I expected the same answer, "No thanks, dad, I'm good." But, finally, she agreed. Took instruction with great care, listened intently, and did a great job. The 416-8 is not the easiest thing to master, but she had no problems with the clutch, or keeping the tractor on a good mowing path. Got confident going around trees. It was awesome.
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    The C160 I have didn't come with the 2 piece seat so I purchased one from Northern tool. It does look good and is comfortable BUT I wanted an original looking seat. So after making the seats for the lawn ranger and 1054/953 I've decided to give it a try. I did buy a seat that I could make patterns from and I can get very close to original. But with the c160 seat there's a big problem trying to duplicate them , they have designs in the back and the seat. Lines in the seat and the back and the back also has the wheelhorse emblem. I've been working on it since October 2018 and as the weather get better I can get in my garage to make a heated frame to make the designs in the seat and back. I had a die made for the Wheelhorse emblem. But this is the biggest problem I've run into. The back has a 1/6" steel plate that it's glued to and the seat has a 1/32 galvanized plate that it's glued to. I can't make these because it's not cost effective to try to reproduce it. So I can't charge what it would cost me to make a complete set. There for I may make the replacement seat and back that can be installed by the owner if they have the old steel back and seat. Maybe I'll make a video on how to install the new seat and back. Here is a few pictures to show some of the progress I've made. It will still be some time before I get a set completed and ready to install.but I hope to have them at the Big Show this year. Hopefully they'll look like the last picture when I'm done . Ps the last picture was borrowed and it's not mine. Yet
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    And ain't gonna take it with ya... heard tell banks got plenty of money... So the Missus and I went in on this together. 2019 tractor show circuit is lookin to be be pretty sweet! Not to mention a BS trip! Figure I can stuff at least one or two long frames and a a couple of shorts in it. Thing has got a 30 gallon auxiliary tank with fuel pump for gassing tractors not to mention all the other amenities.
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    My buddy Joe came up today to help me fix the FWD and steering box on my John Deere loader today. He brought his son Clay with him. Emory and Clay are in scouts together. I asked Joe if Clay could ride Emory’s lawn ranger and he said sure. Clay hadn’t ridden a tractor by himself before. Joe couldn’t even get him to ride his Farmall with him. To our surprise he jumped on and took right off! He had a ball. Now he says he wants a tractor if his own. Even Joe said he needs one! I had to go get the truck and oil with the C125. Last few pics show what I found when I came back. Those boys were so sweet!
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    Finally got this tractor in my possession and home. Been trying for 4 years to buy this tractor. Fellow Junkie released it to me for reasonable price. This tractor needs a lot of TLC. Was running on starter fluid several weeks ago. Now it is snowing and everything is froze. Hopefully this weekend we will get back to the 50s and will thaw everything out. Pretty sure transmission is froze up. Really bad thing right now is it is sitting on my trailer and can't get it to move. But...it is at least at my house now and hopefully start getting it back to its glory. Last picture is of it just after being power washed at the local car wash.
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    Sorry about the long post but here is the latest update on Scottie’s recovery!!!! Chapter 2 Day 1 Scottie arrived home on Sunday around 2 pm. He was greeted by his 3 puppies and his older brothers! Once we got Scottie situated and in his new bed he fell asleep since the trip home was exhausting. Scottie had his normal visitors later in the evening. Which helped him being more comfortable at home. Chapter 2 Day 2 Well Scottie was up again last night with pain in his hip and in his clavicle. He had a hard time going back to sleep but once his medication kicks in he is fine. He has a positive attitude despite what he is going through. We are closely monitoring his urine output and his BM’s. I have to consistently remind him to drink his water and to eat something as there are times he forgets. During the day his normal activity consists of sleeping in until nine, eating when he is hungry, taking his medication, watching movies, repositioning so his bottom don’t break down, playing games, and being apart of our family and seeing who is visiting him for the day. Scottie opened his presents and he was excited to have a Green Bay Packer Christmas. He got a blanket, sweat pants, socks, a banner, and an Aaron Rodgers jersey! Two games to play with when his friends come over, and more clothes from other people. Chapter 2 Day 3 Scottie woke up in pain (6/10) because his stomach hurt and he felt sick. Come to find out he had to pass gas and have a BM. Once he achieved that task, he slowly started to feel better. Scottie had a surprise visitor this morning who brought him his Christmas gift. Jacob (His best friend) came to spend the day with Scottie. Scottie and Jacob played 3-4 different games and watched movies on Christmas Day!
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    So I have a shop full of expensive sign making equipment and here I am experimenting with Lola's Cricut maker machine. Tried scoring on copper colored thin metal sheeting today. I cut the edges with a dull carpet knife but still happy with the look of this. Will burnish down the rough edges when the paint is dry but I wanted it to look a bit rustic anyway.
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    I've been dreaming of a new shop space to work on tractors and generally store things at my house. We already had a three car garage on the house and could only fit one vehicle in it due to the large space that kids toys, bikes, zero turn mower, shelving and a workbench already occupied. Well.. that stuff and a few or so little garden tractors... but they don't take up that much space, right? Anyway... we'd been talking about building my dream shop for several years. We live on a large in-town parcel, so there's plenty of room, but as with most things, it comes down to when it can fit in the budget. I drew it up several times on the building designer at Menards dreaming of when we could go forward. Well, in the early 2017 we decided to go ahead with it, and I came up with my final layout plan. We proceeded under the option of build the shell, and finish what we can later. We went over and over the list of things to do now and later. Things I wanted that had to be done now for sure were the rough in for the in-floor heat and the attic trusses. I had a contractor friend who would GC and frame it for me if I bought all the materials and he could do it on his own schedule. Yep, done. I figure I could have built it myself, but it would have taken most of the summer of every night and weekend, as well as the headaches of arranging the subs for the stuff I couldn't do, but if he could do it, and he has all the contacts/subs already... I'm money and time ahead to work some extra overtime and avoid the headaches. The previous owners of our place had a gravel RV parking next to the house. The old poorly done timber walls were deteriorating and leaning with age.It was convenient for parking the trailer, and nice when the kids were little that we could park off the driveway so they could play, but every year inevitably it was always a weedy mess by mid-summer. Step one, remove ugly timber wall. Lucky for me my neighbor had an chainsaw with a garbage blade on it. He came over and we were able to cut the wall into 12 ft sections that we loaded on the trailer for the dump. Next, met with our contractor friend to stake and mark it out. Since part of the goal was to reduce the amount of gravel, the equivalence of one car parking space was being removed and returned to grass on the left edge. Then just before the excavator was to start work, the kids and I did a little groundbreaking for the big project. Some gravel removed and sand base laid down and compacted. Concrete guys laid the forms for me on a Friday night so I could lay the insulation and pex for the in-floor heat. Like any kids, the call of the sand pile was irresistible. Next day I had help to lay the insulation boards and pex. Might seem silly to see two people carrying these boards that weigh all of 2 lbs each... but notice all the pavers? I'd been hoping for good weather to do the insulation and pex..... what I got was great temperature, bright, sunny......and 25 mph sustained winds with 40-50 mph gusts. So.... two guys to carry each flippin' board and weight it down. Ugh.... made the process much longer. Got the pex down, which went very smoothly. Three zones, stapled to the foam board. Monday morning I get a call.... inspector won't pass it because there's no pressure test on the pex. Ugh. Nothing about that in our building code, but what am I going to do? Project can't go on without his initials. So... I build a pressure manifold, tie all three zones into one long line and charge it up. Tues morning, concrete guys are onsite... inspector shows up and says ok. By the time I get home from work, I have a new slab. Lumber pack shows up the day before the family and I are leaving for a week at the cabin. When I pulled out of driveway, construction was underway. We got a few progress pics through the weeks from various friends. And I returned a week later to this. Totally the best way to build a shop! I was out of his way, he was out of mine... worked out perfectly. I installed the overhead doors, had the electrician come and trench the electric over. Got the gas line roughed in for the boiler as well while the trench was open. After that, the excavator came back with the final top dress for final grading. We bit the bullet and decided to go with sod right away. Even got the kids to help for a little while. Couple of neighbors (one of whom happens to be a professional landscaper) came over the chip in too, and three pallets later.... Now we're at slow progress time. I bought all the construction materials on a Menards 11% rebate, so once I got the rebate check I started to finish the interior. Got the vapor barrier up, and ceiling rocked with 12 foot 5/8" type x. 105 lbs each. Ugh. Thank God for drywall lifts, right!? More rebate checks allowed for the insulation and rock for the walls. Then we came to a complete standstill..... got enough stuff moved out of the house garage to get both the car and truck in for the winter, but with no heat and no ceiling insulation the shop was just a big storage box for winter. Spring this year rolled around and prioritizing shop work made it to the list. I realized it's going to be much easier to get the interior done before I move in. So... started back at it. I got the floors masked off and got tape and mud done... then the girls helped me paint. Did the floor with Rock Solid polycuramine kits from Menards... grey with flakes and a textured topcoat to make it less slippery if wet. This is a long and multi-stage process. First it required renting a diamond grinder and grinding off the curing sealer. Then powerwashing three times to remove all dust and debris. The base coat went on, cured for a few days, and topcoated three days later. Then I let that cure for a week before moving in. It's supposed to be cured in 24 hours, but why rush it if not necessary? Finally ready to move in. Got some used kitchen cabinet take outs and installed them for the workshop area. Really looking forward to getting stuff organized and cleaned up now. It's totally a dream come true. Still have to buy and install the boiler and get the ceiling insulated... but those are things that can be worked around. Up until this point it's been much easier to have minimal stuff in the way. If you made it all the way to the bottom, thanks for taking the time to read it. Get more done, have more fun!!
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    Headed out at 4:00 AM today. Got up to North Point Marina and on the water around 5:30. This is out in 90 feet of water...about 5 miles out. Ray is setting up the lines. Sane place, but you can see the Nuclear Plant at Wakeagan in the back ground. It was pretty constant all day...we got off the water around 10:00 AM...it was getting real hot and traffic was not going to be fun on the way home. We put 8 fish in the boat and lost 5 for the day. I have never seen them fight like they did today...it was great. 7 cohos and one king. The King in this picture is 8 lbs. I snapped this shot when we had 6 in the boat. Most were about 4 lbs. What a great day. Should be some Salmon on the grill tomorrow.
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    I just wanted to thank everyone who has given of their time over the last few days to vet Emory's new 633 up and running. It was running when we first found it, but had a faulty tilitson updraft carb. Within a little while of purchasing the tractor @oldredrider was busy helping us work on the tractor. He had decided to spend more time in the show this year instead of working on tractors. Well, that changed once he saw we needed help. He gave us quite a bit of his time the last two days to get the tractor up and going. Thank you so much friend! So many people stepped forward to help out the last two days, many of them from right here. Vendors, passers by, and many who I can't remember names came to Emory's aid, whether it was loaning us tools (thanks @pullstart), giving time, pulling a carb gasket from their own stock, or just moral support and advice. To all of you I say thank you! Two young men, 23 and 16, reaffirmed my faith that this hobby will continue for many years. They stepped up and gave Emory a spark plug from their own parts. Below is a pic of Emory riding his tractor after just getting it going. I think his smile says it all - THANK YOU FRIENDS! Your kindness and generosity really prove their is no better group of people than Wheel Horse folks!
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    I'm employed as a collision repair technician and the company I work for also owns a large scrap facility. It never ceases to amaze me what some people toss: it doesn't even have a dent in it. I think it will go nicely with my 76 c120
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    Update on Scottie: Yesterday, we had Scottie's 6 week follow up appointment with his orthopedic team and surgeon. Going into this appointment, Lowell and I had several questions about Scottie's pelvis causing him pain and if he was going to be requiring surgery to fix his pelvis. Scottie had several x-rays done yesterday for his clavicle and shoulder, his elbow, and of his pelvis to see how he has progressed since the accident. Once his medical team had time to review the x-rays and compare them to the original ones that were taken the day of the accident, they came to see us. This is when Lowell and my questions about Scottie's pelvis and whether or not he will be requiring more surgery to fix his pelvis were answered. Scottie's x-rays showed new bone growth and calcification where it needs to be. Scottie will not be requiring surgery to fix his pelvis or his clavicle and shoulder. That is correct NO surgery to fix his pelvis or clavicle and shoulder. We found out that Scottie's pain is from his bladder and the two catheters that are in his bladder. As for Scottie's elbow, he will be requiring surgery to remove the three plates and screws 6 months to a year from initial surgery date. The reason for the removal of the hardware is because he has limited function of his right elbow and arm. We also were told that the next step in Scottie's recovery is to start physical therapy twice a week, to take all weight restrictions off of his upper and lower left extremity and to be off all pain medications in 6 weeks. We are glad to know that Scottie's fractures and breaks are healing according to plan. If we only had to worry about his fractures and his broken bones and nothing else, the plan set forth from his orthopedics team and surgeon would be wonderful but Scottie also has his bladder and urethra problem. Understanding the next orthopedic step for Scottie, I made a call to his urology medical team and informed them of the news and next step in his recovery per the orthopedic team. I was informed that we had to hold off of his physical therapy until his entire medical team can meet next week and discuss the best plan for Scottie and where we go from here. The reason for this meeting, is because Scottie had a major setback with the bladder infection and the catheter being blocked and requiring surgery to replace the two catheters, and that everything has been pushed back until he can be where he needs to be from the urology standpoint. Scottie is still experiencing pain from his bladder spasms and the two catheters. As long as he has the catheters in his bladder, he will continue to have pain associated with that because his bladder is attacking the catheters and wanting them out. He experiences bladder spasms frequently and when he gets one he has this painful build up of pressure and then he urinates around the urethral stent. In talking to the urology team, this all normal during a bladder spasm and that does not mean that urethra is connected to the bladder or that he will have full function of his bladder, it just means that his bladder is active. When he has a bladder spasm, he requires his pain medication until we can get his pain under control. Scottie has started homebound school and he works on his assignments (1-5 questions a day) until he gets a headache. Some days he don't do homework because he has a migraine from his traumatic brain injury. We are very fortunate that his teachers want him to get better and maintain his baseline and not worry about new material. Lately, Scottie has a loss of appetite because of the pain he has been experiencing. He is allowed to have protein shakes and whatever he would like to eat. Scottie loves his cards and packages he gets in the mail. He would like me to say thank you to everyone who has sent him cards and packages. He really lights up when I tell him that he has mail...he looks forward to that and not to his homework. There is the latest package Scottie received...thank you Karl!
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    We were going through some old photos and came across this one. Time sure does fly. 43 years ago today Nancy and I tied the knot. It seems like yesterday (until I look in a mirror ). As with any marriage we've been through a lot with highs and lows but there's no doubt we've had far more highs than lows. She's always there for me including being a major help in our seemingly never ending major projects. Most of all she deserves a trophy for tolerating me and my sometimes quirky ways. I'm a pretty darn lucky guy.
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    So Scottie is still having his fevers at night and the team is thinking that they are caused by the hematoma in his pelvic area. They want to make sure before we leave that they covered all basis. Scottie has started therapy and he has mastered the sliding board, right foot pivot transfer and getting in and out of a vehicle. Lowell and I have learned how to assist him with his transfers and his daily activities. We have the hospital bed at home and tomorrow (Saturday) we will be getting his wheel chair, commode, and sliding board. With the help from God, maybe we can be home for Christmas! I want to apologize for not updating you for a couple of days but I have been learning how to care for Scottie and sleeping when I can, so I can be strong for Scottie.
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    So last week we had nothing short of a disaster here with water and a mudslide from the stream coming down the mountain.The hero of the week was the Electro that worked tirelessly pushing mud and boulders around and clearing mud from the storm drains up to two feet thick. Even when the township machinery arrived it worked along their side pushing everything into piles that they could pick up. I was going to say that I want it to be buried with me when I pass but that would be selfish by denying someone else the privilege of owning this fine work horse. More details of the disaster to follow in non tractor forum later.
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    I just finished my double tub cart, this project took me 3 years on and off.I cut and welded 2 tub carts together. It was fun and glad to see it over, mostly for shows and pulling the kids around. Hope you like it
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    First off I just wanted to thank all of you who I have talked to via pm’s, texts, phone calls and emails. I had a great time despite a little wet weather. It was just like home without the heat. Swapped some parts, stories and trading cards. @Vinylguy Terry’s cards were one of my favorite things here. It gave me a chance to get to meet those of you who frequent the forum and make it what it is. The Comfort Inn group kept me cracking up the more we hung out. I was so busy taking it in I didn’t even get half the pictures I wanted. Highlight of the show for me was meeting @stevasaurus, (who was the first person I ever interacted with on redsquare helping my dad with a transmission), @Aldon(my gt14 guru and build cohort) and meeting @PeacemakerJack and birthday boy @Coulter Caleb. It was a my privilege to finally get to meet and hang out with you guys. @WHX20 I hope you enjoy the nubbies. Great meeting you and @Achto. Too many people to list but I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Like a flash it’s gone and I am just soaking in pictures by everone else. Safe travels to all on the way home. @Racinbob, @rjg854, @stevebo, @squonk, @BOB ELLISON, @Tgtack, @dells68, @Lane Ranger, @fast88pu, @AMC RULES, @Mrs. Rules, @p38js....... I know Im forgetting people. Great seeing/meeting all of you. Terry and his Commando Wallfish and the “Wheel Horse Chopper” Racingbob giving Caleb the rundown on Bob’s fresh 854 buy until Calebs 854 gets there. Caleb on his “new” 854 HOOWWAARRRRRDDDDDD and the infamous mash pole. Finally got on it!👍 Meeting the legendary “Wild Bill” Steve, Chris and Karl on a stick Aldon and his hydraulic resivoir that he, myself and my son fabbed up over the phone. 😁
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    Hi, today I built selfmade tie rods for my tractor. I used cromo steel iron bars. advantage: Use of tie rod ends => thus optimal attitude of the trace and favorable exchange of parts in case of defect. Unfortunately, the cutting head did not fit on my German cutting tool. That's why I had to turn the cutting head with a pincer, but it was okay ;-) Now everything is grown again and works great.
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    Well I bit off a big bite of 2019 already. Couldn’t let @Aldon have all the fun. Went out and traded in the 2011 on a 2018 F150 4x4. Wanted a V8 for towing stuff to NC when we move and something that could drag a little more of a load. So I stepped up. Love this thing already. Have to find out how to deactivate the auto start/stop. I’m already on it.👍
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    Been a bit slow with some of my projects as of late, we have a lot of general maintenance to do around our property. Also the garden needs some tlc too after the previous owner in her 90's gave up. Here's some good old fashioned 'yorkshire' dry stone walling, done as part of the work to hold up the lane where the water is starting to wash it away. When it rains in the North of England it rains! Hopefully back onto wheel horse projects for the rest of summer what it looked like as we started to shore it up another dry day and the arch going in another reminder of why it gets washed away (this is the entrance) making top stones from other corner stones - wonder how long the new stone will take to get that 200 year old patina finished!
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