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    A neighbor called and asked if I wanted a WH tractor. This Raider 10 is what I found behind his garage. I offered to fix it up and sell it for him, but He said he didn't want paid for it...he just wanted it gone. I told him about the Big Show and suggested we donate it to the WHCC for a raffle . So, I contacted the WHCC and they have agreed to accept it for the raffle. I have been working on it and got it running pretty well. It starts one turn and runs with no smoke. It does need some choke and searches at low speed. I will continue working on the carb. It runs great at WOT. I have had the deck apart. The tensioner pulley and slide were frozen. They have been replaced. The spindles bearings feel OK, although the deck is pretty loud and has a rust thru spot. It does run in all gears and mows well. Got the lights and even the cigar lighter to work. It is all original paint and tires. I had to patch a tube in one tire. They have some cracking but all have good tread and now hold air. I painted the wheels. The tins are really good and straight with only minor rusting. I did some rust removing and cleaning. Here's what she looks like today. If the Corona doesn't cancel me or the Big Show, we will be there. You could win a Raider 10.
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    RedSquare family, We are all affected by this global pandemic, and at some point one or more of us may need help. I have seen this forum do some amazing things, so I have created this section just as a place to seriously discuss any issues you may be facing and needing assistance with. Whether it be a brother lending a hand or someone having advice with how to work from home for those who can, this section is for you. This is for serious discussion only, please be absent of jokes, political commentary or non-helpful banter. I hope that this crisis passes and all of you remain healthy with little impact to your lives.
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    As some of you may know, the company I work for has 2 divisions: a collision center and a recycling center. I work in the collision center which overlooks the recycling yard; about 10:30 this morning I was carrying a door out to our scrap pile when I spied with my little eyes : All for 3 cents a pound! Loaded it up, took it home, gave it a bath. Don't know anything more than that, yet! (and I have the missing hubcaps too)
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    Well, I’m in the new fandangled brotherhood of Blackhoods, I suppose! This already has a steel fender pan and the FEL makes the hood look most proportionate. I’m doing a base line on this. The front axle is very tight, spindles are well greased and one tie rod is a bit loose but nothing to worry about. There is one outer wheel bearing that is sloppy, so I’ll add that to a needed list. I am going to remove the hood for safe keeping for a bit. There’s a bit of a miss that I plan to diagnose and other than fluids, this is a good solid tractor. @jay bee told @zekepiks that I was looking for a FEL and Skip responded to me via Redsquare. I appreciate them both! I have yet to meet Jay Bee, but Skip is a very nice man and was as up front and honest as he possibly could be with everything. I’m tickled Pink!
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    In a very heart felt PM @12Horse Paladin contacted me about helping him out with a Bronco 14 that he needed help with. I would have rather helped him fix the tractor but a 2 hour travel time between us made it difficult to just be a helping hand. Instead the decision was made that I would pick the tractor up and work on it at my place. @WHX24 and I made a trip to pick the tractor up. Here is a picture of the Bronco as it was when we picked it up. After evaluating the Bronco we realized that it had a few more issues than was expected. Knowing that we would be working with a budget Jim & I decided to reach out to see if others may have some extra parts to help bring this back to life for Jason. A special thank you to @A-Z Tractor, @dclarke, @ebinmaine, @stevasaurus, @Vinylguy, @wheelhorseman for helping Jim & I make this happen for Jason. Here are some of the hurtles that we encountered. First off the axle key ways were damaged and of course the hubs were trashed. The hubs were replaced and the axles were repaired. After the trans-axle was fully repaired and ready for service attention was was given to sheet metal repairs. There were multiple damaged pieces, with the repairs that were needed it made sense to extend repairs to a repaint as well. More pictures and the unveiling of the tractor to Jason yet to come.
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    Getting just a LITTLE cabin fever so decide to make a Wheel Horse shop clock out of an old engine shroud and discarded wall clock. Mission was to not buy anything (leave home) and getter done..... Happy with the results..... plus I can now tell what time it is in the shop at a glance.....
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    My dad purchased this 1067 in 1967. It is still mowing our lawn after 53 years. Dad passed away in 2008 at 93. I restored the tractor in 2014. 21 of his grandchildren rode the tractor as have three of his great grandchildren. This is our nine month old grandchild’s first ride today. It fascinates them every time. Still runs like new.
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    I've been working on this project off and on for just short of 4 years. This tractor has all my favorite tractor components. Diesel, 8 speed, 3 point, and gear reduction steering. The engine is a 3 cylinder Shibuara from a Ford LGT14d. As you can guess, it was not easy to find room for everything under the hood. But with the help of some skilled welding friends we made it all work. The 3 point is winch operated, and works very well. I plan to put a loader on the tractor down the road when I am able to find one. I was only able to post a few pictures in the thread, but if you want to see images from the every step in the build I included a google photos album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Hoxk1nWrTwBiJP37 The start of the project Final Mock Up Paint
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    Just finished building a 520H Loader with Backhoe. It works Great!
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    Happy 13th Anniversary Red Square! I have assembled a few of the photos of Wheel Horses and the people who love them, hope you enjoy the photo collage. If you wish to view it in a larger format the link below will open in paint. This link will go away in a couple of weeks to save storage space on Red Square. 11 14 2019 Happy 13th.bmp
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    Enjoying a beautiful evening in the double tub, my son Max(4) asked if he could drive tractor tonight were both enjoying every minute of it.
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    After way too many months I finally can say its done. Gently restored, my originally owned 312. After restoring a 520 I picked up, I thought I should do mine after so many years of trouble free service...
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    Everything is getting shut down where I live. We are cleaning all of our campuses starting today and I mean clean them. I am not allowed to respond to any emergency HVAC calls until Monday at the earliest when the schools start feeding kids. I am not allowed to call in sick unless I go to the doctor and have proof I went. And you folks who say you'll do what you want, you can get the virus, have no symptoms and pass it on to others. I am in the high risk group and I'll be damned if I am going to get this because someone else is careless and not taking precautions. I love the show, but I'll stay home first if things are still nuts.
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    Had some time to dissemble the raider to get her in the house. Wife will love this 🙄
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    Seem like this question is asked nearly every week on here. The answers given quite often include buying expensive Bore Gauges or Inside Micrometers. I have an inexpensive down and dirty method of evaluating the cylinder's wear that uses a tool nearly everyone has or could buy for around $ 5.00. A set of feeler gauges and a ring from the piston you just removed will let you know without any other equipment. It won't tell you how much it should be bored (though you can get close) but it will tell you if it is beyond the point of being successfully honed. In the photo below you can see the first step, placing a ring at the very top of the cylinder above the ridge. The piston ring end gap in this case is 0.080. The cylinder at the ridge measured standard at 3.25" and the cylinder walls and ring edges were worn smooth. Next I used the piston to move the ring down to a point just below the ridge. The piston helps keep the ring square to the cylinder wall. At this point the piston ring end gap increased to 0.110" This step was repeated three more times at 3/4 inch intervals. The results were 0.117", 0.118" and 0.117" Next the ring was moved to the bottom of the cylinder where the piton rings would not have contacted the cylinder walls. The piston ring end gap returned to 0.080". The greatest deviation of the ring end gap was 0.038". Now we can do a little fuzzy math to figure out how much the cylinder need to be bored. Changes in the ring end gap will be a change to the circumference. Bore changes would be a change in diameter. So, 0.038" divided by 3.14159 will show that the greatest wear in the cylinder is 0.012" larger in diameter than standard and should be bored 0.020". This is a quick easy way to get the job done without spending a bunch of money on tools you will never use again. You are going to need the feeler gauges when you put the engine back together anyway.
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    The wife wanted a herb garden this year and now it's time to start harvesting and drying some of her herbs. This gave me a chance to do a little smithing. First a loop, this was done cold. Then welded together. Then I bent up some links. Raw finished product. Finish was done by heating the metal red hot & then rubbing it with bee's wax. Then add some S hooks for holding the bundles of herbs while they dry.
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    Did a little TLC on the cart I picked up last week. It's going to be a nice attachment for my tractors.
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    Like most parents I am proud of my children and their accomplishments. My son graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a chemical engineering degree from Va Tech. He went to work for Azdel Corporation as a production engineer. The parent company, Hanwha, is a multinational corporation with holdings servicing ,the petrochemical, financial and chemical sectors. Hanwha started an advertising campaign asking its employees to submit an essay about why they are proud to work for Hanwha. Hanwha proud was the theme. Out of the many submissions my son's was one of the five chosen.The prize was a poster of him and the other finalists to be displayed in New York's Times Square and a company paid trip to see it in person.This my son Andrew with his likeness on display. Shortly after he started to work for Azdel, he came home to visit. He spent a lot of time on the production floor then and interacted with the workers. He told me that he met an elderly woman who was a custodian and found she was walking miles home because she had no car. He started giving her a lift home. I told him that alone is one of my proudest moments as a parent.
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    I've been looking for one of these for a few years now, and I finally had one fall in my lap. It is a RR-65 Wheel Horse REO Lawn Skiff...perfect for my little yard. Well, after a few days with another that was interested, I got the OK to buy it. Squonk came to the rescue and bought the Work Horse and he and Randy went and picked up the little guys last Saturday. I'm guessing that is D_Mac standing with Randy. So they hauled it back to Squonk's house last Saturday. Enter Jim (WHX24)...he gets in touch with Brian Miller in Mass. (who is planning a trip through Indiana & Wisconsin)...Super-C 4 me. It works for Brian to pick up the RR-65 in Waterloo, NY and bring it to Illinois. Then after a trip around Wisconsin, it comes to it's new home. Brian Miller...Thank You Sir. The RR-65 mingling with the 702 and 857. My wife made Chile today, so we set Brian up with a bowl for the road and a bottle of Wheel Horse Rye Whiskey. Remember all of the restaurants only have the drive through open. Hey Mike...Brian did drive away and we forgot the cardboard thingy. I called him right away, and he came back to the house...so I have the rubber mat. What a nice day. I want to thank you all for making this work. Safe trip Brian...it was fantastic to meet you.
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    So earlier this year Rylee bought this 1076 with her own money. $65! I told her that when she’s ready to work on it, I’ll show her how to work on it. Some smart kid decided it’s too cold and wet on her birthday to ride the quad in the field. She’d rather wrench instead! ❤️ We started by checking the oil. Now I can see there is a wiring mess, so we’re checking over the wiring before we try to touch the key off..
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    Me in 1970. I restored my 1045 in 2008/09. I turned 50 in September. She's sitting under a blanket in my garage as we speak
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    First, Merry Christmas friends! Well, I’ve been around pretty much lurking since my last post. Just not enough hours in the day! First, my former student, Kierra, visited her dr at St. Jude following completion of her chemo treatments on the 17th. She got wonderful news - all three tumors from her lymphoma are gone! God is great and prayers work wonders! What a wonderful Christmas present for such a sweet 12 year old! Second, we are at the one year anniversary of Emory’s seizure. He hasn’t had another since last Christmas Eve and I pray he never has another! We go back to the neurologist at UT Children’s Hospital in January for his year follow up. That leads me to my final bit of info. Like last years, Emory is getting one of his tractors restored for his present. I haven’t posted about it, as it’s the Cub cadet he bought last summer. I also recently acquired him a matching IH #2 cart. It looks rough, but is mostly surface rust and is quite straight. Here are a few pics as per usual I’ll be finishing up tomorrow. The cart only got a good cleaning with a wire wheel and 80 grit paper and larger tires. I’ll have to restore it later when I get time. Again, Merry Christmas everybody!
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    No questions here, don’t have any issues . Just bombing around the yard today on my modified 657...seemed like a nice opportunity to snap a couple pics.
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    Well, @pullstart checked in with me last week wondering if I’m ok. Well, I guess I’m doing ok. I’ve just been distracted by another one of my hobbies - vws. I’ve got a 74 VW Thing that I hadn’t moved in about 7 years. Emory was wanting to go for a ride as he doesn’t remember being in it when he was little. I was really surprised that the battery still had 10.75 volts and all I had to do was drain the old gas (had been treated with fuel preservative) and charge the battery and she was off. We took it to a VW show a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been slowly mounting military accessories I have for it and collecting a few more. Been kind of nice to mess with it again after all of this time!
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    Update: So today we started early morning to start accessing damage and have some plan of overwhelmingly attack on what we should do. Suddenly, all the neighborhood people show up with loppers and chainsaws. I asked why? ”Because we live on a dirt road that the town rarely plows in the winter. You with that little red tractor single handily plow snow throughout the winter on our road and our driveways “. Wow!!! Brought tears to my eyes! After several hours of intense chopping, the tractors were now exposed. Oh my frocking God! The WH gods were on my side!!!!! That ginormous tree trunk strategically landed perfectly between the tractors. No tractors were harmed nor scratched!!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!! Wow! Oh wow!!!!
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    Well, I wasn't planning on this purchase, but the listing was relatively close, and I thought it would be a quick fun project. I was also thinking it might be a good machine to leave up on some property to cut grass with once or twice a month. It came with an extra set of ag tires, wheel weights, a brinly cultivator, brinly moldboard plow, and snow plow. The 42" SD deck had new spindles put on it that are the newer style, so I'm pretty excited about that. I was excited to get it home and see what was under all that dirt! So I got the pressure washer out, and washed the dirt off. I accidentally blew the C120 stickers off with the pressure washer, but I contacted @Vinylguy and he is going to hook me up. It looks like a nice machine! It was repainted once before, but they didn't do a bad job. The new china carb should be here on Friday, so once it arrives, i'll start messing with it. I can't wait to hear it run! I included pictures of it sitting at the previous owners house, loaded up on the trailer, and after it was pressure washed.
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    Took a 400 mile round-trip yesterday to bring this little one-owner home. Tractor has been in the previous owners family, and garage-kept since new. Has a few custom attachments (foot rests and horns under the hood). Previous owner included boxes of NOS parts collected over the years. The engine (K-181) was replaced somewhere along the line, as was the starter/generator. This is my first small hydro since I started collecting in 1993. (I'm not counting my 416-H). Since my 7 and 9 year old grandsons have some trouble with the clutch, I figured a nice little hydro would be great for them. Check out the original HL-5 light kit with original switch. This tractor pick-up was in western Pennsylvania, and my wife and I took the opportunity to side-trip to the Flight 93 Memorial. Walking down to the crash site on a beautiful day, and listening to some of the last answering machine recordings of the passengers brought tears to my eyes.
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    Firstly, I have to admit that I need to remember this "Other Brands" part of the forum! I thought I'd share a picture of our Speedex model B lineup. These were Harold Pond's very first riding tractors that were made beginning in 1939 through 1943'ish. Like most small manufactures of this era, they were continuoulsly changing the tractor design to improve both the tractor itself, as well as ease of manufacturing. Our set consists of an example of each year they were manufactured - 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 and presumably 1943. I think Pond Speedex history is important as it was at this time that Elmer and Cecil were working for Harold, assembling and selling Speedex tractors, before going out on their own in 1946 which their Pond lever steer tractor dirived from.
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    It’s looking like most of our spring shows will be canceled due to the virus. :(( Maybe even the summer shows. I worked all winter getting this years line up ready to take to the shows. Let’s (at least) have a virtual “on line” show. Please post pics of what you had planned to take to the shows this year.. Please post your own tractors. My collection is mostly Custom Modified. Here is my line up for this year. I Will miss seeing all my friends even more than I’ll miss seeing the tractors. :(( Please post pics?!?! Even if it’s only one.
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    Or was it supposed to be covert?? Any way, Last weekend I had stopped by my brother Les's to plow his garden. When we were finished he jokingly said " If you guys want more land to plow, you could plow my 4 acre field ". I looked at him & said "Let me get in contact with my friends, I might be able to make that happen ". A few texts & phone calls later, I had a crew put together for today. The weather was great other than a very strong wind. With the rain that we had earlier in the week then a couple of dry days soil conditions were almost perfect, other than a few wet spots and some roots in the field. The land was in a Set Aside program for 30yrs until last year when it was cleared and brought back to "farm-able" land. To prep the land last year trees, brush & what not were cleared. Stumps ground down and the land was run over with a disc. Then a crop of soy beans were planted. Saying that there was some residual remnants of its past 30 years may be putting it lightly. So here we go... the first time that a plow has been dropped in this soil in over thirty years. This is me striking off the first furrow. Some of the morning crew turning up the land. Even though was out numbered, we were able to get the work done any way. A line up of the crew. First, niece's husband Paul on his Cub Cadet 782D My brother Tim on a Farmall Cub. Jason on his Snapper 1855. This is one beast of a GT! Joel on his newly set up Simplicity 2012. A friend of Josh's that I have met a time or two. I feel really bad, for the life of me I can't remember his name. His ride is a CC 1872 "Super Cub" Judge on a Cub Cadet 100 Caleb on Grizzly. @Coulter Caleb you must have been really putting the coals to Grizzly, looks like you have the front wheels coming off of the ground. A plowing line and apparently the only time that I was able to catch Josh @PeacemakerJack on a tractor. Josh was busy helping his younger boys get some plowing done as well as helping others with their plow set ups and taking pictures. I'm hoping that he has some more cool pic's to add to this post. It was a great day to be outside and to responsibly spend some time with friends & family.
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    Many of us are picking up new horses throughout the course of a given calendar year. Ironically, we get some of our best deals when an uneducated PO says something like, “I don’t know what happened with this but it just doesn’t work like it should” or “last fall it was running fine but this spring it wouldn’t start!” While I will concede that SOME tractors possess a truly broken engine, transmission, or other massive failure item, MOST just need some TLC to get them running good again. I purchased a 418-A last week Friday for a friend of mine named Cindy. Her husband Dale is dying from heart disease and she approached me about getting her old JD 185 going. It has a bunch of stuff wrong with it and because it is a lawn mower tractor, it seems useless to me to spend time, money, and effort on it. I asked her if she minded giving me some time to look around and find her a tractor. Last week @19richie66 came through with a tip about a nice looking 400 series machine in southern WI. A little too far for him to swing by and check it out!😉. I contacted the owner and he said it works great except the PTO bearing is seized. When I arrived, I was less than impressed with the whole operation. The battery was dead, which isn’t uncommon but he had to literally kick the brake lever to get it to move far enough to engage the safety switch. Once he got the tractor running, the idle was all over the place and he had to kick the brake pedal back in order for me to take it for a test drive. I could get maybe 2mph forward but about normal speed in reverse. Hydraulics worked fine but, sure enough, try to engage the PTO and it would kill the engine dead! The voltmeter said that the battery was at least receiving a 14 volt charge. There was decent looking engine oil on the dipstick but the hydro looked low on fluid. In spite of it problems, I still saw the potential in this diamond in the rough. It also helped that he had offered me a package deal if I took a pair of Big Wheels (953 and 1054A) off his hands. I told the boys that that we were going to use this Labor Day to get that tractor running like it should be for Cindy. After pulling the tunnel cover we found it full to the top with debris and crud. Upon cleaning that out, and pulling the fender pan we noticed that lots of moving points were just plain rusty. The gas cap on the fuel tank was broken and while dumping out the fuel, I noticed that there was some water in it. While the boys boys were cleaning the fender pan and fuel tank, I worked on finding the problem to the brake pedal. I was convinced it was the pedal but it turned out to be the bolt that holds the return to neutral plate. Lots of deep creep and changing out some hardware and we had that thing working like a song. In the above pic you can see how far the plate was capable of moving with the speed control arm because the return to neutral was somewhat “seized” and not allowing full travel. After freeing that up we had normal brake, e-brake, and speed control lever operation! This was just some of the junk that we cleaned off of the hydro, tunnel area, and underside! The next thing that is typically wrong when these older tractors don’t like to run well is the carb. Caleb pulled that off and we noted by the condition of the air filter that this thing was getting some LONG OVERDUE tune up parts. While he was dismantling the carb for cleaning, I pulled the spark plugs. They were the wrong plug and they had two different plug gaps. The one that was close to the recommended .035” looked like it was burning wheel. The one that was squished to about .10”—NOT SO MUCH! It was sooty and black looking. Caleb then said to me, “Dad, check this out!” There was water floating in the float bowl! I showed Caleb how to lightly bottom the idle air mixture screw and pay attention to where it was set (this one was less than 3/4 of a turn when the recommended start point is 1 1/4 turns from bottom. Meanwhile I had Judge and Zach polishing the chrome hubcaps and sheet metal. Doesn’t help it run better but it sure looks better running when clean! Next up was a run to town to pick up the tune up supplies and lunch. After lunch we dumped the rear end oil which was nasty and likely in there for decades. Changed filter and put in fresh oil after lifting the front of the tractor up with the chain hoist. The boys thought that was pretty cool. Looked like Dan @Achto doing a wheelie. By now the carb was ready to go back on after being cleaned out really well and new fuel line installed. Correct plugs with .035” gap were installed and all shear metal put back in place. The battery was on the charger and this thing was ready to start. Once we got fuel pumped through the system it started right up and ran really good. Needed a little tweaking but it drove around like a champ! It is amazing how the little things can make such a big difference in how something runs or doesn’t! It turned out that the PTO wasn’t seized by the bearing but rather a belt rusted tight to the pulley! Once that was removed, the pulley seemed to work just fine! Tomorrow I’ll hook up the deck and test it mowing some lawn! A great days work on a fine little machine. I’ll be sure to add pictures soon of the finished product.
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    As long as I remember there has been a well rusted (or as some people like to call it "patina") 867 wheel horse sitting in my grandparent's barn. I loved that thing, and I always promised myself that I would own it one day. Well now, 15 years later, it's sitting in my garage. The best part is, it was free and it runs perfect. I drove it all the way to my house, which is actually only about a 1/2 mile from my grandparent's house, but it felt like a very long time. The first thing I did was put a stack on it. It just felt right that it should have one. Today was a very rainy day, but that doesn't get in the way of having some fun on my horse! I decided to take the 867 for a rip around the block. My neighbors probably hate me because it so loud with its stack, but I don't care. I own my dream tractor.
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    You guys are something else!! Let me at least say a little bit about her. Born in Chicago in 1928...a lot of you guys are not going to know what that date means. It means that you were a kid during the Depression. It means that you were a kid after the 1st war to end all wars. It means that you were going through the 2nd war to end all wars as a teenager. It meant that you were probably farmed out to relatives or a home to take care of you because your parents could not take care of all of their kids. My mom and her sister were brought up as cousins...not knowing they were sisters until their 20's. My Dad's story is pretty much the same. I have a ton of friends my age, and the story of their parents is always so similar it knocks you out. My Mom and Dad married at 21...their birthdays are 1 week apart. They had me the next year...(might be the best thing that happened to them). Anyway, if you wanted to play TOP THIS for scars, you would not stand a chance. She was almost bionic...quadruple heart by-pass, both hip replacements and some others that I should keep in the family. She was strong until the end, and I got to spend her last days with her at her home. I am blessed that I was able to do that...and I am so happy that she lived a full life...and I am missing her already. She was into the horses, because my Dad bought them and got into a business. After he passed, she was out there in the shed with me getting the 4 of them out of moth balls and running again. That's when we found Red Square. I brought her home a T-Shirt from the 1st Big Show that I went to...and T-Shirts from some of the other shows that were going on during those years. She always enjoyed looking at all the pictures I brought back to share with her. I'll tell you this...if our house would have been near the railroad tracks (back in the day)...the hobo's would have marked her mail box as a safe place to get a good meal and a place to rest. Rest in Peace Mom...I love you.
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    So I went today to look at the other goodie he was telling me he had! Well as a true HORSE-A-HOLIC would do, I seen it and had to have it. So I loaded this beautiful 1054 and sickle bar up and brought it home!!!
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    Im not gonna say much here, tonight. Ill be startin aother thread tho, prolly tomorro, to say/add more. Been a long day n just got in from the garage again; rearanging the garage to fit everything. Will say i was speechless for a good bit after 9am, at 1st....and thats not something i am, often. You...guys, gals...all of you... Are amazing. Shoot, im choking up typing this...so all add more later; close withb1 pic of my own, for now. Thankyou Dan; Jim...All of you!😊❤
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    A good looking tractor with a good transmission and a good engine still needs to handle well. The tie rods were in poor shape so to repair them I chose to turn the original tie rods down and fit them with replaceable ends. Some final body work to be done on the sheet metal. After blowing some paint around a little assembly work. On to getting the implements ready. The dozer blade was my job, Jim took on the mower deck. To start with the A-frame was not exactly correct for the tractor so some alterations were required. First of all a PO made an addition to the A-frame to convert it from a short to a long frame set up. Issue... they stopped short of where they needed to be. When the plow was pivoted it would hit the front tires. I removed the addition that a PO welded on and added on a more suitable addition. Unhappy with where the pivot handle ended up after the addition, alterations were done to make thing fit better as well as be more comfortable for the operator. The plow after it was finished and fitted to the tractor. I did some work on the mower deck. A little welding to take care of some worn out parts. Weld up some over sized holes so they could be made the correct size. The rest of the deck was up to Jim @WHX24. I'll let him give a take on that.
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    Well, I did another Work Horse over. This one I will use weekly at my Rental property. This started out as repairing the shifting linkage and brakes. While waiting on parts, I degreased it and thought, I might as well touch up the frame paint on the frame. Then I took the sheet metal off and bead blasted it. It now has base coat clear coat paint. All tires are used and in good shape for now. I chose not to fill in the rust pitting with body filler since it is going to be used and didn't want to get more time and money into it. So it has character, looks decent and will continue to work.
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    . Here's what I've doing for the past two weeks. The entire gang was here the first week. Mike Me Mark Reed Libby Owen Julie Jake Grandma Nan Clayton We did some serious eating...ribs and corn. Seafood at Medings and Son restaurant. Crabs and fried perch. Kayaking with my boys. Reed Jake Mike ???? Mark Clayton Owen Corn hole tournament. The gang left and Mrs k and I enjoyed a slower pace the second week. Walking the crowded beaches searching for "sea glass" and watching the wildlife. This is a horseshoe crab that was tagged by the University of Maryland. It is the third one I have found in over 50 years of walking the beaches and righting the helpless overturned crabs.
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    Cleaned the shop this after noon and pulled the DeSoto in for some much needed attention. The U-joints are binding and the E brake doesn't want to stay on. As dirty as the oil is I'm thinking it's still got Non-Detergent oil in it. If working on the creeper goes well I might pull the pan and clean it and check the rod tolerances. I'd like to get it on Detergent oil. Oil pressure is a good 45 lbs at idle so I don't think they are too loose. Here it is in the shop a little bit ago.
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    Had this client for a few years where I exclusively do all the woodwork in their house. This is the recently completed master bath.
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    So I finally got myself a day off from the family projects, and dove into a steering upgrade and test fitting of new shoes for my baby. Do not know if it has any interest, but thought I would share, so perhaps someone else could use the info. Ore just have a laugh at my fumbling around . My current worker C195 goes as my test platform too, where I try out different ideas to make sure they work as intended. When all the ideas are testet thru, the no goes are discarded, and a restomod will start on a second C195 i have stored for that purpose. Hense, the pictures will show a C195 with less than pretty solutions here and there, and some unfinished mods. This is baby Steering is a bit loose, but it already has the gear reduced setup from a 520. So in order to fix some of the slop/play, and to make room for bigger front wheels, i dug out a very tight front end from a 520 that I had saved for this project. One of the major advantages to the steering was adapting the steering rods with zero play, compared to the "ball in a square hole" type, that was on it. The front end on a C195 is a bit wider in the pivoting point than a 520 setup, so I had to shim it quite a bit. Another advantage to the 520 setup is the threaded end of the 1" spindles. The C195 is also 1", but drilled and tapped type. The threaded type is as custom made for trailer hub upgrade. I went for 4 on 4 bolt pattern. The rims are 7x8, with a 0 offset, and pretty much eats up the full 4 inches that the 520 front end is wider than the C195's. But the steering arms on the spindles can not fit, so a little tweaking had to be made. Nice and tight I put new roller bearings and thrust washers in, and reused the old ones on top of the spindle. That took all play out of the spindles. Tire time. 20x10-8. Water filled to help keep the front down when something heavy is on the rear of it. Those things are heavy when full. I tubed them and gave them a 100% fill, which adds 85 lbs per wheel. + the trailer spindle setup, then lets call that at least 90 lbs extra on each front wheel. Here's a few shots of a 520 wheel and the std 195 wheel in comparison. Got it all aligned. A tip is to make sure the "triangle" is centered, and work from there. I measured the with of the rear end, which now was narrower than the front by two inches. Then used a peace of square tubing to put on the side of the front tire, and then adjust till there was 1 inch space to the rear tire. So now it tracks straight Now all this would just look silly, if nothing was done to the rear, so on to the shelves, where I found these. They are 14x15 rim shells, and centers. I pressed the centers in place to give me 1" clearing on the inside. Then mounted them on the tractor, and ran them to see any wobble. tapped them until they ran true, and welded them up. So now is when you think: 14" wide???? WTF is that crazy dude mounting on those.................... 31x15.5-15 on top of the standard 27" wheel. And no, they did not go on by hand and two screwdrivers like the fronts These got a 100% water fill too. The new rims were heavier without tire, than the complete std wheel. The new wheel with tire is a hand full to lift without water, and I estimate they are at least 40 lbs heavier each than the std. The water fill adds 285 lbs to each wheel, so at least 325 lbs extra for each rear wheel. No more slipping I hope Forgot to take pictures of it, but I put bolts in the rear hubs, and now it runs real lug nuts on the rear too. This is how it turned out It is now in use as my daily worker How does it run and feel? Well, changed is a mild description. The steering is much tighter, and the added 900+ lbs to the wheels, and the bigger diameter certainly has put it's mark on how it reacts. The roughly 30 hp diesel has a lot more to log around, and I feel the hydro is working harder. Much harder. now it can pull rpm's down quite a bit in idle, just by accelerating. I am aware that I have to be more careful with the controls. Before I was hard on it. full speed ahead and fast stops etc. This is just too much weight to handle like that. But on the very positive side, it now pulls like the 1 ton tractor it sort of is. No slipping, and no discussion if it is the tractor, or the trailer or what ever implement that decides where we should go. The wider stance and weight has made it incredibly stable. I will be testing out a bit of tilling today too. Why did I chose a 100% water fill? well that was simply to avoid the water moving around in the tires. Also to test out as much weight as possible. This is surely on the high side of what it should handle long term. What can I say. On tractors I like big butts
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    Look what I found. a friend stopped by a auction and saw it, and called me. 50 bucks
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    IMG_8948.MOV The kids were really board in the house! We live in a small town less then 30 people total, so we got on the horses and rode around for awhile! Enough so that two tractors ran out of gas! Lol. Go figure it was both that the hubby and I was on! 753 and 854! We had a great outing with the family getting fresh air! Boy had a wheel fall off! Lol. Simple fix, hubby had it back going quickly! We drove around town and then out in the country! Grandma even stepped out to record us passing by! Horses saddled up today was our Arkansas RJ, 1961 Suburban, 700, 753 and the 854! The two youngest are the most wildest drivers! Lol IMG_8948.MOV
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    The new Arkansas horses on display for SIDE SHOT SATURDAY!!!! Thanks David we love them!
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    My restoration, just wanted to share...
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    Teaching my oldest daughter how to stack firewood is 'funner' when she gets to drive the 520H!
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