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    Found some old pics of my dad's tractors. Thought I would share a few. I think this one is possiblly a 704 or 854. He seems to remember owning a '64 model of some kind. Dad sold new Chevrolets and Buicks at the local dealer. That's a new '65 Impala in the drive and my mom's '62 Nova in the garage. This pic would be 1964-65. Oh, and that's me in the dump cart.
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    Well, I haven't posted a lot lately since life seems to have taken over. As many of you know, my son suffered a stroke before birth and technically has cerebral palsy. You would never know to meet him. We were lucky enough to get him enrolled in a medical study to help him gain use of his right hand through Virginia Tech and Carrillion Research center. He is one of about 140 kids from around the world to be chosen. He has a cast on his arm and hand he favors to force him to use his affected hand. We have had to move 2 hours from home 3 days a week. I thought it would be something fun for him to go get a cultivator from Limited12. Tommy has been a good friend for the last couple of years. When we got there, Emory wanted to look at Tommy's tractors. He really liked a couple of Lawn Rangers Tommy had. Before I knew it, Tommy and Emory were off talking about the tractors. They ended up flipping a penny for the tractors. Long story short, Tommy told Emory he would "sell" him both tractors for a penny! I couldn't believe how generous he was being. Needless to say, Emory was thrilled and can't stop talking about his tractors! I told a couple of girls I teach with about Emory's gift. One said, "That's proof that there really are truly nice people left in the world!" I know where a bunch of them are - right here on Red Square! I can't seem to get the site to let me upload any pics. I'll try again Sun. or Mon. when I'm back in cell range. Thanks Tommy for bringing a big smile to his face!
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    Here at RedSquare we are very accustomed to members helping other members out, it's always been kind of a thing here. Some guys provide guidance on how to fix things, others prefer to lend a physical hand and travel to help their Wheel Horse Buddies. Then there are some who donate parts to help their brothers (and sisters) get going again. David Star belongs to this last category, but instead of the usual mold plow, drive belt or axle hub, David donated a kidney! You read that right, David Star donated a kidney to give Howard Della Puca (857 Horse) a second chance at life. This is a selfless act and words alone can not express your kindness, generosity and courage to participate in such a beautiful display. We are grateful to have you here as a member and are so fortunate that you were able to donate for Howard. While it pales in comparison, we at RedSquare have elevated your account with a Lifetime Supporter membership, and our sincerest and upmost respect for you. Thank you David, from the entire RedSquare community!
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    A neighbor called and asked if I wanted a WH tractor. This Raider 10 is what I found behind his garage. I offered to fix it up and sell it for him, but He said he didn't want paid for it...he just wanted it gone. I told him about the Big Show and suggested we donate it to the WHCC for a raffle . So, I contacted the WHCC and they have agreed to accept it for the raffle. I have been working on it and got it running pretty well. It starts one turn and runs with no smoke. It does need some choke and searches at low speed. I will continue working on the carb. It runs great at WOT. I have had the deck apart. The tensioner pulley and slide were frozen. They have been replaced. The spindles bearings feel OK, although the deck is pretty loud and has a rust thru spot. It does run in all gears and mows well. Got the lights and even the cigar lighter to work. It is all original paint and tires. I had to patch a tube in one tire. They have some cracking but all have good tread and now hold air. I painted the wheels. The tins are really good and straight with only minor rusting. I did some rust removing and cleaning. Here's what she looks like today. If the Corona doesn't cancel me or the Big Show, we will be there. You could win a Raider 10.
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    Rod Stewart is your son? I'm just kidding. My dad still has the dump cart. I think it's the same era, early sixties. Here is the 552. I think this was the first my dad bought. He discovered WH tractors when his boss, the Chevy dealer owner bought one. From his description I think it was an RJ from late 50s. It had a pull start. Dad went to the local dealer and bought one with a starter. The boss man was jealous so he went and traded tractors! Oh, that kid is me again. I was born in July of '63. So these pics would be probably within a year of that.
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    Seem like this question is asked nearly every week on here. The answers given quite often include buying expensive Bore Gauges or Inside Micrometers. I have an inexpensive down and dirty method of evaluating the cylinder's wear that uses a tool nearly everyone has or could buy for around $ 5.00. A set of feeler gauges and a ring from the piston you just removed will let you know without any other equipment. It won't tell you how much it should be bored (though you can get close) but it will tell you if it is beyond the point of being successfully honed. In the photo below you can see the first step, placing a ring at the very top of the cylinder above the ridge. The piston ring end gap in this case is 0.080. The cylinder at the ridge measured standard at 3.25" and the cylinder walls and ring edges were worn smooth. Next I used the piston to move the ring down to a point just below the ridge. The piston helps keep the ring square to the cylinder wall. At this point the piston ring end gap increased to 0.110" This step was repeated three more times at 3/4 inch intervals. The results were 0.117", 0.118" and 0.117" Next the ring was moved to the bottom of the cylinder where the piton rings would not have contacted the cylinder walls. The piston ring end gap returned to 0.080". The greatest deviation of the ring end gap was 0.038". Now we can do a little fuzzy math to figure out how much the cylinder need to be bored. Changes in the ring end gap will be a change to the circumference. Bore changes would be a change in diameter. So, 0.038" divided by 3.14159 will show that the greatest wear in the cylinder is 0.012" larger in diameter than standard and should be bored 0.020". This is a quick easy way to get the job done without spending a bunch of money on tools you will never use again. You are going to need the feeler gauges when you put the engine back together anyway.
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    I've been working on this project off and on for just short of 4 years. This tractor has all my favorite tractor components. Diesel, 8 speed, 3 point, and gear reduction steering. The engine is a 3 cylinder Shibuara from a Ford LGT14d. As you can guess, it was not easy to find room for everything under the hood. But with the help of some skilled welding friends we made it all work. The 3 point is winch operated, and works very well. I plan to put a loader on the tractor down the road when I am able to find one. I was only able to post a few pictures in the thread, but if you want to see images from the every step in the build I included a google photos album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Hoxk1nWrTwBiJP37 The start of the project Final Mock Up Paint
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    This horse was found upside down in a dumpster by my friend(tunaslayet). He brought the oil-covered 312-8 to my house with a crushed hood, broken steering wheel, and crushed center console. The hour meter read around 1000 hours, but the engine ran with little effort and the transmission shifted smoothly. I quickly began disassembling the horse and fixing/replacing any damaged parts. Sourcing a steering wheel proved to be a challenge, so i retrofitted a boat steering wheel which came out great and was very inexpensive. I cleaned up and repainted the entire tractor and freshened it up with throwback redo-your-horse stickers and fresh turfsavers. I initially began to set this up as the mower that it once was, but shifted my focus to creating a front end loader after my friends father hooked me up with a great selection of hydraulic equipment in exchange for a custom cabinet. I quickly found a loader on craigslist in Maine. The loader was properly sized, in great shape, missing most of the hydraulic components, and well built from PF engineering plans. I quickly picked up the required steel and began fabricating. Here is the 312-8 the day I got it. The loader on the day I bought it in ME. It is nested with a Kwikway that my friend (tunaslayet) purchased on the same day. We both sourced loaders in ME and took the road trip from Southeastern MA to pick them up. Very exciting weekend. Initial mock up of the loader on the 312. I sacrificed the attach-a-matic and welded it directly to the frame. I decided to modify the support trusses to allow for better PTO clearance and maintainability. I added a slight bend and welded a support gusset to add strength. The PTO and belts are completely serviceable without removing any components from the loader. The back of the frame is supported by 3/8-16 carriage bolts around the rear axle. The weight box is small, but designed to tightly hold a 220lbs stack of exercise cable weights. The weight box alone adds another 40lbs. Wheel weights will soon be added. Here are all of the loader parts painted and ready for assembly. Upgraded to a 520 swept forward front axle with gear reduction steering (Thanks Dennis!). I used trailer hubs instead of the 520 rims. After countless hours of wire-wheeling, grinding, welding, painting, and day-dreaming, my re-rehabilitated 312 is ready to do work for me. I just had to lift something for fun, so i threw my troybilt commercial walk behind mower in the bucket and took it for a ride. The loader lifted the mower with no effort at all.. I may try to lift my 416-8 for fun. Thanks everyone for the help. -Justin
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    Every winter I like to crawl into my cave (garage) and work on restoring a tractor. This past winter was no different, other than the fact that this year I decided not to start a post about my build. Why?? IDK , just thought it might be fun to wait & reveal the finished product at the end. Before I show any pictures I have to thank a few people for helping me make this years resto come together. For helping me out with some odds & ends parts, I'd like to thank @WHX22 and @dclarke. Thank you both for setting me up with needed parts for this project. I'd also like to thank @wheelhorseman for providing all the parts to keep our tranny's working properly. Last but definitely not least thank you to @Vinylguy for for the awesome decals that he produces and for putting up with me on all of the alterations and custom work that I wanted on my decals. To open up my introduction to "Radpferd" (and as kind of a teaser) I'd like to show off Terry's work. A reconfigured dash. BTW his 3 piece decals are great & much easier to install. Finishing touches for the engine. I'll leave you with these teasers for a bit. Let me know if you might be interested in some more pictures.
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    This is a bit of a long story but I have to tell it. Back in June at the big show I ran into a woman who I recognized but wasn’t exactly sure if it was her. She was selling a few items so I stopped to talk to her. As we were talking she said “Aren’t you Don, from Long Island?” And I said “Aren’t you Pam from Ohio?” We both were happy to meet again after many years. I first met Pam and her husband Mark at the first Wheel Horse show I attended, which was the second or third show. Mark’s C-125 that he restored inspired me to do my future restorations. When I asked Pam where Mark was she very sadly informed me that he passed away in December. Mark and I had become good friends at the show and I couldn’t wait to see him each year. He was the kind of guy that was a genuinely nice person. I was truly saddened by this news. In 2006 Mark came to the show with a 420-LSE that had 2 yes 2 hours on it. It was pristine and I was jealous! That year Cecil Pond was there and signed it for Mark. So after talking with Pam for a while I asked her about the LSE, she told me that she still had it. She also informed me that it wasn’t really for sale but she would consider selling it to me because she wanted it to go to a good home. Pam told me what she’d like to have for it and I agreed that was a fair price, however I didn’t have that kind of money at the time. She graciously said that she would hang on to it and not sell it to anyone else until I came up with the money.Four months later my wife and I made the trip to Ohio. We made a road trip/vacation out of it driving over 1900 miles round trip in seven days stopping at many beautiful places along the way.I must admit Pam and I were both a little emotional as I loaded up the tractor. So Mark Klingler I sincerely hope that you are looking down and are happy with what has transpired. Your beautiful tractor is in good hands and I promise to cherish it as much as you did for years to come.God bless. Thank you folks for reading this story.
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    Winter chores don’t get better than this. In a couple years, we’re going to get a fixer-upper and rebuild it together. He’d spend all day around the tractor if he could.
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    Here it is... @oldiron613 Rob I might need some help identifying anything I don’t point out... but the bellhousing and clutch are not lever steer normal, I don’t think many frames were bent either. I was told most of the lever steer tie rods were just a flat bar with bolts/pins, so maybe with all the added touches, this might be the last lever steer built in 1947? The engine has been swapped, so the build date is challenging to pin down... but it is what it is and it’s home for good! Once again, many thanks to @Bow_Extreme for the lead on the Senior in the first place, then passing “dibs” on to me on this one! 1947, Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. I’m not much a fan of baseball, but I’m a fan of his story. I’m thinking I’ll call this one “Jackie”
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    Men Are Just Happier People! What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress - $5,000. Tux rental - $100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend. Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack. Two pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original color. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. You only have to shave your face and neck. You can play with toys all your life. One wallet and one pair of shoes - one color for all seasons. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look... You can 'do' your nails with a pocket knife. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache. You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes. No wonder men are happier!
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    I was tiling a bathroom on a hotel recently and i had a few old broken tiles left over, so i thought rather than just throw them away i would put them to good use . Here are a few pics of what i managed to conjour up , The mosaic even has some chrome wheel nuts which i took off some plumbing fittings I thought i would use the display when showing my tractors at the shows
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    Took Grandpa's tractor out of the shed for some sunlight after 2 years of sitting, nothing rare about this one other than it was Grandpa's, was a worker now a looker. Just thought I'd share some pics.
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    I did not get photos or video in which I wish I would have. But we got about 12 to 14 inchesof snow last night. So I went out this morning and fired up the old 60 suburban 400 to plow. Well she did her job amazingly as usual. But as I'm wrapping up my last couple swipes to the dog cage, I hear someone calling my name. So I turn to find a close by neighbor asking if I could help him quick. So I say sure and to my surprise he got his John deere stuck in the snow. He was so proud of this investment during the summer. It's a gt 235 I believe. Either way he's got a snowblower and weights on it and it was buried. Well instead of firing up another tractor. I hooked a pull strap to the back of his tractor and to mine. And the old girl pulled it out in first gear about half throttle. I was laughing inside pretty heavily. But he was amazed on the power of the wheel horse. I drove away smiling. I get inside and my better half says you enjoyed that way to much, I could see you grinning from three houses down.
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    I am posting this here because although it is about my new tractor the real story is the sadness involved when one’s parents pass and the children have to deal with their possessions. I never really wanted to buy a tractor , I was really just curious about it and wanted to take a look. So in the town next to me there was an add about an estate sale. In the photos provided I noticed a horse in the garage. Started early in the morning but I forgot about it and when I remembered later in the day while running some errands and decided to check it out. It was already rather late in the day and I even thought it would be over. As I pull up there are no cars or people like usually at these events. The garage is open and I see a lady in there sweeping so I go in and introduce myself. I notice right away that she is not well . It was obvious that she had been crying . I asked her if she was ok if there was anything I could do. After a few minutes as she calms down she tells me that this was her parents home where she grew up. Her mother passed away and she now had to dispose of pretty much everything and the house. Her father had already passed away 16 years ago. What upset her so much was the fact that as she described the whole day was a total stampede of people turning everything upside down. She was alone and obviously not ready or counting on such a turnout. Even though she sold lots of stuff she felt guilty and sad having to do it aggravated by how the place was left. I now feel bad about her situation and apologize for showing up now and adding to her grief and tell her that I really just wanted to look at the tractor. Now she starts crying again. Her father bought it new and loved it. She and her children now adults learned how to drive on it. She says tractor still there , then that someone even stole the gas cap off of it during the stampede. So tractor was indeed there . It is a Lawn Ranger with the proper plow still mounted and everything original on it nothing missing besides the gas cap . Her father obviously loved it . It is in great shape with his custom touches on it. It has character. There is also the right deck in great shape, a sweeper and an aerator.it hasn’t worked in 16 years but engine turns . I asked since her father bought it new if she had any paperwork for it such as a manual. Answer was yes her father kept everything. She goes upstairs for a bit and comes back with it along with other paperwork for sweeper receipts included and a photo of her father driving her children around taken 34 years ago. Now I feel bad and can’t leave without feeling guilty about adding to her grief. My mind is racing on what to do. Then I think . A little Lawn Ranger is a perfect tractor for a little girl. Perfect for my granddaughter. That is it. I ask her what she would like for it. She thinks about it for a little and asks me if $150.00 is ok for everything. I told no it’s not enough . If she allows me to make a copy of her fathers photo I will double her asking price. Since I wasn’t planning to get a tractor much less with all the attachments I had to ask her if she could keep it for a little while . I have received since then several texts from her on how happy she was I got it and if I could send her photos of it being used by my granddaughter when I got it going. I was happy that I helped her day end on a better note than it started. I will post better photos of it when I get it.
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    Took the kids for a ride this evening. I needed to put some time on my new 875 a special thanks to @Ed Kennell for this wonderful tractor. First thing i did when i got her home was re bushing the motion control lever now she works good as new. Heres Sam patiently waiting Heres me and the kids front to back Emily, Sam, and Max. The driver being the biggest kid in the house if you ask my wife.
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    Just finished building a 520H Loader with Backhoe. It works Great!
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    The newest member of my herd came to me from our very own @Vinylguy. A big bonus to this acquisition was @WHX24 & I getting to hang out with Terry & Lola at their fantastic camp site / Summer home. It did needed a little TLC. After a new flywheel and a couple of minor adjustments to meet my personal tastes it is right as rain. I took my first week of ownership to make the repairs so that I would be able to take my new tractor to a show the following weekend. My future plans for this tractor is to repaint the S/G belt guard and the fan shroud on the engine. The rest of the paint and the custom decals are in great shape so the only other things on the menu are to maintain & love it. Without further ado and a big thanks to Terry, I'd like to introduce "Terrance" my new 857.
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    This rusty peice of an 854 followed me me a while back. Missing most of the sheetmetal, and engine, I decided to build sort of a 1045 ish tractor with a fresh rebuilt k181 and some leftover 856 parts. Let me know what you think
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    So grateful to be back at the Fairgrounds for the 2022 WHCC Show! It was rainy at first but the sight of all the red tractors and people who came to enjoy the show early made the long rainy trip worth it! Sun came out later and it was great to see the early attendees everyone and riding tractors around and getting ready for the tractor parade tomorrow! A peek at the raffle tractor is also included in the pics
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    We finally got a little plowable snow. Alex texted me about 6 times today while I was at work wanting to know when I was getting home so he could plow. I finally got out and him and his older brother Aiden headed out and plowed my driveway and the path to my parents house. I really could get used to this. Alex on his 1077 and Aiden on my Bronco 14. They quickly worked out a system. Alex plowed with a straight blade and Aiden came behind him and did the clean up. The path between the 2 houses has never been so big, you could drive a Mack truck down it. They had a blast which is all that matters and I enjoyed just standing in the driveway watching. After all this is there 3rd year plowing snow so Maybe next time I can sit in the nice warm house and watch from the picture window 😂
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    I have always thought a 953 would look good with a narrow front end and finally decided to take the plunge. The tractor is more maneuverable than with the wide front end and steers great. This 953, which I bought from @Mike'sHorseBarn, has the Ross Steering box but the same thing could be done with the later models with a Fan Gear 953/1054 or GT-14. The entire steering system bolts in place with holes that were already in the frame and the entire process is reversible if I were to decide to go back to stock. I started with a foot long piece of 3/4" round stock (an old steering shaft) and bent it at the center to fifteen degrees so the tires would be canted in like they are on an old farm tractor. Then I made a fixture to hold the axle in place while welding it to a piece of one inch round stock (an old one inch axle). I mounted the tires (Deestone 3.50-6) and wheels and they looked great! Shaft collars were added inside and holes for cotter keys were drilled on the outer edges of the wheels. The excess 3/4" axles were cut off. Once the axle and pivot were welded together it was on to the bearings and attachment fabrication. I used 3/16" X 4" flat bar and driller and tapped them to secure it to the frame. Having a 963 frame hanging around made the job easier. A four lug one inch trailer hub is used as the pivot point. With the bearings in place I could determine the location for the snap ring groove to hold everything in place and cut off the rest of the axle. Next a steering arm was fabricated and welded in place. It was a tight fit between the frame and tire. Now it was time to fabricate a drag link between the steering box and the steering arm. I bought the ball joints from Lowell https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html#!/3-8-x-7-16-Ball-Joint-2-Tie-Rod-MTD-Cub-Cadet-Toro/p/84788581/category=23548038 and fabricated the drag link from 5/8" round stock. I drilled and tapped the ends and used 7/16-20 threaded rod to join the ball joints to the link. This was a fun project and I am pleased with the way it came out. Looks a lot like the image on my tractor crossing sign.
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    I picked up a set of turf tires at the big show this past weekend so I was able to swap out the 23x10.50-12 super lug ags off the 1057 and onto the 854. I really like the look of the wide ags on the 854. This one will be in a 4th of July parade this weekend in upstate NY at the in laws place.
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    My son got bit by the Horse bug, and I think he likes it!
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    Well, I’m in the new fandangled brotherhood of Blackhoods, I suppose! This already has a steel fender pan and the FEL makes the hood look most proportionate. I’m doing a base line on this. The front axle is very tight, spindles are well greased and one tie rod is a bit loose but nothing to worry about. There is one outer wheel bearing that is sloppy, so I’ll add that to a needed list. I am going to remove the hood for safe keeping for a bit. There’s a bit of a miss that I plan to diagnose and other than fluids, this is a good solid tractor. @jay bee told @zekepiks that I was looking for a FEL and Skip responded to me via Redsquare. I appreciate them both! I have yet to meet Jay Bee, but Skip is a very nice man and was as up front and honest as he possibly could be with everything. I’m tickled Pink!
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    As most of you know about 14 months ago I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My cancer Dr at Hershey Medical Center said without treatment...3 months to a year. After three types of chemo and my sixth bone marrow draw, the Dr told me today there's NO signs of leukaemia. As I left, the infusion nurses were lined up in the hallway to see me ring The Bell. Again I want to thank all my friends here for the prayers and well wishes. It worked... Still have to go twice a week for blood tests and infusion until platelets and hemoglobin get back to normal. See you all at the next Big Show Jay
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    Here are a few progress pix of “The Low Rider” that Nathan Amyx built for me. It’s ALMOST done. Nathan is an incredible fabricator. tell him how you want it, and he pulls it out of your head and makes it a reality. Pinstripe guy came today. A True “Old School” artist! Still have to get the seat replaced and tires white lettered. Hope to have that finished in the next week or two.
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    As some of you may know, the company I work for has 2 divisions: a collision center and a recycling center. I work in the collision center which overlooks the recycling yard; about 10:30 this morning I was carrying a door out to our scrap pile when I spied with my little eyes : All for 3 cents a pound! Loaded it up, took it home, gave it a bath. Don't know anything more than that, yet! (and I have the missing hubcaps too)
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    So as some of you know all too well, I have recently upped the stable quite a bit. Most of it was taken in to pass on to new owners here in Denmark, which was also the case with this little horse. It all started a few months back, when I was sorting out all the jump thru hoops of getting horses corralled in the US, and herded into a container bound for Europe. One day my phone rang. It was a young lad, about 10-12 yo, and he said to me: Mister, I have heard that you are getting a s...load of horses send home from the US. Would it be possible for me to get a horse in there among yours?. Damn! that was a boy with some spunk. (don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but I did anyway ) Then he finished it of and said: You should know that I do not have all the money, and that you may have to hold on to it for a short while until I get my dirt bike sold!.............. Well what do you say to a young boy that calls you up like that? Of cause I said yes, and he told me what he was looking for. Meanwhile, the resident forum dinosaur was helping me getting a foot to the ground on this whole deal, and as if it was meant to be, this very helpful friend of mine said: Eeeerrh you wouldn't want my old Raider 10, would you? That Raider was spot on for this kid, and he was ecstatic about it. Time went, and this whole thing became a reality. That Raider 10 was of cause the first tractor I picked out and began prepping. I had promised him he could have it at cost, but I couldn't bear handing him a tractor that would not start, so I ended up giving him a little Christmas present. He is not aware of it, but the look on his face when he saw it, and fired it right up was perfect, and all I hoped for. I started by cleaning the fuel system and carb. It had not run for years, so it took a little elbow grease. Gave it new fuel filter, checked hoses, redid some wiring, swapped out the front plate on the starter (the old one was worn out totally in the bushing), gave it a new bulb in the headlamps, checked fluids, gassed it up, gave it a new battery, adjusted the points, had the wife sew a few tears in the seat cushion, cleaned it up nicely, and heck, I even put air in the tires. After letting it run without spark plug a bit to get some fresh gas thru the pump, I connected the fuel line to the carb, and let it fill up the bowl. In with the plug, and it fired right up. Minor adjustment to the carb, and it ran nice. I took it for a little spin to make sure everything was OK, and parked it when I was satisfied. That same evening, the kid calls me up: I'm selling my dirt bike tomorrow!. Can I come pick it up? Talk about things happening in just the right order....... Next morning I took it out to shoot a few pictures for the PO, and that was when this strange thing came crawling in the back of my mind. This little tractor was not even close to anything that suited my needs nor desires, and even though the kids laughed at me, and the wife figured i looked like a giant buffoon on a toy tractor, I couldn't help taking it for another spin, contemplating what it would be like to keep it, and if I had room for it, and if I really did have to let it go. ...........Strangest thing. Must be a bug. But as you may have guessed, yes of cause the kid got his horse, and he was proud as could be, and I do not blame him one little bit.
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    Well, I finally got the 857 I bought at the auction in Charlottesville going. I lightly sanded it and clear coated. After getting the engine back together and timed correctly, she is purring like a kitten - very little knock now - it was way out of time (thanks @oldredrider!). I drove it around enough to check it out and it runs great in all gears, idles down nicely, and doesn't seem to smoke any that I can tell, except a little at start up. Below are a few pics including a before and a couple that look a little like something from @AMC RULES. I think I'm going to put on the deck I got last fall and look at the show for a lawn ranger deck for Emory.
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    A little extra parts and an hour this is what happens .
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    It has been 36 hours since it last rained. One the longest stretches recently. The off season stable got a new roof this week and I had to move horses all over including the ones sleeping. Missing from the picture 418A (on loan to my new neighbor) Commando 8 in pieces being rebuilt. and 416 rolling frame waiting on a motor. I do not change implements anymore. No trailer queens here each one has a job, gets dirty and works.
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    Seeing so many of the good artistic or Wheel Horse themed pictures that have been put up in the I thought it might be fun to have an artistic picture thread. I know I've seen some clever photographers out there who capture fantastic moments in time. Let's see them! Members... if you like what you see, be sure to let the poster know by hitting the old "Like This" button over here on the right! I'll even get it started.... I don't have anything as fancy as Craig, but I really liked this wintery scene I took several years ago.
  37. 35 points
    When I saw this tractor on a farm sale bill, I had to take a look. I have always liked the 417A, and this one is clean and has been well taken care of. I talked with the PO at the sale. He purchased it new on August 6th, 1986 and paid $3539.58 . He gave me all the manuals, tractor, mower, motor, parts breakdown, and other sales literature. It starts right up, no smoke, and runs like it looks. The tractor was this clean when I bought it, all I have done is load and bring home.
  38. 35 points
    More (time) in the shop!
  39. 34 points
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!
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    Hello! I joined this forum pretty recently and I'm probably not the typical forum visitor. I build scale models - usually 1/25 cars - and I've been working on an Electro 12 model. BTW, many of the model cars that I build are my favorite car and another South Bend native - Studebakers. I found this site while searching online for reference photos and manuals. It's a great place with a lot of excellent resources. Reminds me a lot of the Studebaker Drivers Club forum where the members have always been very supportive of my model building. Makes me want to have a real Wheel Horse (and a Studebaker). Anyway, this is where it all started: Probably not many people are more interested in the Wheel Horse than they are in the Indy Car but I'm building the tractor and may never build the car. The tractor in the kit appears to be Charger but after looking over this forum for a while I decided to convert it to the Charger's cousin - a 1969 Electro 12. I had already built the engine as it came in the box but I realized it wasn't correct for this tractor. This is what the first build-up looked like: So I stripped the paint off and did a conversion: The next order of business was building a mower deck since the kit didn't have one and what good is a Wheel Horse without it! I downloaded the manual for a 5-1422 (Thank you, Forum!) and started scratchbuilding. This has been a lot of fun! Here are a few shots from the build-up and the finished mower: The paint is Duplicolor Bright Red which is a GM color. I bought some IH Red at Tractor Supply but didn't really like the drying properties of the paint. The GM Red matches it very well and in fact I brushed on a little of the IH color as touch-up paint in a few spots and can't see the difference. Duplicolor is my preferred paint. It dries fast and hard. There's certainly more to come. I hope you enjoy. Most of the other major components are under construction right now and will be ready to post soon.
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    OK, OK enough teasing. No wait I forgot one more decal, but it does show part of the engine, For those who wonder, that cap is not JD green. It is the right green, Oliver green that is. One question, GOT DISH???? I took 4 7.5 inch rims to make these bad boys. 10" from the bolt pattern to the out side of the rim. Sure makes the 26x12x12 tires look fat! Now a step back to take it all in. I wanted to have some thing short & fat. Just like Jim says he likes his women. But I really wanted it to look like it was a forgotten factory option. Hopefully you guys think that I pulled it off. I have plenty of build pic's if you guys have any questions.
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    Been working on this C195 for six months thought you guys would love to see it. What you think
  43. 34 points
    ...when you've stumbled upon another keeper. Earlier this week, I noticed a newly listed C/L ad for this "barn find" 1056... price was right, so I picked up the phone, contacted the seller who was still at work. Made arrangements to meet up with him around 5pm later that afternoon, a take a peek at what he dragged home. Story goes, he's a John Deere guy...who picked this up in a recent package deal, & just wanted to pass it on to the "right guy". Original owners son, run on some hard times...(aka, going to jail ) & was selling off some of his deceased fathers collection to pay off some bills. Seller was told, his Dad was meticulous with his maintenance, which seemed plausible, considering it was covered in grease, & inside of the fuel tank looked brand new. Said he always fogged the engine before being put up for storage, so...other than a front tire off the rim, and the JD seat...seemed like a pretty good deal for $100. That said, I took the chance, shook the man's hand...and loaded the ol' girl up. After getting it home & unloading...I was hoping the story wasn't BS. Had to admit here, the old girl was looking pretty rough. The following day, I did my usual routine though...took it to work and it an hours bath with our heated pressure washer...followed by a good dose of compressed air. Then left it sit for a couple days to dry out, while I tackled the usual fuel system refresh, new plug, new oil & air filter...then tubed the flat front tire. Today was the day to try putting some fire in the hole, though it did initially try to pop off...I discovered it had a really weak spark. Once I cleaned to points, she fired right off...smoked like a chimney at first. Then, cleared up, and is running like a champ now...no runs, drips, or errors. Was so stoked, that I took the rest of the afternoon, to do a little aesthetic detailing, changed the gawd awful seat for another I had here "in stock". Took a couple picts here to show the progress so far, plan to to the rims, and probably add new rubber in the future. I think it turned out pretty good so far...let me know what you think.
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    I had a great time at the show this past weekend, even with the rain! It's about a 6 hour drive from Raleigh, NC, but it is one of my favorite drives! I also really enjoy the scenery around the fairgrounds and took several trips out and about just to take some pictures and look at the old barns. I almost didn't come but my wife, who is 7.5 months pregnant, said "James, the big show has been on the calender for the past 6 months, you can start being an adult next month, go to the freaking show, and quit making up excuses for why you shouldn't." I'm so glad I listened! A big thanks to John, Paul, and Jay for letting me mooch some shade under their tents! One thing that resonated with me this year was that the show is more about the people than the tractors. The first time I went to the show a few years ago (I confess) it was 90% about the tractors, 10% about the people. This was my 3rd trip. It was 50% percent about the people, 25% about the tractors, and 25% about the pie. Y'all, the pie game was on point this year. As far as the tractors go, I noticed myself being drawn towards the short frames. Howard's 857 was especially tempting! I hope y'all don't mind the pictures of the scenery! The trip up on Thursday: Tractors that caught my eye at the show: Very tempting Howard! My view of the Parade! After the ice cream social, the rain came down, but that didn't discourage some from riding on their horses! Scenery Pictures from Saturday Headed out around 5:45am from the camp ground. Here are some shots from the ride home.
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    The 2017 Big Show Parade was a big hit and "Wild Bill" Pearson did an outstanding job narrating the event.
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    Picked up this nice 4 wheel wagon on Saturday. 2nd trip to Wisconsin in a week. Pretty stoked to add this to my collection .
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    Here's the story....I am a career FF, and I do part time landscaping, my own biz. So I'm in this parking lot...and I have my Toro Grandstand (cutting) and my old Wheel Horse 312 Hydro as a mule for my aerations. Both are shoved onto my 12 trailer. Random cable guy in his truck comments on it and asks me if I want another WH, he'd sell it to me cheap. I said, no thanks, I'm good...then he sees my Firefighter plates and asks about that...I told him I do that full-time and do landscaping part time. He then says...How about I give it to you?? WHAT??? Of course I thought it would be in horrible condition...but when I picked it up...I was completely surprised!! He sweetened the deal...he also gave me his Trac-VAC!!!! What??? He just had no more use for it, lives on 7 acres and has big tractors and toys....and wanted to give it to someone who would use it especially a first responder. So to pay it forward...I've been doing all of my neighbor's leaves free of charge. Just wanted to share!!
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    Better pull up a chair...... I used to go over to my Dad's house and he would be on the computer or out in the garage working on a tractor. Kept mentioning this thing called "Red Square". I didn't know what he was talking about. Some Russian website or something? Meanwhile he keeps getting more and more tractors. I would go over and help him work on them here and there. They were his thing. I had my interests also but at the time it wasn't tractors. Time passes and Dad keeps trading and dealing his tractors. He had gotten rid of most other brands and Wheel Horse became his thing. He gave me a 1056, 857 and a Commando 8. I tried to get into them but had a lot going at the time. They sat under the back awning. I would still weld up stuff and help him wire up things. One day I am at his house and he was Skyping with Stevasaurus. We were trying to get a 3 speed tranny back together. Dad had always talked about skyping with different people he had met on here. Not many but he enjoyed it. So more time passes and then so does my Dad. We had been working on the 418A that I now have, welding up a lift bracket. I didn't know that that would be the last time I got to talk to my Dad. He had a massive heart attack the next night at work. A week after he passed,that's when I joined Red Square. I talked to Karl and explained what happened. He let me have my Dad's password so I could go on and tie up any loose ends on deals that he may have had going at the time. I sat for hours reading his posts (and still have the bookmarked). I started learning things about the tractors I had, people he had talked to and things he wanted to do. So I have been on here now for almost 4 years. I have learned a lot and have met many nice people via computer. There is not a whole lot of wheel horse people down here in Florida. But I did get to meet RacingBob. I spoke to Bob one day and set it up for him to come to my house where I welded up his suburban hood. Right then I knew Bob was alright. Met a couple more around Florida in the past year or so. Bob however blew me away. I had sold an engine to Aldon but had no way to get it to him. Bob said "I can take it with me to the show". Well that is what he did. Not only taking stuff up there, but also bringing me back a stack of parts. Bob had posted a want list in the big show for sale/ wanted thread. I had half the stuff he was looking for. He came down to my house, picked up Aldon's engine and I gave him all the parts he needed for transporting my stuff. Bob asked me what he owed me and I told him that Dad would have wanted the parts to be used by someone rather than getting thrown out or laying on a shelf. No money exchanged hands. I did ask Bob to get me a wheel horse decal at the show. So then the big show rolls around and Bob told me he got my parts and we set up a day to meet up. I went today to pickup my parts and Bob got my decal out and handed it to me. Then he tells me he also got me a supporter plate from Karl. After that he pulls out this little cardboard tube. He starts unrolling something.......... You see, Bob took it upon himself to get in touch with Terry(Vinylguy) and he had me a supporter banner made with my Dad's picture and screen name on it. I was almost speechless. I stood there trying to keep the tears from my eyes. Didn't work. Someone that I met from an internet forum about tractors had went so far above and beyond and gave me something that I will cherish till I am gone. THANKS BOB! You are the man. I also want to thank Terry and his wife for making the banner and Karl for the plate. My Dad had always wanted to go to the big show and I planned to attend the last two years but things kept coming up and my tractor wasn't done anyways. Now I am shooting for the 2017 show and hope to meet & thank all of you in person. I thank you for the friendships I have made even if only from behind a keyboard. This forum and the people on it are what makes it so great. Thanks for letting me be a little part of it. Your friend, Richie
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    Well my wife gave me my birthday present early and it's the best present yet. Had to show you guys cuz I'm very proud to have it. It's a blanket of a couple of my favorite things.. My daughter and my 857..
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