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    If you guys don't win but would like one, we'll work it out that way. If one of you do win and the other still wants one, I can hold it till I get another made and then ship them together. Sound good? Just have to play catch up now Got to go make some cups
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    Today was a perfect day for a tractor outing, mild temperatures and nice sunny skies..... Unfortunately this year's turnout was down from prior years. I took my 418-C for a little Kruisin in the sunshine. I enjoyed some time and conversation with member @turnnleft and his grandson. They always have a great display and my is the metal-flaked Suburban 400. The rest of his herd is outstanding too including his grandson's peddle RJ. This Cushman Auto Glide was one of many things that caught my eye. Wish they would have taken this early bike off the trailer so I could get a good shot of it. I know we have some chain saw collectors here, this is for you. here are some other garden tractors and other interesting stuff, enjoy.
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    Hello. One year ago I came across this abused but cheap Gutbrod 2500..... but immediately saw the potential for a vonversion to a D250. Much time and money has gone in to it, and I`m still not done. But I`l get there All the eigth bolts that holds the diff together was broken , but like a miracle the brass planetery gear was in one piece and no broke gears....some ugly wear, problaby from little and gunky oil, but it works. The ignition distributor was missing. Bought one from france....mounted it and it fired up. But after running it for a while, it was oil in the water and water in the oil Off with the cylinder head. It was bent like a banana, and previous owner had used the gasket over again Had the head milled down 0,4mm Back together with new gasket. Running fine, but now the oil was raising and smelled gas......gaspump was shot too. Engine was running nice, but there was something strange. The rpm got to high (Tractor was yet to be driven). Dismantled the gouvernor.....or whats left of it. Also the steering was pretty bad... First drive this summer with new rear wheels. Stripping some old paint to get ready for new I`m keeping the Gutbrod dash-style with the turnsignal and hazzard switch. Also gonna keep the turnsignal, cause I find them a bit cool. This is how it looks today. Painted hood and new tires in the front. Rear fenders where a mess. Built them up again so I could make a plug, to make a mold so I can cast a new one in fiberglas. this is how far I got, present time. I`ll have to rebuild the front Pto from a 6 splined to a axle with a keyway?? Cause I`m missing the the pulley mounted to the 6splined axle. Also the yokes in front I`m missing. found out that these are mouch easier to get with a standard 25mm bore and a keyway. If anyone know or can measure the outer diameter of the pulley mounted on the Pto axle I`ll appreciate that!!! I`m in the forum from time to time reading and watching all the nice tractors you have, and all the good work you are doing to them. My Suburban in weekly use. Here operated by my daugther. Love this little tractor Hope you enjoyed this reading. Best regards Christer
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    if you get it, we'll figure out how to get it there.
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    I’m with @ACman. I’d be willing to throw some cash in the shipping pot if one of our “other side of the pond” family wins the drawing!
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    If need be I’ll pay to send it .....count me in too! COOL CUP RICHIE. Thanks
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    and good luck with your project, and you're right,
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