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    Update on Scottie...he no longer has the NG tube (they removed it this morning), his diet was changed from clear liquids to as tolerated, he started physical therapy, played a game, rested and he had many visitors. Here is a picture of Scottie sitting up in the medi-chair for the first time since the accident. When a person starts therapy they only sit up for a total of 60 minutes. But as many of you know Scottie had to prove the nurses wrong and he sat up today for a total of 80 minutes. Tomorrow he will start sitting up on the edge of the bed and learning how to transfer. Please pray that he continues to have the strength and determination to push through PT/OT. We are looking at Wednesday or Thursday for possible discharge.
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    Lowell and I would like to say thank you to everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers. We also would like you all to know that we appreciate you all and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives and in our boys life!
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    Rebuttal.....Mike when you are as close to retirement as I am you ain't gonna buy a new tinning hammer to replace the one you lost at the last job either, sides when you run into as many hang nails in a sliver wizzard's shop..... you need a claw! Jack ... don't you dare tell them about my trademarks or tell them about me putting fitings on a 10" duct instead of the 12"! @Achto finally shows up to supervise and I get side tractored about tractors and I lose what little concentration I have! Who the he double hockey sticks can concentrate on the job when guys are mumbling about diesels, 26" tires and C-195's????? Oh then Ritchie calls and i gotta run the bull with him...under alot of stress here!
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    IF she will let you stand on the scale weigh yourself holding the weight and then yourself. w/u-u=w
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    Nice to see him working and not on OOoh I forgot its a weekend Sure is nice having great friends
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    I started a thread here when Sears announced its bankruptcy.There were many members who had their opinions as to why Sears failed.I was talking to a cashier at the local Lowes and she told me that her husband hated Craftsman tools and bought only Kobalt.What of their warranty if they drop the brand?I have bought Craftsman tools for over 40 years and have broken only a few.I find I lose more than anything else.Just my take on the sad state of the new reality.
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    Trina made a bit more progress today. I cleared off the work bench so she could wire brush the rest of the exterior of the transmission. We brought it in to the cellar workshop and set it by the big huge wood stove for a while. This evening she painted it. Maybe soon it'll start looking like a tractor.
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    Cider vinegar will remove the rust as well. Mild acid. Use gravel, BBs, screws, nuts and bolts ect. to loosen the big stuff up quickly if there is any.
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    For mechanical cleaning, put in gravel, bungee to a jacked up wheel and tumble it till clean.
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    Not a chance in h€££ that I'd get away with it.... Ha! Dave
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    I put the 1045 back together last night, still have to do engine, hood, and axle buy I like how its turning out... it has black hubs and will have black front dust caps... I'm thinking about doing both pedals black also.
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    Progress on this has been slow the last few weeks, I finished the linkages for the brake pedals, replaced the front wheel bushings with bearings and mounted those tires. My tie rods were shot so I picked up a new set from Lowell, I also added a front support bushing to the lower steering shaft and replaced the bushing in the rear lower steering shaft support. I cut the Tecumseh gas tank bracket apart and adapted it to fit the Kohler, got most of the bodywork done on the fender pan and have been working on mounting this seat pan. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll be able to take the seat pan to have new cushions made. The recoil on the K181 needed several new pieces to get it back into shape, boy I wish I knew the trick to rewinding that spring and getting that thing put back together. That was a chore.
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    do you think all the people in 1800s complained when the sears catalog came out with mail order shopping and put trading posts and general stores out of business?
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    Wow that is really good news Lowell... Cindy, being the medical person she is, thought he might be in the for many more weeks! This is really good news! A few good things coming his way but don't let him in on our surprises... Thanks for keeping us updated but now we will expect you to do so untill he is playing soccer or piloting a tractor again!
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    Supposed to be Autolite. Stupid auto spell.
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    Click on the pictures Garry
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    Another update. The telescopic steering shaft was made from square box section tube, welded to the U/J which in turn plugged into the lower sprocket on the trailer. The inner sliding part was a length of 1/2" square bar filed to a nice sliding fit. This was drilled and threaded then screwed tightly onto the round rod which formed the other half of the shaft. A pin through the square bar and rod made sure nothing moved. A short extra piece was added later to give a bit more bearing surface although probably not needed. A bit of surface rust showing since it's last use. The large threaded hole is a left over from it's last life. The second photo shows it in it's storage position, held in place with the throttle cable. The trailer is disconnected by removing the throttle lever from the steering yoke, one screw, pulling the coupling pin and moving the trailer back which slides the two shaft sections apart. Coupling all together is just as simple. The throttle cable had to be extended to approx twice it's length. Think it was originally fitted to a lawn mower. Couldn't find anything suitable on the internet. The inner was 1mm. Most others found were 1.25 or 1.5mm. I could have opened up the cable slot in the carb piston but decided against this as after a bit of hunting found 1mm inner cable was available from China. A 5 metre length for £1 25 including postage. A 2 metre length of outer sleeve was found in the UK but couldn't find this to match the inner in China. Strange. After careful measurement the inner was cut to length and a short piece of brass tube soldered on one end. The carb top, outer sleeve etc was assembled followed by the lever end nipple being soldered in place. After connecting to the trailer everything was found to operate smoothly and with approx the same amount of movement as the original cable. This photo shows the new inner and brass tube nipple alongside the old.
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    This isn't the best pic. But only one I have on this phone, for this bike was put together 6 or 7 years ago. This is a 1967 BSA Hornet A65 (650 cc ). Had a rigid frame built from original frame and a 4 foot p&p girder front end. Homemade steel coffin tank and all the old school goodies. It had sat in pieces since 1979 when I got it. But we put it all together and hot rodded it for a summer and then passed it on to a guy down south. But it was a fun bike. I'll have to see if I can find a better pic on the computer of when it was complete or see if my dad had the pics kicking around somewhere still.
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    It was my pleasure @pullstart Kevin. Beautiful family you got there. Nice to meet Mrs Pullstart and the girls. I am glad the girls liked thier cups. Should have yours and the Mrs done soon. Crazy around here.
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    That maybe true, but in all fairness I did offer him $100 for the just the weights the first 3 times I chatted with him. That was his whole asking price.
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    New matching pair for the front...OTR LAWN TRAC R1S 16x7.50-8...
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    The last few days I've been working on getting the running boards cut to size and mounted. I got the mounting brackets for those tacked in place, made some modifications to the belt guard then took things back apart to finish welding the brackets to the frame. On this project I decided not to use the original foot rests so I cut out the original mounting bar, moved the clutch pedal mounting rod back about 2-1/2" to the front of the running board and filled in the holes in the frame where the original bar was. I also wanted to be able to remove the 2nd clutch pedal and it's mounting bar as the kids get bigger so I had a bar made that is threaded and held in place with a nut. While I had the welder out I welded a few nuts in place under the frame to run wire loom thru when I get to that point. I still need to shorten the clutch pedal rod and make a rod to connect the two pedals.
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    Kevin—that is a great practical item to have in your tractor shop! Saves the back BIG TIMES! I need to develop something like that in the near future. Unfortunately mine won’t be built in, but it will be nice to have something that would lift at least up to chest height or so. A HUGE thanks to my Local Circle buddy @WHX21 Jim for coming over and sacrificing part of his Saturday to begin the installation of heat in my shed. I built this platform to place the furnace on yesterday and Jim brought over the new equipment figured I’d include a pic of his “best side”! Next up is installation of the tin work and plumbing. He is a veteran in the HVAC business and it shows. Great to have friends with awesome skills willing to share...
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    I got tired of spinning out mowing on my hilly lot.
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    As long as they hold air with tubes they stay on duty around here...
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