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    My son ( @WH1618speed ) restored this 418-A that he picked up at the 2021 WH show. After he sold the mower deck off of it, he had $150 invested in the tractor. This is the first time it has seen any real work since the restoration paired to a single-stage snowblower. Thad (Ohio)
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    Off Topic Sowwy ! (my emojis are not working) I bought a backup camera from Amazon. Didn't work. Contacted the manufacturer, and they sent another. It's all good. Nope! That one didn't work either, after a week. They sent another. THAT one worked. I left a somewhat bad review on Amazon. The manufacturer contacted me, saying if I removed my review, they would send a FREE upgrade. Well, they did resolve the problem, so I removed it. They sent an upgraded camera......Then they sent another replacement camera for the one that didn't work. Then they sent another upgraded camera. At this rate, I can put them on my Horses !
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    2 Black Hood Eight speeds with plows here… respectfully disagree with the hydro crowd… gears work great on Michigan’s snow!!! And look at my arms!!!
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    I know it’s challenging to take pictures of animals… so y’all will have to read words instead. I just caught Lynx cleaning his undercarriage, with all his front weight bearing in the once broken leg. He still has a limp, but is getting around just fine inside, outside, etc. Ok, here’s a picture of him resting anyway. He’s got a rough life.
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    All I use is NAPA filters...
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    Impossible to turn with my neck limited to +- 10 degrees. I need big mirrors.
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    Back in my High School days if we wanted a few days off, It was common to just allow our facial hair to grow....automatic 2 day suspension. This happened quite often during deer season. BTW, the entire school district was closed for the first day of deer season.
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    Do not use those tools. Belts do not stretch. The sides wear down giving the false impression that the belt is longer. If you measure a belt with one of those stretchy thingys and the sides are worn down, you will get a measurement longer than the belt was when it was new. Those tools will get you in the ball park but that's it. A 1/2" wide belt could be worn to 3/8" and you would never know it. Mark the outside of the belt with chalk. Use a tape measure for the O.D. Use your best judgement of what the width should be.
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    having played this game , use the near by support racking at your local T/S as a belt stretch verification to your old belt size fit. a lot of the belts on the rack are incorrectly sleeved . find a solid pipe end point , and match up old / new belts . doing the belt over belt stretch on a pipe pull , my belt replacements have been exact with no issues , pete
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    Got some snow a few days ago and here is her being put to use!! That old Kohler puts out the power!! It's a gas hog though using the snow thrower. Not pictured here, but I put on some 4-link v bar chains on 10.50 tires and that did the job for traction. Next thing to get would be a cab for sure!
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    Just hope it lets go close to the barn and not on the other side of the moon.
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    I think I may have found a solution to one particular issue. Over the years I’ve spent countless hours searching for various items and not finding them, only to find said item whilst on the hunt for something else. So now if I can’t find what I’m looking for within a few minutes, I pretend to look for a different thing, Naming out loud a ‘Pretend’ item/tool seems to confuse the shop ‘Gremlins’, who delight in hiding things. They then, hide the item I’m ‘pretending’ to search for, and reveal what I actually want! (Perhaps one Gremlin can only hide one thing at a time). For those of you who repeatedly lose multiple items at any given time, Sorry, you could be housing a family of the little ‘Blighters’!😈😈👹 p.s. Of course, I could always put tools back where they belong after using them, but where’s the fun in that? 😃😃
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    2020, too and 2022 sound the same. I'd as soon not repeat 2020...
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    One of my Eatons burps every time I push it around. The case needs a vent... Nevermind the slow oil fill issue.
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    Thank.... I should have checked the belt all along but since it was fairly new and replaced... I thought nothing of it... until now. Figures. Now the snow can come...
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    Hey everyone just finished my Wheel Horse 418-A Project today!!! After long hours and days of working and painting it is done!! I thought it turned out pretty nice it runs great and everything is back to working condition!!
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    Yes, true. Battery voltage goes to the B terminal on the key switch. The white wire going to the R terminal is also an 'input' to the system, and when the engine is running, that's what charges the battery. You don't want to try and charge the battery with AC ! So yes, DC it is. If you wire the LED lights to the AC output you will almost certainly see flicker, especially at low engine RPM where the frequency of the AC is slower. In this case, the flicker is NOT caused by any sort of grounding issue. If you wire the lights to the "A" terminal they will be operating on DC from the battery and you may not notice much flicker at all.
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    I tore my knee playing basketball when I was a junior in 76'. I'm out of school for a few days. Back in school on crutches and during gym class I 'm standing on the sidelines and a teacher comes in and tells me I have to report to the principal's office. It's a long ways to go on crutches but I get there and in his office are 2 State Troopers and a Sherrif. I find out there was a bomb threat the day before and they are interviewing every student that was out that day. They just asked me what I did that day. I told them I watched game shows all day. That was it. It's the only bomb threat I can remember at my school and I missed it!
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    Ya or took a dip of snuff. Not kill people! Bob
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    No more calls folks, we have a Grand Prize winner!! Yup, been there - back in my High School days (68-72), it was a popular occurrence to have someone phone in a bomb threat to avoid a math test. We were the first graduating class from the new High School - moved in in early 1969. Seems we had a rather "talented" individual in our group that would do just that. The new School had a pay phone in the lobby outside of administration - most of those threat calls originated from that phone. One day "Norman" called in a threat, not knowing that the vice Principal was standing right behind him ... he hangs up the phone, gets detained and expelled. Bill
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    I'll lay odds on that some pupil/pupils wanted a day off.
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    My local TSC has a tool for measuring the belts. Works great!
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    Last step (see what I did there?)in this project… DeEtte is finished!
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    https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=AOaemvLBXesS5DJbSsA6D67q_z5UvJSS-w:1642688344485&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=mirror+for+lawn+tractor&fir=z8jcfeWhYZmWjM%2CqRRihlPWKXywOM%2C_%3B6CqlvwEcToYD , just looking for rear mirror , placement ideas , got me here , my road plowing , could use an extra eye , pete
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    Thanks for the update ! I hope he continues to improve !
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    Murphy's Law states that it will croak as far from the barn as possible
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    Can't tell from here if you're having fun or just showing off! Or both!
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    I still have 2 rugs my grandfather made on his loom, and he died in 1965, not even sure when he made them. I remember the loom he had up on the 2nd floor of his barn. Those 2 rugs are on either side of my bed, they are about 3'x5'. I think he called them rag rugs, because, obviously they were made from rags.
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    Also be sure they are grounded properly.
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    I have been using the UHMW on my blade for 3 winters now. You can't wear that stuff out and it keeps the driveway happy.
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    Truly amazing how many people say they want to go back there though.
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    Maybe the 25th week or so but that is a full blown guess. With a briggs and stratton you can even tell the production location, if it has ballbearings, etc
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    Nice restoration! The Kohler itself is made in 1986
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    The hood on my 125 needs a little work. The seam between the top and front pieces had popped all of it's spot welds so I stuck it back together with some tack welds. Kinda trixy doing 18ga sheet metal! But came out OK. Note how nicely centered the WH logo was! I have all the new decals already. I'd say this oughta hold it! Probably going to wait until Spring to complete the refinish, it really should be completely stripped to be sure I get all the hidden rust. But the primer will be OK until then.
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    I took a look see at my LED head lamps and they are labeled AC/DC so they will work on either, but the flicker would still be a problem with the limited output of the stator on your engine, and the RPMs will change the FREQUENCY of the flicker. MANY of the ones I see on Amazon are also AC/DC.
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    I’ve been busy using the other machine plowing snow, then the new Holley 650 I put on my one ton decided to keep its choke stuck on. I was chasing my tail with that, damn thing wouldn’t hold any idle. I do plan on replacing the fuel lines, I did put 1/2 gal of 2 stroke in it with the old lines. I wanted to see if the fuel pump would pull. Removed plug and cranked. Nothing. On my 3/12 I went with a facet fuel pump and it’s been excellent. Might do that here.
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    Breather's dry, plug clean, no oil use at all...heck i pushed dirt with it for an hour today screaming 3600...never thought twice about it. Sounds angry loaded up but..so far its just the sound.
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    Back in the day I spied a chicken wandering around the parking lot. One of my model assemblers caught it and took it home. Several days later, after the chicken story spread thru the main shop, an irate welder came into my office demanding to see the chicken thief. Seems his valuable Bantam Rooster had roosted on the axle of his truck and rode there the 5 mile to work. His rooster was returned....we did not get a tip for finding the axle riding rooster. I guess the "no tip" keeps us on topic Bob.
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    NO pictures, but a friend of mine added a small winch to the front of his tractor to raise & lower the plow. Much like what is used on an ATV plow.
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    You had as many shoulder cuttings as I they are a ton!
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    Get a hydro electrics are slow response ...or man up blades aren't that heavy
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    Joe your handle is flipped backwards. Take it off the frame and turn it 180 degrees. Your wire cable from handle lever should run through the eye loop on the inside. See my pic as it appears your same handle Edit: you’ll need flip around the squeeze lever too on the handle. Good luck with it!
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    @ebinmaine… If I install one on my Wheel Horses, would I have better hindsight ?
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    Steve 2 gallons doesn't even cover one whole mowing for me.... Those K341s get thirsty with 48" deck and heavy grass
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    That's what's so great about this forum there isn't a problem that can't be fixed by the people that frequent here.
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