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    Since it wasn’t my stuff I didn’t post on it. Only picture I got. You know, “no pictures it didn’t happen”. I helped a friend load a BUNCH of stuff that a guy had been collecting for years. He passed and the wife decided to start selling off stuff. That was the first load. Second load mostly parts. One of those “friend of a friend” things. I just enjoyed digging through all the stuff. I couldn’t begin to describe all the stuff he had gathered. And this is just the stuff she let go of. You’ll see a lot of it in June at the show I would imagine. 👍
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    So... Mrs. Pullstart: “you and all your tractor buddies are wierd.” Me: explaining what and who we are talking about, gets a smirk out of Dell’s hauling tactics comment. Mrs: “if we put all your crap together it would look like that.” Me: start explaining that I don’t have any RJ’s or Suburbans. Mrs: “you know I like Suburbans, how come I don’t have one of those?” Me: “because I haven’ been Able to find one yet!” the shopping list continues.... I think I won that conversation! Thanks for the picture Richie!
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    I needed another tractor with a ball hitch. My 312H was tied up, so I added a front ball hitch to the 312A. Really makes it easy to push the splitter into tight places.
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    Here are a couple of pics, still dripping with mud! @Vinylguy, I’ll be hollering at you soon for a 633 set, d160 set, and one for this one.
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    The steering wheel repair turned out pretty good. Craig, your tip on using a glove and water with that epoxy sure made this job easier. Thanks!
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    Did not really know where to post this, but I am re-doing every one of my tires with freshly painted rims. Some are good enough for tubeless and some need new tubes. I found heavy duty Korean tubes reasonably priced, but paying 4 bucks for a pair of bubble packed shrader valves hurts a bit when you need 20 of them. NAPA has them in bulk packs of 50 and they sold me 10 each of each hole diameter for less than 40 cents each. BTW, i also found 4 ply aggressive ATV tires for $80.00 the pair up the road at a go-kart supply store. Thinking about the 520 as a dedicated snow pusher just because of so many problems with properly powering a PTO for the mower.
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    Now offering to cut keyways in hubs with bad ones. Can also do pullies and other items that might be saved with a new keyway. Please inquire. Most common sizes available. $25.00 per cut including return shipping. Add $5.00 for second tapped 3/8-16 set screw in hubs including two black oxide cup points and jamb nuts. Ready for paint or install. Keys not included. PM for custom quotes or discounts on more than one hub. My bad.... discounts for supporters too!
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    8HP Kohler engine, 8 speed manual transmission, 36" mower deck. Original owner (was my late father's). Not used for working conditions since 1986. Appearance is showroom condition. (503) 803-5443
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    Honestly guys, I’m going to start putting a marine primer bulb in line in the yard to start ones. Did it on the D160. 2 squeezes and it fires every time! That is only when it has been sitting for a while though.
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    Richie, where is the post explaining this picture?
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    Changing of the guard here .... RJ '55 vintage Amigos.... with a front sickel bar and very vintage plow to boot...
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    Dad and I are "Locked in" at the Days Inn as well. We'll be out there Wed. evening to Sat. I see @stevebo finally smartened up! But it will probably be beautiful weather now that he did so thanks Steve!
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    Funny you should mention that Jeff. I stopped at the local car wash and left them about 50lbs of mud. It amazed me how much mud could be packed on one little tractor. The guy I bought it from was 14. Where he lived was pretty rundown, but I’m sure the family was doing the best they could. I saw him and two of his sisters. He had two other brothers. He was honestly one of the most polite kids I’ve met. Great manners and very neat looking. His sisters were very pretty as well. Gotta give his parents props for raising very polite, nice kids! His price was very fair, so I didn’t try to beat him up and felt he could use the money. Anyway, here are some car wash pics and one of Emory with it at the garage.
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    I’ve had my fill of wrangling for a while. Helped drag all these from a barn.
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    61 551 with 4hp kohler, completely gone thru, does not include chrome hub caps or backrest but am willing to include the silver caps in last pic for 50$, also includes the original deck but has not been restored. 750$ or partial trade for an rj58 project or other early projects/parts/attachments, or a D series with 3pt. Any questions feel free to txt or msg me
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    It Appears that there are 2 different size coils in the beast. One of them, the small one, was not reading properly on the multimeter. It also has a melted coil wire someone taped over. One of the intake gaskets were torn and I think it was sucking air into one of the cylinders causing the backfiring . My brother an I also figured we would remove the heads and decarbon and inspect while the engine is out. Doesn't look too bad, some funky wiring problems that need tube fixed but a good going through and cleaning and I think will be like new. Access Panels More pics to come.
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    Garry, you ARE the man! Thank you very much!
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    EB your fuel tank is located up above the battery? There should not be to much for priming. Should almost self prime. Maybe a little compressed air in the tank to push the fuel. should come out of the carb hose. I just put the air nozzle in the tank and my hand to cover the hole. Just a little shot of air should do it.
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    This one may help. May be the only Wheel Horse model using this setup. Click on the picture. Garry
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    Because of engine heat, I wash out all the old grease and use synthetic grease that won't melt.
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    Well, I went and worked on Dad’s driveway to try to keep all of this rain from washing it away. We keep some small ditches across it to carry water into the drainage ditches and a heavy rain just about washed all of the roadbed from on top of one of his culverts. Anyway, I took a few minutes to do a quick cleanup of the decals to reveal her true identity. Wait for it ..... Drum roll...🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 .....753! I think this ole gal will clean up pretty dog on good! I did find a coil on it that says use external resistor. I’m surprised it ran at all. I bet that was why he had to keep the choke half open and the throttle up. Might even explain some of the exhaust smoke I noticed. Already picked up a new coil😉.
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    Well a new horse is a good way to make you guys feel better for sure. Got to feed the addiction! Hey when are going to send me those adoption papers . I even come with my own horses. I'm sure if you asked my wife she'd probably just roll me up to your door with a note pinned to my shirt ring the doorbell and run ! Waiting for some Dells and here's road trip song for your trip home.
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