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    I saw this light first thing this morning, so I took a pick. Cameras do not do it justice. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Took the $25 project c-100 out for a spin in the woods today! Still some things to work out but all in all seeing a junk pile rig move again is cool! Currently have on the skinny 6-12 tires as I haven't got tubes for the 23x10.5-12 AG tires. those will be coming soon hopefully!
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    Bronco 14 cyl leak fix.. I also have a Bronco 14...leaked. He is my fix...a few years ago.
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    This isn’t uncommon. Kohler didn’t stop the production line if they ran out of k241 blocks. They simply used the k301 block and bored it to the 10 hp spec. The only true way to know is to remove the head and measure your bore. K301 3.375 K241 3.251
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    Great find! This one has been in the family for many years, apparently belonged to my great-grandfather. My oldest daughter (who is a mechanic) will be inheriting it from me. I think it's from somewhere between 1900-1920.
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    I used to have a kitty litter bucket full of old oil. I’ve taken a few items that size and just tossed ‘em in for a month or so with pretty spectacular results!
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    The head light lens will cost you more then the tractor.
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    The rod on the left side from the pedal is adjustable to suit the height of the operator. It is not a clutch adjustment. Just positions the pedal location.
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    Lead paint - don't lick it!!!
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    Do not allow any battery voltage to get into the ignition wire. That would release the magic smoke in the ignition coil.
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    You know the drill...ask LOTS of questions, look at pics.....This is a real Survivor, not a 10 owner machine. I dont mess with old junk as all of you guys already know. plans were to keep this in wraps, but personal reasons have forced me to sell some of the Herd....and many Parts.. Ask if you need something---- as I may have what you are looking for. Starts, runs, no noises, no smoke..a good solid machine... Tight solid hydro, no issues.........Needs a good cleaning in my eyes...lovin and rubbin I want this tractor to go to a good home ....... And most , if not all of you guys /gals have GREAT stables, so it will not be for sale to the general public. Its not the cheapest 120 you may find, but I assure you its not the typical 120 you may stumble upon. THANK YOU JOHN
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    Last few touches before I toss it off the deep end of the pool and back to work... Yes I have taken the bolt out before, the hole is egged out really bad so a new bolt wouldnt help. It just matches the other busted bits that are farmer welded back together. It'll hold. This is a real tragedy. my original issue wheelhorse front tires are starting to come apart. After only 55 years. I want my money back.
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    Picked this beast up this afternoon. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Got the felt roof on - not my preference, but it's watertight, even if not very pretty. Loaded with stuff, so that's cleaned the yard up and it looks like we care. Still have to make some trim for the roof front and sides to make it look nicer. Monkey catching a break on the wheel barrow is one of the dogs toys.
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    Nope, wont hurt a thing... might even make it breathe easier.
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    Looks like a Farmall Cub or Allis B muffler. Both of these tractors were 4 cylinder engines. That muffler should not effect HP in any way. Even if installed on a 16hp engine.
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    Loaders & Backhoes for Ariens Tractors were Made By Brantly and Kwik-way & Johnson. The Factory Option shown Is the 34-inch frame Mounted Tiller. There was also a 48-inch Cat 0 3point Mounted Tiller available as well Basically, Sperry-New Holland sold its Lawn & Garden tractor Line to Ariens and that Became the Ariens Garden tractor Line. Ariens Basically updated the Tractor for a Number of Years Until a Slight Redesign with the Grand Sierra Before they Dropped there Garden Tractor Line in 2003
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    Have you read the owner manual for your tractor and checked the gap between the belt and the belt guard? Page 16 of this manual provides very specific instructions for the guard. Your tractor is NOT equipped with a single brake/clutch pedal so disregard any prior reference to that. If the belt you have is a Kevlar or fabric 5L-820 / B-69 it should be fine for your application. I have been using the Tractor Supply Kevlar belts with good results.
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    Funny, I just found a Parker at a flea market last week. had to check, it's a #2 but still plenty sturdy! I'd like to say you just can't kill these old vises, but I've broken 2 so far. One was my Dad's old Athol vise The other was an old Columbian branded vise The one I have on my bench now is massive vintage Craftsman, but I'll always grab one for a spare if the $$$ is good!
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    Un-10 yr-old it and you should be fine. The key switch needs to ground the ignition magneto to shut down spark. Looks like they were jumping the safety switches to over ride them
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    You can only make the oil so thick so that's no longer the fix!
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    Time to do a little refresher…
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    Exercised Morgan today by chopping down the weed seed stalks in the neighbor's lot next door. Picked up a new drive belt for Clyde and a PTO bearing for him too. His replacement PTO bell is due on Thursday and some other PTO parts next week. Got some mid hitch replacement parts painted for him, too. Yes @peter lena, I will carefully dig out the seals in that new bearing and re grease with some Lucas red n tacky or high temp before putting it into service. After putting the tractor away, I took some target practice with my Daisy model 25 - a Daisy at 25 feet is supposed to be about the same as a 22 at 25 yards as far as target shooting goes.
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    We finally got a video put together, of the cruising, parades, show, etc. enjoy!
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    okay I think we have a win here. Made another tab to fit over the welded one and have it angled forward more and it seems to have done the trick. It stops the spinning and I don't have any more clunking noises either. Tightening the nut seemed to lock it in fine against the original one. It didn't seem to want to move at all so I don't think welding it in is warranted at this point. Also figured out that rod from the clutch pedal adjust the tension on the belt when it's driving. So making it tighter might take up some slack as the belt wears and stretches a little over time. It has nothing to do with the down pressure on the belt when clutch pedal is pressed down. The exact opposite actually. Hope that maybe helps someone. But this one looks like we have a fix. I'll update if something changes or a weld is needed after all. thanks for the help!
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    Thanks @richmondred01! This is not a performance oriented build, just a cruiser and light duty worker. I’ll let it remain a mystery for now!
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    I have a 312-8 that runs and drives great the deck is at the welding shop getting the hole in the deck repaired. I purchased the 312-8 for $100. Bronco 14 runs and mows great but the lift cylinder wiper seal leaks is there a way to replace the wiper seal? The hydro cylinder does not have the snap ring to take the cylinder apart at the end. Thanks in advance for the help
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    It’s amazing what some soak time and a wire wheel can accomplish!
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    And the guy that invented the word " lisp " was a masochist.
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    Frank is all kinds of blowed apart! His new engine needs some serious cleaning and some clear coat!
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    Looking at this later today. I was thinking of using it as an engine donor but it's quite a beast. Does not run yet. Starter is stuck "out" with a greasy dirty Bendix gear visible. Could be starter, could be something further down the line holding the engine from moving. Anything to look for specifically? Are they known as decent rigs? If it runs and drives should I use it as a whole or part it out?
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    I happened to see this jewel sitting out by the road...Surprise, surprise! I stopped and had a look see and chatted with the owner for a bit and doing my very best not to let him know I had only been looking for an original condition 78-79 C-161 hydro with the hydraulic lift and sleeve hitch for 10 years or more. I thanked the the gentleman for his time and said I would think it ovr, took his phone number and continued to head home. I jumped onto east 101, a 4-lane limited access highway in Manchester NH and quickly accelerated to 75+ to keep from getting mowed over by traffic and I noticed these strange lights gaining on me fast in the rear view (My other half doesn't believe me). When I looked again this little yard tractor was about 5 feet from my rear bumper with a bright blue flame shooting out of the red-hot muffler glowing in the front grill, I sped up to 85+ and it hung with me for the entire one-hour drive home. When I parked in my driveway, the beast pulled up to my side door and began revving its power plant and crackling loudly. It acted hungry, so being the humanitarian type, I fed it some high-octane food and she settled down beside the storage (hoarding) building and went to sleep. I decided to take it nder my wing and get 'er back on solid footing with some counseling, a warm bed and made a doctors appointment for the following day to have it checked over. No one believes this mysterious encounter, but it happened, and I have the a picture or two for evidence! The doctor gave it a good checkup and gave me a couple of scripts and let him know the following week on her condition. Doc said it was in great shape internally but needed a good bat and maybe some skin cream. The Machine, named "tag-a-long" runs as new and the only issue is a rear axle seal weeping and tired engine mounts. Not sure if I feel like giving it some skin cream yet, would you? Or should I leave it in its current clothes? It has been stored inside a garage since new and everything is well greased and lubed. It also came with a decent 42" RD mower that is fairly solid. So, without further convincing, here are the picture s that I entered into evidence. wh2-Edit-Edit.tif
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    This bears repeating, when working on your wiring be sure to remove both battery cables to prevent an accidental spark to the ignition module. The wiring may seem a bit intimidating with so many relays and such but we can help you along, glad to hear that the plan is to replace the safety switches, they are very important.
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    Absolutely agreed. Now try the fact that I was born and raised in that area. More times than I could even tell you I've heard.. You WHAT now??
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    As @stevasaurus already mentioned you should invest a little time and clean and tighten ALL electrical connections including grounds. Many of your connections are around the battery and have been subjected to acid fumes from the battery for decades. Any corrosion at any connection will eventually cause a problem, get some dielectric grease and protect each connection with it as you go along. Also inspect all of the wires to see that none are chafed. Hope this is helpful.
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    They jumped all the safety switches , there isn’t even a seat weight switch present. I will prob try to install one.
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    That seems to be an option.. possibly even from factory? (Pic borrowed from interweb)
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    I'm not a 'part-it-out' kinda guy because I see potential in everything A quick Giggle search taught me there are plenty of attachments like tillers, snowploughs, snowaugers etc. for this machine, so apparantly they can do some real work. Even comes with a front splined shaft PTO by the looks of it. There's a nice thread on the mytractorforum about such a machine. Giggle should take you there..
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    I like the Vid. thanks to Mrs.P for that excellent job. shows me once more what i have missed.
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    In reference to the patent just posted, Parker had two patents in improving the handle movement in their handles. The one posted which is a screw that can be tightened to restrict handle movement is a later one. The previous patent had a spring clip inside handle’s head which provided continuous friction keeping handle in same position within it. I am not sure they were ever made with the second patent using screw. I have never seen one but catalogue drawings renditions of vises do show it. I have however come across several with the internal spring.
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    It was made in Meriden , Conn. It cost $11.75 in 1888. Should have a 4-3/4” jaw and weigh 59.5 lbs. Good vise. Are you looking for any particular information?
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    This is a THRUST bearing. The two THRUST WASHERS are...in fact...VERY hard; hence the name THRUST. Regular hardware store washers will soon fail, taking out the thrust bearing too as they are just too soft. Secondly, these thrust washers are MACHINE ground for precision.
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    Had this old K241 sitting over in the corner for .... 6-7-8 yrs? Seemed I set it aside because the governor was wonky thinking - as usual - gotta tear into that and see whats what, and, well I finally did. And cant find a thing wrong with the governor so decided to ck out every thing else while I was that deep into it. Checked the crank first, it had this odd little ... streak? showing on it. Get the Mic out and .... whoa! check out the pic and that reading - 1.499 (one 9 got cropped) I have NEVER ran into that good a reading - remember new is 1.50 +- .001. Now the .. odd little streak, dont know what it is, seemingly just a dark spot, checking with the mic all around and cant seem to indicate any thing. rubbed it a bit with some 600 grit and didnt faze it, and rod looks OK. So, next wanted to ck the cylinder and ..... whoa, again! Check that reading too! 3.250 is what factory is! I went up and down the cyl and every reading was the same - 3.25. I cannot remember the origins of the 241, just that it was a pretty decent little tractor, and I remember I had a K341 that needed a home ... soooo. I'll put this thing back together see if I can sell it. I must have went back 5-6 times re checking my readings, just couldnt imagine they could be accurate!
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    Those washers are probably harder than a regular flat washer. They are flatter, too. Probably available through McMaster Carr.
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    Thank you, Bill- The WHCC tractor parade is one of the most fun events at the show! I appreciate being able to take parade pictures with you and Jo and sharing your interviews with the parade's tractor owners and riders with the world! Your interviews are legendary and the parade gives everyone a chance to talk with you, share their experiences with their tractors, get quizzed on their Wheel Horse knowledge -and just have a great time! Friday's special parade ending - when you gave the microphone to Jo and had her interview you - was a complete surprise to everyone! Jo did such a great job interviewing you and we all enjoyed how much fun you both had with the switch in roles too! It was great Craig could help with the raffle prize tractor and I know he enjoyed working with the younger helpers! Wish we could have stayed longer- but we have lots of great memories to get us through the long cold winter until the show next year! THANK YOU- and Jo- for all you do to make the WHCC show so much fun and so memorable for us all! Sincerely, Linda
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    Dad, Little Fox and Logan and his pedal tractor
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    Karen said it does great wheelies! And she came back with her winning tractor too!
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    Dave from York PA with a difficult tractor to restore! No wheel horse logo embossed until late ‘56!
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    American ingenuity at its best! Excellent!
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    Lilly here with her rare tracto!
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