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    I've been dreaming of a new shop space to work on tractors and generally store things at my house. We already had a three car garage on the house and could only fit one vehicle in it due to the large space that kids toys, bikes, zero turn mower, shelving and a workbench already occupied. Well.. that stuff and a few or so little garden tractors... but they don't take up that much space, right? Anyway... we'd been talking about building my dream shop for several years. We live on a large in-town parcel, so there's plenty of room, but as with most things, it comes down to when it can fit in the budget. I drew it up several times on the building designer at Menards dreaming of when we could go forward. Well, in the early 2017 we decided to go ahead with it, and I came up with my final layout plan. We proceeded under the option of build the shell, and finish what we can later. We went over and over the list of things to do now and later. Things I wanted that had to be done now for sure were the rough in for the in-floor heat and the attic trusses. I had a contractor friend who would GC and frame it for me if I bought all the materials and he could do it on his own schedule. Yep, done. I figure I could have built it myself, but it would have taken most of the summer of every night and weekend, as well as the headaches of arranging the subs for the stuff I couldn't do, but if he could do it, and he has all the contacts/subs already... I'm money and time ahead to work some extra overtime and avoid the headaches. The previous owners of our place had a gravel RV parking next to the house. The old poorly done timber walls were deteriorating and leaning with age.It was convenient for parking the trailer, and nice when the kids were little that we could park off the driveway so they could play, but every year inevitably it was always a weedy mess by mid-summer. Step one, remove ugly timber wall. Lucky for me my neighbor had an chainsaw with a garbage blade on it. He came over and we were able to cut the wall into 12 ft sections that we loaded on the trailer for the dump. Next, met with our contractor friend to stake and mark it out. Since part of the goal was to reduce the amount of gravel, the equivalence of one car parking space was being removed and returned to grass on the left edge. Then just before the excavator was to start work, the kids and I did a little groundbreaking for the big project. Some gravel removed and sand base laid down and compacted. Concrete guys laid the forms for me on a Friday night so I could lay the insulation and pex for the in-floor heat. Like any kids, the call of the sand pile was irresistible. Next day I had help to lay the insulation boards and pex. Might seem silly to see two people carrying these boards that weigh all of 2 lbs each... but notice all the pavers? I'd been hoping for good weather to do the insulation and pex..... what I got was great temperature, bright, sunny......and 25 mph sustained winds with 40-50 mph gusts. So.... two guys to carry each flippin' board and weight it down. Ugh.... made the process much longer. Got the pex down, which went very smoothly. Three zones, stapled to the foam board. Monday morning I get a call.... inspector won't pass it because there's no pressure test on the pex. Ugh. Nothing about that in our building code, but what am I going to do? Project can't go on without his initials. So... I build a pressure manifold, tie all three zones into one long line and charge it up. Tues morning, concrete guys are onsite... inspector shows up and says ok. By the time I get home from work, I have a new slab. Lumber pack shows up the day before the family and I are leaving for a week at the cabin. When I pulled out of driveway, construction was underway. We got a few progress pics through the weeks from various friends. And I returned a week later to this. Totally the best way to build a shop! I was out of his way, he was out of mine... worked out perfectly. I installed the overhead doors, had the electrician come and trench the electric over. Got the gas line roughed in for the boiler as well while the trench was open. After that, the excavator came back with the final top dress for final grading. We bit the bullet and decided to go with sod right away. Even got the kids to help for a little while. Couple of neighbors (one of whom happens to be a professional landscaper) came over the chip in too, and three pallets later.... Now we're at slow progress time. I bought all the construction materials on a Menards 11% rebate, so once I got the rebate check I started to finish the interior. Got the vapor barrier up, and ceiling rocked with 12 foot 5/8" type x. 105 lbs each. Ugh. Thank God for drywall lifts, right!? More rebate checks allowed for the insulation and rock for the walls. Then we came to a complete standstill..... got enough stuff moved out of the house garage to get both the car and truck in for the winter, but with no heat and no ceiling insulation the shop was just a big storage box for winter. Spring this year rolled around and prioritizing shop work made it to the list. I realized it's going to be much easier to get the interior done before I move in. So... started back at it. I got the floors masked off and got tape and mud done... then the girls helped me paint. Did the floor with Rock Solid polycuramine kits from Menards... grey with flakes and a textured topcoat to make it less slippery if wet. This is a long and multi-stage process. First it required renting a diamond grinder and grinding off the curing sealer. Then powerwashing three times to remove all dust and debris. The base coat went on, cured for a few days, and topcoated three days later. Then I let that cure for a week before moving in. It's supposed to be cured in 24 hours, but why rush it if not necessary? Finally ready to move in. Got some used kitchen cabinet take outs and installed them for the workshop area. Really looking forward to getting stuff organized and cleaned up now. It's totally a dream come true. Still have to buy and install the boiler and get the ceiling insulated... but those are things that can be worked around. Up until this point it's been much easier to have minimal stuff in the way. If you made it all the way to the bottom, thanks for taking the time to read it. Get more done, have more fun!!
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    So after a long weekend sat down and pop up Craigslist and low and behold was listed “Pond” walk behind tractor... all original 1953 purchased from the second owner who has been using it for the last 20 years to turn his small garden until this year he found the flywheel was cracked. He had ALL the original paperwork from the original owner who was his neighbor. It came with front snowblade and rear one bottom plow. These machines are still out there gang!! I love the fact it is all original and untouched.
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    Last Saturday I bought out a guy with all D series tractors. He had two D-250 (1 w/ loader), one D-200 (bad motor) w/ 3-point and PTO, two D-160 parts tractors, one D-180, and another D-200 that had every attachment. Those attachments ranged from loader, backhoe, snow blower, snow plow, generator, mower deck, rear finish mower, and 3-point hitch frame with ball for moving a trailer. Took 4 trailer loads to get all them home. There was also a trailer load of just parts. Unfortunately the backhoe is in sad shape but still a great find
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    The battery on my C-81 was past its sell by date. Wouldn't hold its charge for long. So today I went and bought a new one. Back home and fitted it on. Now the C-81, if left idle for a while, takes a bit of winding up before it will fire up. 15 - 20 seconds or there abouts. New battery spun the engine over like a good 'un. Wouldn't fire though. I have a little gadget you fit to the plug and the lead to it and you can see the spark through it's plastic body. Turn the key and a good spark showed. OK! I'll take the air filter off and squirt petrol in the carb. The engine fired and then stopped. Try again and the same. Decided to take the float bowl off and see if any dirt in there. Nope! Clean as a whistle. Put the bowl back on only it didn't want too. The seal kept dropping out. Off with the carb and bowl back on it. Then carb back on the engine. The short fuel line from pump to carb looked a bit iffy, so I fitted a new one. Before I fitted it to the carb, I spun the engine to see if fuel was getting through the pump. Nothing! Not a drop. Then the penny dropped. Try TURNING THE FUEL ON you Wazack.
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    As some of you may know I quit my oilfield driving job a few months ago, money was great but the time away from home was not. Ended up taking a job at our local tire shop as a shop hand, as well as lead wrecker driver, which is great as towing has been my passion ever since I watched my dad's best friend turn over a rolled cattle truck 2 miles from our house when I was about 10. Anyway yesterday morning started like any other day, clock in, pour some coffee and sit down to do paperwork on the two Highway Patrol impounds from the night before, when the phone rings. Simple call, just a Hummer H3 with the transmission out about 20 miles away. So I fire up the old rollback and head out. Get there and start winching it on the truck when out of nowhere comes a state Dept dump truck. When I can feel the wind off a passing vehicle while standing at my controls, they're entirely too close and driving way too fast. I'm not sure what he was doing, but here in Oklahoma it's so flat you can see for miles so the excuse of not not being seen quick enough doesn't really work here. Guys what I'm trying to say is when you see any of my brothers and sisters in the towing industry recovering a vehicle on the side of the highway, please move over and slow down, not only is it the law, but it keeps us going home safely every night. We are out here to make our living and support our families while doing a job that we love, but our main goal is to get the job done safely and return home to our loved ones at night
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    Thought I would share the latest work on the 551 Rat Horse. I picked this up from @dells68 at the PA show in June. It is a Rat Rod based on a 1961 model 551. It is powered with a 6.5 hp Predator engine. When I picked it up it was in a clear coat over rust. Pulled it apart and sandblasted it and repainted in flat black with blasted cast iron sheet metal. Repaired the head stand and restored it to it's original upright orientation which allowed the hood and fuel tank to mount in their original positions. Shortened the steering shaft to mount a three spoke deep dish lawn ranger steering wheel (hub bored to 3/4" dia), and shortened the shift lever. Fabricated a heat shield to cover the top of the engine and direct the hot air from the blower housing away from your right leg, and installed the Predator performance intake and carb jet. This past weekend it was pin striped by Rudy (out of Sandusky) at the New London Ohio FARM show. Am contemplating installing a flipped front axle to drop the front, and may drop the trans mount to lower the whole tractor, and replacing the black wheelie bar rollers with a new pair of red hub WH deck wheels. This fall will get a custom fabricated polished stainless steel exhaust pipe and muffler and a set of retro headlights. Looks a lot different from when it came home in June!
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    Well, this poor Ole thing showed up at our club's annual show and was screaming for someone to rescue it. Upon closer inspection it has really nice tires and a rust free deck on it. I've been wanting a good 42" deck for my 312 and it couldn't have worked out better. Poor tractor has bird turd welds on the dash and hood, a replacement Briggs motor, terrible seat, etc... Emory wants the tractor after I steal the wheels, tires, and deck. I've got more wheels and tires I'll give him. I probably over paid at $175, but even the 8 speed tranny will pull great in all gears without popping out. Another one rescued.
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    Came home after a week hiatus at my cabin up north WI and found this on my porch. Return address says it came from @19richie66 but I suspect Hank @JPWH had a hand in this. Note the ship to address... WHX? Tractor Farm?!?! Since I don't know who it came from I will thank both you turkeys! BTW I saw what the postage cost and payback's are a ! Not only that one just like it was GIVEN to me at the BS from @Racinbob ....sure does fit nice on a finely patinaed 604 Bob! Although not correct who cares...promise to give it a good home on a 1077!
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    A few pics of our new crane truck. Pretty impressed so far...
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    @PeacemakerJack, @AMC RULES, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @Achto, @WHX20, Ok so a few months back I posted somewhere a picture of a WH near my parents' place anyways I had left my phone # with the owner and he contacted me last week come get it ALL, so I did just to have a mower at my parents house till I figure out the Cub Cadets, so here it is 315-8 with 48" deck, clevis hitch/lift with get this an actual South Bend Wheel Horse Brinly-Hardy "TOOL BAR" with 10" Moldboard plow, 42" Disc and 36" Cultivator (never knew these existed till today are they rare? valuable?), 42" snow plow and frame (missing angle from seat hardware) another 48" moldboard (bent badly), a Craftsman 42" rear scraper blade, a box full miscellaneous deck parts, and the kicker a Massey Ferguson single stage snow thrower converted to mount and operate on this , last little tid bit a super comfy Kubota lounge chair seat, more pics as I get situated, Jeff. VIDEO0114.mp4
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    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people go to . I managed to find this Very rare to UK RJ58 , (like I need another tractor ) . But hey this one was too good to pass up . It was located in Dunfermline Scotland which is slightly east of Edinburgh and I live 470 miles away in the south west of England . I struck a deal with the chap , made him a good offer he couldn’t refuse , so he made a good few bucks . Now I have the problem of getting it 470 miles away , Och , I’ll deliver it says 🤩 ,so naturally I excepted his offer , I payed the fuel costs happily . Two Scottish chaps set out at 10 pm on Saturday evening and arrived at my house 10 am the following morning , made them a cup of tea/ coffee and showed them around some of my stuff and then we unloaded the the RJ58. Heres what they brought me from Scotland
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    My wife wants to have chickens. We can't have them where we live. As a joke a while back I bought a couple of metal chicken lawn decorations and planted them in a flower bed and waited for my wife to see them. Took a while but she got a good laugh out of it and named them after a couple of neighbor's that moved away that we miss. I found another one and didn't tell her again and she finally found it and joked they were multiplying. I named it Ralph after my retired next door neighbor engineer. Picked up a big ceramic Rooster on my way home the show. She named him Homer as he's what you see when you get home. It's our 30th Anniversary this weekend so I got her a coop and we made a little display in hope that someone sees it and turns us in for having chickens. @stevasaurus thought of The Dead Chicken Society but since these were never alive in the first place I un gruesomed it a bit. Hope to get some good laughs out of it. We'll do more landscaping after it cools off!
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    So this all started back at the end of april. I was sitting at good friends shop and he was looking to buy a old Chevy truck out in Nebraska. He asked if I would be willing to road trip with him and pick it up. I said yes of course. I then started asking are we driving out with a empty trailer. He said yes and I said how about we fill it up and make a stop along the way. He was alright with that, so I instantly started talking to another fellow member here and asked if he would be interested in purchasing some wheel horses out my way and I would pick them up for him. Then we could load them up and stop in Nebraska and drop them off to him. Then we could go load my other friends truck up and head home. We had previously spoke on how he would love the opportunity to scoop a few horses up and trailer them to his home in Nebraska. So after some talks and getting things in order are plans were made. So I started in the beginning of July picking horses up and storing them. Well last Friday I picked the last one up and now there loaded up for the trip this Wednesday. We will be delivering a GT14, 953, 1054, 59 RJ and a D250 with FEL and a bunch of implements.
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    Some of these are wheel horse tractors but I decided to put it in non Wheelhorse discussion just because it's mostly about other stuff. @jabelman... Scroll down.... Pitcairn. This particular Tractor sits in one of the many buildings on site and it proves that the Owls Head transportation museum knows exactly what tractor should be working for them. This is one of a couple owned by the museum and it is claimed to be a 1936 or 37 Toro. I believe this to be a 1974 c - 160. It is a former puller tractor that was retired and now this guy just brings it to shows. It's orange so it's awesome. Me returning from the Tractor Parade. And by special request... Pitcairn super mailwing.
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    I wouldn’t know where to start. An easier topic for me would be “what have you left stock and why” Overall I think the Eaton 1100 transmission swap in the gt14 would be my favorite. Mainly because I pulled it off and it kinda looks factory. Second would be the aluminum fuel tank just because my son welded it up for me. Makes it special to me. I don’t think I could ever sell this tractor.
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    Probably never get an opportunity to get this shot again. What s beautiful day.
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    Show off your ground engaging attachments!
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    Getting the 1st two of eight total ready to go to the show in New London, Oh. This weekend. the 857 and the 1054 still need some minor cleaning but they’re ready to load. Show is 7-27-18 to 7-29-18. Hope to see you there!!
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    Kinda. I was offered a 953 a couple months ago from another member on here. Just when I had given up after losing one on ebay, a couple days later, I get a message titled “953”. I opened it and was surprised by the offer. A little more than I was hoping to spend but it was just what I was looking for. I just finally got everything lined up and my brother in law picked it up for me. I still need to make the trip to the panhandle to get it. Can’t wait. Now to make some room in the shed to park it out of the weather. Cannot wait to get a garage. These are pictures that he sent me. More to come after I get it home in a couple weeks.
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    figured I would post some other color, took the david bradley suburban out for a spin around the property today. it's a neat tractor one of my favorites for looks but it's constant adjustment to keep it in line. enjoy
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    The Wheel Horse bug definitely bites hard! Lately Ive been encountering deals that are just too good to pass by. Even if it means having more "scrap" laying around than usable tractors. It does make for some fun projects though! Here are some pictures of some of my recent pickups. Ill post more as I get it sorted through.
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    I am a craftsman furniture builder and build fine heirloom pieces. I have to share my space with my tractors and my wood!
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    Adding workshop to back of garage. Moving dirt from digging footers for stem walls. Also putting carport(corral) for horse parking. Retiring from Fire dept. in about 6 months and need some space to "create". Working around daily thunderstorms and It's only 1000 degrees with 400% humidity here so going slow!
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    Attended the Yesteryear Power Club show this past Saturday in Clay City. Was my second year attending the show. It is not a large event but fun. This also is the third time taking Horses to a show for me. Was able to get Best Lawn Tractor award with my 701 that has sickle bar, HL-5 lights, tombstone weight, and trailer hooked up . First time winning an award with my tractors. Was very surprised as there were over 35 garden tractors. Many of the garden tractors there were restored and very nice looking. My ole 701 is all original except the hood which someone painted before me. Wheel Horse had the biggest turn out having over half the quantity of garden tractors that attended. This was also the second year straight that a Putnam County Antique Tractor Club member has won the award
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    Thanks to DJ Harrison, here is my new toy. D-200 with rear PTO, big plow and 5' finish mower. Got home too late to unload so I just parked trailer and all in the garage till I get a chance to unload and play.
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    Even though... it's only 1/64 scale. It still counts.
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    Pictures from the Dodge County Antique Power Club 50th anniversary show. I'll start with the features for this year, Minneapolis Moline & Cushman A line up of MM steamers. A gentle man doing a painting of the MM steamers in front of the clubs new barn. Oil powered MM. Turning some soil with a MM Steamer. An answer for more power & traction. Some Cushmans. Following my friend while tuning soil with the GT's. It was roughly 1/4 mile from one end of the field to the other. Proving again that my Raider is not just another pretty face, it will also earn it's keep. Last year @squonk asked about the annual Economy & Red E reunion that takes place at this show every year. I remembered to get some pic's this year. A pic of part of their corral. A rare Power Queen. A custom Economy race car. My best guess here is that someone fill these tires with concrete then ran them until the tires rotted off. Then they added a metal belt with scraps fastened to it for traction. Next up uncommon & customs. A no wheel Fly Mo, hover mower. Newer but not common in our area Yamaha lawn tractor. Jacques Frazer A sweet looking home built. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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    My dad on the left and his friend on the right with their Wheelhorse tractors, picture taken in July 1977. They had others but never made it on film, I guess those were the ones they were the most proud of.
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    Finally got her back together. Fresh rebuilt K-341, a few goodies from the big show, complete rewire, added an hour meter to track the 'new' motor. Maiden voyage was a complete success. A couple minor tweaks on the carb adjustment and everything is working great. I'd say she's good for another 42 years of work.
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    Pretty good shape with 521 on the clock. Also came with a nice later model 48” deck. The only real issue is where the seat mount bolts under the shift lever plate. Easy fix with some 11/2” angle. Decent deal for $550 in my part of the world.
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    I have been a little static on the forum lately because we have been getting ready to relocate. I retired from my job on June 30th, put the house on the market July 1st and it sold July 2nd. Specifically, we are going from 2,500 square feet to an RV for a while. So the tractors are packed away in storage for now, because I couldn't part with them. We'll see where we end up. We settle on our house in southcentral PA on 8/22. Jump in the RV and head to northern PA for a few weeks to see family, then work our way south stopping at the following for a couple weeks at a time: Ashland, VA Shawboro, NC Myrtle Beach, SC St. Mary's, GA Zephyrhills, FL (November-April) Tractor packed and headed to storage Everything else we are keeping has to fit in this trailer. Bought the trailer and will get our stuff to where end up and then maybe sell the trailer (at least that's what a told my wife Then we live in this for a while . . .
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    Here are a few things I have done to the shed I bought last year. Its by no means finished or super organized but its a start.
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    Love my big D's. Oh yes they are 200's
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    Made a fuel tank for on of my D200, 1/8 in. plate. And no leaks. 3hours and some plate that was laying around. It hold about 8 gallons of fuel. It bolts to the sides of the fenders and don't sit on the bottom of the tank.
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    Bit of a misleading title for this modification, but it’s a continuation of the ‘Beefing up’ series. The standard hitch although low is pretty much good enough for most towing jobs that a garden tractor is expected to carry out. I have also seen on RS heavy duty 2” receiver hitches that are ‘bolt up’ and raise the towing height allowing car/ boat trailers to be moved. If you have the need, this type of hitch is probably be best solution. The intention of this little build is to use the standard hitch with heavier tongue weights whilst not having to worry about possible damage to the transaxle (where the hitch could crack or break up through from the bottom). The chosen tractor would also need to be fitted with the tiller/ blade rear bracket. Materials 310mm length of solid bar 19mm diameter (washers welded at the ends) 100 x 50 x 5mm flat bar. When mounted the extention on the hitch comes up against the bar and this takes all the pressure off the transaxle, there is approximately 5mm clearance between bar and axle case. Pictures express better than words. Painted off white because I seem to have quite a bit of that left over !!
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    Picked this 40 mid mount up today! Found it listed on Craigslist pretty close by and it was listed for 1/3 of the normal asking price. So i jumped on it.
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    Yep, the house is under construction... but gardening must go on! The first round of pickin’ was eaten by the girls, or given away. Last night we all worked on slicing, stuffing, brining, and waiting for the best magic including cucumbers and vinegar in the world (those two ingredients in raw form disgust me). Ended up with 19 1/2 quarts last night and we haven’t even started the spicy pickles yet.
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    I've told my wife; I quit drinking, I quit smoking, I quit cursing, YOU CAN ONLY ASK SO MUCH OF ANYONE!!!!!!
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    Took a 2 hr. cruise for our 30 th anniversary on the Erie Canal with the Lyons N.Y. Rotary. Beautiful night and saw a whole bunch of herons,ducks and other wild life! Look close in the 2nd pic and you'll see a heron sitting on a log.
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    Thought i'd share these with you folks . Not something you see every day . The Canadian Flagged Manitoulin left one of Buffalo's grain elevators today . It's the same elevator our mill gets all their grain to make flour from . To put this in perspective : This ship visits 2 times a year . We have 3 grain men running 40 foot bottom-drop grain trailers 6 days a week . They dump 12 / 20 loads each ..PER DAY ! Das - a - lotta grain !
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    My 314-8 with tiller used in my garden and my 701 with nine tine cultivator used to keep the weeds down. 050.MOV
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    I’m not particularly a hoarder but with these little tractors I feel compelled to save everything I can for them and about them! This stuff is fun for me and I’m glad I’ve joined a forum with people who are just as crazy as me! Lol
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    The last one I bought, my wife is calling the divorce tractor, cause one more and she out. Now I just gotta decide how bad I want the next one!!
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