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    My son got bit by the Horse bug, and I think he likes it!
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    When I saw this tractor on a farm sale bill, I had to take a look. I have always liked the 417A, and this one is clean and has been well taken care of. I talked with the PO at the sale. He purchased it new on August 6th, 1986 and paid $3539.58 . He gave me all the manuals, tractor, mower, motor, parts breakdown, and other sales literature. It starts right up, no smoke, and runs like it looks. The tractor was this clean when I bought it, all I have done is load and bring home.
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    I came home with a pair of 420-LSE tractors today. I can't even believe I'm typing the words. Serial numbers 7 and 70 both have around 800 hours on them and aren't in the best shape but for tractors from 1986 that have been used they don't look bad at all.
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    So I get am PM from Craig with a CL ad for a 12' sign broken into 6 pieces. It was in New Hampshire and priced very reasonable IMO. After contacting the seller I paid for it and it took 3 of my co workers to pick it up and get it to me (nice to have good people to help). I had it for about a month and just got around to framing it up and hanging it. Craig has been keeping his eye out for a nice big old sign for me to hang on that wall and I think he nailed this one. Thanks Craig!
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    I have been looking for a small vintage drill press for a while now. I found this sweet one at the local flea market this morning. It was restored and works really nice.
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    So it's about 7 PM Sunday and I get a text from Tom @Shynon about a real local tractor that appears to be a good deal. I quick call the seller within minutes and he says sorry a guy's on his way to get it. Already sold ...dang it story of my CL scores. So I have my main man @Rp.wh call the guy to see if the seller on the up & up and even offer a little more than asking. I know I know kind of dirty trick but the answer the seller gives can give you an idea about the seller's sincerity. So the seller says sorry I already promised it to another guy and I'm a man of my word. Good Man, By the way this was on CL for just 7 hrs and sold. So In my remorse and to console myself I commenced to playin pawn stars with Tom for a mid mount blade he has, pawn stars got nothing on Tom when it comes to dickering by the way... I would have end up payin more than he was askin! Make a long story short here turn's out Tom knows the buyer (I should have too since he's local) and was just lookin to flip the tractor. So Tom forwards my number to the buyer who calls me almost immediately with his flip price and I says deal. Flipper, who shall remain anonymous at this point, because of the GT-14 with a FEL he has a line on , says "What's your address I'll be there in a half hour." At this point I'm crappin twinkies and gotta pinch myself.....cannot believe how fast this all happened all within a half hour, 45 tops. So I says to Tom you know this negates the sale of that blade, you'll see why in the pics, & he says oh well! So this guy pulls into my drive about 9 pm with this trailer load of red and a cool little Ford I wouldn't have mined havin! Turns out the seller is a real nice guy, and his side kick was a retired Navy man so we could shot the bull for hours! Flpper has a WW II museum in Portage, WI and flips tractors of any brand, but is partial to Case's, to fund his other hobby. Made some friends, gave him a hot tip on a nice vintage Cub and he left around 1030. So here you go enjoy Seller askin 600, I paid 650 plus an extra Jackson for the guy's veteran efforts. I have no idea how this flipper makes anything doing this with the load he was hauling and the distance he covered hence the extra Jackson. This thing is in real fine shape...ALL orginal AND best yet unmolested! Purrs like a kitten and started right up even wet and cold! How often does a guy deliver!?!? Easiest score of mine to date that's for sure! Oh yes and came with a real nice gear drive deck that is in really nice shape! TIres are all OEM with the mold and no checking at all can you believe it! Thus grows my herd of '67s all I need now is a 1077, a 1277 and a ! There is just something about looking down that long hood but this is my first short frame square hood and now I get it about all the hoopla over these short frames!
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    This is a fairly tiny project but I'm all jazzed up about it so I wanted to share it with those that'll appreciate it. I've been saving the original shower head muffler for the k90 on my RJ for 2 years now - since I did a full restoration. The front was just rusted to hell and the baffeling was long gone, but the back piece was in good condition. I've been saving it with the idea that one day I may be able to somehow get it back on the RJ. And that day is.... well not today, but tomorrow. Technically today, but chronologically it occured over a 2 day period. Here is the original I pulled off 2 years ago.. Here is the new one for reference.. As I got to looking at both the new and original mufflers it appeared that the diameter of where the face joins to the 'body' was relatively the same on both... a quick measurement confirmed my suspicions! And the holes on the face share a similar pattern.. not exact but not the perfect circle kind... I diced up the new muffler with the grinder and cleared the remaining material from the joint. I pulled the original apart.. Cut the baffle from the new one down to fit the one I'm making.. this is all my parts ready to be assembled This is just after assembling and hammering the lip of the new face back down. I made sure to hammer it down as flat as possible to reduce material loss from filing down and cleaning up the hammer marks... for the sake of integrity. This is after cleaning up the hammer marks.. Came out pretty slick.. I'm happy. Since I don't stock any silver/galvanizing magic muffler paint I went for flame proof matte black - the same as I had on the previous muffler and on the exhaust piping. This the finished product... before temp curing. And after curing and mounting! Don't mind the lack of steering wheel and rod. Now I'm trying to figure out whether or not it looks goofy with the 12 inch pipe instead of the stock 14.5..?? It looks like it needs to move forward a couple inches.. I like it away from the hood so that soot won't accumulate on my paint, but it just looks a little off.. anyway, hope you guys liked this quick little project!
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    My wife wanted to do my sons 4 month pictures, we came up with this idea, and let the rj35 get out in the sun and breath a little.
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    I finally got around to mounting 1 set of new tires front and rear on my "Good Friday" 520H after 22 years the original Dico brand were weather/dry cracked through the sidewalls only tubes were holding the air inside, @HorseFixer, Duke the 23x10.50-12 Nanco brand Ags mounted out to 9.5" not 10.50" but still more than 8" wide ,I don't think you would've been happy with that for your set up, but I'm OK with them being a bit narrow, means a bit more traction and bit less flotation for my intended purposes mowing,gardening, and snow pushing. The fronts are Trac Gard 16x7.50-8 turfs they were an PITA to seat the beads but got it done, had tire shop do the rears, also did inside MF approximately 45# and outside weights CC 30# on them and put my one off powder coated wheel covers on (they hide the "blue" weights that were originally MF red) all this today since I'm on 4-10 hour days now Friday is going to be project day, anyways here the goods, Jeff.
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    Just picked up this 417-8. Plan on tearing it down, cleaning it up, and painting it.
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    I got a phone call out of the blue this morning from an elderly gentleman who asked if I was the guy who collected Wheel Horse tractors. I replied that I was, and he asked if I would be interested in looking at some things he was going to be selling.I replied that I would, and within an hour I was in his barn and out in the rain looking. I am going to try to identify what he has and add a bunch of not-so-good pictures. First item is what I think is a Suburban 400. He said the engine blew a rod and came through the crankcase, so engine was replaced. Love those sexy foot rests though. In the next barn was the front axle, hood, gas tank, and steering of what appears to be an RJ 58 or 59 Next item in the rain was a snow thrower Next barn contained a gutted 1-3745 1969 Work Horse 700. No engine or steering wheel. The fenders on the seat are from the RJ I think. Last item is a Suburban 552? Anyway, I bought them all but haven't picked them up yet. So just to get you primed, they will all be for sale but I am not advertising them until I have them in my possession and know for sure what I have. Inquiries can be directed to me via PM. What doesn't get sold before the big show will be going to the WHCC show.
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    Well after starting the fever with a 314-8, then a 416-8 (which has been sold) and then a 2005 Classic with 87 hrs (sold also) then a 416-h worker that has exceeded all expectations over the last 2 years, I got my 520 today!!!! Hope I don't get the fever for an SLE...!
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    Finally had some time after work and was able to put a couple Deestone 4.00-8 Tri-rib tires on the 1054. I think they look pretty nice with the original Ag tires on the back.
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    This one came to me last year and after a couple carb cleanings, a carb rebuild, all new fuel lines and filters and three different fuel pumps it still ran crummy....so I parked it all winter in disgust. But when I saw Stevasaurus's video @stevasaurus of a couple of his short frames running it motivated me to try again. First thing I did was reset the points after giving them a light sanding.....AND THE DAMN THING RAN GREAT!!! I can't believe I didn't mess with the points last year 🙄 ! This new development re-newed my interest and this weekend I gave the rims some attention. I love the patina so I won't be messing with the sheet metal. Pics of course.....first pic is when it came home. Mike.....
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    I reminded myself of an important life lesson recently -- If you're off sick from work, and bored, don't go cruising Craigslist for things you've been wanting if you don't want to spend any money! You see, I've been wanting to get a Wheel Horse for a long while now. I've had a couple of older lawn tractors to keep the grass under control, but nothing spectacular. Just older 1980's stuff that's inexpensive to pick up used, built better than box-store MTD stuff, and easy for me to repair and keep running. For the past couple of years, the wife has commented when we go past the lawn tractors at the big stores that wouldn't I want to buy something nice and new one of these days? I've always said, "No, not really -- If I'm going to spend the kind of money those new ones go for, I can find a good used Wheel Horse for less, and it'll last longer." So I've kept my eye out. Seen a few go by on Craigslist and Ebay, but usually too far away to be practical, and/or just a little over-priced for my taste for what they're selling. This time was different -- I'm down with a nasty ear/sinus infection, not much to do but have my morning coffee and surf Craigslist, and there it was, a 1996 520H. Just listed less than 24 hours before, and located hardly an hour's drive away. And it had attachments -- 46" mower deck, dozer blade, and a 44" two-stage snowthrower plus weights and chains, and a winter cab -- all included! Didn't take long to discuss it with the Boss -- here was a whole package for less money than a glorified lawnmower at the stores, so I was off that afternoon with cash in hand. It all checked out good, and the deal was done! Had to wait a few days to pick it up -- between the last %^#@ snowstorm that was coming over the weekend and finding a day that the local U-Haul had their biggest open trailer available, I had to wait until Monday to get it. Would have loved to have had that big snowthrower over the weekend -- we had a foot of heavy, wet snow come down. Got it home and squeezed it into the garage before this week's nearly constant rain started up. More pictures later now that the weather is clearing for the weekend!
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    this is my 416-8 she is 31 years young and still has it,,,i got this tractor new on april 16th 1986 and the tiller and yard cart,,,changed 1 belt in all that time it is a good one,,keep her parked next to the D180 that i came by a few years back
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    Went to an old guys house to buy a colt 2310 today and made friends... he took me to another tractor friend that had wheel horses... says he won't part with them right now but I'm first in line and thought you guys would like to see them! Also a few other tractors.. A couple other cool things he had. And I'm joining the tractor club with these ole fellers
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    Stopped at a local junk yard today and didnt find what I was looking for. But I found better stuff and ended by picking up a set of weights, rims, hub covers and snowblower flag for $40 and on the way home seen this 702 on the side of a lawn so I inquired and picked her up for $60. So a great day of unexpected finds! The weights someone modified a solid steel piece to fit in the middle and are bolted on and it looks pretty well done.
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    Sorry, I don't have any digital pics of the day we brought it home, but after two years of locating and acquiring parts. Then every weekend for six months on the restore. Here is a pic of the finished tractor.
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    Got the decks on the 520's today. Sharpened blades, greased and ready to mow. 2 48"s and one 42" mulcher. The 520's seemed happy to get some fresh air.
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    I was out for the afternoon with my wife on Saturday, out for a little shopping and dinner. When on the drive home my phone rang, unfamiliar number probably a solicitor, so i didnt answer. A few minutes later my phone beeps for a message thats strange. So i listened to the measage i was right it was a solicitor, he wanted to sell me a . He said it was a 8hp with a 36in RD deck and it runs the only reason he parked it was because the deck gears were skipping. I told him to send me a pic or two and how much he was asking for it. Best part about this nice little commando 8 is he only wanted $100 for it! Im going to fix the deck and put her back to service mowing my yard.
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    Having two Daughters it looks like girls keep flowing in our family. This is our oldest Grand Daughter HENNY She loves the Horses even if they don't have an engine on them, She even had her picture IN LAGC Mag She will have the pick of the Stable when I am gone. Many years have past, we have definitely had some good times. I guess these Horses have a good way of helping doing that.
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    To bring in the EASTER WEEKEND and keeping this post NON POLITICAL, lets POST some BEAUTIFUL WHEEL HORSE TRACTORS!
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    I really needs to get me another headlight matey's, yar I do. Aarrrrr
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    I was lucky enough to get a C160 back that I owned years ago, and a Case 448. I will keep the C-160 and use the Case for trading material..
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    The finches are back. They hatched two eggs in the door wreath last year and have five eggs in the nest this morning. Looks like the Easter Egg wreath will have to stay put till they hatch.
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    I ordered a gas gap lens, pennants and spindle covers from Mr. Pettit. Can't say enough about the quality of what I received. We sure needed Mr. Pettit back in the "old days" for his decals, dash plates, etc. Glad he has made restorations easier with his products! Thank you Mr. Pettit!!!!
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    Both the 857 and now the 876 K181S engines have been rebuilt. So I did a video with both of them running. The automatic keeps wanting to run away on me. I need to fix it so the forward/reverse lever will stay where I put it. That's next. Also, I should be getting the new stickers for the 876 from Terry next week.
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    Happy Easter! I love seeing all the pics.
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    Finally got the 520-8 home today. Got some work to do to it. The norm - someone has messed with the wiring. Ran a wire off the switch straight to the starter solenoid. None of the gauges work with the exception of the voltage. Deck will need some patching. But the spindles are nice and quiet. Now the hard part of making room in the garage.
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    This one may follow me home.
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    As posted earlier in the mirror thread....I Got lucky and found this sitting on CL looking for a new home. My theory is that it was still available due to no model listed in the title or the text of the add. Only the year. Gentleman was first rate fella. His daughter/family inherited it from the father in law who did a restore on it and it sat in his small engine and equipment shop for years. Not sure if it was trade in or originally his but I have the floor tag that was on it when it first sold. And he said since I dealt with him fair and honest he had some other stuff he would just give me. I was was surprised at the windfall of stickers, manuals and advertising material. All original WH stuff. Tractor runs good. Starts right up and no smoke. Lots of scratches and dings in the paint. So eventually I'll re-do the restore. I have quickly grown attached to these little round hoods. It would have been better financially if I had never rode one. Water over the bridge now😐 The fella even even had the muffler shield!
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    I have found 3 uses for the 312H and it's plow frame. WINTER Standard 48" snow blade SPRING Tiller Time SUMMER Trailer mover About 5 minutes to make the blade to ball hitch change. Both use the standard two pins from the blade. The tiller takes about 15 minutes. It uses the front blade pin and two bolts connecting the braces to the frame. Of course the PTO hoop must be opened to install the belt. Due to the arthritis in my neck, I only have about + - 10 degrees movement, so I am not able to look back. This is probably a good thing, and it may be the reason I like all my implements in front. It is much easier to wiggle a trailer into a tight space with the hitch on the front. And there is no danger of doing a back flip that can happen when pulling a heavy trailer with a rear hitch... ..don't ask.
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    I've been saying I'll post pictures of the Horses new stable but geez, this getting settled in is a lot of work. We still have a ton to do. Besides the unpacking I've been installing a water heater, a water softener, fixing a host of things and........ Anyways, this morning I replaced one of the garage door openers and when I was done it was time for some fun. A beautiful day and some grass screaming "cut me!!". Although I don't have any tractors pictured you can get a peek at their new home. Two 26'x32' garages gives me more room than I've had in 17 years. The one down the hill will be the main stable except for the snow movers going to the one by the house in the winter. I have to say that it sure is good to be back in Indiana with a bit of elbow room. I will get pictures of my babies grazing and even of that crapsman that was left here. I haven't had a chance to even touch it but it does have a 18hp Kohler Magnum on it and the neighbor said the previous owner had it out with the lawn vac last fall.
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    Clean One owner 314-8, 584 hrs 42 inch deck excellent condition, snow plow harley used, extra rear wheels with ag tractor tires like new. Paid $900 for everything. Put a new battery in it and mowed my lawn today. Really like everything about it. Now to do oil change, rear diff, ect... any recommendations or suggestions anyone. I'm happy with the price I paid.
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    I put three 12s to work today. First mowing I like to cut it short and suck up all the leftover debris from the dethatching. The C-120 and the Raider 12 shared the mowing and sweeping duties. The 312 tilled in the fertilizer in the garden.
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    Well I was sitting in garage today waiting to go to work and I had the set of 8 inch hub caps from the 520 sitting on the shelf for display until I found a tractor to put them on... then it clicked! And ranger got some much needed chrome! Now I just need the tiny front hub caps.
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    Well as some of you know this is my last true build form the frame up. I hope you enjoy the video.
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    Now that I'm able to post more pics, here are some from the sickle I did last month.
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    The war department said the b 80 was the last but I just couldn't let this one go. It has definitely put me in the dog house. The lady I got it from, got it from the original owner about a year ago. She said it was too big for her now and was looking for a smaller one. So I traded a little Craftsman rear engine rider for it. Who the hell would pass that up.
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    Made my rounds yesterday spraying the yards of family members. It is always enjoyable getting a thumbs up or a wave and a smile by those passing by. Jobs are always more fun on some of the old faithful machines!
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    Long overdue update: Hard to believe it's been nearly a year... Mark is out and doing better. Not able to live on his own as in many ways he's much like an average 12 year old. He'll be 30 in June. Girlfriend from before the incident has stuck with him and is caring for him. Things could be a lot better, BUT, they could also be much worse. Through the grace of God he is alive and able to visit, and enjoy a meal, and have a relatively decent conversation. Couldn't really ask for more than that. Been a while and man we've had a ton on our plate but things are looking up. Wanted to thank you all for all you support, Prayers, PM's, sharing of your own injuries and TBI experiences, it's all been good stuff and my Bride and I are truly grateful. Grace and peace!
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    It's official...Winter is over in SC Pa. You can quote me on that Jim @WHX9. So, today I cleaned up the winter remains left by PennDOT. Then took the blade off the 312 and put on the Mad Max the tiller. Then loaded the 520 snow chucker and took him to the winter storage barn. While there, I loaded two mowers, the C-120 and the Raider 12, and brought them home for summer duty.
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