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    More (time) in the shop!
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    The boy just won his 4th state championship title last Sunday. He just turned 10 and is really a good kid. He and I are done for the season and going to get back to our tractor hobby together.
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    My first Automatic in the stable, '76 C-120. Found her on a local CL ad, owner wanted to pretty it up someday but had inherited a JD & didn't have room for it. He said it ran great, needed new battery. Hooked a jumper box to it & she fired right up, no smoke, no ticks, no knocks. Tranny is strong & tight, 48 inch deck in great shape & 42 inch plow that looks like it was used once! $350.00 later she was on the trailer headed home. Here she is home next to the C-81 I got two weeks ago...
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    Picked up # 99 420-lse brand new never started . Also the other one I have is 50 has 145 hours . Nos one is on left hand side .
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    Was at my desk working on some work stuff when my youngest wandered in. Snapped some cool photos. Apparently she loves red. She's a real garage rat. She loves to hang out in my carpentry shop. Thia is the first time she was in my " hobby" shop, she was into everything. Needless to say I got a lot of cleaning to do putting everything back in order
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    It looks like this Two Owner 1994 520H with 729 hrs will be coming home to THE Duke"O" minium. This will end up being my Loader Tractor when a ARK 500 will be fitted to her. What I need a loader for with a 100' X 150' City Lot is beyond me? Maybe unloading the groceries or salt for the softener!
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    I just wanted to let everyone know that the forum is lucky to have members like Racinbob . Bob was kind enough to send me a set screw I needed for my Suburban transmission. Unfortunately the first one was torn out of the envelope, but he sent me second after he found out. I just got it today on my birthday no less! People like him is what is and will continue to make this a great forum. I hope to one day pay it forward to someone here when I can. Have a great day all.
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    On the second weekend in a row I went to Iowa to pick up some NOS implements. I woke up in the morning on Saturday and saw a post for NOS implements. My son had two varsity high school baseball games on Saturday so I was a little bummed I couldn't leave right away. I told myself I would call them on my way home from the games but figured they would be long gone....NOPE. I got home and left immediately for the 3.5 hour drive. Included are 2 NOS 37" side discharge decks, 1 NOS 48" dozer blade, 1 NOS cultivator set, and 1 NOS row planter. Never been assembled....this stuff is awesome!!!! I'll probably sell at least one of the decks, but will probably keep the other stuff unless I get an offer I couldn't refuse. The stuff is super dusty but wipes off easily.
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    Well it's been slow going getting anyone to start on the 520H or finishing the shop , but when ACcuz said he'd go half on a office/man cave I was all in . Been slowly collecting the materials for the shop (hey I'm cheap) . We got whole complete bundle of 12'x4'x5/8" drywall for $2 bucks a sheet (said they were damaged) every sheet useable. They also told us we could grab all the insulation that was laying around that they bring back from jobs . Cheap and free we loaded up . So when my son and cousin went to the local lumber yard to inquire about a window (got a brand new one $50) they asked about plywood prices . They told him prices are going up daily due to some change of fireproofing the wood and prices are going to go through the roof ! I don't know if there's any truth to this but I figured out what I needed plus extra and purchased 20 sheets . So here's where we're at , a 16'x10' room . We're going to make a sliding door and trim and paint it up like a barn . So hopefully soon we'll have the new headquarters for AC Stables . Got to say ACcuz being in the construction field has its perks , especially commercial tearouts . Free desk , fridge w/ice maker and a whole lot of cabinets . My other cousin just sold his body shop and had his computer just updated and cleaned and asked if we wanted it ... So I'll keep updating as we (should say they as I just watch) progress...
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    Looking at old photos and reminiscing I realized that it was 14 years ago that a Wheel horse first came into property and unknown to us then, it was about to change our lives for ever. In the photo of me looking back on the first ride down the driveway I probably was looking how life used to be up to that moment. Even the happy boy did not imagine that 14 years later, he would have 3 children, 3 tractors of his own and another 10 tractors here.
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    So a guy in my town leaves a note in my neighbor Tony's (Docwheelhorse) mailbox saying he has some tractors he would sell and gave a phone #. Tony calls and it sounds like there are 6 machine, so he asks me if I want in and I said sure! We get there and the guy gives us a tour of the Wheel Horses he has for sale and except for a couple 310-8s it's all for sale. We asked how much for it all and in the end we settled at a fair price and today we hauled it all home. What did we get? 1979 C121/8 speed with 42" deck, wheel weights and plow bracket 1968 or 69 Charger 12 Auto with 42" deck 1990 or newer 416/8 speed with a nasty 48" deck 1977ish D-160 with 48" deck and a huge snowplow (no engine) Mid 80's rear engine WH 108 with a deck. 1983ish C-125/8 speed Huge Bolens 32" walk behind snowblower 42" long frame snowplow. The C-121, 416/8, rear engine rider and the Bolens are all running machines! I'm keeping the C-121 and Tony is keeping the Charger 12....the rest will be going up for sale (can't keep em all!!) Mike.....
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    When I was a kid back in the mid/late 60's my brother and I mowed a few local cemeteries and Dad bought this 14" push mower that we used to trim around head stones. I ended up with it when Dad passed and used it to trim my yard once in a while until the engine gave up, it's been just sitting in the shed for the last few decades. Now that I'm retired I'm back to mowing one of those cemeterys so I decided to fix this old friend up and use it again, mowing the same grass I mowed with it almost 50 years ago. A new engine, a set of wheels and a little paint and it's good to go.
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    Traded a cub cadet for these two yesterday. The rj58 is all complete and runs. The guy said the seat cover was the original to. The rj35 has seen some neglect, but think the cast iron steering wheel is pretty neat.
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    Is interesting to see all the fancy rigs , 2 stage , Cabs lights etc 20 hp units.. Some of it looks to be overkill for the driveways involved. But these two simple old horses no cabs stock lights, a blade and short chute single stage blower did all this. Mind you the snow was much deeper on Wednesday (26 inches). I just took these. They cleared from the road all the way down to the barn with the snow on the roof and in front of the workshop. still had to work today as the snow slid of the workshop roof. Only real issues were the belt broke on the blower, I had to tight up the PTO clutch. and the hydro lift handle fell of the plow tractor (cotter pin failure)
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    JimD gave me a call this afternoon. It was excellent talking with him. He is still in a care facility doing rehab for his arm that was broke. He is thinking that he will be home sometime next week. That will make it about 6 weeks since, cents, sense he had the fall. It did not take long until he sounded tired on the phone...sounds like he has been through a real rough stretch. Let's keep him in our prayers. Hope he can come in and post here next week.
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    Got a little seat time in today. We got about 7". Just didn't last long enough.
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    This storm is really the first major use I have had in three years for my cab-covered C-175/Blower. (Not that I'm complaining)! First off, I was getting hot sitting in there for the 45 minutes to do my drive and a few of the neighbors driveway openings from the plow going by. It really is the Cat's A**! However........I'll need to get a small 12 volt fan to run against the front plexi-panel. I was fogging up a lot. Out on my township road, I wouldn't have seen a semi coming without wiping all the panels down every couple minutes. It was nice to not be covered in snow, have a wet butt and I didn't use hearing protection. (The cab cuts down on the sound quite a lot)! I should have had one on my plow and blowers back when I first started this WH madness. I could get used to staying dry!
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    The time and interest for these machines has dwindled away with family commitments and job requirements. Though there is little to no time left to head out in the barn, the tractors are still there and I still get much joy from picking up different machines. There is just really something special that continues to draw you back to them. Here are a few that I have picked up over the last year. Beautiful 701 Previously restored 603 Some nice patina on the RJ 58 A custom touch to a Lawn Ranger A fairly clean 855 Straight Raider 9 A pieced together 551 with some wrong parts And finally my most recent toy......I mean Swapmeet buggy! Though things have changed, I still enjoy these things. As much as I would like to move them on for someone else to enjoy, they just can't be replaced. Hoping that someday the time will be there to play with them a bit more. Until then, the search always continues for the next bargain!
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    Lots of fun in the mud yesterday.
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    I have finally finished the restoration on my 72 Raider. I want to thank FunEngineer, Vinyl Guy, A-Z Tractor, and most of all, Glen Pettit.
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    There were a couple things that needed attention on our 856, and before we knew it, it had gotten prettied up. Thanks to Glen Pettit and Vinylguy for their great products. Out of respect for the previous owner, hardware bits came from Grainger. The paint is Ace Hardware rattle can Regal Red and Ivory White for the wheels. Built for mow, not show, it’s enough to get the neighbors jealous. Ready for the grass to start growing. Before= www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/67501-hello-from-illinois/ Thanks, Chuck & Sally
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    Yesterday I posted a humorous article on the Square. It generated a lot of funny comments, but was taken down because one person posted an inappropriate response. Out Moderators do a great job of keeping this a family friendly site for all of us to enjoy. Please, if you have an ethnic, political or disturbing reply you are dying to share with the world find an appropriate web site and have at it! RedSquare is not the site for that type of trash.
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    A little history. About 23 years ago, my wife and I bought our first house. It has a large yard with lots of trees. Therefore, I set out to do what any red blooded American would do. Buy myself a lawn mower. Not just any lawn mower. The best lawn mower I could find within a reasonable cost. I'm not a typical "go to Sears and pick out a riding lawn mower" kind of guy. I shop around, check out all my options, and even look at the current offerings at the State Fair. You see, it was at that Fair that I found exactly what I was looking for; a Toro Wheel Horse 314-8. What a machine! But I wasn't worthy of it. I abused the tractor over the years, I left it outside in the rain and sun, I did things to that tractor that would make grown man cringe. Then.....about 3 years ago I sold it. My sincere apologies to anyone out there that might be in possession of my old machine I'm older and wiser now. I've come to grips with the fact that I have mechanical abuse issues. The first step to recovery is admission, surrender and acceptance. That's why I'm here today. We have a single car garage. My wife's Audi is typically parked in it. But not since I found this machine....!
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    ...I don't think she's right! Saw this on FB the other day and thought it was funny! Mike....
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    Hello well storm is gone and now it my turn to clean it up with my wheel horse. Also with a old man riding his horse.
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    Well the weather was perfect and the show was busy. I got to take some pictures but for the most part I spent the first part of the morning buying the gt14 and then the other half trying to figure out how I was going to load/unload it when I did het it. Walking along there were some neat things here and there. Just some of what we saw is here. Some red, some yellow and yes, some green. And then there is that gold,green and blue thing I bought. Had a good time. And my treasure
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    So I couldn't help but notice how the cable to rotate the chute drags like a boat anchor on the sea floor across this pin. I know the cable is supposed to be coated but I still can't imagine it being much better. the cable actually had a groove filed in the pin. Measuring the height for the mod. Off to the parts bin, found a pulley off an old garage door opener. Cut the pin and weld the head of the bolt on the end. Voila a pulley to run the cable over. It's hard to tell but the pulley is on a pretty hard angle to match the path of the cable. I cut the end of the pin on a slant then tacked one side and bent it into position. The rotate moves 4,000% easier now I can't believe it. It almost justifies this stupid rotate design. My rig. 180lbs on the wheels and about 130 in the rear box. Still could use more....also more ponies. Any idea how much weight is ok on the rear hitch? It scares me the tranny takes all the weight hanging off the back.
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    I've been wanting some rear wheel weights for some time. Bit hard to find this side of the pond and if you do find some, silly money usually asked. So with ploughing match coming up at the end of this month, I thought I'd better get something sorted. At a local Land Rover specialists I extracted two Freelander rear disc/drums from his scrap bin. Free! At an engineering shop that specialises in vintage machinery, I obtained a couple of pulleys. £5 each. Pulleys were as bolted to disc/drums. Pulleys drilled and taped to take studs to fasten weights to wheels. Before going any further a trial fit. The weight is not secured, hence the gap at the top. Leaning out a bit. Today I changed the bolts holding disc/drum to pulley. Fitting longer ones and refitting the opposite way round. The reason for the longer bolts is that I was going to fill the drums with lead. With the bolt threads protruding into the drum, the molten lead would flow round the thread and be held in place when cooled. Lead was then melted in to the drums. I only had enough to half fill each drum. But it gave me a total weight of approximately 32lb each weight. That should suffice, but if more needed more can be added. The exposed face of the lead looked rough, so to tidy things up, I cut two discs out of a couple of feed tub plastic lids, to make two covers. In each weight, two off the bolts sticking into the drum, protruded through the lead. With nuts, these are used to secure the covers. Painting is now in progress and I will post photo's when done.
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    I Just joined a RV forum because of our up coming travel plans after my wife retires. I have to say that between this site and that one You guys hands down are the best running forum on the web. It is so easy to use on this site compared to others I have joined. It is not because it is a new forum it is the way this site is laid out. Like when you comment on your post you can scroll up and put in members names in the post to include them in the discussion. Oher site`s you can not. So thanks and keep up the good work.
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    Just picked these two up this afternoon. A few fixed wires, carb cleaning, couple fresh batteries and they're up and running. 1973 8 4speed and 1975 b100 8speed....900 for the pair.
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    We got alot of snow 20 to 24 inches and i plowed for 8 to 10 hrs with my 1277. I used to b worried about the sundstant rearend but not any more. I never would of believed that my tractor could of pushed so much snow. It worked its but off n had no problems doing it. The only problem I had was a tire chain break on the cross links. I plan on becoming a supporter on here so i can post more pics n show everyone how much power n heart these machines have in them. I also made tire chains for the front tires id like to show everyone but i can never get pics on here it always says there to big. Thats why i want to become a supporter to post pics n I've been helped on here so much i love this forum n would be honored to support such an awesome thing thnx.
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    I made the 6 hour round trip to Somerset Co. Pa this weekend to pick up supplies in case Stella has me snowed in for a week. My favorite Nephew makes the best cabin fever medication available. One Strawberry and one Peach flavored 185 proof. It also happened to be my Mothers 91st birthday party. With her Great, and Great, Great Grand Daughters. This trip also takes me thru Adams Country apple country. Look familiar ?
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    This is a chipper I use to make leaf mulch. Got tired of picking up the mulch off the ground after running through the mighty mac so I added another attachment!
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    Finally it looked like Winter was going to arrive today! This - after the daffodils and cherry blossoms were already blooming. But, the line moved further North and the sleet and rain took over. We were in the 8-12" forecast range but was actually 4-5" of wet, wet snow and a lot of sleet. I have to admit for this snow storm I wish that I had a steel edge on the plow instead of the UHMW.edge. It had a tendency to "ride over" the ice underneath. I always wait until the county plow comes by before going out to do my neighbors and my driveways. It was nice to have the second cab on the plow tractor considering my other cab never got installed this Winter!. With the 25-30 mph wind blowing I hardly felt the weather while plowing for two hours.
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    My friend Roger Parmley in Greencastle has a lift piece that was made by Wheel Horse for tractors used in the Indianapolis 500 years ago. This lift will raise the front or back axles on Wheel Horse tractors and it is very neat. It came from a Wheel Horse dealer in Central Indiana! I am liking that 854 quite a bit !
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    Richard, Good post. First off, we have a Joke's section, so if a post or thread can be place in that venue, please do. Just remember, even in that section, political, ethnic, and religious comments are forbidden. Second, we all have our political views, our religious beliefs, and we all have opinions on things. But, they're your own personal views and beliefs, and rather we believe it or not, not all members are going to share your opinions and views. So please keep your political and religious opinions and views to yourself, and please no ethnic or racial slurs. If you have to share your opinons, then share it with friends and families on facebook and other social type medias, or try the old fashioned way, through face to face conversations, phone calls and emails. Keep it off the site. I have my own strong personal views, but they probably won't agree with everyone here, so I keep them to myself.
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    Washing wheel horse's that's what! Lol they actually begged me to scrub the grime off the 520! Doing a great job I might add! Haha
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    Haven't posted in awhile. I bought a house! Been very busy! Since then I have removed my old smartphone from my life and took a step back to a flip phone hence no posts. Those things are distracting! Anyways, I'll post some pics of the 657 over the past year. I have a couple from the 2016 Delmont Apple festival fort Allen tractor show, and a few recent pics of the mid mount grader blade, back blade, and aerator. I also restored the garden trailer, finally! The old rustic shed was torn down and sold to a good friend. The 657 now rests in a 24x24 pole barn that I have been re-siding with 1x6 decking and added a 24x16' car port. I apologize for some blurry pics, the flip phones quality isn't the best😣 The clear pics are from my wife iPhone. The last photo is from the show, parked along side my recently hooked WH fan Dave. And my lovely wife trying to look like she is enjoying herself haha.
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    There is no doubt that the overall organization and control of this forum is nothing short of outstanding and one would not realize that if we did not belong to other forums. It is all a part of the constant work vigilance and vision of the Administrators and Moderators and it is very much appreciated. We have however to also give credit to the membership for much of it. Even though there are instances where Moderators have to step in to stop occasional squabbles fortunately those are few and far in between, usually caused by seemingly harmless inoffensive comments that same take exception to. Some of us are more sensitive than others. I found however in all the years I have been a member that here is a different type of crowd. With all of the respect to our younger members, a vast majority of members here are well "seasoned" individuals full of wisdom that only comes from that "seasoning" and a lifetime of learning many different skills and values. And don't underestimate the "values" part of it. One does not have to browse through too many of the posts to immediately come across comments to indicate that we have a lot of good human beings here. I think and hope that it is contagious. A big difference to other forums, I found that it is also the willingness and easiness with which knowledge is shared. That is and should be the purpose of any forum, and not a place to just show off your stuff or worst criticize others. Knowledge is not ours, we are only the caretakers of it while we are in this world, and it is our obligation to take care of it, improve on it, and ensure that it is passed on. Hoarding of it creates self serving dangerous individuals. There is also a willingness to learn and help. Being able to accept being corrected is just as important as sharing information. A great contributing factor is also that because of the yearly show, so many of us know each other .We know their families and in many cases over the years watched little children with tractors that are now adults. Lastly I am still convinced that there is something to these little red tractors that bring out the best in all of us.
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    It is with a heavy heart I write this post, and I was undecided which forum to use. I decided to use this one hoping it may help prevent another tragic accident. I am not looking for sympathy and I will not relate details. Last week I lost a friend and neighbor in a tragic accident. He was the active 79 year old owner/ operator of a one man excavating business that would do anything for anyone at any time. He was similar to many on this forum, A devout Christian, Sunday School teacher, Inventor, and capable of building anything that he wanted or needed. Including a flying machine, a snowmobile, and was presently building a snow thrower for his skid steer. He made several visits to my shop recently collecting information from my throwers. He will be missed by me and hundreds of others in Southern York Co. Pa. Rest peacefully my friend. For all my friends on Red Square, Please use care and respect when working around flammables in your shops.
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    That's awesome guys I figured there would be others like me that bought them new off the showroom floor or lot and still have it, mine is my winter rig now with the 2stage and cab even though this winter wasn't for the blower and has 755 hrs all original with regular maintenance and few small parts and AG tires over the last 19 years also fun fact 1996 was the anniversary year but serial number has it as 1997 and I bought in March 1998 as my dealer was just getting in the new Xi's, Jeff.
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    Took the herd out for some sun this weekend!
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    I just said in my last post I didn't have room for any more tractors because my wife wouldn't have room to park her car in the garage. She's parking in the driveway now. I was searching craigs list Sunday and seen a post for a 314-8 for 200.00 it was 40 miles from me and I said to myself I can't do it. So I called him and said $200.00 and he said yep it's in storage , and I said where. Went and picked it up and it turns out to be a 2000 314-8 with a great 48" deck. It had 3 flat tires ,dirty carb,never been greased , dirty oil. So I changed oil with new filter,greased cleaned and cleaned carb, charged battery, inflated tires which I will replace all the tires. Put gas in tank and started it up . A little miss so I checked plug and it was loose . What do you think I told the wife ?? Honey it's my hobby that I love to do and she didn't say anything else.man I love that woman.
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    I have an RJ58 that my Greatgrandparents bought new. My Grandparents bought it from them and used it when my mom was a little girl. As a kid I remember seeing it pushed over to the corner of the barn with 4 flat tires and a bunch of junk stacked on top of it. I bought it from my grandma 2 summers ago and am in the process of restoring it. I have an RJ58 that my Greatgrandparents bought new. My Grandparents bought it from them and used it when my mom was a little girl. As a kid I remember seeing it pushed over to the corner of the barn with 4 flat tires and a bunch of junk stacked on top of it. I bought it from my grandma 2 summers ago and am in the process of restoring it.
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    So we went to the Florida Flywheeler's show on the last day and I had planned on looking for a tiller to go behind my 418-A to use around the yard. Didn't really have any hope on finding one and really had NO plans on bringing back a tractor as I hadn't taken a trailer. Two rows in and I saw this homely looking thing sitting in front of a vendor's motorhome. Asked about it and the vendor's wife said " he bought it to use to build his small scale JD tractors". So I asked about some parts since he was going to strip it anyways and he said all he really wanted was the 3 point lift upper arm and hyd. cylinder. Said he would sell the rest. Started it up and it ran and moved. Found the nearest atm and gave him a deposit. While he removed his parts we walked around looking at the other stuff till noon and came back to get it. Disengaged the hydro and out to the truck we went. Loaded it up on a ramp they had and to the house we go. I never thought I would ever find a gt14 much less here in Florida. Plans are for a restore when I get my stuff together. Just glad I got it and saved it from what was going to be done to it. It already looked bad enough in it's current paint. Not sure of the year but I think it is a 1972. Tag is painted over but barely readable. I see a " 1 ? 532 7 " up top and then just barely with my eyes see below that "853". I will take it off and see if I can get a better idea from the backside of it. Overall it is all there and in good shape. Still has all the original tires on it yet they are trash. So my bucket list tractor begins.
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    New shop sign showed up today.
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    It was unusually warm here if not sunny. Took advantage of almost 70 degree day in February and brought the tractors out to stretch and relax in the outdoors. It was overcast so no tractor saw its shadow. Hopefully that means spring will come sooner.
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    You have to live in a one horse town.
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    ... There's a "one horse club" ... .... Seriously , I didn't think it was possible ! I thought I read that in the fine print when I joined RS !
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