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RJ Hamner

416-8 Clutch linkage Problem

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RJ Hamner

Its been a while since I was able to work on my 416-8 rebuilt and right now the few brain cells are having a tough time.:blink:

I am in the process of putting the wiring harness back in and the problem is the clutch safety switch.

The arm with the idler wheel that engages the switch is over ridding the switch arm.

I had tried adjusting the rod from the peddle to the arm but no matter my adjustment I still have the problem:wacko:

I am kinda at my wits end on this one.:confusion-helpsos:

Any help will be greatly appreciated




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Idler pulley shaft pin.jpg

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RJ Hamner

Don’t think so. It slides in from the right and the bracket for the rod from the peddle fits on the end. The nuts and spacers for the idler and the Minnie shock absorber would be in the way

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      I seem to be missing the clutch shaft, the bearing is bad and the piece to the left. Does the piece to the left go with this assembly? Looks like there is  a ring around it for a snap ring. the piece is a 14-54 bearing race and if I put it in the pulley assembly then I can not put the pulley assembly on the PTO shaft. Maybe it is to reduce for a smaller shaft?
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