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Found 6 results

  1. MachXXII

    252-H Battery

    Does anyone know what battery a 1988 252-H needs. I looked around and couldn’t really find an answer. Thanks
  2. My cheap-o walmart U1 battery is starting to bite the dust again (barely able to crank it over fully charged, and ozzing everywhere) after 3 years on my 68' Raider and I am looking into a new battery for winter as I now have a plow setup. I was thinking of either getting the original 22NF battery that came with it or running a mazda mita battery which is a U1 size. Is the AGM worth the extra money over the 22nF even in the smaller size? I think the vibrations keep killing the cheapo batteries and I am trying to make sure I can leave it out in the cold and not have a problem starting in the winter. It does get down to 0F or below zero every once in a while. I don't think I want to go all the way to a 22nF AGM as it is $200. Thoughts?
  3. Started fine 2 weeks ago. I left key in ignition and fear grandson may have turned it slightly to right a week ago.. not enough to engage starter but perhaps enough to drain battery. Went to start it yesterday and no charge at all. Started charging it and battery began to take charge. However starter turned over but didnt turn engine over. Question is do I just need more of a charge (more amps) or do I have another problem? Lol, have 5 inches of snow headed here starting tonight so I need to get ahead of this today.
  4. Mountain Boy

    1972 CG8

    Just bought a 1972 CG8 needs a battery. Can someone steer me to a chart
  5. dlecroy

    frustrated no charge

    1988 257h - replaced battery...wont turn over but like 3 times even when hooked to my jeep with jumper cables....if someone could help please.... my grass is getting jungle like...thx
  6. northstar714

    1960 550 wheelhorse

    Hello, anybody know what size battery goes in 1960 550 5.5 hp wheel horse. 12v or 6v? Thanks
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