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Found 14 results

  1. PWL216

    C-121 Front End Loader

    About a year ago I bought a C-121 auto with the intention of using it as my go-to mower. Shortly thereafter I got a great deal on a low hour 314-8. It ran perfect and had several attachments - it became my new go-to mower. So, I decided to repurpose the 121 to be a front end loader. After purchasing the build plans from P.F Engineering (which are excellent), I realized I couldn’t build it for less than $2k in material. I decided to look for a used one and found a Thompson TC10 local to me, mounted on an “end of life” 1077, for $1,000. The loader swap itself was pretty straight forward. The only modifications needed were drilling a couple of mounting holes in the tractor frame, grinding away a little of the loader top frame so the hood opened/closed and welding in a new hydraulic pump mount. I have a few things to button up still and the bucket itself needs attention but it’s fully functional. I also bought a pair of clamp-on pallet forks. I also did a “refresh” of the 121. The total project cost is shown below. Roughly $2,300, with just the FEL itself being around $1,300. Tractor C-121 Auto $500 Solid engine mounts $50 Front End Loader Johnson 10TC $1,000 Hydraulic fluid $35 Spare hydraulic hose $40 Ignition Battery $35 Battery cables $20 Points & Condenser $20 Fuel Carb & Gasket $65 Electric fuel pump $60 (later removed) Air filter $10 Fuel filter $15 Fuel line $10 Spark plug $5 Decals and Paint Decals $115 Paint $30 Lights Headlight Lens $45 LED Headlights $25 Rear lights $25 Misc $200
  2. PWL216

    Loader Swap or Not

    Howdy. I recently purchased a non-running 1277 with a Johnson 10 Loader from a fellow RS member. I bought it for the loader - to put on my C121, then I figured I’d just get rid of the 1277. Now I’m wondering if I should try and get it running and leave the loader on it. The motor turns by hand. I’ve tinkered with motors but never much more than the basics. The battery that’s in it is labeled 2017, so it probably was in use then. What’s the easiest option, swap the loader or try and get it running? What would you do? Thanks!
  3. Kwikway loader that is currently on my 520H (Tractor not for Sale) with custom quick attach for switching between bucket and custom made pallet forks. The sub-frame allows it to fit some other models as well. I designed and built the pallet forks and quick attach setup several years ago. Just remove 1 pin on each side to switch implements. Forks are adjustable and removable. 2" box receiver built into fork rack Also included is a custom rear axle suitcase weight bracket that holds up to 6 of the 43lb weights You can bring a tractor and we can install it on your tractor here or bring a trailer and I can load onto a trailer for you. Pictured TRACTOR and WEIGHTS NOT for Sale.
  4. elliot ness

    Case 224 allmost

    I picked this jewel up yesterday at a John Deere dealer, it's a 224 case ,but it has a 16hp Onan on it, and someone put Power steering on it. It has a few leaks, but runs great. even has a joy stick.
  5. Didn’t get to swap the loader out for the 44” 2-stage snowblower and cab on the 520-H before the Christmas Day storm. I had the engine out to redo the top end (decarbon, clean and reseat valves, New gaskets, New fuel pump, tubing, filter, plugs and properly seat camshaft Welch plug) so no time to switch over before storm. It’s just another excuse to use the loader! Merry Christmas everyone🌲🎅🏻
  6. Craigslist find that just happened to fall together today. The first tractor is pretty straight but appears to have not run in the last decade... The second is pounded, prior owner replaced the kohler with an 8 horse briggs, and the seat pan with a metal one that did not have a filler hole in the right place (268H), so he sawed the neck off the gas tank and duck taped on it's replacement". Over all it's a mess, but that loader is pretty darn nice and it seems to work well, but tractor doesn't run well enough to give it a good work out yet. The only leak is it seems to be some weeping at the drain hole on the tank. I'll need to build a weight box for it, but over all pretty excited as I've looked a long time for a loader.
  7. WVHillbilly520H

    4x4 in the near future?

    The wife thinks I'm crazy bringing all these little red tractors home so asked if I got 1 little red tractor that was just a bit more capable/flexible then what? Answer ; "some could stay; the ones you have the most parts/attachments for and that you're most comfortable with , the ones you don't have to go before a new one shows up "...so with being said I think I found a great deal on a brand new sub compact 4x4 diesel with 60" mower deck, FEL, (available front hydraulic snow/grader blade, 2stage snow blower,soft cab) mid/front and rear pto, nearly as sharp turning radius in 4wd as a 520H (already test drove it), and the biggie it's RED with a 7 year power train warranty...Jeff
  8. Michael J. Shaffer

    Kwik-Way Loader Wear Bar / Edge

    I apologize if this has already been discussed and/or answered. I searched as thorowly as possilble and found no thread on this. I/we (apex-techs) have a Kwik-Way Loader. It is missing the wear bar / edge and we would like to obtain one, so as not to wear down the actual bucket. I cannot find a part number in any of my searches. Does anyone on "the square" know if Kwik-Way made/makes this? There are visible holes all along the leading lower edge of the bucket (much like a snow plow/dozer blade) which leads me to believe that it did come with one, when new. We will be mounting this on a 520-H. We acquired the loader with a 518-H that was "ridden hard & put away wet" and doesn't have the heavy duty front axle (hence, why we're putting on the 520-H). Any help will be very appreciated. Also, any other do's don'ts tips and maintenance advise will help . Thank you, Michael
  9. Swemill

    My D-180 project

    Unfortunately not allowed to upload more pics here... But you could se my D-180 project if you are interested - with some mods at my site: http://www.bengan.com/predator/ In the meny to the left - click Wheel Horse. I believe that it's quite unique... =) Sorry for the only Swedish...
  10. Doing some yard cleanup today & put my 310-8 loader tractor to use. My wife got the shot of me in the dog pen with the corny smile....notice the hat? I had a pretty decent load of lime stone rocks in the bucket & wanted to see how bad the steering would be....not bad. Once I upgrade the front tires & add the gear reduction steering I got from Kelly it should be really nice. I picked up the Kwik-Way at Steve Myers Service in OH, friend & member Nick857 let me know about it. The weight box came from another friend & member, Derek Workman. The 310-8 was one I gave my dad years ago to mow & plow snow with. He's not able to do the work anymore so I brought it home last summer. It's all dialed in now...well except the front tires & eventually the easy steer. Should be real handy with snow removal, mulch, river stone & whatever else needs done. Maybe build a set of forks for it next spring too?
  11. Kwik Way FEL I picked up at Steve Myers Service in Cridersville, OH recently. I was asking a friend Nick (WH857) about a project loader I had seen on Clist that was missing all the hydraulics. He mentioned that they had this Kwik Way in at the dealership. I made arrangements to go after ASAP! This will be going on a 310-8 speed with a mix of 520H parts....unless I can find a reasonably priced 520H locally. Will update the thread with more pics once I start throwing it together tomorrow.
  12. rockbuilt


    has anyone tried one of these DIY loader/tractor it looks like a good thing if you have the skills I would like to try it but I would like to give it a try I would like to hear from one of you guys that are better at this stuff than me https://www.cadplans.com/cadtrac/cadtrac-1500.html
  13. Hi all, Question - does anyone know what decals were on the Ark 550 loader? I know there is a 550 on each side of the arms and a caution decal on vertical post. Any others? Thanks Edwroy
  14. OK......I'm aware of the few front end loader threads recently and through searches here and through Google i just thought id make a place here for my own hopeful plethora of info. Well through my friends father i will be acquiring a 603 or 633 some such series round hood for Free.99!! Anyways my parents LOVE to mulch the flower beds and i happen to hate it unless i can play with my tractors. I guess you can see where this is going. I have searched far and wide on hydraulics vs electric actuators, and have noticed for such porpoises of moving mulch, and maintenance each seem to be good candidates. as far as a front end loader i have found a REAR end loader. Now will this benefit over a FEL by reasoning of less wear of front components since its a smaller tractor, and i thinks from the way it looks could be smaller/easier to move off and on. As far as getting it into the trailer, i could see the FEL prevailing in this category. ow would a rear end loader be able to ascend to a height? it doesn't look good from these pictures but there are ramps i could just back it up onto the trailer. and dont worry about it tipping as we have a silverado or '48 Farmall Super A to keep it held down. I have these pictures to get the conversation started. (yes I know ones a Sears and ones a Cubby)
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