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Found 29 results

  1. Pair of Goodyear Sure Grip Lug tires, size 27x8.50-15. New, never been mounted. Bought these for my GT-14 project and then found something I liked better before I got to that part of the project. Also stock size for MTD 990 and it's variants. Can ship if buyer pays shipping.
  2. I have a 1999 314-8 and I am looking for a 2nd set of rear rims for turf tires. I know the oem is 23 x 9.5-12, what other models have the same bolt pattern to fit mine. Will a 510 rims fit ?
  3. Searched for months but never could find a factory set of LR 18" turf rear tires. Had a set of ATV tires so I mounted them. Actually not a bad look. No worry about traction........still stock and will stay that way.....just need the WH badged 18" rear tires.
  4. set of inside rear wheel weights vintage for round hood tractors
  5. 1964 Wheel Horse Rear Tire

    Looking for 1964 Wheel Horse Rear tire 6.40/15 with tube....or comparable...
  6. Hey Guys, I have found out that I have a fast leak on the front "drivers" side tire and a slower one on the rear "drivers" side tire. Do you guys know where the best place to find tires (they're a bit worn), and tubes? Not to mention, what is the best way to get them off the wheel? Thank you in advance!
  7. Firestone Tri Ribs

    I am deciding whether i should get the firestone tri rib tires or the vredestein 5 rib tires.Got any suggestions?
  8. Deestones

    I just ordered some 6-ply deestone ags. Hope they work.
  9. I have a 1985 Wheel Horse 312-8 and am going to be using it for mudding and other fun stuff. I want to put some ag tires on it, but am hoping any of you can chime in on good places to get them from, what size I can go up to without modifying the fender and such. Thoughts? Thanks!!! -Bert
  10. Deck for C-160 in MA area needed. Front tires too

    Hi, Looking for deck in good condition that will fit a C-160 in or around Eastern MA. Also interested in tires /wheels, seat if you have them. I have items for trade or sale including snow thrower, 14-8 Bronco, plow blade, custom heavy duty blade, rusted out dump trailer. Thanks
  11. Tires

    Will 26x11x12 atv tires fit a 520h? They are take offs from a 2006 Polaris atv. Thannks
  12. 310-8

    would like to know what is the range of tires that will fit my 310-8 with a 42" deck.Have 23by8.5-12 on back and 15by6-6 on front
  13. 310-8

    am looking for tires for my 310-8 used anybody have any?
  14. Wheel Horse D180

    Wheel Horse D180 automatic Starts and runs greats. This tractor has been barn kept it's entire life and used very lightly. The rear tires are brand new (worth $200 each) with rubber injection marks still on them Paint job is all original and in excellent shape. This tractor can be driven around but needs linkage to be perfect. If you would like to take a look at it or have any questions give me a call. Make offer. wheel horse, farmall, allis chalmers, lawn tractor,
  15. weights

    need some wheel wts for the front of my 520 for plowing i brought some ag tires for front already just want some extra wt. for better turning on snow. front wts. are hard to find.
  16. I picked up a pair of 23 by 10.5 x 12 Carslie tires for free. They have 2-3 plugs in each tire, with about a 3/4" to 1" of plug sticking inside the tire. I'm thinking of putting tubes in when i mount them, but wounder will the plugs poke a hole in the tube over time.. Before you install the tubes, what do you do ? Leave the plugs sticking inside & just install the tubes as is? Remove the plugs completely and install the tubes? Trim the plugs but leave a small amount of it sticking inside the tire? Trim the plugs smooth, flush with the inside of the tire? Thanks in advance for the guidance.
  17. New price! $50 must sell. Thanks Rear wheels, one has a stem broken off. Wheel horse tires, can ship. Could use a repaint. Thanks RedSquare! more pics to come or email me I'll send.
  18. Looking for some rims

    Looking for a set of rims to put some Ag's on front and rear but if you have one or the other and live in the CNY/Syracuse area I'm interested, let me know!
  19. Tire size on stock wheels

    What is the widest tire I can mount on a stock rear C-161 wheel? Currently has 23-8.50's. Could it handle a 23-10.50? I have plenty of clearance. I'm just worried about the wider tire looking goofy or not mounting up on the stock wheel. I want a little more width in an Ag style tire. Thanks.
  20. New Rear Tires on the 518xi

    After pumping up my one leaking original Titan turf one too many times on the 518xi, I splurged and purchased a pair of Kenda K502 4-ply tires in the 23x10.50-12 size. They are a bit cheaper than the Carlisle All Trail that is popular but I feel is a more aggressive tread. It was the first time I purchased tires from GCT Wholesale and was a bit disappointed when I took them out of the box.They were triangular in shape! But I let them warm and some gentle persuasion with my size 12 they were sort of round again for mounting. They are not too aggressive so they should accept chains, but with the blocking may be able to cut through light to medium snow. I still need to put the wheel weights and suitcase weights on as they look like they have too much pressure in them. Trying them out may be a problem as I looked at the long-term forecast to mid-March - and no snow is forecast. I may try the next size up on the 523Dxi if these work out. Also, check your hubs for tightness. I had the wheels off to install the lug nuts about four years ago with about 40 hours use since then. This last year it wasn't used because of having the diesel. They were just beginning to move on the axle. In fact originally when I checked I thought they were tight.
  21. I recently thought of the idea of filling my tires for my 312 with biodegradable antifreeze but then wondered if it will help the tire to dry rot? Has anyone tried this before or have any input my other option is to put in tubes and fill them instead to kinda make like a water jacket thing.
  22. What type of tire tread seems to work best on the front of a tractor used to plow snow? I only have experience with Turf-Savers, and I wasn't real impressed. Also, are front weights worth it?
  23. Maybe theirs already been a convo on this. But I couldn't find one. I just got a 522Xi, and it came with the dualies. Im looking to drop the dualies and go with some larger/wider rear tires. 26x12x12 is what I have in my sights. Anyone else who has done this Id like to hear some feed back. How much trimming of fenders was need. Will stock rims work or do I need to order new ones.(links to rims would be good if thats the case) These are the tires looking to buy http://www.summitracing.com/parts/crr-523360/overview/ Any other recommendations in that size Id be happy to hear/see and hear your success/horror stories lol Thanks!
  24. In a previous thread, several folks asked me how I painted my rims with tires already mounted. I recently did another set, so I illustrated the process as I did it. Typically, I like to paint the rims after they are mounted anyways, because inevitably when you have tires mounted on painted rims you’ll always scratch or nick them somewhere. I like to get the rims all cleaned up, blasted and primed, then mount my tires. Here’s my process: 1) Rims were sandblasted and primed with self-etching primer. Tires and tubes were mounted. Everything was wiped down with a pre-kleeno wax and grease remover prior to taping. 2) Using blue 3M tape, I go all the way around the rim slipping the tape between the rubber and rim occasionally tucking it tight with a very small standard screwdriver. 3) Then I create a wider tape ring a few inches out from the rim lip. 4) Slide the whole thing into a kitchen garbage bag. 5) Cut a hole in the bag revealing your tape ring below. 6) Tape the bag to your tape ring previously created on the tire. 7) For silver rims, I like Eastwood Silver Argent rally wheel paint and I use a Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear. http://www.eastwood.com/silver-argent-rally-wheel-paint-set.html 8) I wipe the rims down a few more times with a pre-kleeno wax and grease remover, blow them off with the gun, then shoot two coats of color and two coats of clear. I find that the Rust-Oleum clear holds a much better shine if you don’t let it set long between coats. As soon as it flashes, hit it with round 2. I do all four coats in about 20 minutes.
  25. i am sure I am bringing up an old topic but what are my choices in replacing a set of old b f Goodrich 6x12 turf tires on my 604 that is getting a barn fresh redo. its tires are so dry rotten that tubes are not a way out. are there any new ones getting made out there that look like the older ones, I really like the aggressive thread pattern on them. think I looked at every site on the internet and cant find any so I figured I ask the pros thanks